Astrology for the Soul January 9, 2019

Astrology for the Soul January 9, 2019


  • Awesome Andrew says:

    I personally could not relate to anything in this report, why would that be?

  • Spiral13 UpKat™ says:

    yep there's Children & then there's "Kids" – baaaaahhh

  • Spiral13 UpKat™ says:

    I would call myself and Hardcore Inner Traveler and what I've been going through the last couple of weeks very much resonates with how you are describing this Astalogical weather. I couldn't innerstand at times what was going on.. Mentally, Mercury-aly, just seeking the answers that seemed so out of grasp.. winter times too change things. Our connection to the Sun. Sun gazing is a way to master all these energies, like the Sun effecting the other planets more than the planets effect the Sun. Be the Sun.

  • Carla Ogden says:

    Anyone else just feel so comforted by the opening song to the weekly Pele report? Been watching for 3 years and love it every time lol

  • Laura Lippie (Official) says:

    Thank you so Much – xxx

  • Angelnlight says:


  • Surmayi - says:

    So good 💕

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