Astrology for the Soul January 17, 2018

[Music] hola arthéon’s this is kind pancha with another weekly Paley report for January 17th 2018 and of course I’m down by the river one of the first songs I learned on the guitar by Neil Young one of my favorites I think it’s about three chords anyway yeah yeah yeah I had to get away from that computer screen oh my god all this Capricorn aquarius all this business Wow it’s a little bit intense eh how did you like that board meeting last weekend yeah with what we had Sun Moon Venus Saturn Pluto all you know new moon yesterday yeah at in Capricorn so business business working figuring it out it’s all been going on and now today all right the moon moved into Aquarius okay we got so the nice moon in Aquarius today Venus joins that moon in Aquarius all right and by golly on Friday the Sun moves into Aquarius so there’s a little bit of a shift here going on okay from Earth to outer space I call Aquarius more outerspace than air there’s there’s no air out there it’s too thin Aquarius is kind of you know it’s the atmosphere of the earth actually that it has to do with which is strongly influenced by the collective consciousness which is why we’ve had so many hurricanes anyway trying to climb over rocks here and talk and run this camera and blah blah blah at the same time it’s not working tomorrow Mars still in Scorpio okay going on for a while there but it’s trying Chiron in Pisces very beautiful the moon comes up to her own south node tomorrow Thursday you know by this weekend you know pi the moon goes into Pisces on Friday that’s a nice weekend moon in Pisces sweetie he comes around Neptune all right by Monday that moon goes back into Aries some fire okay moon squares Saturn and Wednesday we have an exact conjunction of mercury with Pluto so we’ve had a lot of stuff going on with Pluto here you know mercury is like moving right on through there you know it hits saturn and lilith it’s coming up to pluto it’s it’s doing its kind of thing happening all right so I want to talk about that today I have a little bit of a special report let me see if I can find a good place to do it and see some nice waterfalls over there in the distance so let me just find a place to sit look at the camera and I’ll talk to you okay okay everybody all you humans out there it’s story time with uncle Kai pocha I have a story to tell you all today about Major Tom Major Tom was an astronaut and it wasn’t that long ago he was an Aries and he was really fascinated by the planets and he came up suddenly just like an Aries would with this idea he’s like you know what I’ve got to go to Mars I want to be the first person to set foot on Mars ie I’ve done been doing this back and forth to the moon enough I’m going to Mars I’m fired up about this yeah this is Aries new idea impulse so Taurus he develops himself his money his resources his capacity alright to really like you know go long-distance hold his breath through his anti-gravity stuff more and more he starts learning more about Mars and you know this that and the other thing and you know starts really getting you know getting it together alright starting to look at what kind of a spaceship he needs to make it that far and how he would have to store his food and you know if he could survive and buh buh buh buh buh button you so he starts doing you know gathering all the things that he would need in order to pull off that desire yeah that’s Taurus second house and he moves into Gemini he starts talking to his brothers and sisters he starts talking to his friends he starts spreading out and then he starts learning he starts going you know more okay you know learning more and more about the solar system more and more about you know Rockets more you know just like more education more networking you know putting the word out there okay and maybe starting to spend some money on this okay it’s like okay well where do I want to take off from okay you know where do I want to make my you know blast-off point and this kind of thing so you know he starts to you know he starts networking that’s Gemini third house and learning more learning and then it goes into cancer okay and it’s like okay boom Cape Canaveral you know by God I’m talking to Nassau you know with my Gemini phase and I’m you know I got enough money okay you know I got I got enough money together to you know like blast off out of Cape Canaveral I’m gonna rent the place or whatever you know but you know starts really you know making a home a foundation getting this thing real it’s not just an idea anymore alright its kind of taking some form some shape he’s got some friends involved a lot of money involved boom foundation gets into Leo okay and it’s like wow starts creating he starts creating alright it’s like okay here’s the design of the rocket years all I need I’m gonna go on stage I’m going to announce it you know he he makes a big public statement I’m gonna be the first man on the moon Mars and hey look at me and this is like outrageous and pop up a Bob you know he’s all full of it full of it a little bit full of it right yeah jump he starts building a rocket Virgo it goes to work on it you know okay what does he do well you know he runs into some technical problems and he runs out of money and he has some challenges and he’s kind of humbled a little bit like oh my god I don’t know if I can ever pull this off up a Bop maybe just maybe I need some help maybe I can’t do this all by myself like Ares would like to so it’s like boom goes into Libra okay I’m open to partnership open to relationship you know puts the word out there you know hey anybody want to be my partner want to do this with me okay you know I’ll you know I’ll – no I’m taking applications whatever you know I’m gonna you know check everybody out interview people you know maybe I need even somebody to go with me God you know it’s like oh man you know so you know I’m gonna give up my sovereign autonomous