Astrology for the Soul  March 14, 2018

Astrology for the Soul March 14, 2018

[Music] [Music] hola buenos dias como esta this is que Pacho with the weekly Bailey report and instead of taking a walk through the woods I thought that today we would take a walk through the Stars and a walk through time let’s just look at some of these aspects that I’m always talking about these days and see that right now today this is March 14th as I’m speaking now the moon has just conjoined with South node her own South node what else well last week I talked about Venus and Mercury okay while they were in Square to Saturn you probably felt that over the weekend you may still be feeling it now but today we have got what the Sun at 23 degrees of Pisces trying see those blue lines it’s a beautiful trying to Jupiter over here 23 degrees of Scorpio SuperDuper cool oh all right let’s get this sucker moving here we go so what’s so cool about astrology see that moon moon goes into Pisces okay on Thursday as you can see up over here in the corner you can watch the time and the date over there and that moon when she goes into Pisces is gonna do what well first she’s gonna conjoin together with Neptune and she’s gonna come around and BAM that back a little bit Wow here’s our new moon right 26 degrees 26 degrees Chiron over here at 28 degrees so we have a new conjunct with Chiron and not only that but look up over here oh my goodness is Mars at 29 degrees 56 minutes of Sagittarius let’s go just a little bit farther and here goes Mars in Capricorn it’s a two-year cycle so two years ago Mars came into Capricorn as soon as Mars enters Capricorn you’re gonna start to feel this conjunction with Saturn okay and even more so than that of course watch keep going now we’ve got the moon goes into Aries and squares Mars on Saturday you see that Chiron and the Sun are still conjunct but let’s go a little bit forward and see that the Sun exactly conjunct Chiron BAM there it is on Sunday Sun Chiron conjunction at 28 degrees still in trying to Jupiter that’s nice and then also on Sunday what the moon comes around here and it hits this Mercury and Venus and what’s with Mercury and Venus and the moon look at that red line going out there to square Black Moon Lilith and of course you know in a loose conjunction they’re coming up to square Pluto so you can get ready for that one that’s coming along moon comes around and joins with Uranus right on Monday there it is and then the grand finale there it goes watch that Sun going into Aries the equinox dude next Tuesday we start a whole new solar year it’s called astrology day when the Sun goes into Aries now it’s called an ingress and of course that Sun is going to come into a very exact square with Mars you’re gonna start feeling it on Sunday but you know it’s really not until the next Pele report I think right I can talk about the Sun square Mars Wednesday that’s next Thursday so let’s not get ahead of ourselves in the meantime what did I miss I think I missed here that you know well you can see mercury stations next week Thursday mercury is going to station and go retrograde but let’s back up and not get ahead of ourselves because what do we have before then a Venus mercury exact conjunction yes indeed they are traveling together okay this whole time you know they’ve been traveling together pretty well there we are boom that’s on Monday exact at 16 degrees very nice a very nice trying going over there to the North node Aries over here to Leo so these are some of the things I’m going to talk about today I’m going to talk about the new moon conjunct Chiron I’m going to talk about it being Square to Mars Mars going into Capricorn and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah Venus and Mercury squaring Lilith so just so you have a little bit of a background of what I’m going to be talking about today all right everybody oh my goodness I mean probably like you I have been so busy these last few days right I mean even through the last weekend that I don’t have time to go down to the river what’s life coming to and I don’t see it lightening up either you know I mean Mars going into Capricorn all right Mars and the old books of astrology is exalted in Capricorn and it has to do with ambition and then we’ve got Saturn in Capricorn Saturn rules Capricorn it’s very strong in Capricorn okay and it is duty responsibility contracts commitments iiiiii and throw in Black Moon Lilith and Pluto and it’s just like is the work ever done and you can get just distracted by all of this you know outside outside you know mental activity business activity commerce this set and the other thing and I mean forget the inner process of being human and feeling and relationships and I mean and that’s where the evolution of the soul actually occurs and happens so we’re really kind of you know doing the tightrope walk here okay you know and it’s like really something to stay in a balanced place and particularly let’s talk about what’s coming up I mean you know you saw the new moon at the very end of Pisces conjunct Chiron at the very end of Pisces I mean we’re doing a whole thing on Chiron moving into Aries okay that’s coming up all right and Uranus going into Taurus and there’s a lot of things this is the end of the Piscean age so this is like you know Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac right the 12 sign the 12th ruler of the twelfth house in the natural horoscope and finish clothes complete and then it tries Jupiter over in Scorpio the sign of death and letting go so this is the great let go and the thing is let go of what you know I mean part of me wants to say you know what let go of 2017 you know I mean if you’ve been listening to the pay labor report almost all of 2017 was what Chiron in square two Saturn right Saturn was going through late sachet Arius and went back and forth squaring Chiron in Pisces I mean Chiron let’s look at it the wounded healer it has to do with crisis spiritual crisis mental crisis emotional crisis financial crisis health crisis I mean crisis Crisis crisis but it’s a healing crisis so this is the what every cloud has a silver lining I mean we have you know 2017 was really a time of processing okay a lot of blood the meaning of life Chiron you know and Sagittarius both yeah Saturn through sagittarius has to do with our soul purpose our soul purpose okay not our social purpose our family purpose our business purpose our data that that it’s our sole purpose which is our unconscious spiritual intention for coming into the body in the first frickin place it’s deep it’s big and now Mars going you know Mars is just going over there – that was all conjunctive galactic center so it’s time to get deep it’s time to get real it’s time to get honest with ourselves with each other with the world about our priorities about what is important and this is what crisis does when there’s a crisis we have to reach for what is the most important first if we can’t have it all we you know we may as well go for examine tour what have I got to have that’s what crisis does for us it helps us to see our values and we and we may not always be in touch yeah with our deepest deepest values until we reach a crisis you know a life-and-death kind of a thing it’s like oh my god where am I putting my time energy attention money whatever yeah it’s like wow relationship crisis you know with all this Jupiter and Scorpio has been a lot of relationship crisis stuff going on so this new moon you know I mean uh I like to just really I’d like to be in a space of celebration celebrating you know life is phenomenal life is awesome life raises us up and throws us down just like waves at sea they lift us up and then they can also crash you into