Astrology for the Soul  August 15, 2018

Astrology for the Soul August 15, 2018

Hola buenos dias This is Kaypacha on August 15th With the weekly Pele report and I am coming to you from earth Haven. I’m visiting my daughter here and it is a self-sustaining community in northern Carolina That was the micro grid that this neighborhood. There’s 11 neighborhoods here. I think around that maybe you’ve got their own source of Energy, and this is the communal outhouse made of a compost toilet that this neighborhood shares and I just thought I’d go along here and give a little bit of a Tour of the place because it’s really amazing. We’ve got the communal kitchen over on my left with community showers and there’s a community bathtub in there and you know all the little huts you know and houses that have got their own private little Gardens along with the community garden. There’s a real nice one over there Well gingerbread house there straw bale. All different kinds of Building materials and things by everybody There’s some figs growing So they make their own power With the micro grid they have some special hydraulics on the creek to also generate some power and Grow all their own food They’ve got some chickens and pigs and cows and sheep and it’s all going on here. There’s about 350 acres really awesome folks awesome people having kids families bicycles All kinds of stuff and it’s just so appropriate here for that solar eclipse that happened in Leo of course because it’s play and create There were getting a little water off of the roof You know water catchment going on and I thought I’d just, you know come down here to this little pathway because we’ve got what The moon in Libra today and tomorrow she moves into Scorpio And they’re in Scorpio. She’s gonna come along and Well first she squares Mars Then she opposes uranus on friday she comes into a conjunction with jupiter and squares mercury and Then moves along. Yeah saturday into sag [sagittarius] Comes in you know with that the first quarter Square actually is happening also on. Saturday. That’s about 25 degrees leo 225 degrees scorpio, and then she goes into sag later on saturday and Then on monday she goes into capricorn and You know just right before then we’ve got a trine to the sun. I always talk about the squares Oppositions yeah, you know, it’s nice to bring in these trines once in a while Yeah, you gotta love this bridge, huh so the other aspects that are going on now, you know mars went back into capricorn and You know jupiter is in a long-term trine with neptune Saturn is in a long-term square with Chiron a long-term trine with uranus But the great news, I think that everyone will be rejoicing about is mercury going direct on Sunday, oh my god mercury is gonna turn around and get back Get back Joe Joe. That mercury is gonna go direct in leo and Start traveling straight forward again. And of course We’ve got to have a creek It’s not pele report without some kind of water going on now is it? There we go, come on around here boom Tree down in the creek Alright, well, there’s lots to talk about today. So let me find a spot Alright everybody So today I want to talk about fire I want to talk about Leo That solar eclipse in Leo big brand new moon mercury and Leo North node to the moon and Leo we’ve got some fire happening here and fire is a very interesting element and Leo is fixed fire It’s the fifth sign of the zodiac and the natural horoscope. It rules the fifth house of creative play Self-expression children fun games Love affairs. And Here’s where you know, I have to kind of quote the Center for healthy sex once again Because it’s no accident this morning I get a you know a meditation from them all the time and this one was on play and They talked about play Being what is it now the desire to experience delight in collaboration with Another or others or something like that and that much of our dating and sexual romantic Relationships, you know involve a lot of play and involve a lot of fun and that’s one thing that we really need more of and When we don’t have enough play healthy expression creative expression Collaboration with other people, you know, then, you know, it’s like that need builds up in us and it comes out, you know in You know unhealthy ways so this is just like this big reminder and I think it’s really powerful now because I’m looking at these retrograde planets right retrograde Mars And I always feel like these retrograde planets. They make you know, they make their way across new territory and Then it’s like they forgot something. I forgot something I got to go back Very interesting in this case Mars went up to 9 degrees Aquarius and said up. I forgot something in Capricorn. I got to go back So Mars is in Capricorn kinda coming back a little bit towards Pluto might have forgotten some intensity there Uranus made its way up into Taurus and then it says oops I forgot something and it’s making its way back to Eris the goddess of discord Back there in Aries and it’s gonna station in conjunction with Eris, you know in January Again, it’s kind of a loose