Astrology for the Soul  August 29, 2018

Astrology for the Soul August 29, 2018

[Music] hola buenos dias this is Chi pocha with the weekly Pele report look at that termite nest over there you see it oh my goodness termites yes and it’s a rocky path down to the river and see if I can navigate this rocky downward path talking and holding the camera at the same time this is the Paley report an astrological forecasting astrology for the soul for August 29th of 2018 Wow time is going by so fast man a couple of days it’s gonna be September yikes yikes yikes yeah it’s interesting today I’m gonna show you when I’m looking at the report but the efemer says no exact aspects [Music] however we know that’s impossible because there are always aspects we’re gonna talk a little bit more about that but for now what we do have she’s slipping slipping in slide and playing dominoes Black Moon Lilith is actually square Uranus exactly today because the ephemeris doesn’t have Black Moon Lilith in there yeah you just got a you know really look a little deeper a little farther and you’ll always find aspects there’s always something triggering something so yes that Black Moon Lilith is in the very early degrees of Aquarius coming into a conjunction with the South node of the moon okay and in square to Uranus down there in Taurus the Moon herself is in Aries today and tomorrow Thursday she moves into Taurus so she’s gonna hit Uranus right okay and Square Pluto come into an opposition with Venus Square Mars oh my goodness on Friday she’s gonna come into a conjunction with Uranus okay training Saturn and the Sun so we still have that grand trine happening in Earth with the Sun yeah in trine to Saturn and Uranus look at now I’m gonna go right I’m right underneath the termite nest anyway so you know she moves on through Taurus until Sunday she comes into Gemini yeah and you know during that time on Sunday she will come into a shrine with Mars squaring the Sun and then move on yes the square to the Sun is at 8 degrees 13 minutes of the mutable signs if you have anything at 8 degrees 13 minutes of the mutable signs this Sun square moon third-quarter Square will be you know triggering you and then on Monday mercury comes into an exact sex tile with Venus over all of this as you can see these are all just moon moon moon moon aspects there are not that many planetary you know aspects happening this week something to think about something to consider what I will talk about today is an overarching number one Jupiter is moving through Scorpio still in trying to Neptune these are slow moving bodies they don’t have to be exact Saturn is in this square with Chiron that’s been going on for a while and will still be going on for a little while Uranus is squaring the moon’s nodes okay this is going on for quite some time so these are overarching not exact but definitely active aspects so if I can make it down here can I look at this pile of rocks man sometimes life gives us a rocky path anyway I’m gonna make it down there I don’t know if you can see the river she is a flow and she’s pretty loud I’ll try to find a quiet spot and talk at you all right I decided to go for a little tributary he got that little there it is right there instead of the river the noisy River okay I’m hoping you can hear me better as a result of my positioning myself in a little tributary and all tributaries lead to the great rivers of life that return us to the ocean of oneness yeah baby the mystery of water it’s a we’re talking about mystery today and I want to be talking about this because well you know there’s a few things going on and I don’t know exactly how to start this but you know it has to do with Jupiter in Scorpio and the death Scorpio the death the ending the metamorphosis the transformation of Jupiter belief belief and what this can you know really signify for so many of us is the end like what I used to believe is no longer true for me that even our beliefs metamorphose and change as our soul grows and expands and this can lead to crisis not knowing what to believe I don’t believe that anymore I don’t know who to believe what to believe Jupiter Sagittarius also has to do with the me of life my purpose I mean if I don’t know who to believe or what to believe in how do I know where to put my energy my time my money my attention you know how do I find this purpose a meaningful purpose for my existence like what what is this all about you know we can get into these real you know conundrums you know just like wow you know you know this is useless and that’s useless and that’s a pain in the butt and I don’t want to do that anymore but like what do I want to do you know like Who am I really what is my life about and if we look at real Scorpio we look at the deathbed when I’m on my deathbed and I look back over my life you know what was it about what was it for what did i do what did i incarnate for in the frickin first place I mean a lot of this is coming up for me because I’m doing this whole South American I’m working with the shamans down here and I’m in in Peru and Cusco I’m going out into the deserts of Chile and you know it’s I’m connecting you know and it reminds me of the shamanic astrology you know and one of my teachers uh Daniel Gia Mario you know the school of shamanic astrology he kind of brought in this whole shamanic you know where you go out on a vision question you sit in the desert under the planets under the stars you receive direct transmissions from the planets and the stars this is the shamanic way this is the indigenous people’s way of being one with nature with the rocks and the stones and the trees and the water rivers and the stars it is just like so okay you know real so like spirit the divine is right here in front of us now we don’t need to go out someplace else X carne leave our bodies take different substances I think I can even talk a little bit about this because this Neptune you know in Pisces that’s trying this Jupiter in Scorpio wants to take us out wants to return to source enough of this third dimensional you know world I want to like get into this multi-dimensional you know my guidance and you know the infinite universe and just like you know take a bunch of substances all up to my consciousness and I just want to you know I want to just briefly touch on and this is why I bring Kundalini Yoga I teach it I do it I I bring it in all my workshops no substances nothing except moving the Kundalini with the eyes closed with the breath with the third eye focus the problem with substances okay I don’t care what they are call them medicine call them drugs column you know this that or the other thing I don’t care what you call it it wears off its temporary it shoots you into a space that you may not be emotionally or mentally prepared to comprehend understand so it can actually serve it can actually dis serve the gradual unfolding of the soul’s