Astrology for the Soul  December 19, 2018

Astrology for the Soul December 19, 2018

[Music] good mornin at least it’s mornin here yes siree this is KY patre with the weekly Paley report December 19th of 2018 and it’s a beautiful morning that is the last vestige of mankind making its bridge across oh yeah the moon is in Taurus fixed earth she’s in an opposition to Venus today and tomorrow she goes into Gemini opposes mercury traveling along you could say that mercury is conjunct with Jupiter this whole week up there in Sagittarius maybe that freaking gorgeous River oh my god Suns cruising along in the late last degrees of Sagittarius squaring Chiron as he moves along tomorrow trines uranus fantastic and by Friday indeed we have the Solstice the winter solstice the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day of the year down with our friends down south and not only that but that Sun moves in to Capricorn just as the moon moves forward into cancer and we have a full moon on the Solstice I think it’s at 0 degrees 49 minutes or something I mean wow very powerful full moon for us all folks mercury is exactly conjunct Jupiter cruising along there and by Monday mercury moves into an exact square with Neptune so we’ve got this mercury Jupiter conjunct up there in Sagittarius squaring the moon the moon on Saturday moves into an opposition with Saturn and by Sunday old lilith move in retrograde back through capricorn comes in to conjunct with the south node of the moon and the moon comes into a conjunction with the North node of the Moon and opposes Pluto on Sunday so there you go let me find a little spot here and look at the camera all right let’s try this traveling around doing my Sagittarius thing I forgot my tripod man so just had to balance the old phone on the nearest rock hope this is good enough and waters not too loud we can have a little Creekside chat down by the river lazy river that is mercury Jupiter and sad natural law the beauty and the wonder of nature squaring Neptune given us dreams hopes wishes for the future absolutely [Music] beautiful what a great time of year and there’s always more involved because I mean if we look at this full moon that’s coming up and we look at the winter solstice point northern hemisphere again but it is the sign of you know Capricorn the king the law the bringer of order the good father opposite the moon in cancer the nurturing loving beautiful mother I mean it is the genetic axis of the chart cancer Capricorn mother and father family having to do with roots having to do with the past having to do with you know really coming fully into our own mother and father nurturing ourselves protecting ourselves being of the mature elder that cares for the future that creates the future and then we’ve got you know this Jupiter and Sagittarius very powerful Jupiter ruled Sagittarius super powerful Saturn rules Capricorn super powerful Neptune rules Pisces super powerful you know all three of these planets are you know kind of doing this little bit of a kind of a dancer moon and cancer moon rules cancer so it’s a very powerful time where we can come home to ourselves and at the same time the challenge with that square of mercury Jupiter in Sagittarius expanding our consciousness ever more becoming more than we were before you know coming out of the past out of our comfort zone in order to learn realize experience ever more and more and more of ourselves so it’s like you know there can be this little bit of a toss attorney thing here between you know just kind of being where we are let’s look at this Mars and Pisces in between Neptune and Chiron Mars is moving along it’s gonna be coming you know into a conjunction with Chiron pretty soon it’s kind of loose right now but it’s very passive maybe a little indulgent maybe like let’s just let it be let it be let it be the Beatles knew it [Laughter] so there’s this you know I don’t know you know there’s this passive you know let’s sit around the Christmas tree and drink hot toddies and eggnog and brandy and just you know kind of like chill out but then there’s also this call okay to like do more in the world and be more than we’ve been before and so we kind of hit what you know what I could see is the paradox and you know that is really what the mantra this week is about is hitting this paradox but you know becoming okay all that we can be are we ever I mean you know Virgo is not the only perfectionist okay Neptune in Pisces is also the perfectionist it’s the idealist it’s the dreamer you know that it should just all be perfect and I already am perfect so there’s this evolutionary need and desire Venus moving through Scorpio okay you know like you know become absorb more okay and let go of the past and so it’s just like what I’m gonna say is you know it’s kind of impossible there’s no such thing as perfection and yet the paradox is that everything is perfect so you know it’s it’s accepting ourselves as we are and at the same time you know we hit these moments of perfection and then oops there’s another dream something beyond something more so I’m not perfect so I want to reach for that something more and then I have another moment of perfection so it it’s like we’re always becoming okay but like you can get lost in that becoming and you can get down you can get down on yourself this is also a time where that you know that need and desire for perfection can lead a little bit to depression seeing what’s missing or seen when I’m not or longing for something more and just like you know oh and I’m not good enough I mean we also look at you know this moon coming around its going to oppose Saturn then it’s going to oppose Pluto and you know this is coming into you know places of guilt you know or maybe where we’re ashamed of ourselves or ashamed of our past oh my family you know or oh I let my mother down oh I let my father down Oh I you know I you know do I want to grow up I mean it’s it’s a you know it’s like it’s a double-edged sword right a double sided coin so you know it’s like accepting that you know it’s okay having compassion for where we are and yet not sitting getting lazy self-indulgent and staying where we are but also moving forward moving on making resolutions yes you know the Sun is going into Capricorn well guess what I mean next week comes into a conjunction with Saturn you know and after that you know it comes into a conjunction with Pluto and the South node and all I mean in a way this you know 2019 is kind of a year of purging ourselves from past limitations boundaries and restrictions and creating new ones yeah you know like these rocks the Rock of Gibraltar this is this Capricorn so it’s you know it is it’s a it’s so appropriate for this time of year new year’s resolutions coming around and the important thing I would you know really think about is to be realistic in our resolutions you know it’s like give hours to give yourself a little of space don’t you know don’t like all I’ve got to be this perfect ideal you know and then you know maybe get let down or you know move into places where I’m not enough or I failed or I didn’t meet my own expectations or with the opposition meet the expectations of other people that I have placed in positions of authority over me like somebody knows more than me or knows me better than I know myself it’s it’s like you know it’s a good time for reflection it’s a good time okay for you know making resolutions wanting to become more than we are do more than we can you know have done before in the past so it’s really awesome it’s a really good time so the mantra for today am I truly doing what it is I came to do ever becoming the best I can be for the world for me and for you how about that one man that’s you know it’s like a good time to maybe sit meditate feel into your life into all you know the situation that you have created for yourself knowing that you let yourself that maybe you’re unconscious or divine guidance or whatever led you into this situation and this situation maybe limiting it maybe lacking there is definitely more okay so you know you wanna when you set these resolutions it’s like expand out you know and step into those big shoes that are you might think they’re too big for you but like yeah yeah I can do it I am it I’m evolving I’m becoming you know I’m like a tree like a flower like a bird always evolving expanding growing more into fullness and completeness it’s beautiful I mean this time of year there’s snow you know in a lot of places and the seeds are deep down you know in the ground and they’re just you know kind of Molly this is the time where it’s a very inner inner reflective time really something that I encourage you to take a little time out from the family or from the parties or from the you know to you know to like really light that fire ignite that fire deep within yourself that Sagittarian Jupiter you know that it’s on me it’s on me and it’s not about proving myself to somebody else it’s like who do I want to be Who am I really yeah babe oh my god am I really doing what I came here to do and if you’re not then by god this is the year 2019 where you can like you know break out of the mold break out of the conditioning break out of the past and step into the throne and be that king or be that queen and just like yeah [Laughter] man am i real am i truly doing what am I truly doing what it is I came to do ever becoming all I can be for the world for me and for you may you be all you can be baby namaste Aloha so much love [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


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