Astrology for the Soul  July 4, 2018

Astrology for the Soul July 4, 2018

[Music] you [Music] buenos dias que pasa here on the 4th of July of 2018 happy Independence Day for those of you in the United States of America and for everybody else it’s another day it’s Wednesday and interestingly enough today there are like zippo aspects that are major in fact the moon is void of course from Pacific time like 5 in the morning all day today and into tomorrow yeah you know like after midnight the moon makes no more aspects as she goes through the late degrees of Pisces until she goes into Aries and hits Chiron etc all these other things but tomorrow the Sun is trying Jupiter if you look at that chart that I put at the beginning okay you’ll see a grand trine Sun in cancer training Jupiter over there in Scorpio training Neptune in Pisces we have a grand water trine going on this week absolutely gorgeous beautiful in addition to that we have a t-square okay and that is as you can see on the chart mercury which is still conjunct the North node of the moon over there and Leo okay is in a opposition to of course the South node and what’s over there but Mars okay you know so we’ve got this mercury opposite Mars and they are both coming into right as this square with Jupiter up there in Scorpio so that is called the t-square we’ve got a t-square and a grand trine going on at the same time so tomorrow Thursday the moon moves into Aries and Saturday she moves you know into Taurus you know and then following that on next Monday she moves into so you know during that time she’s gonna try and Venus she’s gonna conjunct Uranus you know over there and you know continue on to that exact trine with Neptune okay happening on Sunday and Monday the mercury is exactly square Jupiter and what else happens Venus goes into Virgo oh yeah Venus in Virgo she’s been in Leo for a while the Queen and now she’s gonna step into Virgo we’ll talk about that and then last but not least that I want to talk about today is Jupiter stations to go direct on next Tuesday so he’s been going backwards they’re in Scorpio for a while no can you see the river down there that’s where I’m going gonna head on down to that River look at the camera and talk to you okay well I don’t know how this is gonna go man I’ll I’ll put a picture of the boulder that I climbed that I’m sitting on the top of now it’s like straight up and down but it was too loud over there by the waterfalls and I know people complain about you know it can’t hear me because the waterfalls are too loud so I wanted to get away from the waterfalls you know so I come up I’m this frickin Boulder but it’s so steep I have to you know it’s very hard to get a good shot but look at that there’s always the the challenge very often between being comfortable and getting a good shot you know the best shots are like where it’s kind of hard to get for some reason most often anyway let’s get down to astrology here I mean I do want to talk about and you can see that today’s mantra is about fear fear because one thing I didn’t mention you know at the beginning all right was that the Sun is opposite Pluto the Sun is moving through cancer and it’s not exact until next Thursday we have all right a partial solar eclipse almost exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn so you know last week we had the Sun opposite Saturn you know now it’s moving and it’s going it’s in an opposing Pluto and it’s gonna get more intense and more intense okay and then it’s gonna oppose Lilith after Pluto so and we’ve got this Eclipse happening at the same time I mean it’s really not it’s not that much of an eclipse they call it an eclipse but for an eclipse you have to be you know within 18 degrees of the moon’s node you know and and this is just barely making it it is such a partial solar eclipse that it’s just a writ to say it’s a very powerful new moon and I’ll talk about it more next week because it’s next week but the energy building up to it the energy that we’re in right now and the energy that’s going to be coming on for quite some time you know has to do with you know this Mars conjunct the South node Mars is the lower octave of Pluto okay and it’s moving through Aquarius so anyway besides all the astrology I know there’s a bunch of you that are not into the astrology I mean I want to talk about Pluto is the root chakra it is the seed it’s the Kundalini force it’s the life and death force let’s not forget death okay and then Uranus is the electrical system and the spinal cord and the nervous system that is wrapped around and part of this Kundalini energy and then Saturn is like the shell of the seed so we’ve got puno Uranus and Saturn all involved with our root chakra and that’s what I want to be talking about today because the root chakra is also the root of all of our fears you know looking at and this can be a time when we are facing our fears cancer Scorpio Pisces all three water signs have to do with fears cancer in particular is emotional insecurity a fear of vulnerability okay you know it’s the inner child in us that’s really super sensitive super intuitive super vulnerable and the Sun coming through therefore this whole month is a time of getting in touch with that vulnerability and that sensitivity and as soon as you do you know you’re like you feel like a little baby in a crib you know where you want to be held nurtured safe secure and the opposite of that is this Saturn Pluto in Capricorn you know and that is Earth physical financial security so this is a time where you know as the Sun moves through cancer opposes Saturn opposes Pluto as well as the other aspects let’s look at Mars conjunct in the South note of the moon okay the moon is our subconscious okay it’s you know it is the luminary it is the oldest min energy that is very you know emotional sensitive subconscious and connected to Gaia the ultimate feminine enter the ultimate feminine force it’s beneath the layers of consciousness so much and it deals with habits and the past and stuff from the family and the hereditary stream that comes down from grandma grandpa great grandma great grandpa and so when this Mars comes around through the north south node of the moon in Aquarius I’ve talked about cutting cords and cutting ties from the past liberating ourselves from the past and you know this brings up fear liberation okay is easier said than done you know and and you know I’m