Astrology for the Soul  June 6, 2018

Astrology for the Soul June 6, 2018

[Music] hola this is que Pacho with another weekly bail a report on June 6th of 2018 the Moon is in Pisces and we have a perfect I mean yesterday was the perfect Sun conjunct mercury but you know mercury is hiding behind that Sun in a direct alignment Mercury Sun Earth very powerful time and it happens to be square to Neptune and the moon the moon over there in Pisces and tomorrow get ready for a wild weekend because tomorrow the moon goes into Aries okay she conjunct with Chiron alright and you know through the weekend square Saturn on Saturday squares Pluto ok Black Moon Lilith Venus on Sunday she can joins with Uranus and squares Mars I mean it’s it’s gonna be a wild ride particularly because the bigger overall influence is that Mars is conjunct the south node of the moon and that’s going on all week and it’s the first of three conjunctions cuz Mars is gonna go retrograde this is part of a wild summer that’s going on and I’m gonna talk you know a lot more about that but that exact conjunction is tomorrow ok and tomorrow Venus is exactly opposite Black Moon Lilith so we’ve just got a whole bunch of aspects going on here this weekend by Sunday the moon does move into Taurus like I said she you know conjunction with Uranus and trines saturn on Sunday and then on Tuesday mercury moves into cancer I’ll tell you if mercury is cruising along at two to three degrees a day I mean wow it is super powerful time the Sun Mercury conjunction traveling together yeah just really a super powerful time if you’ve been watching the Paley report for a long time you may remember that I’ve been here before that’s the no hands bridge I’m on the American River up here in Auburn California I a and just look I mean take a shot of this water man I don’t know if you can see how beautiful clean and clear that is I’m just gonna sit here and watch the river flow for a little while let me find a place to sit down look at the camera and talk some more okay okay where do I want to start today I tell you what this could be an hour-long pele report there’s so much happening I’m sure you’re feeling it this is an intense time I mean because really if you if you use orbs enough okay Mars is coming into this conjunction with the south node of the Moon and still square Uranus at the early degrees of Taurus but then also squaring Jupiter you know in the middle of Scorpio so even though Uranus and Jupiter are not technically in opposition when they’re both in Square to Mars it’s just like really and this summer is going to just like really be so transformative so explosive so powerful that you know there’s a lot to talk about I just did a webinar with the astrology hub yesterday and I will be teaching a month-long course starting June 12th with them there I’ll put a link in the notes if you want to join that I also plan on doing what we’re calling the Summer of Love okay course with new paradigm astrology all the dream team Maurice Fernandez and Sol okay and 10 and Christina okay and Arie we’re all gonna be getting together Jules you know from down down unders we’re all gonna be talking about different aspects elements of you know this whole dynamic that’s happening Venus will be coming into opposed Mars and the eclipses you know we got these three eclipses happening in July and it’s just like hold on to your hats this is just the beginning and how does it start how does the beginning start it’s already started as you can feel Mars went into Aquarius a few weeks ago okay and squared Uranus and the volcanoes began to blow just like the mantra for this week okay that’s like the Kundalini is rising what is Mars Mars is that fiery dynamic masculine principle that wants to erupt yeah and so we can all be and then and when it comes into this conjunction with the South node of the Moon we need to discuss the South node of the moon because the moon has to do with the subconscious and the South node of the Moon okay k2 and Vedic Astrology who’s actually looked at is kind of like evil dark okay there’s three it’s this subconscious uncontrollable conditioning patterning karma from the past okay of how we have possibly abused misused or not been aware of and not consciously directed our masculine energy our sexual force our self-interest I mean this is all about greed and money and I mean my and it’s just like oh man and when it’s squares you know Uranus we’ve got this Sun Mercury conjunction mercury and Uranus both having to do with the nervous system it’s like we are tight tightrope I think of the tightrope walkers we’re all walking on that tightrope right now you know and all it takes you know like you know the string of a violin or a guitar you know it’s just like one pluck from creator and we’re off into the river god so what you know where does it how does this you know reflect on us personally and individually I mean I’m gonna just the I obviously you need to look at where it falls in your natal birth chart you are your own best astrologer because you can kind of really look and see and personalize this energy but I’m gonna give this general you know this general take just about the masculine and the feminine because Venus is very powerful now she’s in cancer and cancer wants emotional connection and nurturing okay you know and and and and like really bonding you know its mother child kind of energy it’s like we want to be nourished emotionally in water and at the same time we’ve got this Mars and Aquarius I mean cancer to Aquarius is you know quincunx 150 degrees it is not a pleasant okay aspect it has to do with adjustment we’re really adjusting okay the masculine and feminine and like I said we’ve got Venus in opposition to Lilith okay so we’ve got this really where we can really see consciously because this is what