Astrology for the Soul  July 25, 2018

Astrology for the Soul July 25, 2018


  • T'me T'me says:

    So Much L♥️VE

  • Pascale Desrosier-Hickey says:

    I have some growing in my backyard this year I'm so grateful I've had at least a cup every other day now it's starting to reduce a little bit but still I love raspberries love them love them love them thank you this is a beautiful synchronicity it's crazy how much eating fresh off the vine fresh off the bush out in nature all that just makes me feel so much better

  • Stephanie M Edmark says:

    So much love, Kaypacha. You are the ultimate teacher.

  • thatonekid says:


  • MoroccanMelody says:

    Hello Kaypacha, Thank you so much for such a wonderful teaching on the eclipse and the awakening taking place. I don't know what day your birthday is but as one Leo to another – many blessings and good fortune on your birthday. The Mother taught that as humanity awoke at the cellular level more and more people would awaken simultaneously. I believe that is manifesting now in these times. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Namaste.

  • Dawn Cansfield says:

    Love you Kaypacha, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Shaishannah Bennett says:

    Thank you for your joyous delivery of our planetary teachings x Just what I needed to hear after leaving a relationship with a Narcissist, I cannot allow myself to empathise with his reality in any proximity to him anymore, I've let him go with Love and am now healing and reclaiming my light/energy that I'd surrendered. Having said that I am walking away with learning, a deeper innerstanding of the ways of that type of darkness with integrity as I did not let myself become infected by the predator/mind virus that that type of mental and emotional abuse can trigger within those subjected to it, I worked hard to not be a 'victim' by writing journals, poems, songs, sitting with myself, acknowledging my feelings, my truth and putting boundaries in place, but I was somewhat broken, a stronger connection to my intuitive self as I sensed, could see lies, manipulations, control and called him out on everything and with the intent to inspire healing (just in time as I'd begun to doubt myself) I walked away and have had to go 'no contact' which goes against my nature as a playful loving being who wants to connect but it's what I must do to be safe…So thank you for all of the love you extend with your wonderfuel videos, tata for now, blessings to all on our individual journeys together 💟

  • jamie mason says:

    Just fantastic.
    Thanks brother. Really helped me out today.

  • Steph Kaiser says:

    Thank you so much! For always sharing your beautiful channel. I Always resonate and reflect so deeply with your messages!!! Xo

  • Taryna Grace says:

    Wow – I watch the report each week & love them – but wowzers this was a good one! Deep & True & such a clear message of hope – Totally awesome 😎 thank you so much for bringing this. <3 SO much Love back atchya.
    1 second ago

  • Adel Bush says:

    Thank you Kaypatcha. Beautiful 💘

  • Ley Lines says:

    Thank you Master 🙏 positively expanding always 💚

  • linda smith says:

    Kitty knows good energy when she feels it,,,,,have a good Leo time Mr.Kaypacha!!!

  • ani raphael says:

    this is a good time to play up your innocense and your freshness

  • Lysis Ix says:

    Beautiful report my brother. Thank you for continually shedding light on the darkness. Sooo much love 🙏💚

  • Beth Summers says:

    Sorry to be pedantic but I have given to life, people, family all of my existence and now have nothing – home that isn't mine, no possessions per se except 50 years old, no family and yes, like the Taurean Starr Hall, give, give, give – I'm still waiting for life to give to me. Plenty of room!

  • Flor De María says:

    So simple and deep message! God bless your talent, Kaypacha!

  • Sterre Kooijman says:

    Would love to learn and understand more about astrology, does someone have tips? 💚

  • Zen Girl says:

    Such a tranquil setting I could really hear you this time ! You are on fire ! Namaste , aloha , so much love

  • G Sasnauskas says:

    I know what you’re sayin’ 😆✨✨

  • fairtradenow says:

    My favorite ever reading from you. Everything you said was realized like a download. Could say so much more but just thank you thank you thank you. And please do more visits to gardens 😙😙

  • Geoff Bowcher says:

    I am new to your channel of great wisdom and connected loove. Wow what a wild ride we are on write now. Peace , freedom , and love for you forevermore sisters and brothers.

  • Tangelina D’aviatress says:

    Mark and Jay, beautiful garden!
    Hi plants💚🌟💚

  • Sierra Gale says:

    Thank you for this message! 💞🌻✌

  • jayme thomas says:

    I have been living on my Saturn line for 6 years and I am physically dis-eased. Moving.

  • Star Seeker says:

    Every week you have blessed us with a life changing true message Love and Blessings

  • Justyn219 says:


  • mikesobczakms says:

    cause if you don t know now you know. energy and consciousness ftw!!!

  • mariedo bondet says:

    It’s disturbing because we where not in education aloud to feel now all are in beautiful way safe to aloud to still the DOMINO unfold naturally the universe do his job in the best outcome for all usually the Wednesday day it’s the time of breakthrough discovery in all also the day of archangel MICHAEL best GUARDIAN the chief of the warrior now best time to follow the flow it’s sustain in the best aspect to find balance rejoice renewal relief more taking out the blinders it’s better Being in sens prepared to have a best new beginning in September middle it’s like when the precipitation’s sking out its time to let naturally letting staying to have the best view clear mind to take best decisions in the best conditions in sens we say SLEEP on IT before jumping on the fire even rediscovering the cellulaire structure of FAMILY it’s the best moment to rediscovery what we have to be strong emotionally nothing to argue just being together we where so disconnected for reason best time to be even who représente our family it’s the base of all we forget have fun sleep any amont a time just let’ it be we don’t know wow it’s POWERFUL the spirit need that to be on the BEST to serve ourself just saying asking permission inside can i be myself in beautiful way it’s enough really simple as it is

  • Radiculously Rawthentic says:

    Awesome Report! Leo Sun here with Capricorn Moon & Libra Rising 😉 Discomfort but Good Stuff 💕

  • Nicholas Denney says:

    This is a great speech. Thank you for reminding me of good things and spreading important messages!

  • Elizabeth Rigby says:

    I was admiring your jewelry when you said flux. Maybe I need to start making my own and get into playing with a hot knife

  • Stacey Greene says:

    she loves you! Leo Time…Kitty time
    Another amazing Pele report!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Much love! Happy Birthday to you!

  • Joselina says:

    Yes, understood and living it. So great to hear you, it clarifies my process. Thanks!

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