Aries energy do partnership in a relationship so what happens runs into you know a group of people like big deep pockets multi zillionaires astrophysicists okay you know with the global you know the astronomic global conglomerate right with billions of dollars scorpio yeah and these guys go hey we like you you know and we’ll partner up with you and we’ll build a rocket ten times as big as the rocket you’re building okay you know and you know it’s all this whole you know big thing you know we’ll deal with you you can fly it you can be the astronaut and everything you know but and here we move into Sagittarius we don’t really want to go to Mars we want to go to the galactic center we have the technology we’ve got the physicists we’ve got the time-space equations figured out e equals MC squared this dad and the other we’ve got secret formulas okay and we’re going to do Sagittarius is expand beyond as the result of connection interconnection relationship and alchemical transformation we’re gonna expand the scope of your little idea of going to Mars okay to go into the frickin galactic center man and so Major Tom is like whoa like whoa whoa really you really think so I mean like me and be the first person that gets sucked into a black hole no he doesn’t say that you know they say no no you can go and come back we’re gonna transport you well you know you get the idea this expansive Sagittarian you know and so then it goes into what Capricorn and here we are now right so we’ve got that Jupiter Mars in Scorpio okay we got Saturn just went through sad now it’s in Capricorn with Pluto it’s like okay this is big business we’re making the biggest rocket that’s ever been made we’re going farther than mankind has ever gone before you know we are you know a huge conglomerate spending billions of dollars in organizational and we’re hiring people and we’re dead up up up above you know and it’s like whoa get it together you know delegate get you know make it happen this is our Capricorn we just had a new moon in Capricorn and boom zero degrees Aquarius Venus is there today Sun coming on Friday what is zero degrees Aquarius to me it’s like guess what it’s the countdown 10 9 a7 yeah Major Tom is in the rocket all of the people are there ok you know the control tower it’s the countdown and and what’s going through the mind what’s going through the brain right it’s like what is Aquarius Aquarius is the unknown Aquarius is the future Aquarius is groups and community and even beyond groups and community extraterrestrial intelligence its science and exploration into the unknown it’s totally and I’ve said this many times the last three signs Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces okay these are the least personal these are moved by the hand of the collective unconscious the personal unconscious the divine order when we get into Aquarius okay don’t think you can control it don’t think you can control the future don’t they I mean it’s like we are all part of a huge society communities you can’t control a community or it’s not a community it’s a dictatorship in your back and leo this new paradigm and this Age of Aquarius is out of any individual person’s control so we’re moving on to the patriarchy we’re moving on a Capricorn we’re coming and birthing into this Aquarius and nobody knows and this is where it comes into non-attachment the Buddhist way yes of releasing control and that major Tom is sitting there going oh my god you know I have no idea what’s gonna happen to me when I take off what is out there in outer space alien life anything could go wrong I mean we are totally at the mercy okay of the technology totally at the mercy of the community and totally at the mercy of the cosmos so this is a this is a big point right this is a huge point the South node of the moon is moving through Aquarius Mars is going to spend almost six months in Aquarius you know later on this year so Aquarius and Leo axis is like really big for people and it’s a very exciting time so we’ve done a lot of work with this Capricorn energy over the last month and frickin take off I mean like I can’t control the weather it’s raining on me man oh my god my camera’s getting wet this whole thing could be destroyed my book is getting wet so my life is like an exploration into outer space yeah all right I set off with a good intention not knowing what our face so we start off we start every cycle every life every day every relationship every job with an intention this is Aries right and there’s this whole process of making it happen and you know developing ourselves and merging with others and but you know ultimately Wow there’s a lot of karma in Capricorn love Saturn Lord of karma there’s a lot of you know very galactic how can I say multi-dimensional divine intelligent forces bringing about one Aquarius is ultimately liberation and enlightenment it’s all about knowing ourselves it’s not about reaching a goal it’s not about fulfilling our intention ultimately it’s about making the unconscious conscious liberating ourselves opening our third eye opening our crown chakra coming into the now coming into complete awareness total consciousness and we see that there is a huge big broad wide design in this galaxy on this planet in our lives that is all about helping each and every single one of us become more and more conscious self conscious aware of ourselves and that just might be one of our ultimate goals yeah so this is our point going into the unknown my teacher jeffrey green said you will find yourself in the unknown that’s because I have Uranus in the 12th house but anyway one last time that is my life is like an exploration into outer space I set off with a good intention not knowing what I’ll face I think ultimately you face yourself we face ourselves may you like what you see baby namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music] [Music]

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