Astrology for the Soul May 23, 2018

Astrology for the Soul May 23, 2018

[Music] hola this is Chi poncho with the weekly Paley report for May 23rd of 2018 and I’m gonna just try to keep myself close to the microphone because I know that the the noise bothers us some people when I’m here out on the coast I’m just driving up from LAX up to the lightning in a bottle festival came across a nice beautiful spot here thought I’d knock out a Pele report while the moon is still in Virgo and she stays in Virgo okay all through Wednesday and then tomorrow she goes over into Libra beautiful and there she trines the Sun in early Gemini she trines Mars in early Aquarius we have this nice grand trine in air tomorrow Thursday and then she does come in to make a t-square with Venus and Saturn yes indeed we have a Venus opposition to Saturn Venus in cancer Saturn in Capricorn it’s going on all week kind of stimulated a little bit of the mantra today I’m going to talk about that more okay that is exact on Saturday but the moon kind of ties them together going there on Thursday yeah on Saturday she goes into Scorpio and and there she opposes uranus and squares mars so if it’s not one t-square with the moon it’s another so this can be a little bit of an emotional time for us all she’s really stirring it up and she’s basically opposing you know everything going on you know from Capricorn to cancer you know she’s going this week from Virgo up to Sagittarius so she gets in a lot of opposition’s and squares going on at that time but besides the moon we got other stuff going on yeah mercury comes into an exact trine with Pluto on Friday and really through this whole month we’ve got that retrograde Jupiter okay in a beautiful trine with Neptune over there in Pisces and that’s why I want to come out to the ocean here to my beautiful Pisces energy if I don’t fall yeah baby anyway finally then on Tuesday we are going to have the full moon yeah she moves all the way up into Sagittarius we’re gonna have that full moon at 8 degrees 10 minutes of sad opposing the Sun right 8 degrees 10 minutes of Gemini and on Tuesday mercury is coming out of Taurus gonna join that Sun yeah over there in Gemini so we’re gonna have a little Gemini action happening oh here comes a nice way and then I like the way it comes all the way up here oh yeah let’s see there she goes all right let me try to find a nice spot here that’s not too noisy and talking at you well I’m taking a chance here and I hope that it’s not too loud and that you can hear me as we look at the cycles of these days and the cycles of these days I’m thinking I’m thinking you know with Jupiter going through Scorpio they’ve got a lot to do with love intimacy partnership and relationship Mars changing signs going into Aquarius squaring Uranus with this powerful masculine energy and now Venus entering soft warm juicy cancer coming into this opposition with Saturn up there in Capricorn you know we want to look to a little bit cuz I didn’t talk so much about Venus Square Chiron okay which is going on last week and it’s kind of the start of the cycle that was in the beginning of March if you can look back to your relationships now and not just your relationships this is also your values which is money in your possessions and you know what connects you to your body and to earth so you know this Taurus side of Venus was you know conjunct that Chiron healing the wounds of the feminine yeah and opening up okay you know that was in Pisces you know not new dreams new possibilities for teaching healing an opening to spirit and sacred union very beautiful happening there and that that cycle started in March and now Venus comes around even before March like all of 2017 we had Saturn Square Chiron sad – Pisces and I talked so much about finding your deeper soul purpose and a deeper meaning for your life and your relationships and you know your future and and now Venus comes in and it says okay how does this work in how does this fit in to my relationship or relationships or my most intimate personal karmic unions and bondings with that Jupiter and Scorpio and so then what else happens I talked about it last week right Mars comes along and here’s you know Venus like wanting to connect and heal the wounds and everything and here comes Mars Uranus you know with that great possibility of trauma and sudden changes and upset the applecart and it’s just like whoa and that’s what you know spurs on okay you know this mantra for today about the past and the future Mars Aquarius Uranus okay gives us this insight opens our third eye to envision what’s the highest version of myself and my life you know what do I really want to do before I die and look at this long future range kind of a thing and no sooner okay do you go oh I see that I want to do that I want to go there this is who I am and how I can be and buh buh buh buh buh bah bah then what happens Venus comes back into the picture again and opposes Saturn Saturn is the past Venus goes into cancer ruled by the moon has to do with the past and all of this kind of you know so how does you know it’s like the now is between the future in the past and in some ways we are between the future in the past in some ways the heart chakra as in this middle between the you know down below the underworld and Saturn ruler of the root chakra in the past and Uranus Neptune in the upper being the future celestial world so we’re always poised between the future in the past Rudolf Steiner did a great statue of the human being and he’s got you know Lucifer on the one hand and holding Armand at the other hand you know and these hands are just like like make space make space between the future in the past expand now and so what there’s interesting lessons here all right you know like what relationships do I hold on to Saturn is wanting you