Astrology for the Soul  March 21, 2018

Astrology for the Soul March 21, 2018

[Music] buenos dias de skype otra with the weekly pill a report and got this new program downloaded here and it’s at least an upgrade and I’m not I’m not that happy with it but it will show us some things because today I’m going to talk about what how the Sun is Square Mars can you see this I mean you can draw just a 90-degree angle between the Earth and Mars right and the earth and the Sun so these are in Square to each other and I’ll show you that in the astrological chart then we can also see in the astrological chart that mercury is conjunct Venus and you can do that because the charts drawn from the earth being in the centre right so just picture that the earth is in the center and draw a straight line out and you’re gonna hit Mercury and Venus ok pretty SuperDuper cool and then if we turn this a little bit will first let’s shrink it down oh geez no I didn’t do that I wanted to shrink it down and then this is where I really don’t like the program that much but let’s just turn it a little bit like this and here you can see right that there’s Pluto so you have Earth in the center Mars is coming up to conjoin with Saturn Saturn is where’s Pluto out there you guys come on there’s Pluto you know by the time you get Pluto in there but you can see Saturn is coming up to join together with Pluto ok in an inner conjunction and Uranus where’s Neptune way the heck out here but Uranus is supposed to be out here too no it’s terrible anyway now it turning it this way you can also see that you you take a place from Earth you go up here through Mars so this is all the sign of Capricorn is going to be up here which is the constellation of Sagittarius then if you go from Earth out to Jupiter we’ve got Jupiter in Scorpio okay which is the constellation of the scales okay and we’ve got the from Earth to the Sun what’s over here okay if you know your astrology the stone is in the sign it just went into the sign of Aries pretty SuperDuper cool eh and now I want to just show you one more thing and that is about how we get that this come on mercury is retrograde right mercury just went retrograde and I want to show you why and what that looks like here okay that is because if you draw a line from the earth through mercury all the way out to the constellations it’s going to look like mercury is going backwards instead of forwards ready watch here we go now here’s the Moon coming around and this weekend we’ve got the moon opposite Mars square the Sun did you see that now she’s gone and she’s going around a little bit but this mercury is still in a place of going retrograde retrograde retrograde until the 29th and then it doesn’t really start going forward again it’s stations comes back to where it was in the same draw that line from there to there okay okay I mean it’s I can’t even do this program man stop it anyway it does this whole backwards backwards line through the constellations with that Mercury retrograde and it won’t it won’t come back to where it was on March 16th okay until May 5th so we have this six week period I mean I could try to do this for you again but I don’t think I will because I want to show you what the actual chart looks like right let’s quit the application here and go to this chart you can see now that this is the earth in the center and there’s the Sun over there right and the end the sign of Aries behind it you can see that mercury is just right you know right by Venus and Mars is straight up overhead this is just a so you know that is the solar system only in an astrological chart yeah so we’re charting the system and when we go forward now you can see the moon is going around the earth because this is the earth and center and here we go let’s go with them we can go with ours there comes the moon and you see what’s going on this weekend is really phenomenal okay because it comes up to the moon this is within a minute you guys absolutely phenomenal Leah the Mars is at 358 the Sun is at 358 and the the moon I mean if we go down two minutes here I know this may be a little more interesting to me than it is to you but there we go it is actually at 3 look at 357 356 359 and this is on Saturday yes in San Jose Costa Rica March 24th talk about a tight to the minute t-square it doesn’t get any tighter than that ladies and gentlemen it’s like wow then we have our retrograde mercury and Venus Venus is coming into a conjunction with Uranus but that won’t be till next year the other next next week um no Wednesday but I’ll talk about that next Wednesday Venus Uranus Oh por Dios yeah last thing I want to bring up is this Venus square Pluto ok Pluto is too far out there and the other program to show that to you 21 degrees 21 degrees there it is going on all week Venus square Pluto Mars also up here conjunct Saturn that’s going to be going on for a couple of weeks getting more intense and more intense but right now it is the big Sun square Mars that I would like to talk with you about today alright let’s knock this puppy out Suns going into Aries we’re not fooling around we’re not wasting any time we got a lot of stuff to do let’s get on with it pedal to the metal move it move it move it move it move it right I mean come on are you feeling it or what with the Sun Square Mars just like I showed you know and that whole thing’s is like and what it doesn’t show so much in