doing this whole webinar seven weeks with the dream team all right on the eclipse of the heart the astrology of love sexuality and freedom if you really want to go into this and I am gonna go into this and we’re all gonna really explore Venus Mars Pluto this time period is kind of a struggle between freedom and connection the masculine wants freedom the feminine wants connection Mars wants freedom venus wants connection and the moon wants connection so there is this kind of pull that we can all be feeling I want to be liberated I want to move into a space of non-attachment enlightenment and freedom and openness but when I do Aquarius and Uranus also deal with the unknown moving into the unknown and when you go into a space of liberation it is very unknown any triggers okay you want to move into non-attachment what do you bump up against everything that you are attached to I’m attached to my money I’m attached to my ego I’m attached to my partner I’m attached to my you know you know my clothes I don’t know I mean you can attach to anything and to like liberate and to extricate or to free ourselves okay is to deal with these fears of loss these fears of being abandoned or abandoning another people all this stuff comes up ultimately from the fear of death the source of all fear is the fear of death and this is Jupiter in Scorpio right now and and all through till November and we’ve got volcanoes going off we’ve got people dying in front of our faces on the news okay maybe close to us this is a time of a lot of death and passing in astrology there’s no death there’s trance formation the seed dies the trees die they compost they come back again and what I want to just you know look at you know and the mantra talks about it denying our fear defying our fear and hiding our fear you know there’s it’s like really popular these days you know there’s a bumper sticker I’ve seen no fear okay you know and it’s like beat up you know a lot of women are getting like really tough okay getting in touch with their Mars and their masculine okay and the men are getting you know this Mars masculine and we’re gonna you know buff up and beef up and you know get tough and no fear and you know this is okay really as long as you’re a physical ego being living in a body okay that can be hit by a car okay smothered by a volcano all right or you are in an emotional body where you are emotionally connecting loving and caring and sympathetic towards other people and wanting to proceed love okay now as long as you are a mental being that you can attach to belief systems and ideas and philosophies of life to gain some kind of mean full purpose for your existence you know you have we all have fears fear lives in the root chakra and my friend Bobby Klein he does the e Ching every week he is amazing I’m gonna put a link to his site where he sends out the e Ching his reading every week he’s sent me this email about fear and the root chakra fear resides in the root chakra and sodas our suffering and our fears are the root of our suffering in very many ways also and the Buddha says sit in your suffering sit in your fear there’s something beneath our fear there is a reason for our fear and fear can be a catalyst of change fear can help us if we deny it and push it away or ignore it or feel ashamed of it and don’t want to share it we end up hiding parts of ourselves the most personal sensitive spaces where we want to feel held nurtured loved and protected so you know this place of you know you know that fear is a weakness or that fear is you know I don’t know you know just be ashamed of your fear and don’t be such a wimp I mean I fall into that category myself you know a lot of times it’s like ah you know feel your fear and go through it you know there’s a time and a place for it now these aspects son opposite food Oh son opposite Saturn son moving through cancer trining Jupiter and Neptune our fear can be a gateway into the infinite compassionate Buddha that infinite space of love of acceptance of accepting ourselves accepting that we are afraid accepting that we are human accepting that we need love and that we are that we have emotions and that we want to be connected and it’s like acknowledging our fear owning our fear being okay okay to feel our grief we have all suffered we have all been heard and this you know we can run from it or we can hide it or try to put band-aids on it or medicate ourselves so that we don’t feel it but there’s a certain magic as any cancer scorpio will tell you I mean the water signs know all about this right you know I don’t have any water planets in my chart I got the north note in Scorpio though so my future is actually moving into water and Jupiter’s on my North node right now so I’m just exploring this realm of the okay to be sad okay to be afraid okay to be lonely and and and not just be always going for the fun and the light and the joy and the party and the festival and love of the buh buh buh buh buh bah bah but to like settle into being human and this is where we really connect with each other so it’s it can be a gateway towards opening our heart to giving and receiving love so the mantra for today is there are days when I am afraid and don’t know what to do rather than deny it defy it or hide it I will feel it and see it through the Buddha says it’s actually a pretty short process that our feelings want to be felt and once we feel them they they go away and they pass on but when we suppress some or deny them or hide them they grow bigger and they end up sabotaging us in the end where the tiger eats the lion tamer the tiger tamer where the slave becomes the master you know so no that was more I wanted to say but you know whatever time marches on one more time there are days when I’m afraid and don’t know what to do rather than deny it defy it or hide it I will feel it and see it rude enjoy that grand trine and if you’re in a state of fear and you’re locked up and you don’t know what to do sit still for a little bit feel those feelings and trust that they will reveal a need that you have reveal a future desire reveal you know something that was unconscious or unknown or subconscious before our feelings bring up our inner deepest subconscious and unconscious needs so they’re really super important I encourage you to feel them and feel that grand trine in the water signs and namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music]


