Astrology for the Soul  August 9, 2017

Astrology for the Soul August 9, 2017

[Music] today their mate the moon is in Pisces Poseidon so here I am on a beautiful morning that the Irish seed at the boat ramp of course the boat ramp goes down to the sea that moon is going to stay in Pisces it a cult Neptune covers it up completely as it then comes in to oppose mercury squares Black Moon Lilith and tomorrow just before going into Aries conjoins with Chiron squares Saturn Friday comes into a beautiful trying to the Sun and Mars conjunct ting Uranus not soon thereafter on Sunday big things I want to talk to you about today would be that there is this of course everybody is going to be talking about it mercury stationing and going retrograde yes in addition to that though there’s other things going on that are even more significant in some ways that mercury is part of I don’t know in some ways I I don’t want to call it a coffin but it is a great rectangle if you look at the chart there at the beginning of the report you will see that mercury is stationing opposite Neptune oh my goodness and Venus over there in cancer is coming into a direct opposition with Pluto next Tuesday but really this is like going on all week we’re going to have this so in their sextile each other so Mercury’s trining Pluto opposing Neptune’s sex tiling Venus Venus is trining neptune opposing pluto sex tiling mercury can you see that it makes a rectangle right down through the middle of the chart so I want to be talking about that and that is not all the Sun is coming up to conjoin with the north node of the moon and mars has come in trailing right behind with it yes and of course we’re building now the moon is you know had its full phase it’s coming around you know in the areas on Thursday it’s going to move into Taurus by Sunday and then by Tuesday into Gemini we’ve got this two-week period here of really building from the South node you know the lunar eclipse up to the North node solar eclipse so you know this is this is the Eclipse season it’s a two-week period of time that is particularly intense so let me find a nice place to sit here and chat into the camera talk about all that what else did I want to say you know there were a couple more dates because you know mercury was conjunct Pluto November 25th of last year that started this Venus Pluto cycle okay that is now in it’s like full moon phase opposite venus opposite pluto mercury was conjunct with neptune last march fourth not that long ago you may remember some thoughts ideas visions dreams or whatever that came to you around that time and and now they are coming into a full phase so anyway just giving you the dates and the rundown before you know what it all means let’s check it out all right I hope I got this thing right so you can see the tip of that island out there has some ruins and then there’s an old guard house and down over there there’s you know some more ruins of a house or something I’m off of the point of Dulce near Dublin so beautiful just finished a a workshop there at Dunn dairy and saw Newgrange and the Hill of Tara the Hill of Tara I met Venus and she gave me this shirt traveling gypsy took her quite some time you know to draw this a low V nice and thank you so much and Ewa was at the workshop gave me this a beautiful Irish granite necklace and had three witches from Glastonbury come to the workshop hello they’re so amazing these days meeting so many people seeing so many things it’s truly revealing and that’s what this time period is all about revealing revelation like I said even last year the year of 2017 is the year of the end of illusion and profound revelation now we’ve just had Uranus go retrograde Uranus takes us outside of time and space into our personal unconscious world our personal unconscious world holds within at every future possibility it is our genius it is our eccentric unique you know Akashic record from past lives everything that we’ve been done learned known and it does have to do with the future of why we are here just like the moon’s nodes and the solar eclipse coming up on the North node of the Moon so here we have it now and yeah these couple of weeks here you know really for I would say even from the new moon of July 23rd this whole month ok has been the end of illusion and that can be disillusionment they can be very disturbing and I mean I don’t want to get too you know anyway look at this so we had that new moon on the 23rd and then the moon went down towards her South node down towards that south note is coming in to the Lunik the lunacy the internal subconscious changeable craziness our old habitual childish patterns and fears and needs and phobias and dreams and whatever it’s like really opening up it’s like opening up Pandora’s box to see what is in there and and and so all of you know these can be manifest this videoand and this is what Aquarius is all about that full moon in Aquarius is like taking a step back taking a step out of our life taking a step back out of through non-attachment seeing things about our future and about our past things about our past that are keeping us from our future so it’s really this time period now since that lunar eclipse now she’s coming up it’s almost like she’s rising to the North node coming up from this earthly subconscious lunar place of that full moon towards that solar power and we’re going to have of an amazingly powerful time yes at the solar eclipse on the 21st and it’s like this is all building building building building and things are going wackier and crazier that Sun Mars is like you know it’s powerful it’s trying Uranus trying Saturn I mean this is a time of like seeing our truth and seeing the truth of our leaders and society and our religions our parents and our partners and here we come into Venus opposite Pluto like I said even from back last November this is a time period now of what the opposition is about relationship and Venus in cancer is about what I personally need and when I person we want and there can be an opposition Cluedo in capricorn of you’re responsible for this this is your duty this is your commitment this is what you have needs and it can be very much opposed to Venus in cancer which is well I just don’t feel like that what I feel like is a piece of chocolate cake but what you see what I’m saying it can be intense there can be a tense in intense demands there can also be an awakening of new desires okay it’s like you know this is just like you know it’s all opening up like you know the mushroom grows up overnight and so there can be these intense passionate encounters that reveal revelation our deeper emotional needs that maybe have not been getting fed met recognized realized in our relationships so this can really be a time of you know things you know bubbling up to the surface from deep down in that Plutonian underworld and at the same time mercury opposite Neptune I said that’s coming from