Astrology for Beginners: The Basics- Elements and Qualities

Astrology for Beginners: The Basics- Elements and Qualities

Cardinal signs are running around and they’re like stressing everybody out We gotta we really figure this out or else we’re gonna fail our science project! Fixed signs very self-contained relax Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel when you’re new to astrology You really need to go into this with the mindset that it’s like learning a completely new language Astrology gets so in-depth. It’s easy to be overwhelmed But don’t get overwhelmed It’s easy to understand once you break it down into simple Easy-to-understand pieces bite-sized pieces you just subscribe to my channel. I mean who needs books? So each zodiac sign has an element associated with it. There are four elements in astrology fire which rules over Aries Leo and Sagittarius earth ruling over Taurus Virgo Capricorn air which rules over Gemini Libra Aquarius and there’s water cancer scorpio and Pisces Each element is pretty much this overarching Personality type so you’ll find that the signs that are ruled by the same element They do tend to have very similar characteristics that are just expressed in very different ways Now let’s talk about the fire signs the most part you will see that fire signs are very transparent people when you come into contact with a fire sign you will immediately see Whether or not they’re having a good day or a bad day the energy of the fire sign is very Palpable you feel it. You really feel fire signs energy. They need activity which stimulates them I want something I can turn up to! Which makes them feel excited and engaged in life. Bet you this Dennis Rodman jersey you can’t beat me basketball! Engaging with their outer environment in a way with there’s some kind of reaction the way that Fire has a reaction with everything that it touches That’s how fire signs are so the earth signs They are all about enjoying the outer world and a more sensual and a more comfortable way But in order for them to do that They have to make sure that everything is in place Security is a very big deal for the earth signs because they want to know that they can Spend money on the things that they need and the things that make them comfortable We’re practicing being cheerleaders so we can make money off the football players. Oh definitely The earth signs are more in their senses than most people you’ll notice that earth signs are really good people to go to When you need some kind of advice because they do have this really strong realistic grasp on the world and because of this they have a They have this sense about what to do next how things will most likely unfold. NO WAY Okay, so the air signs Gemini Libra Aquarius? The air signs are all about relationships It sounds all about sharing like in a communicative Communicative communative You know what? I mean? They’re all about like they need a lot of friends to update about their life They need their friends to be updating them about their lives Jeans delivery for I am thmpsn The air signs had very curious minds there they want to understand everything I’ve noticed that there is a bit of a teacher in each ear sign well A lot of the time they’re a bit scattered. They’re losing things or they’re always on their phones They’re not always present Being present in the moment is something that’s very difficult for air signs So we have finally reached the water signs cancer scorpio and Pisces and now the water signs are the thing about fire signs are on the go living life earth signs are Putting the pieces together and then air signs are about sharing these experiences and then water signs are about finding depth and meaning within these experiences within life Water signs have this natural understanding of the intricacies of life and that gives you lemons make lemonade These are very intuitive people. They read between the lines. They recognize patterns they on they sense Energy. I’ve noticed that it can be somewhat difficult To tell when someone’s a water sign because like water and nature water signs reflect They reflect things back to you. So you don’t always know what’s going on under the surface. So I don’t decide with water signs It’s like they reflect whatever you’re feeling back to you So if you’re like in a bad mood and you’re on the water sign You’ll be an even worse Minotaur in a really good mood. You’re on a water sign. You’ll be in an even better mood So if you ever come across someone who has that effect on you Probably a water sign. So those are the very basic things about the elements in astrology so now What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about the qualities, which is something a little bit different The qualities are about how this person operates in the world. Like what is this signs role in the world? So for example, you have some kind of a class project The cardinal signs Aries cancer Libra. These are the ones who? Initiate the project they are the ones that are they are the ones that are generating all these ideas like oh we should do this and this and this and this and They kind of they’re the ones that are gonna delegate and Something you will notice about cardinal signs that they kind of stress you out. There’s one get the ball rolling They want to get things moving. They want to they initiate their initiators You meet someone that kind of makes you feel stressed out cardinal sign. The fixed signs are about making all these ideas our reality the fixed signs are they want to make sure that all of the Components are in place and that this will get completed in a way that is realistic and on time They don’t seem they seem kind of unbothered like cardinal signs are running around and they’re like stressing everybody out Big signs very self-contained. I thought I’d realize they’re not really gonna be affected by that They’re just kind of gonna sit back. They know they’re gonna get the job done And they just they seem very unaffected by the outer circumstances of what’s going on So the mutable signs Gemini and Virgo Sagittarius Pisces, they are going to present the project to the class the cardinal signs Like they probably like want to do this because I want do everything But the mutable signs these are the ones that should be doing it they effectively Communicate ideas with people. So for example Mutable water sign Pisces like yeah, the only mutable water sign effectively communicating emotion to other people Virgo effectively communicating practical matters with other people but a sum this all up the elements are the personality types of the signs signs rule by the same element are going to have very similar characteristics, but kind of You know different and the quality is how this person operates in the world and the role that they naturally take on I think that’s it for today I hope that I covered enough like I hope that I explained it in a way that’s easy to understand because if you understand the element in the quality You can definitely have a better grasp on the signs. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Don’t I come out with weekly content I tend to post three times a week. So thank you all for your time I hope that you all take care and have a wonderful weekend. I Will see you next time. Bye guys

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    Me, a cancer sun, gemini moon, be like "baaaabe let's go travel!" and I get the tickets, find a place to stay, make sure bae has his goddamn passport etc. Then we arrive, and I'm 100% lost on what to do next. Then bae, 5 x scorpio, 3 x capricorn (I'm not joking, send help), takes over. He has the map, he knows what to go see, he knows how to get there, he knows where to get food.. I just follow, and cry when I get overwhelmed lmao.

    I'm stressed out before we leave, he stresses out when we are there. As soon as we've left the country I stop stressing lol. Then he has meltdowns because we can't take the train he planned to take etc. and I'm like "who cares, we're on a holiday". We're 100% switching our daily roles as soon as we cross the border.

    Also, I love the background track you're using lol.

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