  • Veronica Carvalho says:

    Thank you, this made so much sense. For the first time, I'm letting myself feel emotional pain (going through rejection, fear of never being loved, falling back in old patterns, etc) and I'm just sharing that, acknowledging its human, that I can cry, go through the pain and just evolve from that. It's a long road but it opens your heart!

  • AgaSoulMaster says:

    Nothing ever bothers me- quite the opposite I’m always soooo grateful for
    Your weeklies! ❤️
    I’m looking forward to every translation of the astrology influences on us! It’s a lot of confirmation for me. I don’t know anything about astrology- but it seems I’m aligned and all you present each time explains perfectly what what heart guides me towards. I used to PLAN my life, seems like lifetime ago… ever since I’ve awaken to my heart- life’s been easier and I’ve learned to trust completely the flow.
    A control freak- morphed into something else… makes me chuckle each time
    I realize that
    Thank you for all you do ❤️

  • Babette C says:

    I love the waterfall!

  • sharon Teo says:

    Looks pretty cool

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    Thank you brother.

  • sharon Teo says:

    Awesome thank you so much many blessing to you

  • YantraLover11 says:

    Acknowledged fear=vulnerability and ABILITY TO LOVE…Thank you Brother Namaste/Blessings:)

  • Danna Hancock says:

    Your wise words reminded me: "To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go."
    Mary Oliver

  • Elisabeth Ann Wexler says:

