Astrology for the Soul  November 8, 2017

Astrology for the Soul November 8, 2017

[Music] hola this is que Pacho with the weekly failure report and we are here in the back waters of karbala beautiful southern India it is November 8th of 2017 quite appropriately for being on the water the moon is in cancer tomorrow Thursday she moves into leo coming around on Friday to the 3rd quarter moon at 18 degrees 38 minutes yeah Leo that is and she goes into Virgo on Saturday moving through that Virgo opposes Neptune and then Chiron goes all around and then heads into Libra on Monday so the big aspects for this week I got to say the big number one is tomorrow Thursday Black Moon Lilith goes into Capricorn after nine months in Sagittarius bringing out the truth she’s going into Capricorn to bring down the law yeah I’m gonna talk a little bit more about that I’d say the other big thing is it’s really going on all week but it’s exact next Monday and that is Venus conjunct Jupiter yeah and at that same time on Monday as Venus conjunct Jupiter Mercury is going to be in Square to Neptune last but not least as you know I did this whole video on Saturn square Chiron but that’s not the only thing that’s been going on okay because Saturn has been in trine to Uranus and that Saturn trying Uranus is exact on Saturday so that’s a slow-moving aspect that is also in effect all year this is the third and final pass of that Saturn trying Uranus so I’ll be talking to you a little bit about that and let me just find a little spot to sit and look at the camera tell you about what all that means okay I’m gonna just try to do this as fast as I can before it starts raining again Oh oh boy well what to say what to say these are dark times I believe that was a quote that I read in the press here in India that Trump said about the United States these are dark times Jupiter in Scorpio Jupiter is a lot Scorpio is dark so he was calling it accurately in that case and now we have Venus coming up to Jupiter but before I get to this Venus Jupiter conjunction along with them you know mercury Neptune but you know we just want to look at the whole picture but I really want to look at black moon lilith now because this is a big change she spends nine months in a sign okay so February to November through Sagittarius yeah bringing up the shadows around lies around deceit around you know the the need for the truth to emerge out of the shadows okay out of the you know out of the inner realms of betrayal and lies and hiding and cheating into the light you know of exposed reality whether it’s you know the media in the newspaper or you know your business financial their romantic relationships whatever it’s like truth serum you know everybody needing to take a little dose of that he’s last nine months and now she’s moving into Capricorn and Capricorn has to do with boundaries with consequences with law with time I mean this is like serious this is Authority this is institutions and governments the shadow side of these things you know while she’s there from now until August okay you know November 2 I guess is our 9 months here of Lilith transiting through the sign of Capricorn she’s gonna hit Pluto it’s gonna be big ok she’s gonna be joined by Saturn next month in December of Saturn goes into Capricorn so well I don’t see things lightening up you know in the near future I don’t see things lightening up for you know a long period of time I mean I still need to do like 2018 forecast I’ll get on to that as soon as I have a minute to breathe but you know really for these next few years I think I’ve mentioned it before ok you know it’s like Saturn’s approaching Pluto Jupiter is approaching Pluto these are you know balsalmic finish clothes final phases of big long huge multi-year cycles ok so you know it’s really 2020 when we have that Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn things are culminating finishing bubbling up to the surface needing to like be taking care of that have been you know started or initiated begun or ignored or denied for that whole long periods of cycles it’s been I think it’s been like over 2,000 years since we have had a Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction but you know what that’s a whole nother video right now I’m gonna stay on point I’m gonna stay on task and I’m just talking now about Black Moon Lilith what I see shadow shadow is limiting core beliefs that we have about ourselves that we avoid or deny or suppress or hide yeah and so what is that in Capricorn okay the limiting core beliefs would be all right that Capricorn has to do with duty with being treated with respect honoring our elders honoring being able to honor our institutions yeah and our external authority figures and governments and you know businesses and corporations and really pulling these things it’s all about integrity so that you know the fact is or the truth is okay that we may feel okay guilty or inadequate or you know like I haven’t succeeded or I’m not old enough to be treated with respect okay all right you know I don’t deserve respect so it’s like it’s calling each and every one of us individually and collectively business-wise and socially into responsibility taking responsibility for our lives and for what we have created and then taking the next step yeah Capricorn is a cardinal sign Brahma creates initiates take steps to secure okay a solid future set goals you make commitments step up and have character enough to either make it or break it say yes or say no no more sitting on the fence we’re kind of done okay with the Gemini Sagittarius mutable polarity here you know I mean some of us are Neptune is still moving through Pisces that’s why I say that because if you’ve got planets and mutable signs particularly you know personal planets okay and you’re getting a Neptune hit you know around eleven twelve thirteen degrees of the mutable signs you know personal planets there you’re still kind of in a space of what huh who me so but even that’s gonna fade away right let’s bring up your illusions and let them go but you know I want to get to the mantra today I want to get to this Venus Jupiter because I’m just really seeing another side here yeah I mean Venus can also have a lot to do with money it’s the ruler of Taurus and money is the root of all evil right you know I mean I like to look at money differently myself I see it as energy just like nuclear energy or gunpowder or a hammer we have things of power Scorpio is about power and they can be tremendously good or they can be tremendously bad so money is energy that can be used for tremendous good and it can be used for tremendous bad but one way or the other when it comes into Scorpio it’s shared money it’s not my stash it’s not my personal money and it’s kind of what I’m needing to pay or what the piper is demanding okay it’s taxes you know it’s like you know what pay up and Jupiter Venus over here it can be big debt and it can