rocks you know these fire ants doggone it aren’t you know are gonna help me come into AK write up a pail a report crisis think I’m sitting on a frickin anyway if it ain’t one crisis it’s another but the crisis of Chiron in Pisces Pisces is spirit unbounded freedom dreams infinity open-hearted innocent love angelic realms of beauty and wonder it’s very passive and allowing and all is all one and we’re all one is all in all is one yeah and and so Chiron moving through there for the last seven years and went in there in like two thousand nine or ten spent a long time in Pisces it’s gonna be even longer in Aries it’s the farthest away from the Sun Chiron has an elliptical orbit and it goes farther away from the Sun through Aries it’s gonna spend like eight years in Aries then it comes in close to the Sun and it spends like two years in Libra so it’s got this really crazy orbit you can’t just take a full Chiron cycle of 51 years and divide it evenly into 12 because that’s not the case and see what I’m saying so we have a lot of time I’m gonna do a whole thing on healing the wound of the masculine that’s coming up with Chiron and Aries for the next eight years but this last one has been healing the wound of abandonment by God goddess source creator Allah Jesus Buddha whatever you want up yeah the galactic center whatever you want to call infinite cosmic intelligence you know you name it but it’s feeling disconnected from that yeah so you can have depression suicidal tendencies I want to escape I want to feel so separate I just want to release I want to go back to the womb okay or I want to go forward into enlightenment by I can’t really stand this feeling alone isolated abandoned and just not like my heart’s not open or I’m not experiencing the unity and the oneness that I want yeah that I need that that is like critical so this can be a timing of facing looking at I always say with people you want to come on is where you need to investigate and research this is a beautiful time for investigating and researching what Pisces is crown chakra right and the feet it’s the it’s you know it’s like expand the spectrum of your consciousness this is what the mantra has to do with today yeah letting go of the I like I mean my okay and blowing out yeah it’s like feel like yourself is a puppet on a string yeah with the string going down to the core of gaia our feminine mother earth and the other end of the string going out to your own personal star and we’re just you know we’re just like these puppets going up and down on the string but we don’t stop at our skin our skin is not our boundary yeah we have our magnetic field we have our aura we have our astral body we have our arc line in Kundalini Yoga I mean and we go and we can expand that spectrum of not only visual light and color and and sound but also consciousness so when I talk about in the mantra today surrendering the I what I’m talking about is okay I’m talking about the ego I’m talking about more of the little me okay it’s like I’m always a little wary you you know when I get around people that are saying III I this I that I that me this me that me the other I did this I did that I want I need I I won I lost oh yeah it’s like dude are you slightly caught up with yourself because Pisces is selflessness egolessness in La Casa Lockean I am another you yeah so this new moon in Pisces is this great opportunity okay to just like let go surrender and you don’t need to have the ego wants logical explanations justifications rationalizations I need it’s like yeah you know what with these aspects happening okay and Mars moving into Capricorn and Sun moving into areas this is a time of doing an accomplishing a lot really doing a lot initiating a lot working a lot making new contracts and new commitments and setting new goals for the future but you can do that without being attached egoic Lee to the outcome you can do that in a pure philanthropic manner that’s why I always say you know if you’re working you might want to look at that because if you’re doing what you love if you’re singing painting dancing creating you know socializing well when you’re doing what you love it’s not work so let’s let’s it’s it’s just sharing it’s playing it’s enjoying the process so we can get a lot done we can bring in a new paradigm we can change our lives and our heal our relationships and heal our you know feelings of abandonment from source we can do all of that yeah No and in a way this is a beautiful time for doing that just prior to what the new start astrology day the equinox the Sun goes into Aries we start a new solar cycle yeah so this is like release the past let the water under the bridge go out to the ocean forgive start with yourself forgive yourself have compassion with yourself and let it all go and it’s not knowing why like the mantra says it’s feeling it’s loving the mind seeks to know the heart seeks to love experience the love in your daily life in your actions and your relationships in your activities and it’s all gonna just like it’s gonna fit in and it’s gonna make a more sense in the long run you look back over your life and in the long run when you made changes or let go of stuff out of love or for love okay you know it it does make sense what do they say hindsight is 20/20 so this is a year of big changes and part of those big changes you know is what I say erasing the chalkboard so you can write new equations and draw new pictures get rid of the old equations the conditioning from family society and religion you know clear the slate yeah polish your mirror all right yeah this is a great time to just like let that go there was actually an old beer commercial for Budweiser that remember Why ask why of course they were selling beer but you know beer is actually Scorpio Pisces is wine no actually a beer is more to do with cancer scorpio is tequila and pisces is wine anyway we don’t need to get get into the nitty-gritty details of astrology oh if you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of astrology myself and the whole dream team’s offering a free webinar on astrology date to celebrate astrology day and we’re all going to be talking about Uranus going into Taurus Chiron going into Aries about how awesome astrology is and you know giving you opportunities okay to learn more astrology because it’s just freakin phenomenal and the world needs more scholars so check it out I’ll put the link down in the notes okay check the notes but you know to wrap it up as I can just go on about this stuff for freaking ever the mantra for today is yeah sometimes it’s hard to not give up and keep going without knowing why that’s when I need to still my mind open my heart and surrender my Pisces is meditation yeah Pisces is yeah opening to the infinite blessings and grace ah and wonder that we are surrounded with and really being in a place of gratitude gratitude for what we’ve got this amazing beautiful planet and the beautiful people in our lives groan and hug everybody hug a tree yeah I mean just this is it’s it really can be a beautiful time and and and as you open you feel that connection and that heals the feeling of abandonment because you know what we’re not abandoned nature nature is supporting us with every mouthful of food that we take every ray of sunlight that shines on us every sip of water that we take I mean we’re not abandoned you just gotta like chill out slow down feel into it you know what I’m saying one more time sometimes it’s hard to not give up and keep going without knowing why that’s when I need to still my mind open my heart and surrender my I namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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  • kismet spiral says:

    You are right too, CHRISIS cuts through ALL the bullshit. Didn't George Carling always say that bullshit is bad for ya! Perspectives..paradigms..cutting all the crap and no more denial!

  • jessica wang says:

    New to your channel today! I would love to learn more,but the link doesn’t work?!
    I open my mind and heart but can’t serenaded my eyes because of all the fabulous rings on your fingers! Just kill me🤪 ha! Ha!
    I thought I was watching Owen Wilson the actor at the ending when you said Aloha……. Thanks 🙏!

  • michele meixner says:

    Thank you for your reports🙏I have been watching them for years, and no matter how many I have seen, you always inform, inspire, and make me smile 😃 🤘✌️

  • Monique H says:

    Thank you for that! Kaypacha, u always help me so much <3

  • Kiara Dixey says:

    Thankyou Kaypacha Namaste love and gratitude

  • Olivier de F. says:

    Thank you brother Kaypacha !

  • Spirit Therapy says:

    So excellent!!!

  • Jenny Mason says:

    Thank you <3

  • Joyce McFarlane says:

    Thanking you kaypacha, love the way you exspress with your some times wacky sense of humour, you so make me smile, keep on keeping on , sooooooooooooooo much love from you .Namesta

  • Lady AK says:

    I love your videos :). I also must add your intro song is a lil loud 😊

  • Simon Richard says:

    BTW I already registered to join the Dream Team for Astrology Day. That should be starting in about 20 minutes by my reckoning (i have to do the time conversion to Brisbane Australia). But I received no email with the link. So that's weird. I just registered again. Hope I can log into this before it starts

  • Beata Csilla says:

    Whats Aries ? Bourbon ? or maybe – Jamaican Rum 🙂

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