    The water signs give us attunement to our souls. Once we can find a way to live centered in our souls by deeply experiencing our emotions and feelings and soul energies they support us and nurture us. Yes, we need to face our fears and vulnerabilities. At the same time, the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces gives us intuitive strength and power. Just like the strength of oceans and all waterways on our Mother Earth sustain us and give us life sustaining water, our emotions and what is intuitive in us grounds us and connects us to soul, heart and spirit – both our own and others. The balance between living in our bodies which are earth bound and the reality of death and transformation is where our true power lies. In embracing the reality of these real changes and transformations, we can flow with all that is. Whatever fears come up, we can put them on the alter of our awareness and meet it (or them) and talk to it. Meet it and know it. Meet it and let it teach us what it needs to tell us. This is true with each and every feeling and emotion that we have. Our vulnerabilities are our strengths. We can embrace our own selves as we feel as we feel, like a good and caring parent, embracing our child within.

  • Ruth Belda says:

    Wonderful! Life.

  • HF TL says:

    Thanks Kaypacha I always really enjoy your forecasts you speak astrology brilliantly.

  • Nancy Pike says:

    Wow, You just blow my mind every week! Thank you Tom. Much appreciated!

  • Andrea Moncada says:

    Holy mother Kaypacha. Spot on. I have literally been feeling these exact things for the past couple of days and I didn't know whether to talk about it or not. Viola answer. Thank you! So much love ❤

  • Victor says:

    I've been trying to fight my fear all my life, it doesn't work, only as you say. Acceptance is the key, there is a time and place for everything. We don't want to feel pain, but its here for a reason we don't have to know why, just let go and accept everything, and know that we don't choose what to experience , were just in the stream of counsioussness.

  • maria pomeroy says:

    you rock! my thanks are endless.

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    Thank you, brother K. Always enjoy taking a good look at your crown jewels hahaha! Love the Ganesha ring you're wearing. As always, love the entertaining wisdom. Take care of yourself, you've got a busy schedule coming up.Again. x

  • Mireille Claire says:

    Thanks Kaypacha! I talk to my fears and welcome them, so I pick them out of the cave. This helps me to see and go through them and then they disappear.

  • Katie Dee says:

    Fucking right. What a beautiful, important, truthful discourse. Thank you so much. Thank you. I am so glad you speak.

  • Johan Tino Frederiksen says:

    "Sitting with the fear, loneliness, sadness: This is where we REALLY connect with each other" … love that!

  • Chrissy Dowd says:

    That was awesome It helped me so much. I live in Leilani Estates and I am lucky I still have a home. The Kilauea eruption has changed my life. Forced to evolve.

  • Layne Arlina says:

    Ok so this has given me a new perspective, a slight yet potent shift over my situation. As a child there was a lot of pain in my family, there still is, so much undealt with suffering which was denied, defied and hidden. Being sensitive I felt all of this and cried a lot, much to the ridicule and annoyance of those around me. I found solace in animals and spirit.

    Now I understand that the breakdowns I've had since 19 years old are not out of weakness, but out of carrying everyones suffering without understanding how to feel it and let it go. I wasn't just holding space for me, but everyone around me. This is too much to expect of anyone but it was my reality.

    So these emotions became monsters, too big for me to carry. And I love holding space for people but my emotional cups get full so quick that I spill over easily. Small stresses knock me flat. So now I've a new visualisation – I see these big cups full of emotion that will empty over time as I continue to learn to release and forgive myself for being so sensitive. The emotion-creatures are so big they wont leave overnight, or perhaps they'll remain and instead transform into my guides.

    The beauty is that I'm now being validated from different angles that my sensitivity is a gift not a reason to be punished, it is not a weakness. I feel everyone around me, no matter how much 'protection' I put up because Im a natural channel. I cry because you need to ~ how is this a weakness?! Kaypacha, I feel this reading has helped me to honour those emotions and my ability to hold them, rather than try to be strong and pretend I dont feel 'this' or 'that'.

    Thank you for unknowingly validating my experience xxx

  • ebut333uoy says:

    Thank You!

  • ebut333uoy says:

    btw. I'd love to sign up for the Eclipse, but i cannot afford it now. Do you think you could share some summaries on each subject? That would be very appreciated. This is just an suggestion, I am very happy to see these weekly reports, they are just GREAT.

