Astrology for the Soul February 21, 2018

Astrology for the Soul February 21, 2018

Good morning everybody this is Kaypacha with the weekly Pele report And I’m trying to got a couple reasons to get here so early. It’s uh. I just got out of Bed it’s not even seven o’clock but a Couple of things number one is I’m off to the Envision festival today It’s actually Tuesday I’ll try to get this up before I go I Usually do the report on Wednesday? But the other thing is these darn cicadas I don’t know if you’ve noticed in the last few reports, but when I’m down by the river or even up at the house when the Sun gets up Just high enough BAM all the cicadas start singing so loud that you can’t hear a doggone thing So I’m beating the cicadas this morning for the Pele report oh my god okay, so Anyway to the astrology by golly That’s never stopping now. Is it no sooner do we get done with the eclipses, then we got other stuff going on Today this very well actually tomorrow Venus conjunct Neptune, but she’s there today, it’s just exact tomorrow Yeah, I mean we’ve got this whole gathering going on right. You know. We’ve got the Sun Mercury Venus Neptune And Chiron all in Pisces. It’s that time of year folks It’s a pisces party and the only challenge that I’m gonna be talking about today in the report quite extensively Is Mars. Mars is up there in sagittarius square square square The exact squared of Venus is on Sunday. Yeah, and on that and on that same day mercury is Exactly conjunct Neptune and on that same day The moon has gone around and is in a beautiful trine to the Sun An opposite Saturn if you look at the chart just before You know the the report there you you will see it is for the square moon so the moon is in Taurus right now and Thursday she goes into Gemini and Finally by Friday she moves up in Gemini. to what? oppose Mars right? square the Sun and square all of that pisces party over there going on. you know and And then she moves on into cancer on Saturday and Finally coming around on Monday to Leo and Next week we’re gonna see that you know mercury is well Mars comes around to square mercury next Wednesday That’ll probably be in you know the next report, but for now I’m gonna just run back to the house This is just a little path across the street from my house, but you know I got a pack up and hit the road so I just thought I’d come on and give you some green And get back into like what is the scoop with Pisces. Okay good morning Don’t know if it’s morning where you are, but it’s morning here I got to get right down to it gotta pack up and get out of here, so Pisces let’s look at Pisces the 12th sign of the zodiac and finish close complete, but it rules the collective unconscious Which is the infinite potential and infinite possibility out of which everything comes? So it’s the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end both the innocent and the open and the pure and then At the end, it’s the you know it’s the time to let go and release and return You know having you know either completed the job or not, but it’s over. It’s done so there’s also this process of releasing and surrendering that we have to do with Pisces. the 12th house with Pisces is associated with the collective unconscious The collective unconscious, you know kind of brought up, you know initially by Jung is the storehouse of Everything that people avoid and deny and escape and just kind of suppress And you know it’s just like Pisces actually rules garbage men and sewage workers and things like that. You know it’s just like really this place where We’re not We’re not all there. We’re not all awake. We’re not all in it. It’s like the cellar Okay, you know when I do chart readings and things if you are born with plan. That’s in the 12th house You know it’s your very inner inner inner world that you are sometimes well mostly Unconscious of because it’s just been really kind of put down put away and It’s also what the collective unconscious. This is move nice Okay, this is this is fashion. This is like fads. This is like. What is gone living within The minds our hearts and souls or the unconscious of everybody So it’s also you know. I like I think I’ve said before you know more Presidents of the United States were you know have the sun in the 12th house Than any other house, and I’m sure that a lot of movie stars Okay, that are the icons that are the symbols that are you know just kind of expressing what? Everybody longs for or wants, or you know desires or whatever, but yeah, it’s just living It’s the it’s the screen. It’s the movie screen so it’s all of our fantasies, and it’s our Imagination it’s heaven. You know it’s just so it’s like we it’s this place where we are all one There’s no separation, there’s no boundaries. It’s all love it’s Union. It’s mysticism It’s yoga, so this is all You know this the space where that the the spectrum just goes off the charts in both directions It’s the Messiah the highest and it’s the drug addict pushing the shopping cart because that’s all they’ve got you know that you know that there’s the thing we’re In so many ways there’s no self It’s not a place of self consciousness of ego consciousness and This can be good or bad right this can be that you’ve either transcended your ego, okay or You are like innocent and childish and just not aware of what your ego is doing So sometimes it can be pretty hard to connect to these people and kind of wake them up to what is happening and This is exactly what can be happening now. on a collective level with so many of us because Mars in Sagittarius Okay, fire planet in a fire sign about expansion teaching traveling going Expanding and my you know my right brain and to you know all these higher realms of consciousness You know and it’s like charge and go and then you and it’s squaring this Venus over here in Pisces which is like yeah Let’s go to the outer outer outer outer limits You know I mean, that’s why my mantra today is like reach for the stars. you know. It’s like go as far as you can go This is over expansion This is where we can Lose consciousness or lose our connection to our bodies to ours to our real purpose to our left brain communication to our other People around us where we are like Spiraling up and spiraling out and we’re on our own trip Yeah to where we’re not aware so much of our surroundings. We’re not aware of our impact on other people Okay, and maybe other people can’t really even like knock on our door or talk to us or bring us down Because we don’t want to come down This is like up up out and away So the mantra today has to do with bringing it back down Right, it’s great to go