early March and what that is is what my ideals my dreams yeah I you know it’s like my fantasies my my fairy tales so it’s like really a time of those okay you know really coming in and like what is a fairy tale and what is possible what is infinite potential that will never be realized and you know what is my artistic expression that it’s you know it’s really time to go forward with so we’ve got three weeks now of Mercury retrograde and it’s interesting Mercury retrograde is right back to 29 degrees of Leo and the solar eclipse is at 28 degrees 53 minutes so it’s like you know mercury says oh wait just a minute I have to go back to Leo I’ve been in Virgo okay like getting it all together and and what do I run into but you know and let’s look at opposition’s as being pulled in opposite directions and here’s mercury in virgo earth getting it together and you know working on it and you know my job or my coworkers are you know and then there’s Neptune and this is a time where you know it can be a very deceiving time Neptune rules thieves deception illusion miscommunication idealistic thinking I mean it’s like you know what I like to be positive I consider myself a positive person but being careful being cautious being awake and being aware doesn’t have to be negative it can also be maturity it can also be knowledge understanding and wisdom I know my limits I know my boundaries I know how much I can give and I know where I need to stop giving and I know what is my truth and I know that I you know that my dreams I you know it may it may be necessary yes to move through a time period before that dream is realized time is such a you know dirty bastard on this planet everything takes forever man and the Sun Mars is just like you know what I’m gonna rattle my chains and shake my bones and make it happen now well maybe not you little punk you have to like really you know take your place in the universe you know during some of these times and you know Leo wants to like really charge out there but don’t forget Aquarius I think I was you know into that last week you know but this week the other thing that I just really want to stress and of course it’s in the mantra okay is that articulately from now till the 21st okay like I said mercury is up and stationing on Saturday from now till Saturday and all next week it’s very close to this opposition with Neptune it’s not a time for signing contracts making big decisions okay you know just putting things you know down and setting things it’s like this is a time where weird people and weird stuff and you know Revelation is happening and it’s exploding things and you know shaking things up and things are very unstable it’s like a thunderstorm with lightning and that lightning can strike and a I mean it’s like you know you commit to something now or you break something off or you know you buy something now and then the lightning I mean it’s like hang on even retrograde mercury is saying reflect rebel remember revolt this is really a time over these next few weeks hang out as long as you can mercury goes direct September 5th I know it’s you know could be three long weeks I’m not saying you don’t do anything but if anything you really rebel and revolt and let go of past patterns past beliefs okay this can be even past partnerships this can be you know past dreams this can be just like things this is really a time of like cleaning out the cupboards cleaning out the cobwebs and moving more and more and more and then by the 21st there will be it’s a North node future destiny solar eclipse so not only are you getting flashes of what’s not working and flashes of what needs to go and flashes of you are also going to be getting flashes of new people new relationships new ideas new beliefs new opportunities this is so it’s just like really a time like just don’t jump but observe aha it feels like Spirit wants this to go and spirit wants this to come it feels like I’m really attracted to this and repulsed by this and I’m observing I mean my witness now yeah South Note in Aquarius okay Uranus trying the Eclipse and trying Saturn and trying Lilith right you know it’s a really awesome time for just like taking a step back as much as you can like do a workshop or do some meditations or you know go for walks in the woods or swim in the frickin IRA see these people swim in that I mean I’m tempted to go swimming in it myself actually you know I mean you kind of go in and get out you know but I mean some of them hang out in there it’s a little nippy it’s actually not that much colder than Northern California you know it’s awesome on a sunny day like today I understand that you know the weather here in Ireland has been like this for you know like almost all week and people say that that’s just very unusual I mean if there’s anything that the weather in Ireland is this too shall pass this is a time of seeing in your life what’s coming and then letting go of what is no longer feeding the future so the mantra for today before I run out of time and battery is ah when driving through a thunderstorm I take my foot off the gas and go with caution checking all options going slow while I let it pass and I have to say at the end of the video I got a picture that we found a rainbow oh you know after the storm yeah there’s a rainbow even sometimes during the storm even in the middle of the storm go to the eye of the storm the eye of the hurricane where it’s nice and still get in your Center getting your Shoshone on just like watch all this stuff going around you and and and just you know be grateful for the for the Majesty in the on amazing synchronicities and the amazing signs and omens that are happening now it’s such a magical time whoo you know but if you get off your Center then you get whipped around by the freakin tornado look out back in Center back in Center um so anyway when driving through a thunderstorm I take my foot off the gas and go slowly checking my options and go with caution checking my options moving slowly while I let it pass look at the cloud just past the Sun came out and now another cloud is coming again oh God that’s the way it goes down here plus/minus light dark blue sky clouds rain shine oh my god whew a freakin roller coaster ride man you may as well enjoy it namaste until next time so much love [Music] [Music] you


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  • Ursula McLoughlin says:

    Hi Kaypacha. I just wanted to tell you that the lovely stone around your neck is Connemara marble (not granite). It's one of the rarest forms of marble in the world and dates back over 600 million years. It's found on the west coast of Ireland in the magical Connemara, Co. Galway region. In the earth's auric field, Ireland is at the heart chakra, so it's fitting that these old stones are green (heart). Enjoy your stay in Ireland and thanks again for a wonderful Pele Report.

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