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    You remind me of a Leprechan, Kaypacha!

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    I have been concerned for a while thinking that you might get burn out with all that fire! you seem tired and I want to say do take care of this, but I know you know how to get 'watered down'!    That beautiful slightly crooked warm smile of yours at the end of this video made my heart turn over – you certainly do give out 'so much love'  blessings, Beth

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    Hi Kaypacha. Each of these Pele reports carries so much wisdom. Your energy seems guru shamanistic supported by a solid base of astrology and kundalini yoga. And I know people say it's not the age of the guru, but I think we look at the guru as an equal with a set of knowledge and wisdom we can gleen from and grow, adding to our own, a teacher who compels us as equals to come into our own inner teacher and guru. This was profound somehow to me and well said as always. Thank you for sharing your inner guru with us. It's cool, fun and soul nourishing. Lol, fun fear digging!

  • Shawn Margaret Cohen says:

    Thanks Tom! Always a great report! Cheers from London! 🙂 xx

  • Mary McClung says:

    Such a beautiful presentation, thank you, and so on point! What we resist, will persist. Here's to us walking through our fear like the Buddha.Thank you for your vulnerability and wisdom, very precious lodestar that you are. 💛

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    You are so adorable. Who cares what people think. Those of us who love you would never be upset if you are human!! I love your humanness!! Muah!

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  • Dawn Of The New Era says:

    This is a great practice. Any kind of somatic witnessing or emotional witnessing is very quick! Sit with it! I recommend going to a Sangha practice

  • Alex Rawlings says:

    Love your reports and your mantras. Thank you!

  • Ingvild M says:

    Scorpio Ascendant… Definitely feeling the fear… Thank you Kaypacha, as always. ✨🙏✨

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  • The Divine Speaks says:

    One of your best ever. Because we are One with God and All that is, when se deny any part ourselves like our emotions or fear, we are denying a part of God an automatically creating the appearance of separation. We are One with God and in Heaven only Love exists, but in this "reality" we create Heaven on Earth and in ourselves by recognizing we are both human and Divine, that we have fears, "evil" thoughts, cellular memory that is coming up in us from both our ancestors and the collective consciousness, etc. You cannot spiritualize your experience here in terms of trying to be above your emotions or fear because you think you are God. We are God, but God is having a human experience here THROUGH US. That is what is holy and beautiful. When you are at peace and acceptance with that and don't fight what comes up, then you can know God.

  • *Sabina* says:

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  • Auton Pontifex says:

    The fear of death is not the root of all fears. There is a greater fear and it is the fear of awakening. "Knowing everything" therefore having the capacity to illuminate the entire Universe and acknowledging responsibility for all creation brings greater fear than the fear of complete physical annihilation.

  • Cindy Bello says:

    You don't have any water planets? Interesting! Never thought about that kind of chart. I have moon in Pisces, mercury and Mars in cancer, my two sisters have cancer Suns, one of them and my brother have Scorpio ascendants…. Water in all shapes!

  • Scott Gibson says:

    Thank you. This resonates with me very well at the moment. As long as take a breath on this Earth we will have attachment. So I guess we should just learn to realize that. Also, Krishna said not to fear karma…action is better than no action…🙏

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    Kaypacha — really long ad to have to sit through to get to you! What happened to "skip ad" option. I really don't want to have to sit through such a thing. Don't know if you have input about that, but if you do, please, as often as she said please get the book, NOooo, please get it off!

