Astrology for the Soul  August 29, 2018

Astrology for the Soul August 29, 2018


  • Michella M says:

    Best Mantra Eva!!😍Love your words

  • Ralphitness says:

    Phenomenal video and very well said! Thank you and Namaste.

  • WhimCycle says:

    Shaman's listen to all earthly creatures… it.. have you ever heard a stone tell it's story….amazing.have you ever felt the earth hug you ?? I have…I came here to listen…and enjoy it all….that is what we are here for… learn how to enjoy and play with earths take care of everything, the best we can… your videos and comments.and perceptions

  • barbara damron says:

    Thanks a bunch. You echoed my recent impressions. It's inspiring to have the confirmation.

  • Raven Blakely says:

    All states of mind are temporary

  • Macka Yacka says:

    Thanks for making these videos i enjoy them each week

  • Ela S. says:

    That was Ram Dass that was in India with his spiritual teacher. He wrote about it in His book Be Here Now. 🙏💖

  • Unlock Who You Really Are says:

    Kudos to you Kaypacha for your words about plant medicine. I couldn't agree more. For transformation to be pure, it has to come from within.

  • whimbird says:

    08:06 YEAH! WHAT?

  • Juhl Lightheart says:

    Bwahaha have never had such resounding resonance with the total broadcast. Blessing Tom, a truly deep time <3

  • whimbird says:

    Jupiter is a centaur?

  • Luz Mariah De Aquino says:

    Well…Looks like this Rocky track makes you really Rock, Man…Awh!!! Recreating Oie os purpose within the nossas of outer Caos!!! OhW [email protected] Man…The magical display of Inner Truth through Cre~ACtiNg…Right On dude!! May IT be Auspiciously Welcoming All of uS ~>☆<~

  • carlie partridge says:

    Always a pleasure, to tune in, sing with fire, and speak earth, then swim.

  • Leilani Petranek says:

    MAHALO! What you speak is PONO…especially your wisdom regarding substances, purpose and BEING in the FLOW… Where all unfolds in Divine Timing like the HULA. May we all dance the Hula of the Universe with the Joy and Beauty WE ARE! Ano Ai Ko Ala Hele…Blessings on your Journey Kaypacha,. You are delightful and so precious!!!

  • Olivier de F. says:

    Merci for your very inspired report Kaypacha ! But you said "My body, my Soul, and my mind" rather than my body, my soul, my Spirit, is there a particular reason ? Namaste ☆

  • Heart Out Of The Matrix says:

    XOXO thank you for your spirit and wisdom

  • Violet Jaguar says:

    I’m an hour into my birthday with these low vibes…thank you for the relief through your knowledge Kaypatcha. I needed this message in this time scope. Namaste

  • Oriana D says:

    Wow. Yes. Feeling all of this right now. Experiencing the death of old ways/thoughts and also experiencing the chaos of vulnerability and existential questions that comes along with that letting go. I’m ready to enter the next space of my life with curiosity and welcome the next braver version of myself into the world through action.

  • Sue Cross says:


  • Franca Pauli says:

    I love you Kaypachaaaaa!

  • Arno Seelen says:

    Balance is the key. To much water puts out the fire, to much fire vaporises the water. Yet in balance, you can make a nice cup of thea.

  • lemuriana5 says:

    Gracias…como siempre en el momento perfecto, tus palabras y tu mantra !!! ❤️🙏

  • Dina Gravanis says:


  • heidi marx says:

    this one felt sooooo forced

  • Tangelina D’aviatress says:

    So refreshing to have you address the potency of sobriety. I wait for all of my loved ones to hear this… We are FULL of Majik and anything we need for our awakening. If anything, getting more of the shit out of our cauldron (body) is of more benefit.
    Bless up the JOYurney Kypacha!

  • Amirah Hall says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with your commentary on using substance as a tool for access to spiritual wisdom. As creators we are here to align with what we are… from the inside-out. Your message really spoke to me today. Thank you for all you do! <3

  • Nikki F says:

    Beautiful, inspiring..You have a GIGANTIC likeability factor!!! Where is Venus in your chart, what are the aspects..Can you show us your birth chart…And what is Neptune doing..I love the synchronicity of your surroundings when you are making a point.. the UNIVERSE, confirms what you are saying.. Thank you, for sharing!!!! I loved what you said about how we are nothing if not creating, and being creation itself! …,…….UNIVERSE- Borrowed from Latin universum (“all things, as a whole, the universe”)[1][2], neuter of universus (“all together, whole, entire, collective, general, literally turned or combined into one”), from uni-, combining form of unus (“one”) + versus (“turned”), perfect passive participle of verto (“I turn”)

  • Wendy Wren says:

    Omiiigaawwd! Words cannot express the miracles happening now. keep on trucking, what an awesome journey, amigo. Namaste aloha shaloum to infinite and beyond!

  • Noel Mckinney says:

    Meaning is of the mentsl world, significance is of the emotional world, and purpose is of the celestial world. It's there to discover. Your little "I" doesn't exists there, but the real you will find purpose there. Everything depends on everything else. The ALL cannot be the ALL without you.

  • Izzy Pavlovich says:

    Today before watching this video I decided to completely stop smoking weed and cigarettes because I feel like it no longer makes me feel anyway but shit! This has just confirmed why I suddenly felt the urge! I love you x

  • Christina Amar says:

    short cuts are over rated. be here now. thank you Kaypacha much love.

  • Sandra Smith says:

    you remind me of a great white horse with long hair and a great spirit, you are with oneness , thank you for Soul talk love it, good energy

  • Naba Bana says:

    🙏how can i stop my mind!!? So i can see the divine💜

  • Megan Close says:

    LOVE YOU Kaypacha-following you faithfully now for a few years! I am questioning the chart you put- it's showing the moon in Taurus, which is trine the sun here…. whoops!

  • Cafe Esoterica Radio Hostess Shawn Cohen says:

    I agree, Tom, no drugs can take you to awakened state for good, only temporarily and not safely! Inner work is required and meditation and like driving a car, learning how properly insures a good journey! xx

  • Patricia Lyons says:

    Awesome as Always, Kaypacha! This is a time for me, with my Sag/Gemini nodes. I've been seeking, learning and opening to my soul's purpose. Working in 3D & on my body to get me through what is left for me to make with my life. Feeling so grateful for you (Star Passages, Moab in 2016), my family & this opportunity to create what I know myself to be. So much love to you & yours! And the Butterflies!!! Puro vida!! I want to know more about next year's Scotland event!

  • Odessa Heraud says:

    love the humour, wisdon, honesty, realness, time awareness……..

  • Cecilija5 says:

    Just great…yeah Jupiter/sco….now what ??

  • Cecilija5 says:

    B e a u t i f u l….. to the point !

  • Tea Kay says:

    Awesome! Thank You! Much Love from Australia xxx

  • Alice Jackson says:

    The best one yet. Thank you!!

  • Niloofar Mehrad says:

    Namaste Sending you Love , thank you for your beautiful guidance.

  • Aphra Natley says:

    'The Thinking Spirit'

  • ani raphael says:

    this is the time to move into our Sovereignty yeah baby where we can serve the One consciously and are willing to love and unify finally, right?

  • Dawn Of The New Era says:

    I live everyday thinking that it could be last. I also worked with shaman in Peru, love it

  • Sarah K says:

    Much love. Thank you 🙏🏻 ☺️🦋

  • Wren says:

    We came here to work with time. Thank you for saying this – this really resonates!

  • MissBibipatata says:

    your reports are great and this one…. it nails it! really top, ace, super! thank you

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