there but in the chart Mars coming up to Saturn they’re like you know right almost on top of each other even though in the actual reality of the solar system right you know it’s an optical illusion I mean but what’s not an illusion right the old Vedic you know Hindus are saying you know it’s all Maya this whole thing is Maya but what happens is and and this is something that you know it really struck me a while ago the planets have been in these same orbits for thousands and millions of years and it’s really just the repetition of a pattern the repetition of a pattern strengthens it and strengthens it and strengthens it and so these repetitive patterns and these repetitive cycles gain like more and more substance or more and more weight the longer that they exist through time Chronos Saturn so let’s talk about it but first the image that I got for like this video the report for this week is just in the old army movies I don’t I mean when I was a kid I would watch these old army movies right and they’d have the the boats you know the boats were the whole front of the boat just yeah and it’s like an amphibian right the boat comes up onto the beach boom the things drop down and then all the army guys you know come out with their you know come out with their guns you know and charge you know to fight the war right you know I mean is that like this is perfect Pisces right the Pisces ocean you know it comes along we’re on the boat you know blah blah blah Bob in that and then you hit Ares and it’s like time to take off and go to war I mean it sometimes can feel like a war because Mars Saturn Sun coming up to square Saturn also it’s like banging your head against the wall Pink Floyd the wall okay you know this is just like this is a time where whether it’s the government the bank traffic your partner your boss this is just a time okay where it can feel like there are obstacles limitations delays and this is gonna be going on for a few weeks now this is the great test the great test so Mars and Aries and that Sun in Aries and even Venus mercury and Uranus all in Aries now just is instinct spontaneous desires emerging from from down within I want new desires independence freedom space this is the masculine the masculine wants freedom the feminine wants connection we are all a mixture of both but right now it’s like I want some freedom is it happening not right and what happens when it’s not right Saturn sitting on you like the 16 ton weight of Monty Python you know boom oh we can feel oppressed yeah we can feel blocked and what does that do it creates anger whether we are being suppressed by external factors external forces external authorities beyond our control or whether we are suppressing our own desires because we feel guilty or we feel ashamed or we want people to like us but we don’t want people to think that we’re selfish or self-centered so I better not grab that or I better not say that or I better not you know go for that or it could you know bother somebody suppresion internal or external leads to anger yeah anger and this anger and rage can result in outbursts of violent outbursts radical extreme forms of behavior because we can only take so much or hold so much you know it’s just like you’re in traffic you know for so long and so long and so long until you know you know you just somebody pulls out a gun and shoots somebody what they call that road rage you know I mean the Mad Max kind of thing going on here where it’s just like really so I this can also be a time over these next couple of weeks where I don’t want to predict any negative things but the headlines could you know be very uh people taking shots at each other and people speaking out and yelling out and you know I’ve had enough and I can’t take any more and forget you and and you can have it you know in your personal life in your bedroom in your kitchen in your family I mean at particularly what Saturday and Sunday like I showed you the moon comes into cancer so cancer is home roots family nurturing supportive mother kind of energy opposite Mars Saturn okay the dictator both of them square the Sun in Aries which is I just want to be free and get out of here whew good luck so what’s the you know what’s this about I mean we have to look at it in context this is just like I say this few week period here okay of you know an intense you know arising of new energy and activity and it’s setting the stage okay for a new cycle so of course we have some new desires new energy new impulses and we have to find a way to integrate those into our existing reality into our existing relationships and our job in our home life and everything else or we need to change our relationships our home life and our you know job or business or vocation or whatever yeah so that you know this is like the new impulse comes and it upsets the established order this is what Ares does the new challenges the old we have new impulses they’re challenging our olds yeah stagnant conditions in situations so this is showing us what we need to change what is blocking us what are our obstacles what do I need to commit more to and try harder and really you know you know put my whole self into and what’s not worth it Saturn is goals and commitments what are what I’m what aren’t what am I committed to and what are my deeper underlying goals and for that we want to get in touch with our unconscious soul intention and purpose