Astrology for the Soul  June 14, 2017

Astrology for the Soul June 14, 2017

[Music] hola this is guy Pancho with the weekly Pele report made it up here to the beautiful Pacific Northwest by Tryon Creek with birdsong and great mother nature look at these amazing beautiful trees oh yeah oh yeah looking up it’s good to look up once in a while Sun Mercury moving through Gemini isn’t always looking up it’s here now it’s right in front of my face left-brain party-planning visiting with friends the lower mind and that Sun is in opposition to saturn its exact tomorrow but you may be feeling it today and for a couple of days here I’m going to talk a little bit about opposition’s because mercury is going to be coming up by Sunday also to oppose that Saturn so is that the Sun Mercury traveling together and the moon right now it’s in a beautiful trying to Aquarius yeah moon in Aquarius Sun in Gemini air air air socializing getting together with friends learning new things maybe going to workshops I’m giving a workshop this weekend great weekend for a workshop yeah expanding the mind very carefully with that Saturn in Sagittarius but let’s look at these other things okay because then what the moon moves into Pisces yeah moon moves into Pisces and while it’s there she’s going to bump into Neptune because Neptune is stationed still in the sky going retrograde on Friday going to stay right there in Pisces and making a beautiful I don’t know beautiful they call it the Yad the finger of God is going to be happening with Venus in Taurus quincunx Jupiter in Libra and that Jupiter is quincunx Neptune in Pisces you can look at the chart that’s up there posted at the beginning of the video here yeah Venus in sextile to Neptune very sweet aspect yeah so we’re in the fairytale end of this journey through Gemini that’s been going on for the month since the new moon in Gemini four degrees she’s coming around through Pisces coming into Aries on Saturday Saturday and Sunday Monday she goes into Taurus okay and then she’s going into Gemini just as what the summer solstice next Tuesday the Sun moves into cancer and joins Mars you’re going to feel a shift coming around next week when that Sun and Mercury both go into cancer and join Mars together it’s going to be a real shift from head to heart head to feeling talked a little bit more about that in the report just wanted to get this little jaunt down here because this path is so beautiful these woods are so beautiful I’m coming down to a creek here but I can hear it let me see if I can find it okay well this is one of those days where it’s a little difficult to do the Pele report I could wander through these woods for a long time and I did but I better do this report before the Sun Goes Down but walking through nature really helps to slow down oh my goodness you know the mind goes and Gemini goes and you know this opposition to Saturn is calling us okay Saturn is about responsibility duty the job what needs to get done its authority it’s serious it’s got to be meaningful our lives have to be filled with meaningful activity so it’s pressure pressure to perform pressure to be right Sagittarius is about being true being honest being right so it’s very grounding get your act together get your business together get your you know your security together Mars and cancers wanting this security Pluto in Capricorn of course has been calling everybody okay about just you know getting your financial act together so it’s very interesting now to have this yad this finger of god you know with Neptune Jupiter and Venus oh my god what’s that what is the opposite of together Jupiter Venus Neptune that’s what you know Neptune stationing in Pisces is like putting out our antennas to the great spiritual cosmic universe of love and no boundaries and infinite possibilities and then it comes into this you know quincunx with Jupiter and Libra and Jupiter gives more more or more more beauty and then it’s sextile Venus in Taurus and Venus in Taurus wants to just sit on one of these stumps and just be still and listen to the birds and listen to the water and be at one and be at peace maybe spend some time alone yeah so it’s a very it’s like well the way I see this this challenging time yeah the challenge here is to have be in the world but not of the world the Jupiter Neptune Venus is not of the world it’s like I want to expand I want to open my heart I want to love Mars and cancer wants to feel it’s this you know drawing into something much greater much more artistic much much more revealing of the majesty and the glory of the universe boo boo boo boo boom yell and then yeah we have to also be doing this son Saturn and Mercury and Gemini which is you know practical real right here right now so we may be feeling this pull and not only feeling this pull but unconsciously or subconsciously creating okay this like I say this pressure or this drama or this what challenge with authority Saturn is external Authority and whether it is from our childhood whether it is our boss right now whether it is the president or some other you know person out there that is you know the you know the powerful one the king or the queen kind of commanding us and telling us what’s right and what’s wrong and what we should do should should should should son opposite Saturn is all every sentence that begins with should you should be doing this you should be saying this you should be building this you should be destroying this you should be staying with this you should be leaving this should should should should should so it’s just like you know it’s the super-ego okay or it is our conscience it can be beliefs religious beliefs it can be patterns from childhood from mom and dad okay that are giving us all these you know this is what you should be this is what you should stand for and we are in a wave may be rebelling against that yeah that there’s more to life and there’s more to relationships and there’s I want to do more before I die I don’t want to just you know show up at work you know and do tasks and stay busy yeah and do you have all these social obligations with people or friends or old associates yeah I want it so there’s going to be this movement I’m seeing I’m feeling from this Gemini busyness that’s going on for over a month now okay you know and this movement