Astrology for the Soul   October 11, 2017

Astrology for the Soul October 11, 2017

[Music] hola this is carpaccio with a weekly Pele report for October 11th of 2017 got a little old footage here from the entrance to Hades so it’s a water underwater River cave that is over in Greece and uh is properly fitting for Jupiter going into Scorpio yesterday I’m gonna do a whole nother video on that all by itself it’s there for a year and it’s the entrance to the underworld Scorpio today we have Mars square Saturn ok Mars the lower octave of Pluto has to do with anger aggression assertion and iteration it is very powerful and square Saturn I’m going to talk about what that means all this week we have Black Moon Lilith conjunct the galactic center up there in Sagittarius also conjunct Saturn Mars will be coming up to square ok Lilith after he’s done squaring Saturn Saturday Mars opposes Chiron which has to do with crisis it’s just like super freaking intense man on Sunday mercury opposes uranus ok I mean wow and then next Tuesday mercury goes into Scorpio so it’s just the one bang zoom after another hang on to your hands you know try to chill out but let’s look at the moon because the moon is now in cancer and she’s gonna come along you know and she’s gonna be a opposing Pluto ok and then squaring the Uranus and you know the Sun is Sun is going to be you know going in there again with mercury you know opposite Uranus so we have a very intense time with the moon Thursday she goes into Leo and Sunday Virgo Tuesday we gotta say things are gonna maybe start lightening up a little bit here as Venus move into Libra on Saturday moon moves into Libra on Tuesday so let’s just see what that is all about oh yeah ah that’s just a new present that I got but you can see well you know basically we’re selling celebrating Halloween a little early this year I got my skeleton in my bones and skulls and this is the underworld of death but the thing is that in astrology there is no death there is only transformation from one state of existence into another the banana peel right the banana grows I got three gangs of bananas back they’re huge that one in the middle is really huge but you know the banana grows you eat the banana you throw out the peel right you know the banana died it went into you but the peel goes into the compost pile and that decomposes with the bacteria that kills it okay and decomposes is in the compost pile and then it goes back and becomes another banana tree right so you know however you look at it Scorpio very often is associated with metamorphosis particularly with the butterfly because the butterfly builds a cocoon and spits out its own acid that melts down its own physical body into 100% liquid and out of the hundred percent liquid emerges a butterfly it’s one of the most amazing examples of an alchemical transformation from one state of existence into another that implies the complete annihilation right the death of the old form this is what 2018 is about this is what Jupiter in Scorpio is about and we’ve got mercury going into Scorpio we’re gonna have the Sun going into Scorpio we’re gonna have Venus and Mars going into Scorpio I mean this is this is coming around this is kind of a real culmination for the end of 2017 whew if it ain’t North Korea bombing yeah it’s probably gonna be somebody else this is time for bombs to fly volcanoes to blow hurricanes to the you know I mean it is just like whoa and dealing with these forces beyond our control okay this is where we are really tested this is the gateway to mastery this is the initiation scorpio leads to Sagittarius the Guru okay yeah so we this is this is a transitional time all the water science cancer scorpio and Pisces all have to do with endings of things but how we end them this is what defines our character and this is where I just you know want to talk about you know this whole well I just did a video last week it’s free for the new paradigm astrology community yeah baby join that community over you know I don’t know 1200 people or something totally into astrology and we’ve got a dream team of a group of astrologers in this community answering questions and you we go much deeper into all this stuff and I just gave them a video last week on the Sabian cymbals for this time that had to do with the one symbol for this time period yeah is the lion tamer the taming of our vital energies another Sabian symbol for I think it was Saturn up there in Sagittarius this Mars square Saturn I’m talking about right now okay is a horseback rider in the circus displaying her skill yeah you know like have you seen those with the women that stand on top of the running horses their little circus outfit okay I don’t even have any water anyway taming our Kundalini our red energy our anger disciplining our minds so that our emotional you know stirrings because this is the energy around its power and powerless Ness and when we bump up against forces beyond our control we can feel powerless Ness we can feel helpless we can feel abused we can feel manipulated and exploited and we just did you know and we can lose sleep at night and want to explode and all this kind of stuff going on but how we manage that energy defines who we are as human beings and how we’re going to move into this Age of Aquarius which is about community brotherhood brothers and sisters in like a shala ken I am another you hide so the upside of Scorpio and it’s in the mantra today is trust trust needing to trust others needing to trust ourselves relationships are built upon trust community is built upon trust deels loaning people money borrowing money finances a big area now for this next year it’s gonna be big money yeah this is the