Aquarius is all about okay south note in Aquarius Mars and Aquarius is stepping outside our conditioning our past the norm the convention okay to really observe ourselves from our witness from our third eye what am i doing really really and so I can say this has so much to do with the right and wrong use of sexuality Mars is that sexual force okay that want that number one the masculine force wants freedom independence to be in still clean open space just like we are all masculine and feminine there’s all we all have this part of us that just wants to be free I just want to be free and if it wasn’t for the feminine it could not because the feminine wants connection Venus okay you know Venus rules Libra partnership relationship connection and in Union so we have this you know we have these polarities always playing out with each other but right now Mars is on stage Mars is strong Aquarius is about rebellion and revolution okay and the future okay and sand shooting off into outer space or just you know getting on the internet and on the screen and just like you know going you know global okay nothing personal let’s not get too personal here there’s you know Aquarius is not personal kind of energy it’s very much about the collective consciousness yeah and so when we have this you know energy of Mars conjunct the South node of the moon okay we’re gonna all be dealing with and this is like really going on all summer what is the right in the wrong use I mean okay we can just look at it number one the masculine okay you know really wants okay to feel itself okay to feel the power to feel the potency okay it wants to penetrate it wants to control it wants to like really bring and like move mountains okay you know spread legs whatever it takes it’s like you know what you know it is the phallic force that wants to you know eat insert yeah itself into this physical world so we could say that you know if that goes too far or goes too extreme and Aquarius is the sign of extremes okay it can take the feminine okay and hit and run yes insert abandon just like come and go just like use objectify as a physical you know because it’s just about this physical union and physical manifestation and just like yeah so you know this can really create a lot of pain a lot of suffering a lot of hurt a lot of breakups and relationships and things like that yes we can look at the wrong use of the feminine okay you know and this feminine energy is like okay I know you I know what you want I know that the masculine needs connection otherwise it’s an asteroid or a satellite out in space especially with the queries alienated isolated lonely disconnected so the Maskin is seeking connection through the physical and the feminine okay you know has this juice okay has this life force has this watery element has this earth element Venus the ruler of Taurus yeah so there can be the seductive energy there it can be this you know this use of that energy okay you know and this is like Kali yeah and and you know I mean and also Shiva you know we just look at this life force the Kundalini force ultimately it boils down to Pluto and Pluto the ruler of Scorpio and Jupiter and Scorpio big life force right now okay and it can create or destroy and we really are becoming more conscious okay and more able and capable and it becomes necessary to become more responsible what are we creating and what are we destroying and we can destroy each other or we can unite and create with each other okay because you know the feminine has been wounded we know through the patriarchy and when she feels abandoned or used or disrespected she can like really come out in her Kali form okay you know and sure you know chop off yeah you know the balls of the masculine right you know humble that masculine use that you know use that energy you know in a you know in a space to destroy more than create you really have to see fundamentally it’s about babies it’s about cruel procreation yeah this is a super this is the life force we’re talking about this isn’t just about parties and casual connection and not you know I mean so it’s yeah it’s like as we mature and grow you know there becomes more of this awareness and more and with awareness comes responsibility and it’s just like wow so it’s all really coming up now okay because Mars is on that south node of the moon and it’s bringing up this you know all of our past lives the the nodes have to do with our past life activities it’s all of the Karma that we’re bringing in that we are here to deal with so it’s like we’re all getting a plate full of oh look at this look where you are out of integrity look where you’re in integrity look where your strength is okay look where you have been abusive look where you are angry look at I mean it’s just like so we can really be having these full plates and kind of boiling over and that’s what kind of what this mantra you know this week is about you know is this you know I feel the energy rising like a volcano I could blow my job as a conscious loving person is to heal not hurt those I know like I say this can be very destructive or it can be very creative and I’d say the big thing happening now is the Sun conjunct mercury coming through Gemini next week okay we’re gonna be having a new moon in Gemini and this just all has to do with conscious mercury communication Gemini the tendency can be to just like I say abruptly okay forge new you know just go impulsively into new relationships conditions and situations okay Jay you know just to like release and blow right just like I you know I can’t take I can’t take all the inner pressure I’ve got to just like yeah and unconsciously go there or it can also be to like take off abandon ex carnate this is too painful too mushy too gushy too chaotic okay you know the subconscious is chaos it’s lunacy yeah