towards with the summer solstice next Tuesday you know it’s going to be moving into cancer this is a good time for what Mars and Cancer wants to build a home build a nest and it may be challenging to find where is my true home home is where my heart is where is my heart it’s getting in touch with our feeling nature our feeling nature is going to tell us what we really need to keep our inner child happy to keep that smile on our face and it’s not all about money or business or partnership it’s about inner peace it’s about doing inner work and so we could be creating now a situation okay where you know and this is what the mantra is about this week you know projecting projecting we’ve got this North node of the moon moving through Leo now for like a year and a half and it is each one of us becoming our own king becoming our own queen really being the masters of our lives the masters of our destiny the masters of our home yeah and that can involve breaking out or breaking free we may be feeling suffocated we may be feeling like we’re a bull with a ring in our nose getting pulled this way or pulled that way or pulled the other way and we can get angry we can get upset okay we can even or maybe feel guilty okay or ashamed of ourselves because I don’t belong or I don’t fit in I just want to jump on a plane and go to Bali or Russia or China or something and here it is I’m you know supposed to be doing this and so then there can be this struggle yeah and we and so you know what it is though I’m you know I’m feeling like opposition’s always have to do with projection so what we can be doing now is projecting our king or projecting our queen outside of ourselves and this can be a partner a parent you know a teacher and you know anybody that we look up to and looking for their approval before feeling secure enough stable enough solid enough Gemini’s the eternal youth and cancer is the inner child so this is you know this is kind of this you know challenge here that we can really be dealing with where we need to withdraw our projections and it’s not somebody else telling me I need to do this it’s not somebody else in saying you need to get your act together or you need to find a home or you need to you know get in touch with yourself so whatever people are telling you or teachers or books or you know videos or movies like you’re getting this we’re all getting these messages now yeah that there’s something bigger something deeper that wants to be birth it’s a new paradigm it’s a new reality it’s a new age that wants to be birthed and we’ve got to do it but there can be this you know condition where we feel inadequate we feel suppressed we feel small we feel not ready and all I can say is you gotta knock it off the North node and Leo just says freakin get out there and play you know make a sandcastle you know make a new business make a new life you know build a new high I mean it’s like make a little hot it doesn’t have to be a castle but what you want to really do is be the author of your own life be your own authority and that can involve maybe letting some people down disappointing others that you know have these expectations of you and so you know if you’re in a box right now I just want to you know encourage you to do the Uranus in Aries do the North node in Leo they’re in a beautiful trine now to Saturn and it’s just you know you’ve got to maybe fall down a few times and pick yourself up scrape your knees make some mistakes blow it a few times but don’t be stopped yeah and don’t be limited step into that role yeah don’t get angry and triggered and you know ashamed of yourself or whatever but like take your power this is about taking our power back owning our power so it’s it’s really a it’s a beautiful time if we get over this kind of you know thing okay that there’s you know something out there that I should do and just get into what I want to do and where my feelings guide me and where my imagination guides me and what is artistic and what’s going to bring more beauty into the world and more love into the world and more love into my relationship and it’s about love more than security more than safety so you know we got to step out of our safety zones a little bit and in order to do that we just got to get in touch with number one yeah and not become that Saturn okay where we’re blaming other people and we’re criticizing other people and we’re judging other people and we want everybody to be let’s go your own way I think there’s an old Fleetwood Mac’s on it’s a good one yeah you’ve got to go your own way and even more so when the Sun and Mercury move into cancer next week it’s a it’s going to be you know really getting warm yeah like you know the water on the stove you know the temperature is going to rise a little bit so break out break free establish your own truth your own power your own self it’s a good week for that yeah all right so the mantra is yeah when I get emotionally triggered I simply can’t forget that the real work I need to do is own what I project so my desire to be free my desire to be artistic my desire to be an astrologer my desire to be you know a pianist you know a musician and I’m it’s my desire to like really bring beauty into this world okay you know I could project that and I could get resentful or angry or triggered by people who are doing it by people who are living what I want live and so it’s like take it as a lesson don’t take it personally that you’re bad or wrong but take it like wow you know I can do that too I can be that – I’m going to step on the step and I’m going to own right instead of projecting out my authority or you know my greatness or my intelligence or my artistic nature instead of like saying that that you know I need to meet some external model of that you know it’s like dig inside go inside find your original true authentic amazing self and then slap it out there baby yeah so when I get emotionally triggered like uptight like I simply can’t forget that the real work I need to do the real job I have to do is to own what I now project bring it home bring it on home to me that’s another good song there I think that was the animals anyway all for now enjoy take a walk in nature talk to a tree namaste Aloha so much love [Music] [Music] you [Music]


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