for incarnation in this body in this lifetime so it is a way of getting in touch this anger is a way of getting in touch with our unconscious yes our unconscious soul is talent trying to tell us something with these impulses and these desires and these new emerging awarenesses yeah and of course it also has to do with you know and this is one of my favorite mantras man it’s about fun the North node of the moon is in Leo yeah baby and this Venus you know mercury is trying that North node in Leo and the Sun is gonna be coming up to try that North node and Leo yeah and the Leo is about fun and what is fun fun is joy just coming from you know it’s coming from this heart space Leo rules the heart and medical astrology okay it’s fun it’s light it’s enthusiasm it’s inspiration it’s creative you know so it’s like we need you know there’s an aspect of our soul nature that has to create something doing we’re not robots in automotive and tape recorders okay you know we’re here to do something new something original something that’s never been done before seen before heard before get on with it babe a new paradigm action here yeah and this is fun this is play so be careful now okay this Mars Saturn Pluto in Capricorn you know squaring that Sun and the Sun is ambition and drive in Aries let’s make it happen let’s get it done let’s get to the top let’s fight our way to the judges I mean it’s like chill out [Laughter] slow down take a chill pill right and if it’s really something big and really something deep and this you know this relationship or this job or this condition you know this life that you’re leading is not fun anymore well guess what you know God goddess spirit creator is showing you right now what do you have to do what do you have to change what do you have to get out of or what do you have to get into to have more fun and joy and peace and tranquility and awe and wonder and gratitude and orgasm what I mean it’s like what do you have to do to make your life awesome so you know take these all as lessons this is a great teaching time if it’s not fun how can you make it so that you don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore I don’t I mean I’m I’m having a hard time I spent the day at immigration yesterday you know sitting in line and then the system went down and we had to go home anyway so I got to go back to immigration and spend another day there before I hit the road I’m taking off here next week I don’t know where the Pele reports gonna be coming from well Crete is next week but yeah and I got to get a Costa Rica driver’s license I go over there they closed at 11:00 I get there at 11:00 they closed at 10:45 they won’t let me in because they’re too busy right I mean this is like Saturn okay this is this is heavy okay authority figures and business and you know then I got webinars and work I know you know we’re all going through it there’s a few exceptions to the astrological you know the Pele report is all about what’s going on with the collective unconscious there’s no escape from the collective unconscious sorry man the Stars frickin rule yeah some people say oh yeah I’m above astrology not not as long as you have a physical body that needs to eat and sleep sorry man as long as you got physical body eats and sleeps and you were born into that physical body okay your astrological birth chart will tell you what’s going on anyway before I get angry I’m in a rare mood today what is that mantra again okay the more I watch my temper the more conscious I become of what I need to change in my life so I can have more fun I mean does anything make more sense than that you cannot argue with that mantra man cut it out so I think it’s how of how I need to change my life you know how and what I need to change I mean it’s just a matter of rhyme you know this that or the other thing but yeah take it and it’s like I say it’s one of two ways and this is the other thing what else can get you angry besides being blocked hindered and limited you can see other people getting what you want when you’re not okay so other people can piss us off this is what’s called section okay you know I want lots of money I don’t have lots of money they’ve got lots of money I don’t like them and they’re their spending habits piss me off okay you know so it’s like a lot of times you want to look at okay with the old adage you spot it you got it right so if you’re if somebody is getting you angry if they think they’re so cool okay well it might be that you are not you’re suppressing your own self love and you’re not feeling so cool about yourself so anybody who thinks they’re so cool pisses you off because you you want to feel cool about yourself but you don’t so you’re you know suppression leads to projection of shadow leads to anger and rage so that’s another thing so it’s not just external suppression it’s when I am suppressing myself all forms of suppression lead to distortions anger and rage Thank You Jeffrey Wolfe green my teacher and the founder of evolutionary astrology the guy totally rocks all right mantra one more time last time it’s very simple you just want to repeat this over and over and over against the more I watch my temper the more conscious I become of how I need to change my life so I can have more funds namaste Aloha so much love [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]


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