Astrology for the Soul  June 21, 2017

Astrology for the Soul June 21, 2017

[Music] you [Music] you hola its Chi pocha with the weekly Pele report for Wednesday June 21st the Solstice just last night that Sun went into cancer and yeah today mercury is going to join him I’m up here in beautiful British Columbia and they don’t call it beautiful British Columbia for nothing it’s gorgeous this trail just goes on and on and on means now in Gemini which is like hiking walking through the neighborhood getting out and about stays there till she goes on Friday into cancer and we have a new moon at 2 degrees 47 minutes of cancer we’ve got it says this is really a nice week ok Venus is over there in Taurus earth cancers water ok that Venus is trying Pluto up there a beautiful Venus trine Pluto we’re coming around to this Sun Mercury moon conjunction let’s look up River here a little bit this is really just so great I can’t see it so much I don’t know can you see it over there if you’re really still and quiet if I’m really stealing quiet you can hear the rapids that’s the river down there and it’s a bit of a long way down and that’s where we’re going is down down into our feelings down into our emotions but let me give you the rest of the aspects here before I go talking about everything oh my god so Mars is already been in cancer right we talked about it Mars is coming up to square Jupiter so we’re going to have a Mars exact Square Jupiter this weekend on Saturday okay actively expanding and the moons going to conjunct Mars on Saturday too and that Mars is square Jupiter because what it’s also trying Neptune we’ve got that Jupiter quincunx Neptune over there and so whenever something comes into Square Jupiter it’s going to try Neptune it’s an interesting interesting condition here we go let me come out to the point once and look down and then give you a little shot of the river over here so that’s really what I’m going to be talking about we know that the same old stuff is going on well I will say that you know Mars is not only squaring Pluto next a squaring Jupiter but you know next week it’s going to go up enough opposed Pluto and you can maybe feel a little bit of that action now so I’m going to look at the camera I’m going to get down to that water and talk Antje real soon okay what to talk about today well let’s talk about feelings emotions love intimacy emotional security this new moon in cancer is going to set the tone for the next month the Sun is going to be in cancer the water crab yeah you know for this whole month mercury it’s going to travel with Mars through there and Mars is like we’re drilling for water Mars is that sharp drilling down drilling for oil looking for the gold drill drill drill in in in in zero degrees cancer in the natural horoscope is 12 o’clock midnight so it’s the darkest innermost lower world’s very personal and this very personal stuff can be challenged a little bit because this Sun and Mars is going to be coming around and here’s big bad Pluto up there in Capricorn I mean we just made it through the Sun can you know the Sun Mercury opposite Saturn up there okay now they’re coming into cancer they’re going to oppose Pluto and square Jupiter over here in Libra partnership and relationship let’s talk about that t-square my personal world very important okay you know and likes it’s the introvert in all of us that wants to really go in and just like shut out the world and stay in my bedroom and talk to my inner voices the Great Mother like the mantra today and here we’ve got this Pluto up here in Capricorn and that’s calling for physical security and it could be that there’s this you know 4010 thous you know the pool between we’re getting pulled out of our personal ruled by our job business vocation career responsibilities duties GI minutes squared of Jupiter which is other people and partnerships and that squared also creates tension because we want you know other people are asking us wanting us and it is beautiful you know that Mars and Mars Jupiter is creation Mars plus Jupiter in cosmology okay you know Cosmo biology it equals birth so it there is this really amazing connection that we can do with other people and and it’s calling us kind of out of our core though out of our Center and Pluto’s calling us out to the office and out to work and the you know this new moon in Mars and Mercury just kind of wants to like stay in the inner world so some of us may be feeling this a little more than others depends on where it falls in your chart but if you do manage to like and then and this is Mars in cancer okay it’s the pits like the bear the mother bear protecting her cubs it’s like get away you know boom put bolts on the door and like leave me out leave me alone I’m meditating so you actively create a nest you actively create a home I talked about that good time for building a home or building an addition or building something you know your studio you know where you can like you know do your own thing and get in touch with your own vibration in your own feelings and channel ok this trying to Neptune over there in Pisces yeah and then this Venus over there in Taurus you know sexed Eileen this cancer it’s like this is a really great time for into Atene imagining you’ll bring in that painting or bring in that book or bring in like yeah it’s like do your photography you know just like really be inspired create time to be inspired that venus and tour you know she’s exalted into her well she rules to us really super strong to go to ground and be still sensuous in these rocks and trees and grasses and my inner world this is like really it’s a such a beautiful inner time it’s amazing that in the Northern Hemisphere that’s the longest day okay and the Sun is like you know speaking of the Sun right the North node has moved into Leo as of last month in May for a year and a half and this is about play and fun lightening it up and really enjoying ourselves so the struggle here could just be to like you know remove some of these duties and responsibilities and create our own space create our own time Uranus and Aries really wants to do that now the other thing the other thing that may be cropping up for some folks okay Saturn is square Chiron this whole year okay Chiron is also this underworld even this Mars coming up to oppose Pluto brings us into this underworld what’s in the underworld well cancer seeks emotional bonding emotional connection emotional security I want to snuggle and cuddle and be held and protected and you know and it brings back maybe some memories because the moon is the past it’s our childhood it’s mom it’s our childhood experience and as we sit still and we close out that outer world some of this stuff kind of bubbles up the memories and Mars is like maybe some emotional anger about when I was not nurtured I was not loved I was emotionally abandoned I was emotionally betrayed I mean cancer can kind of like really also you know clean the cancers got those claws you know so there can be some jealousy some possessiveness you know that you know you know you are you know you know you are my nurturing source of milk and nourishment and I’m I need that breast right yeah the baby needs the breast and it’s just like when we get into our inner child it’s not logical not rational okay not reasonable and we may tap into or what may rise up within us okay is some turbulent emotional waters some turbulent feelings and what we want to do is not stuff them and not suppress them you know Pluto will say you know you know like that’s not okay be ashamed of that or you know your your desire need for emotional connection is infantile you know like don’t you get out of your eau de pastino where you got a you know fall in love with your mother okay and and look be strong and be tough and be cool this is a feminine I mean look at this you know Neptune Pisces of Venus Taurus all this in cancer this is feminine feminine feminine feminine it’s soft penetrable open cancer wants to be vulnerable try to find and create that safe space and maybe with an intimate partner this Jupiter in Libra this is such a beautiful time for emotional connection and tourists you know Venus in Taurus physical sexual connection where you’re just kind of laying out here on the rocks or you know skinny-dipping in the river or something and just like really returning to your roots coming back to the mother I’m in Duncan it’s it’s the first nation people are so powerful I’m going to go into town get some pictures of these totem poles yeah it’s the symbolism they’re just really meditate on the stones and the rocks and the waterfalls and their Rapids and let go Pluto in Capricorn let go Pluto says let go die to that Capricorn outer authority that says you’ve got to succeed and you’ve got to have so much money and you’ve got to have so much success before you can relax and take care of yourself uh-uh uh-uh no no no when I am in my Center my innermost core completely relaxed needing no more I connect with the mother who gave birth to it all as in silence I can hear her call when is the last time you were in absolute silence it doesn’t come around that often these days absolute silence it’s a rarity seek it out because in that silence emerges the spirit call so when I am in my Center my innermost core completely relaxed needing no more I connect with the mother who gave birth to it all as in the silence I hear her call namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music] [Music]


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