conjunction But still it’s like, you know, I forgot some discord here before I can really become independent autonomous individuated I’ve got to deal a little bit, you know, maybe with how that differs yeah, you know with other people’s needs desires or opinions and Then we’ve got mercury You know what? I mean, if you look at it mercury is square Jupiter the whole month of August Now mercury moves on average a degree a day. So it should just pop right through right, but it went up to 20 degrees Okay of Leo and said oops, you know, I forgot I got a square Jupiter again And it’s coming back to station direct at 11 and it’s gonna go back. So it’s like squaring Jupiter this whole time And this is a third quarter square 270 degrees It’s a little different than a 90-degree square Right. So what we have is last December So much happened in December Yeah, Saturn went into Capricorn now. It’s coming back. Okay to where it was in December in January, right? Mercury’s conjunct it with Jupiter in December now, it’s gone kind of all the way around You know and and it’s in the third quarter square to Jupiter Okay, you know and we’ve got a lot of parallels Jupiter went up, you know in the in you know 23 degrees of Scorpio back in the days, you know now it’s gone retrograde and it’s going forward again These are really exciting times and like I say mercury goes direct okay, you know this weekend and then Okay, you know like next week Mars is gonna go direct and all I can say is we’ve kind of done this kind of sine wave Thing where we’ve gone down these eclipses Have brought us down broken our worlds apart shattered realities, you know bust it up You know cracked our eggs popped our balloons And and and and you know It’s like and we went into the underworld okay with that total lunar eclipse All right with Mars on the 27th of July, and now that sine wave is picking up, baby It’s picking up and we are renewed we are rebirth and This leo, is this emergence of a new creative? opportunity and impulse That’s coming around It’s like super frickin awesome and the square to Jupiter Let me wrap that up right the 90 degrees square Is after that seed is planted at the conjunction At 90 degrees we put it out there Then it, you know at the at the full phase okay that opposition it’s like brought up to the surface and then at the 270 it comes back to us for review and reflection and maybe modification So, you know some of the conversations some of the ideas some of the desires Got these freaking they’re they call them eye flies, man. They fly right into your eye What a trip Anyway, man, so, you know, it’s like so it’s coming around It’s coming around for that. You know, what goes around comes around this this, you know, 270 degrees squares It’s time to communicate Collaboration requires communication And this Jupiter and Scorpio really is saying there’s great discovery great benefit great power in collaborating in uniting So it’s you know, it’s time to maybe revisit some conversations or some ideas or maybe some issues to resolve them to You know to foster deeper union and co-creation and collaboration which is play and joy and fun and All good things. Oh Yeah, man, it’s so great so It’s great being here at Earth even these people are creating right a Self-sustaining. They’re creating Gardens. They’re creating alternative lifestyles. You know, I just got attacked by all the kids here And they didn’t want me to post their pictures without talking to the parents I don’t know if I’ll get them get the pictures of the kids up there or not. You know, it’s this innocent open and yet It’s not always innocent and open. Sometimes there’s bullies. Sometimes there’s competition Sometimes there’s humiliation. There’s all this kind of stuff going on Okay, when we you know when we come into this collaboration? you know power struggles and power plays and this is where like we really got to work things out so I want to get to the mantra for today because you know, I was just staring at a candle you know the other night and you know, this element of fire is so fascinating it’s so amazing It is so powerful and yet it is so delicate right First of all, the thing about fire is that it was it consumes this little candle It’s consuming the wick. It’s consuming the wax it’s grabbing the air boom, you know and it’s just like Forest fires, you know or wood car engines combustion, you know Petroleum, you know nuclear power plants, you know Plutonium, whatever but fire You know and leo is the only carnivore of the zodiac the hunter Yes, you know that devours so fire You know fire consumes a lot. We are all consumers We’re we all need to drink every day. We all need to eat every day, you know, and we all have you know Possessions and cars and houses and all this stuff. It’s like, you know, we’re always consuming something Because we all have this fire in us We are fire And the thing is when that fire is too small you Know that’s the thing that fire gives us is light and warmth heat power boom it transforms it changes So the fighter in us wants to transform ourselves And our lives