south node of the Moon has to do with you know there’s lunar forces that are just like you know our inner child that’s like got tantrums and memories and you know of abandonment and woundedness and then just like we can react Mars also reacts not just acts so there can also be this tendency like you know if I have been hurt wounded abandoned I’ve got these issues I can act with revenge you know and anger and be you know amazingly destructive and hurt a lot of people this is a time where it’s not just volcanoes I mean the last I heard the volcano and Guatemala wiped out 40 people okay and it’s a huge massive it’s very different than Pele out in Hawaii you know that’s bubbling away and people have time to move but in Guatemala lavas going down more than a hundred miles an hour rushing down that mountain and we may see as Uranus moves further into Taurus the whole Ring of Fire could possibly light up yeah we’re looking at Mother Earth really speaking to us and it is a reflection she is a reflection of our human consciousness yeah it’s like we are connected baby with Gaia like it or not conscious or not it’s like yeah you know it’s like we you know we create these planets and stars as mirrors and guy is a big mirror and it’s just like you know what this you know this lava needs to come up this primal primal primal energy that is you know unconsciously driven and just like we are now mature enough as a human species as a race okay to deal with this energy in a more conscious way than we have ever done in the far distant past so it’s very beautiful at one point right it’s very beautiful that we’re going through this birthing process okay into a new paradigm and it involves a lot of consciousness which involves a lot of control and a lot of self-discipline it’s beautiful to have Pluto and Saturn happening up here in Capricorn you know to like hold this ship down so we don’t just like explode or take off or you know be like rocket ships heading out to the moon so you know I mean we are getting anchored now in this Venus and cancer is very beautiful and it’s very soft and it’s wanting to you know wanting to really you know have this healing process happen because this is where the North node of the Moon you know where we’re gonna have our eclipses okay you know the sun’s gonna be coming into Leo and like I said you know Venus is going into Leo early next week okay it’s just you know this is really well Leo’s a fire sign so I can see it probably heating up before it cools down but one way or the other you know we also want to just look at like I say I could go on about this forever the different stages of life the different ages that we are it’s very different for you know teenagers than it is for people in their twenties in their 30s in their 40s and their 50s in their 60s we all manage we’ve gone got different consciousness particularly after the Saturn Return particularly after the midlife crisis at 42 okay you know so there’s like these big you know times there are natural rhythms in the natural you know evolutionary processes you know of the aging process of the human being so there’s a time to be wild and rubella land just like open and then there’s a time to like see that okay and maybe rebel against myself Mars goes retrograde okay from June 25th to August 27th that’s rebelling against myself like you know I see I see what I’ve done I see where I’ve been I see what you know I’ve been unconscious about and I’m going to instead of you know breaking free and breaking out of this or that relationship business partnership you know corporation whatever family I’m going to like you know rebel against okay you know that pattern that conditioning that you know unconscious animal instinct you know that anger I mean and so it’s really a powerful summer okay of growth and evolution I hope you can join me at new paradigm astrology the you know the dream team astrology hub astrology is just like so freaking awesome you gotta get into it man oh yeah this is the Renaissance of astrology because as querías rules astrology Mars is happening in the straw you know in in Aquarius and it’s just like astrology just like brings so much clarity objective understanding it is the witness the observer it’s just like go for it the world needs more astrologers and that could be you do my little plug this week for astrology so you know I mean that’s enough man you know more to come it’s always going on it’s always going on you know one more time I feel the energy rising like a volcano I could but my job as a conscious loving person is to heal not hurt those I know be gentle on yourself be gentle on the other your intimate partners more specifically and your friends and associates Aquarius just be gentle with each other namaste Aloha so much love [Music] [Music] [Music]


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    Great report, as usual, thank you Kaypacha, but, if I am not mistaken about the eclipses that are still to come in 2018: a partial solar eclipse will be on July 13, another total lunar eclipse will be on July 27 and the last one of this year will be on August 11, a partial solar eclipse. So there won’t be 3 eclipses in July but 2.

  • Julie Dancliff Whittemore says:

    I live here in Auburn 🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️

  • Brigett Price says:

    Wow you are just too adorable, thank you so much for this 😀😀😀

  • Melissa Howe says:

    Ahh!! This explains so much! Thank you for always having such positive energy – great mantra for the week, too!! <3

  • Mona Delfino says:

    I love the mantra for this week!! XOXO!!

  • Christopher Diamond says:

    I love myself and myselfs. Pace be with all of you walk in truth.

  • James Mullenix says:

    June 6 2007 is my b day

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