evolu I mean I hate to say but I’m just like a firm believer you know that it takes time we came in to this dimension to work with and deal with time and we’ve got Saturn Pluto and Mars all in Capricorn Saturn is Chronos time maturity coming into the wisdom of the elders takes patience perseverance endurance it happens very slowly you can take shortcuts and you can jump ahead I remember why I think it was the Beatles that went over to India and they gave acid to the Yogi’s you know and the Yogi’s are like oh yeah you know whatever I’m there already I’m there all the time this this doesn’t really you know do so much for me you know so I’m just you know if we want a permit if we want to open the third eye permanently we can get glimpses of the divine okay and these glimpses of the divine can actually make us more discontent less satisfied take us you know out of you know our present moment and here’s where this North node in leo comes in because Leo in this North node really from May of 17 on to November of this year this North node is still moving through Leo time a year and a half we’re gonna get this North node which has to do with the collective soul evolution right now has to do with creation and I am gonna just like throw out there something to maybe think about or meditate on is that guess what there is no meaning you have no purpose your existence life is gonna go on without you it went on before you got here it’s gonna go on after you leave you know each of us is like what nothing except what we create this North node and Leo is about that it’s up to us not to find ourselves but to create ourselves not to be looking and seeking and searching for some purpose but to go within and close our eyes and tap into source or the divine that wants to emerge out through us and be birthed into this world through our existence you don’t have to say it man we create our own purpose or not yeah you know if we go around okay like in this space and this is where you know we’re looking at this you know this moon in Gemini okay in the third quarter Square to the Sun in Virgo both ruled by mercury mercury gemini Virgo thinking searching curious you know reaching out studying learning gathering in all this kind of you know information okay but it’s really up to the opposite of Gemini is Sagittarius and here we run into Jupiter and what else Chiron this Saturn Square Chiron went on okay when Saturn was moving through Sagittarius last year all year long and it’s squaring Chiron and it’s coming in for like its final square right now Saturn stations September 6th it’s gonna go back as close to Chiron as it can Wow a huge monarch butterfly it had to be as big as a bird you know things just come to you this is this is what the truth is revealed you know the mystery unfolds you know the when you sit still what is it all things come to him who waits let’s say he or she let’s not get into the patriarchy all things come to whoever waits you know it’s like yeah you sit in freaking meditation Buddha sat under the freaking Bodhi tree and he came to him anyway I was on Chiron a centaur yeah half-man half-horse and Sagittarius okay you know ruled by Jupiter half-man half-horse look at these constellations this is human consciousness connecting with the the fir tile viral you know just energy of the physical body is that butterfly again man super distracting so gorgeous I’ll see if she lands somewhere take a picture of her anyway Chiron is at zero degrees okay of Aries this is the equinox point this is a very powerful point this is the beginning of a new 51 year cycle go back 51 years okay you know and and you’ve got what the 60s the Roaring sixties the birth of you know the Beatles in the New Age and yoga and organic food and all that kind of stuff this Chiron cycle is a very powerful cycle okay and it is this birthing of and and Chiron I associate with both Sagittarius and Virgo the wounded healer but the master teacher revealing our sole purpose when Chiron comes around when it aspects the Sun and Moon Mars Mercury Venus all your personal planets you have to go dig deep down within for to find the deeper purpose in your life experience and this is why Chiron is also associated with crisis yes particularly what physical health crisis yeah what does physical health crisis do to us or for us it’s our body speaking to us it’s our body slowing us down taking us out pulling us back from our daily routines okay from our jobs do these responsibilities you know are striving for fame and fortune and friends fffff the three EPs you know taking us out of that south node in Aquarius you know off the screens and Instagram and Facebook and everything else that’s going on I got a new one now Marco Polo check that one out that’s fun but it’s like we can just gets like so freakin lost I’m so glad to sit by this little stream here for a while shut my eyes and if the mosquitoes don’t eat me alive you know I’m gonna like really get something revealed man so anyway enough chitter-chatter I’m just saying this mantra today is about okay that the mind the soul and the body the body we can say is earth the mind is the air so we’ve got this sun square moon coming up all right but the soul the soul can be like this mixture of fire and water but that fire and water have in common is intuition they are both highly intuitive fires you know this this higher intuition and the water is this gut intuition but they’re both super intuitive so the body the mind and the soul and I think of like you know the you know the Olympic rings well think of like three rings and when they’re all you know they can all be like mixed up or whatever but when they’re in alignment when your body is carrying out okay the actions envisioned by the mind and brought through the soul yeah when these are all in alignment you’re ready we are ready and it is revealed to us what the next step is and we may not get the whole purpose that changes our beliefs change our relationships change our identity changes this Chiron moving into Aries the first house Aries is about identity yeah we got eight years of Chiron and Aries this is deepening you know we each have this opportunity to deepen you know what who we think we are not who we think we are but who we experience ourselves as slide deeper and bigger and wider than thinking thinking’s part of it I don’t want to diss thinking you got to think but yeah anyway enough man I go on this stuff forever I close my eyes and what do I find my body my soul and my mind revealing to me when I’m ready to see the great mystery of the divine take your time be still and in that stillness it shall be revealed you don’t need anything one more time I close my eyes and what do I find my body my soul and my mind revealing to me when I’m ready to see the great mystery of the divine go for it namaste Aloha so much love [Music]


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