Astrology for the Soul  March 29, 2017

Astrology for the Soul March 29, 2017

[Music] hola this is contra with a weekly Paley report yeah there is so much going on and so much to talk about this could be an hour-long pele report ah so I’m just gonna start out a little bit to just give a background of some of the major big things that are they’re kind of culminating April is going to be like the real culmination as you can rather get from this week’s mantra yes but let’s look at what I’m talking about here because I’m going to go back to November because November was the first time that Jupiter okay came into a square with Pluto okay that’s coming back Jupiter’s squaring Pluto again okay tomorrow Thursday okay the point the 30th of March it’s gonna go up and go retrograde and come back let’s watch it okay here we go so from November this is one thing now you see Jupiter moving up everything else is going around Jupiter is going up but what I really want to get into also here now is what January 25th boom yeah so Jupiter went up to 22 Pluto went up to 17 and Venus went up to 22 look at this exactly 22 degrees on January 25th Venus comes into a conjunction with Chiron now you can see that this conjunction of Chiron Venus and even Mars they’re in January if you can remember back to that last week of January it was pretty intense because these were also what Square to Saturn okay this is very important because it reflects back to these are things that began in November and January and now let’s look at what happens both venus and jupiter go forward some more and then they go retrograde yeah you can see Jupiter now is going backwards it’s retrograde and as of yes now by March 8th Venus is now gone retrograde so they’re coming back to visit those very same planetary positions again oh yeah when I forgot to get into here was what let’s go back a little bit Saturn conjunct the galactic center Saturn at 27 degrees okay is conjunct the galactic center from March 8 until May 10th so you’ll see Saturn is just gonna sit there for a while as we go forward we go forward we go forward Jupiter turns retrograde Venus is retrograde up here we are this week now as of what Sunday Venus goes back into Pisces okay and even as is as soon as she’s back you know into Pisces she’s what square Saturn and conjunct Chiron again let’s go back to you know you know really what is it on March 30th okay which is tomorrow Jupiter retrograde is in this square 19 degrees to 19 degrees so from November it came up now it’s coming back okay so Jupiter square Pluto again Venus conjoined with Chiron again and Venus stations right there okay I’m gonna break it down two days now okay here we go watch yours Venus 23rd they’re all at 26 degrees now you see Venus and Chiron both up there the esses station so at the same degree of Chiron Venus station and sits there for five days at the same 26 degrees before she moves on okay so from April 12 to a precise visiting Chiron again okay then she moves forward and then of course the last thing that you know I want to just you know bring up for you is what well Jupiter again goes retrograde retrograde Saturn okay is retrograde back off of the galactic center but going back you know back to 21 degrees and what happens but Jupiter goes direct and it comes around Saturn goes direct and it comes around and really by one jupiter squares pluto when’s the last time honest fourth August fourth so November Jupiter comes up okay and if March Jupiter comes back and the beginning of August Jupiter goes forward again and the last thing that I want to show you is in December oh stop you dirty dog my software got away from me ah I just want to go that Saturn comes back to the galactic center here okay December 1st so we have this this is the flow ok direct retrograde forward let me look at the camera to talk about what that means and see if we can make sense out of the mysteries of the planets transiting across the face of creator the great celestial sphere okay I am going to try to make sense out of this smorgasbord of what is going on these days I mean first of all you know today the moon just went into Taurus so I am like Sitting Bull I don’t feel like going hiking by the river it’s just sitting here in the backyard and there’s like so much to talk about I don’t want to be distracted I mean it’s a it’s it is a time where we need to really concentrate a little bit here and figure out what the bleep is going on woo yeah so mercury goes into Taurus did I did I mention that on Friday mercury goes into Taurus so then we’re gonna have mercury and Mars in Taurus what it didn’t really mention now is also but I’m going to talk about it more next week okay and the week after that because Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries is a mutual reception so much to do with our relationships the balancing of our masculine and feminine aggressiveness okay and receptivity the ability to shout out our position in what we want versus our ability to listen be calm and stay cool and adapt ya receive criticism constructive this is you know really an intense time and Jupiter square Pluto is part of this intensity and of course it is still in opposition to Uranus this t-square is just bringing us more more more more it’s like we’re on the floor of the wallstreet stock market or something you know it’s just like everything is like fast and sharp and big money at stake and so you know big powerful people at stake our reputations our power dealing with people that are trying to manipulate us or change us or yes yeah and this is all like it’s very it’s a very intense time of transformation it’s like we’re getting squeezed okay you know like a pimple you know we’re getting squeezed to get out okay all that is not true all that is not us Saturn conjunct the galactic center I talked about it before defragmenting our hard disk involves letting go of the familiar and this is what Philip Sedgwick says so good you know yeah I caught it today you know reading that thing again about the galactic center again I’ll put his thing in the notes the psyche can very often mistake the familiar with the good we can unconsciously just be comfortable with the known and the familiar this is why so many men marry their mothers and so many women marry their fathers or so many people get caught up in the same you know they get five divorces and it’s they’re all for the same reason you know it’s just like a repeat repeat this pattern repeat this pattern repeat this pattern why because it’s familiar the way that I was loved by the parent of the opposite sex when I was a baby that’s what I think love is it could have been abusive it could have been you know inappropriate it could have been beautiful but that was my experience of love that’s what I think love is and we hold the the psyche holds on to these things and Saturn coming around to this galactic center and Chiron coming around to square that galactic center okay Saturn is the root chakra okay it’s where we hold on to things for survival for security this is not even sexual this is deeper than that this is life and death so when Saturn hits that galactic center we’re all getting pressured the root chakra is getting like school okay to like get out the old patterns the old beliefs the known familiar stuff maybe from lifetimes this is karmic stuff and it’s very amazing now that we have what well Venus is retrograde Jupiter is retrograde okay in the next couple of weeks now well next week yeah what is it Monday no next Wednesday