know also to do with goals you know and if I have this new future well you know do I drag everything with me you know like when you go on a trip somewhere what are you gonna pack up the whole house I don’t think so you gotta choose oh this relationship supports me this relationship I needed like you know maybe shut off closed off let go of release those chords cut those chords and move into this so there is this review you know Saturn and Jupiter are both retrograde now review and reflect okay you know Saturn came in over these points okay a few months ago also now he’s going back and Venus in the past so now it’s really it’s time to look at what are your habits what are your patterns where does childhood fit in here who have you been all of your life up until now that you don’t want to be anymore so looking at cancer looking at the moon this moon moving through making all these aspects she’s checking you out she’s checking us out are you gonna take this with are you gonna leave it behind are you gonna move into this new future evolved state of awareness and consciousness with your emotional body and your physical body and you know your whole you know financial yeah you can this can also be what you know stress on the financials you know yeah I’ve made money this way for a long time I’ve survived this way for a long time this is who I have been for a long time you know that Sun was in Taurus the whole last month now boom in Gemini and Mercury join in so it’s really time to mix it up it’s time to make these changes and is it evolution or devolution you know are you gonna give up maybe the future vision that higher version of yourself and go oh man the pull of the past okay you know my body’s too strong my drives are too strong my instincts are too strong my animals too strong my dragon is like that was just a dream or a vision or an idea I’ll give myself 20 more years to get that together but right now right now I still wanna you know be messing around having some more fun I’m gonna go back to my old habits back to my life I want a little cushion I need a little comfort after those shocks okay of Mars Uranus yeah I’m gonna like retreat back into my cave you know go back into my inner child and just play around and oh you know you know going to my insecurities or my fears but Saturn is saying no Saturn and Uranus and Aquarius and that North node and Leo are saying no man it’s like you can do it you can be that higher version you can create yourself you can be more and greater so it’s like you got a really hold tight stay the course move really you know do those meditations you know set your intentions have spirit and all of the guides and all of the you know spirit beings support you in changing who you think you are and not just you know boom I love myself unconditionally as long as I am evolving I’m not just gonna stay like a rock here look at that rock man I mean that rock is evolving very slowly yeah all right the mantra the mantra I am the rope in a tug-of-war between the future and the past it stretches me out and opens me up to see my core at last this is where the rubber hits the road this is where we get to see who we really are what we’re really made of how strong our will and our truth is yeah to face the demons of the past so dramatic man I mean the north notes and leo you got to have a little drama Scorpio is super freakin drama to the moon moving through virgo virgo is super drama we got big drama happening here man what’s life without drama all the world’s a stage I love Shakespeare go for it man get stretched open up be seen allow yourself to be seen and let that Jupiter and Scorpio let other people you know like yeah you know wrestle with you pick at you check you out test you and just like be there and go yeah this is you know this is this is my truth I got my truth in 2017 now I just got to live it yeah it’s my new lab man all right that’s it for today man I am the rope in a tug-of-war between the future and past getting stretched out and opened up to see my core at last may what you see be beautiful and inspire you and everyone you know to be totally awesome awesome awesome namaste Aloha so much love you [Music] [Music]


  • ani raphael says:

    thankyou Kaypacha for taking me along with you to the ocean today

  • ani raphael says:

    we are not of the now, we are eternal….we must be comfortable with the eternal in this life

  • GLNgal9 says:

    Thanks so much Kaypacha!! Many, many Blessings to you and your family!

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    BML conj Pluto squares Natal BML. & much more! It's testing time w/ Leoโ™Œ rising. ๐Ÿฆ Thank you for all you do! ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ’ž

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  • Nicholas Denney says:

    Even more spot on for me than normal! I'm really feeling this one, with Cancer Sun and Mercury in Cancer and pivotal people in my life are Capricorns. Ouch. I've got many difficult aspects in my chart anyway, but the last two days have really ripped me apart and made me summon up all my strength and ability. I've been really digging deep for a few years, fighting my habits and negative attachments. It's really kind of beautiful, but so,so hard and I often feel totally helpless. Just got to get on with it, Saturn seemed to say!

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    I'm currently right there at the crossroads and needed something to snap me out of a pattern that I was trying to avoid falling into…..again. Then, I played your video and felt like the message was just for me.ย  It seemed every word was directed at me…pretty cool.ย  I can't thank you enough for all of your reports, your laughter, stories and insight. You're a tremendous individual.

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