Astrology for the Soul  July 25, 2018

Astrology for the Soul July 25, 2018

[Music] hola buenos dias this is que pasa with the weekly Paley report I’m over here with the raspberries it’s July 25th of 2018 and I just arrived up here at Williams Lake people like to know where I am like I gather so Williams Lake is about an hour north by plane from Vancouver and I’ve arrived up here to do a workshop at mark and Jays place so I’m just going to take a little trip through their garden before I get to the big stuff all right so you know today is Wednesday and the Sun is square Uranus whoa baby look out two degrees Leo to two degrees tourists okay we’ve got that going on and you know that Sun is you know conjunct the North node of the moon you know pretty much for a whole week that’s gonna be going on you know um there’s some some other world over there we’ve got some sunflowers I don’t know if I’m gonna go through all the plants in the garden but you know this is them the moon is in Capricorn and you know she goes into Aquarius on Friday just in time for the total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees 45 minutes of Aquarius she will be conjunct the South node of the Moon which is at 5 degrees 53 minutes so this is very tight orbs that we’re dealing with and that full moon obviously that’s what a lunar eclipse is is it’s on a full moon right and the earth comes between the Sun and the moon blocking out you know blocking out the moon look at look at this look at this freakin thing what are you doing would you would you just no man ouch ouch all right full moon total lunar eclipse that is happening at 4:20 p.m. Pacific time alright on Friday the 27th just in time that’s why I’m up here doing a workshop on the Eclipse we’re gonna be talking about it the whole time but in addition to the Eclipse of course Mars is there right and you know the the moon will be conjunct Mars for the Eclipse obviously the Sun is opposite Mars that is exact again on Friday so Friday is really big but before Friday Thursday tomorrow mercury stations and goes retrograde yeah so we’re gonna be dealing with the retrograde mercury for the next three weeks and the moon is going to oppose that mercury so the moon keeps moving right and on Sunday she goes into Pisces I’m gonna step on the can’t she keeps laying down right in front of me you know I’m trying to make my way out of there out of the garden here with 10 million mosquitoes surrounding me like the hordes they’re saying that they have the worst mosquitoes here you know in many many years looking I’m locked in I’m locked in the frickin garden man this was open a minute ago I’d like to be a little more anyway this is chimney lake chimney lake is a little north of Williams Lake and I’m going to if I don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes I thought I would go down to the pier over there and try to do this report outside there’s chimney Lake it’s really beautiful I think I’m gonna just walk down here for the rest of this this is pretty much what I do want to be talking about though is it’s called it’s a grand t-square right the Sun opposite the moon Mars for the Eclipse on the moon’s nodes okay and squaring Uranus so that’s a t-square from Leo Sun and Leo Moon Mars and Aquarius both of them squaring Uranus in Taurus so these you know this is little boy you know I don’t know how it’s affecting all of you guys but we’ll be talking about it we’re gonna go sit on that pier look at the camera and fill you in okay everybody how is it going for you these days I imagine okay if you are on this planet right now it is going pretty wild pretty chaotic pretty you know unexpected what we have is Uranus Uranus is very a powerful player in this Eclipse and eclipses have kind of a uranium quality behind them anyway because what happens is the auric field of the earth gets disturbed and it allows energies yeah from deep space to kind of enter the auric field and you know for the it happens every six months and it’s just a very it’s a time where there’s like an influx okay like we are getting a shot of you know galactic energy that is you know very chaotic and very disturbing so this is just with eclipses in general now when you have Uranus okay and Uranus is the planet of the personal unconscious which holds within it everything from our past every you know every you know potential in this moment and every future possibility for us it’s your personal unconscious the Akashic record of your soul in in the astrological birth chart so transiting Uranus is like this that you know it’s the unconscious okay the collective you know that wants to come in here and wake us up I associate Uranus with the third eye it’s the alarm clock it’s the awakener I associated with Prometheus the Light Bearer that stole fire from the gods and illuminated humanity and he was a joker trickster and he got in big trouble for it yeah he got chained to the rock and his liver would get an even out by the Griffin you know every day and every night it would grow back for all of eternity that was to happen until someone would take his place and it was Chiron who took his place but that’s a whole nother story that I’m not going to get into with the Pele report I just want to say that this Prometheus okay your rainy and energy is bringing up for each one of us okay our personal soul unconscious intentions and desires for freedom liberation an individual self-expression and it’s moving through the sign of Taurus for the next seven years and Taurus is our survival Taurus is all about surviving in a physical third dimensional world it has to do with money it has to do with income it has to do with our physical procreative sexuality it has to do with our values and so Uranus coming into this Taurus is throwing us curveballs okay it’s this awakening it’s like hey you know what you need to do is you need to develop new resources within yourself you need to become more capable you need to develop more talents and more capacities to make money to survive to colluding you know feed and clothe yourselves and your children and you know keep your act together so many people okay you know during and this the Eclipse sets the energy for the next six months okay till the next Eclipse okay was gonna be like next February or something you know so you know this is okay this energy time period okay where the flux you know the influx of energy now okay is to awaken each one of us that we are more than we thought we were that we are worth more than we thought we were and that what we have to do is develop these capacities and give them to the world this is the North node of the moon okay conjunct the Sun in the sign of Leo which is the path of soul evolution right now and what and is where you know the mantra for this week has come up you know from the more I give to life okay this is Leo okay this is the fifth house this is creative self-expression and it’s square – this Uranus and Taurus Taurus wants to hoard things if you know Taurus people you know a lot of times they you know they gather antiques or they have a garage full of stuff or you know you know they they just like to gather things you know so you know Taurus second house is I gather I receive its you know Venus it’s the feminine I gather this in and it’s squared to that North node and Leo that says give it out give it up give it away you know throw it around play play with it so the energy is that you know really you know that that our evolution now is to give it out and give it up like I said last week you know it’s time to take a chance gamble and play with that and play with that energy but you know there we’ve got this right