and bring in something new something that’s never been something. That’s like really Enlightening. It’s very awesome It’s very powerful and yet it’s also when it’s too small, it’s also very delicate The way these elements all interact, you know, you can easily just blow out a candle So the air the wind can blow out the fire a bucket of water can splash out a campfire a couple of shovels of dirt Can put out a campfire so air earth and water Can all kill fire? and fire might consume, you know a lot of things but it can also really be extinguished Easily now the thing is as it builds and builds and builds It’s like two little fire and you got no energy. You got no Drive. You’re not creating anything Too much fire like a forest fire You know, I was just up in Canada where they they couldn’t even put it out These ones in California or whatever, you know, they get so big You can’t put them out. It’s too much So then it’s dangerous it’s deadly you get sunburned too much fire can kill you yeah a Fever you can die of a fever. I think if it’s over 104 degrees or something you can get brain damage so this balance of that fire energy Is very important? Aries is Cardinal fire Brahma fire the spark that starts it Leo Kind of builds it fixed fire contains it and those two without Sagittarius Sagittarius, you know is the philosopher the thinker natural law mutable fire that looks for a greater bigger wider purpose For that fire to do something. Yeah, that’s not about its own personal building up in grandiosity So these fire three fire signs need each other as Much as fire needs the other elements and the other elements need fire fire needs the three modalities of fire yeah, and Then of course the only other thing I was thinking of today talking to these folks about it a little bit was the Sun I Don’t know man. The Sun is consuming itself, but it’s basically just giving giving giving Right solar power plant power warm heat You know, I mean wow We would not have with the water evaporate to clouds to rain on us if it wasn’t for the Sun I mean the Sun is like the ruler of Leo the center of our solar system and an absolute phenomenon in and of itself So when we contact that Sun within ourselves We contact our infinite potential yes to be generous and to give to transform our ideas our past our materials our lives our relationships fire really transforms and creates and Expresses it shines out the light it gives off heat So it can be used and it can be a super powerful beautiful amazing element and that’s what this time and this month with that new moon in Leo is really all about Yeah, so the mantra for today Right, you know is burning fuel like a locomotive Boombah Boombah Boombah Boombah Boombah boom and Consuming more every day. I Use it all to create something new So that I can give it away So, I mean if we’re gonna eat all this food and Gobble up all the resources of planet Earth I sure hope to god each and every one of us is you know using all of that fuel Yeah and injecting our own unique, you know self Creative ideas and Feelings and thoughts and ideas and emotions and physical strength or whatever, you know to build Express right dream play sing Yeah, something creative something new and get in return You know, it’s like we eat we we suck it all in and we consume it we transform it and then we are Solar beings Generously giving of ourselves our times our life our energy boom. Yeah, baby All right, see if I can do the whole doggone thing without reading it now, let’s see Burning fuel like a locomotive Consuming more every day I Use it all to create something new So that I can give it away May you have fun in collaborating and creating something new to give away This week and your whole freakin life, baby namaste Aloha so much love


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    Wow! What a Pele report this week!!! You looked so full of vibrant energy, maybe inspired by the explanation about the fire element? Anyways, it's very inspiring, especially because what you said about when the fire is too small it is easily extinguished by the other elements: too much seriousness, too much work (say, being too much in our minds, like me) or too much overwhelming emotions, can sabotage our own fire, and we forget how to gather all that vibrant energy that makes us move and live more playfully and fully; our fire can't make its work. I need to learn to give my fire element more importance: give myself more value, trust more in myself, being confident in my own goals, efforts, EXPRESSION, in my personality, in my capacity to get things done, or at least that I actually am giving all of myself and therefore I am growing, I am going forward, no matter the speed, no matter the form, no matter anything else. — (I have too much water and air in my personality: moon in pisces, mars and mercury in cancer, sun in gemini, ascendant in virgo, and a lot of aspects with Saturn!!!) So thanks, loved the insight of this week!

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  • SUSIE Q says:

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