up. It’s great to go out It’s great to go on a trip or a journey yeah, and bring it all back. This is what artists do Right they take their Imagination and what they’ve seen or heard within or you know felt deeply down and they bring it up And they bring it down and they bring it out This is this is you know this is the the next step That we you know in that in that process of unification Is not to be doing it you know just escaping and denying and avoiding our realities But like really coming in coming in and this is where the relationships come in because Jupiter’s in Scorpio It still is in Scorpio, and so there’s a couple of things I wanted to read to you today one of them is that really from January 27th to March 18th, okay Mars is in Sagittarius and with Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Scorpio we have what’s called a mutual reception Mars rule Scorpio Jupiter rule Sagittarius, so they are in each other’s signs and I just love the book by Anne Ryan and Ryan yeah Planets in mutual reception there’s a picture of her It’s a very old book I’ve been doing this a long time I don’t know if it’s still in print or not, but she’s outrageous man here’s the here is the Law first I wanna just let’s do the mutual reception. Okay, it’s Mars Jupiter Mars Jupiter the tests mutual receptions deal with tests They deal with the improper use of physical energy due to poor judgment or over expansion through the exaggeration of his abilities the native may become overly arrogant or aggressive especially in sexual matters a lack of awareness in methods of self projection and an overly aggressive Personality can cause others to feel uncomfortable in the natives presence There may also be problems due to the natives inclination to promise more than he can deliver lack of honesty inability to follow through and poor judgment in financial matters can cause difficulties with police officers higher courts and in laws Extended self-indulgence in food and drink Can cause health problems Particularly with the liver you know Jupiter rules the liver due to the lazy nature of the trine an Attitude of I know I can do it so why bother Often prevails until these energies have been.. um properly balanced Once this balancing has been accomplished there will be opportunities for higher education foreign travel and religious growth through self mastery Find it very interesting that the guy is coming around to collect the garbage Just as I was talking about the 12th house pisces and the garbage man anyway Ok I need to go have some orange juice. I want to wrap this sucker up I Think you can see I mean. I like to read some of the things that it’s it’s easier for me to you know I don’t want to be pointing out or have people say oh You know you know Kaypacha got down on you know these people today If you read it from a book. It’s a little more objective But you get this idea too much Too many drugs ok too much escapism too much denial too much arrogance too much self-indulgence Too much like I am the greatest I am the teacher. I am the Guru I know it all. I I Me me ba ba ba ba. Da this can just like get to the point yuck You know people can’t talk to you. People can’t relate to you. People can’t. So you know the Mastery comes and this is what Jupiter in Scorpio is about. Self Mastery. It’s having boundaries. Having limits. I know that I’ve done enough. Or that I am like you know Overextending into your space into your world. Okay. Not listening or not paying attention to those others around me. Scorpio is other people’s values and other People’s monies and other people’s power and other people’s sexuality. So this can be where we can just like you know, we just you know, we want to get off. We want our Orgasm and we’re just gonna like you know jump on it, and you go for it, and you know have our way have mine. Yeah, it’s it’s this can just like be a place where we’re not aware. It’s unconscious and Whenever we’re not aware, and it’s unconscious something else: police officers mother nature our closest intimate partners the banks or whatever the government you know the military comes in and Then we have external limitations external boundaries And we end up behind bars or something. So you know, you know you know that if you’re having you know You know issues or trouble or like people, are you know coming at you or you know? You’re you know you’re getting pulled over or something like that or whatever. You know. It’s it’s a it’s a reminder that You know we each need to like become more aware of our own Like what we’re doing We have to wake up from the dream. We have to wake up from the innocence. We have to wake up from the unconsciousness And not drop the ball and that brings me to the mantra for today. Yeah, and that is… Reach for the stars so high up above and take the universe in Beautiful imagination medicine however you want to look at it. Meditation we go we go up and we go out and we take it all in and We see it from the eagle. Eye, and we see it from that higher perspective. Not losing myself or dropping the ball I return and share all I’ve seen It’s the coming down And if you’ve ever done a good acid trip or something you know going up is fine And then the next couple days coming down is kind of like oh my god So this coming down. It’s like what we’re it’s like breathing out and breathing In right so we can breathe in and take it all in but then we want to breathe it out We want to share it we want to give it we want to create with it We don’t want to get lost out in the stars or the universe and do Unconscious things that you know injure other people or abuse other people or abandon other people because we’re lost in our own trip and our own journey We got we want to just like you know kind of do this thing where we’re always checking in checking out checking in checking out Breathing in breathing out and not you know not get the too much in and look and then again not getting too much out That’s what the mastery is about and that’s what can happen You know during this time period but this you know the Mars Jupiter It’s it’s not over now like I said it goes on until March 18th But it’s really strong now with the Mars Square Venus Mars coming up to square mercury. It’s like Yeah so Just a little something for you to contemplate these days as you go off and play your music and have some fun and chill out and get lazy and Sleep too long, but just it’s all good just Come back to us come back to your come back to each other Come back to the world with the wonderful gifts. You’ve discovered namaste Aloha so much love


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