there may be some unconscious stuff coming up for you you know we’ve got Chiron over there you know in in Aries okay I’m not worthy enough for I don’t deserve or I’m not ready or I’m you know a lot of this doubt or self questioning and then of course what else moon Mars okay up there on the south node of the moon in the sign of Aquarius and what’s moon Mars I mean Mars is you know the warrior like anger battle fiery dynamic and the moon is my childhood my family my emotions right you know and you put Moon and Mars together and inside kaboosh yeah powerful passionate energy alright and this energy you know it can be holding us back in infantile previous conditions of we’re like the frozen child syndrome can be coming up a lot of us can be dealing with okay family issues I mean I was just at a family reunion right you know 50 of us cuz I got a big family and we went out tubing you know on my on my nephew’s boat and you know that the tube went you know and I wrapped up my knee and and bruised my rib and I’m completely screwed up and this is the Mars Uranus accidents unpredictable events things turning crazy and haywire on you and it’s just like whoa this is a time to stay awake stay alert okay but not in a frenzied paranoid state it can be tempting you know to like freak out when things happen and what you want to maintain is this this mindset that everything is contributing to your evolution that everything that happens is contributing to our waking up process okay I unconsciously left my phone on the plane when I got here to Williams Lake I mean this is a perfect uranium kind of experience right my phone is technology I need my phone I use my phone at least I thought I needed my phone right but I’m up here in Williams Lake and Mark you know driving me home from the airport and he’s just like you know what you know you know we just live out here and it’s you know it gets 20 below zero in the winter you know and in summer and we’re out in nature in the woods and there’s the others there’s nobody and nothing and you know a lot of deer a lot of fish things going on out here but you know it’s like life can be extremely simple and extremely beautiful and we don’t need all of the complexities so you know maybe life is you know just you know giving me a little lesson about letting go yeah moon conjunct Mars on the south no to the of her own moon the South no to the Moon is the past and I’ve talked about Mars as the sword cutting free from the past some of this may be cutting free from our addictions right to the screen or to technology okay or to looking at things observing things this is the danger of becoming too detached to you know to not human you know just kind of looking at everything from a screen and from behind the camera and and selfies and Facebook and it’s all kind of out there we all become observers so there’s this place Aquarius is the observer Leo is the actor and the actress so the danger is to is to stay in that realm of observation and oh I’ll just watch this and observe this and photograph this and video this and the digital you know yeah instead of moving into the now into the present coming up with something new coming up with something original forgetting about you know you know who’s watching or you know who’s looking or whatever and just like really spill our guts out this is where true creative genius comes out of each and every one of us is when we let go okay you know of all that [Music] [Laughter] and the other thing that I wanted to talk about in that you know that really comes up you know for me with this mantra yeah is not only this attitude that life is promoting my waking up okay this and promoting my waking up is expanding my reality expanding my reality to embrace a greater reality if we consider there’s subjective reality and there is objective reality there is one objective reality and that is all that is there’s nothing outside of all that is Bashar says all that is is another word is another name or way of saying god yeah all that is is just all that is that is the ultimate objective reality that is far beyond the ability of the ego to grasp and then there is subjective reality so each one of us is living in our own subjective reality and we have to be very careful with this word reality okay some people especially with this Saturn Pluto Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn can say oh this is reality and and these people are not in reality or this group is you know living in a fantasy world or bla bla bla bla bla bla but what we can say is there are many multiple yeah seven billion plus realities happening simultaneously within the greater objective reality and as we open our consciousness as we open our third eye we are able to appreciate alternative subjective realities not judge them not condemned not evaluate them as non-real or more real or you know but this that or the other thing but but it come into a place of empathy of sympathy being able to put ourselves in each other’s shoes in la cash a Lakhan I am another you to be able to really feel and see and understand our fellow brothers and sisters we have to relax we have to open our minds and really feel into their reality so the folks up here in Williams Lake are in a totally different reality than I am okay bopping all over the place they are totally like freaking stationary yeah and and and and and and you know in cities versus the country and you know I you know I living on the lake versus you know in the forest or on the mountains or you know in the tropics versus you know in the freezing cold Alaska you know I mean it’s just like whoa there are so many alternate realities but in order to really you know come into a you know this place this higher week if we got Neptune in Pisces yes you know of you know of really understanding and opening in a mystical way to you know to loving fully wholly and completely all of our fellow human beings on this planet we need to open our minds we need to open our hearts and then we open up to a greater portion of that objective reality that you know has everything in it and then of course I mean the more we relate the more we connect the more love we share the more fun we have so you know actually you know this this waking up is a joyous experience yeah and it’s you know it doesn’t like pull you out or a way that the days of you know the Age of Pisces where you go to the mountain or you go to the ashram or you go to the monastery you pull yourself out okay of society or social interaction in order to achieve some sort of enlightenment that’s history it’s gone we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius where together as social units as communities as fellow brothers and sisters we experience a connected enlightenment I hope so maybe somebody does so anyway the mantra for this week then is the more I give to life the more life gives to me and the more I relax and open my mind the more of reality I see so do that North node in Leo Sun is conjunct there right now give all that you’ve got and it comes back tenfold and as you open your mind okay you know so many people will enjoy you and you will enjoy so many more people and there will be so much more of an energy exchange going on that your reality will be expanded and you will expand their realities and we will all expand our realities together namaste men enjoy take it take care relax and take all of the chaos the unexpected events sudden shocking awakenings as supporting your growth and just focus on that positive of expansion of your consciousness namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music] you


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