  • LightHearted Enterprises says:

    I always thought of Cancer as mothering, so interesting that you bring in the child, vulnerability (a strength) in Cancer.Perhaps its the flowing love of mother/child and the amniotic fluidity of the ocean of consciousness. I speak often about freedom in unity (re. your venus mars, connection/freedom content) — most people don't believe they can have both, it's held commonly to be a necessary evil compromise or sacrifice of one for the other to get what we want. Our conscious unity, (Eros~Psyche) allows for deepest connection with what wants fulfillment in freedom for all Being, for each incredible emanation body. Appreciate you calling out the BS on fearlessness. It is about meeting our experience consciously, always, not powering through it as if the information and intelligence coming through all the bodies and chakras in order to be protected from feelings and experiences we don't want to have, i.e., vulnerabile, not knowing, scared, alone, hurt, abandoned, ashamed, guilty, let alone dying. The Presence of Love engaged essentially in our experience as it is provides everything needed for functioning, play, fulfillment. The way is into and through all the layers down to the root of all existence: it's what's underneath it all. All experience is a portal to unity, and we are free to open in through our experience to discover what is at the Root of all life. I have Pluto conjunct the Sun in the 4th House in Leo @15 degrees, believe me, I know about the deep dive into the root of existence, into the heart of the cause of radiance. The way out is through. And the other thing about feelings, not simply denied, etc. but the other side of indulging them, telling the story, seeking outside for someone something to hear us out, comiserate, tell us we're right. If we're listening to the Pelé Report, we are okay. Basic trust is the recognition that everything is okay, unfolding in grace.Being in conscious union through experience as it is engenders and rebuilds basic trust. We are Still and Know that only This Is and has us all well in hand, and actually IS Who/What we are. Thanks for your Pelé report. I share it with people I meet with from time to time. It's often so right on point, and you seem to have an in depth apprehension of what This life is all about — thanks K, ~Anrael

  • Jersey Stotler says:

    I just found your channel and my dear YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE to listen to I find it very sootheing!!! Subscribeing!!!

  • Jiwon says:

    This is my first video of yours that I have watched, and I really enjoy your insights! Video in the outdoors is a great idea! I wish I had some place like this near my house! Very healing!
    All the best to you.

  • katie franks says:

    Is it true all planets will be on one side of the sun around July 18th?

  • Sibel Engingök says:

    I love you

  • Emily Alp says:

    Just deleted my Instagram and Facebook accounts with ten years and thousands of contacts. Liberation does bring up fear but wow what an experience—the clarity around attachment every day more without those fixes.

  • Yogi Mandhi says:

    Thanks for the reminder…was thinking about that earlier…stop running away and just sit still and embrace all that you are with no judgments or expectations, just be 🌺🙏😊

  • Angus Blake says:

    I can’t believe people believe this stuff…

  • Vargas says:

    Hello! I've watched your astrology videos for quite some time now. I enjoy your videos and think you are well on point!
    Does anyone here know how i can see my astrology chart and perhaps read about it?
    Thank you, best regards, Alexander

  • Rose Jones says:


  • Raven Welch says:

    Hi kaypacha, I've been doing more star gazing recently, and am confused on the placement of Jupiter in the chart, it appears to be in libra when I'm looking at the heavens, but is placed in Scorpio in astrology charts, why is that, how are the planets placement calculated in charts?

  • Paloma DoM says:

    Que alegría! Gracias por traducir al español, éste fue un gran regalo ❤

  • To Ja says:

    …and for me it's my Birthday 😊 hello!

  • tm says:

    beautiful back it.gracias

  • mariedo bondet says:

    You illustrated perfectly in impersonal way it’s needed in fun

  • mariedo bondet says:

    Before we where trapped in crazy fear it’s hard to let go in term we where under control by for being manipulated to never be enough in running stress and to let go it’s hard in AWARNESS it’s new we suspect to be detached to reach the NOW

  • mariedo bondet says:

    Emotions where inside blocked by our system of living fears came from to don’t be aloud to réalèse toxines in all levels it’s really was unsafe before NOW it’s easy to rely on it’s all about EMOTIONS when it’s to munch it’s

  • mariedo bondet says:

    Yes when it’s to munch Mother Nature like always sunk everything in short period of time it’s was the risk end I suspect more of

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