Saturn goes retrograde on April 9th mercury goes retrograde retrograde reflect review remember release okay it is a time of reflecting on our limiting core beliefs and how is the universe helping us with that the universe the galactic center is just like stirring and shaking our foundation okay how stable is your foundation you know is your house built on sand or have you set in solid cornerstones into your personal truth so this is just a time where we can feel and this is this is the where the shadow comes in this is a this is like bringing up okay you know the way that we have been looking at stuff and Venus coming around is going to station at the 26th 27th degree of Pisces with Chiron I showed you right she’s gonna sit there for five days she’s going back into Pisces it’s almost like she came across you know a Chiron okay and then said oops I forgot to tell him something oh he was going to give me something and I forgot to take it I have to go back I have to go back down okay down into the underworld chyron was another being that died and resurrected Christ consciousness death resurrection in non of Venus descending into the underworld coming back up again this descent into the underworld and even going back from Aries back into Pisces okay you know she’s going to be in Pisces here now for a little while a couple of weeks I think and connecting with Chiron our wound our wound and this wound can be one when we want to hold on to an illusion okay and maybe an innocent childhood illusion that all men are like this or all rich people are like that or money’s the root of all evil or you know sex is bad or all all these core root beliefs that we have we need to reflect and remember look at where they’re coming from they’re going to be challenged so this is an inner process that we really need to see and look at our own stuff and what is just simply not true this is a time for radical self honesty Saturn and Sagittarius on the galactic center radical self honesty really throwing all of our stuff up on the board and looking at it and Philip Sedgewick’s says again yeah you know this is a time where I get to be wrong about I get to be wrong about what I said last week I get to be wrong about what I have felt for years I get to be wrong about what I told you okay two months ago or when I marry you or when I left you I get to be wrong about these things you know accepting okay this is the only way we can defragment that disc and let go of these old aloo versions non beliefs I said this is the end of illusion this year and this month of April is really pivotal in this time period with four retrograde planets okay even more than that yeah I mean so it’s just like this time is to say you know what let go otherwise we will create and this is the other thing that can happen other people challenging us other people calling us liars other people calling us wrong other people challenging what we said who we are what we stand for what we said five years ago ten years ago all this stuff that all these ancient old patterns that are coming up from lifetimes and relationships from past lifetimes it’s really calling us calling us out are you really in your truth and misc also calls us want to know ourselves we can get caught in a place of indecisiveness it’s like well God you know I really don’t know what I said or you know I really don’t know how I feel or I don’t know you know where that came from or that was an impulsive you know telling you to screw off I was just you know it’s like these Freudian slips you know come out and we reveal unconscious beliefs so unconscious beliefs becoming conscious can disrupt our stability it disrupts our identity so this is like revelation and that revelation creates instability insecurity and a desire to run back cling to the old cling to the past cling to the familiar not change and this is where we get stuck in the past and we do not evolve or we go in and we look at our karma and this is what the last point I wanted to make is I could go on for Herr Venus conjuncts with Chiron okay the Sabian symbol for the 27th degree of Pisces is a Harvest Moon [Music] a harvest is a harvesting of what we have sown the seeds we have sown and not only that we’ve sown the seeds but we have cultivated we’ve pulled the weeds we’ve watered okay we’ve gotten rid of the bugs okay you know this is a time of harvesting what we have sown for what we have not sown and what we have not cultivated this is the karmic aspect yeah every action gets an equal and opposite reaction and we can even say that you know what as you sow so shall you reap okay as you so you can actually reap more than you’ve sown if you have cultivated it and if you’ve been under illusions if you have been lying if you have been out of your integrity if you have been this is a time where it guess what it’s all gonna backfire on you and we can all be experiencing and this is the pressure you know we’re actually questioning ourselves but we can project it out and be like getting backed into a corner backed against the wall having to prove ourselves having to repeat ourselves having to justify ourselves and the stress and the pressure and it’s just like building building building building and it’s just like yeah absolutely you need to look at yourself and if you’re not looking at yourself the world is going to help you see yourself so it’s almost like we have to see our realities like it or not you know unconscious or conscious or not you know we are getting smacked Saturn is freaking third dimensional reality okay and it’s on the galactic center you know and squaring you know Venus coming in to square it it’s like Oh God Wow we’re talking high pressure so this is not a time to gamble speculate take this is a time to be very conscious and only commit and only say and hold your words Saturn is maturity this is a huge phase of growing up of being objective and saying how would King Arthur handle this okay you know yeah how would you know the Queen handle this get into the king and the queen archetype of respectability dignity patience objectivity responsibility yeah just like really look at the big wide broad picture and make the decisions make your comments make your responses from a place of calm and the tendency will be knee-jerk reaction I am so stressed and so freaked and I don’t want to do this anymore or talk about this anymore I just want out and I’ll say anything to get out and that’s where that’s where the slip comes in and that’s what gets you man but then that’s how you see yourself so yeah it’s a trip isn’t it in order to go forward I need to take a step back and clean up all my karma so I can get on track it’s garbage time man time to sweep out the corners get the skeletons out of the closet yeah clean out that garage dust out all the cobwebs out of the brain out of the memory out of the it’s a time to come into clarity this is what’s gonna result after April ok this moon snow it’s gonna move into leo a lot of things are gonna you know Mercury’s gonna go direct Venus will be directing it you know this so this is just like you know what we need to like back up check it out clean it out so we can really rip may you rip in peace one more time in order to go forward I need to take a step back and clean up all my karma so I can get on track we’ve got some of our anchors stuck in the mud and the boat wants to leave the harbor so let’s dive down there free up that anchor so we can sail namaste Aloha so much love 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