be people wanting a lot and not just money like I said money is energy you can be in relationships now whether their business or sexual or emotional or family okay or just you know at work whatever this is where you know this can you know money issues can come up and time time is energy how much time are you gonna put into this how much time have you got for this how much time you have to put into it how much money you have to put into it is a direct correlation to how much you value it how important is this relationship how important is this job or this retreat or this new house or whatever you’re paying for okay you know like whatever you’re having to like put your energy into this is a time of really weighing and balancing okay and Mars and libras saying you know one this is a time to speak your truth and have those you know uncomfortable conversations but like don’t be avoiding and denying and here’s the whole thing with this mantra that I’m going to say it says life may be forcing me to dig deeper to find more resources more power more sources of income you know more ways okay you know Scorpio is square leo it’s like I need to create new sources of income or I need to recreate myself or I need to like recreate my life in order to afford the things that I really want so it’s it’s pushing us it’s forcing us okay down into the root chakra the power chakra to come more into our core truth our core values what’s really important to us what we really value in the end is where we want to put our time energy attention and money and you know you can be getting called on this you can be getting pulled okay into deciding committing or leaving coming or going yeah you know investing more okay or you know getting out of the hole you know in order to do what you really with this Saturn square Chiron we’ve got to be on sole purpose like I’ve been saying for a number of Pele reports now yeah so it’s like you know you think of Venus Jupiter and you think of oh yeah lots of coffee cake and sugar and fun and romance and sex and this can be okay this great possibility as we want and this is the thing it’s like you know it costs means I have to put more of myself into it and if we’re in the right place in the right time with the right people and they’re putting themselves into it it’s time for both of us to put ourselves totally into it well what do you get out of that man yeah 2 times 2 equals 5,000 you know it’s like so a few yeah if you are in the right place right time right person right people this can be a time where you merge and unite your resources your finances your emotions your bodies your you know and it’s just like whoa yeah it can be a time of marriage and unity and abundance as a result of committing and going into that Scorpio is a fixed sign okay and all you got to know is that it’s gonna always you know there’s always gonna be you know life and Scorpio is our way evolution is always calling each of us to be more or so like Jupiter and Scorpios stretch be bigger and the other side of Scorpio like I mentioned briefly you know last week is conflict conflict Jupiter and Scorpio can be more Jupiter conflict Scorpio my value what’s important to me is not important to you what’s valuable to me is not valuable to you you’re charging me too much for what you think is so valuable and I don’t think it’s valuable at all in fact I feel ripped off okay this relationship is not coming out of Libra this relationship is not okay balanced equal so what this brings us into you know what time yeah time to like call a spade a spade and get real and have direct communication okay and face maybe somebody who’s bigger than you older than you smarter than you taller than you richer than you whatever you know it’s just like you know Jupiter and Scorpio can be the big bad wolf it’s time to face the big bad wolf yeah you know what I’m talking about so so that mantra is when it costs more than I can afford and I’m looking for the exit door life may be calling me to find more in me to toe the line I’m out here every morning the fishermen are out here pulling in the line there there’s a whole line of them rolled up and they throw their nets out at night and in the morning the whole village comes out and pulls these fishing nets in it takes muscle it takes strength it takes willpower it takes determination it takes alot you have to toe the line so this can be a time where you may be looking to get out you may be saying this is too much or I paid too much or it costs too much and I want out of here and you got these choices to make okay do I go deep and do it– oh the line or do I exit so this is the death side of Scorpio this is an ending for many things 2018 is a time of letting go of a lot so it’s like how do you know when to stay and when to go Black Moon Lilith and Capricorn is going to help you find out okay because it’s going to get more serious and there’s going to be bigger consequences and it’s going to get heavier and heavier and heavier until he’s like okay well you know the pressure is going to continue to increase here yeah for a little while here through the next three years or so but that’s probably enough to chew on for today and you know just really meditate it you know upon this and you know and just meditate on and realize and know are you looking for the exit because you’re afraid because you don’t think you’re enough you know you’re not strong enough for you know you don’t you don’t have the staying power or whatever I mean is that why you’re looking for the exit or you know are you honest with yourself that you know what this is a dead-end you know like this is going nowhere like this is you know I can dump more and more and more of myself into this and it’s like dumping it down the toilet okay deep inside yourself you know this is what Black Moon Lilith moving through Sagittarius is the shadow of not knowing when in fact we do know and whenever somebody says oh I don’t know you say you know what you’re full of you’re lying you’re lying to yourself and you’re lying to me because you do know and I want you to stand right here and get inside your core and figure it out right before my very eyes because you do no come on man let’s stop bullshitting ourselves in each other you know the right brain Sagittarius intuitively knows yeah your soul knows get in touch with your soul get out of your ego get out of your head get out of your reasons and your rationales get into your gut and Pluto and Lilith and Saturn and Jupiter and Scorpio these guys know so it’s time to stand up for what you intuitively know and that can be scary you know if you’re facing opposition powerful opposition so just know that when you’re in truth you are getting assisted okay by hosts of spiritual beings our exercise namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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  • sarah kelloway says:

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