exchange of power sexual power financial power intellectual power the power to influence others through fame or email lists or followings or whatever this is this is where it really and scorpy also deals with evil defining evil seeing what is evil what is right and what is wrong what is bad bad reminds me of Michael Jackson right he’s bad come on but anyway what I want to get to is brené Brown Brene brown I am I will put a link to her TED talk in the notes on trust one of the best TED Talks I’ve ever heard about it and you might want to skip forward a little bit you know if you’re in a hurry or you don’t have time but she gives an acronym for trust because Trust is not just trust in order to trust in order to be trustworthy okay we have to meet certain criteria it’s very complicated very complex so she gives this acronym of braving BR a VI ng in order for trust to occur there needs to be you know really first of all boundaries second of all reliability third of all authenticity fourth is the vault like you know confidentiality the vault what I say stays with you or whatever yeah and then I integrity nah and for non judgment and then G finally for general city and it takes time to build trust and we don’t want to give our trust indiscriminately and trust innocently and openly because that’s where you get shot down and you get burned yeah if you trust someone who’s not trustworthy you get burned and you get hurt and then that sets you back because you’re wounded so we’re all going to be dealing now with wounds past wounds around where we’ve been betrayed abandoned where we’ve lost where we you know and also what its gonna come at us where we have been untrustworthy where we have been out of integrity or we have you know been you know lack of boundaries or whatever it’s gonna come back to us particularly what this is Black Moon Lilith on the galactic center conjunct Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius which is truth and honesty and the shadow of that is dishonesty and exaggeration so Sagittarius is always dealing with honesty and dishonesty yeah and and this is like this whole realm of you know getting into just what are your boundaries where is your truth are you trustworthy are you building trust or destroying trust so it’s really a big time and of course the Sun is in Libra yeah and we’ve got Venus moving into Libra lately in a couple weeks we were gonna have we know Mars moving into Libra the scales of justice and you know all we can do is you know well what I say is I don’t think we have to hope that truth will prevail ultimately truth will prevail time is the test of truth if some is true it will exist through time like that dog barking let’s see how long the dog but but a belief system if it is based upon natural law and truth will exist through long periods of time now this is not to say okay that the truth will prevail given a short period of time people can their whole life right you know you know Rome okay you know maybe built upon greed and you know a power thirsty warmongering you know freak heads or whatever like Nero you know I mean or you could even say some a little bit the United States you know all about the Monday the materialism this can go on for periods of time long periods of time before the fall of Rome okay before the fall of the United States before the yeah so you know I’m not saying okay that if you know the one who you know stands on the pulpit okay like the patriarch lasted for six thousand five hundred years was that true was that based on natural law no but the evolutionary journey of the soul the evolutionary journey of humanity things are true for a given time and for a given purpose for a specific evolutionary intention and once that evolution is accomplished then perhaps it changes yeah it’s necessary okay for little kids to have some rules don’t run out in the street in front of cars and traffic yeah you know it’s necessary for sheep to have a shepherd and three-quarters of the world’s population is in the Sheep stage the herd stage of evolution that needs shepherds and when you mature and evolve and grow outside beyond the herd stage of evolution and you’ve come into individuated maybe you don’t need the doctrines and the dogmas of the religions and the commandments and all of the things you know that were used at that yeah it could even be a stage of history that humanity needed patriarchal religious hierarchical judgmental forms of conditioning until it evolved more consciousness and so now we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius which is the liberation of consciousness and it’s time to break down some of the doctrines and some of the dogmas but we have to be careful not to throw out the whole thing and call it all bad in any authority and any rule and any law and any consequence okay is you know hope that’s not love and light come on let’s not revert back to previous stages of innocence naivety and ignorant just because we are evolving out of an old form Pluto through Capricorn old forms of authority we are moving forward into new ones so we have work to do and this work is so signified by this Mars in Virgo squaring the Saturn our work and it’s in the mantra today it’s you know it’s the time that I need to get to work the work is discriminating what is true for me what is no longer true what is eternally true and who can I trust and where have I let someone down and not been trustworthy and how can I trust myself well let’s all you can also look at that we can all work on trusting ourselves more and the more we show up for ourselves and we have healthy boundaries and we stand in integrity and we are reliable you know it’s like when I you know when I hold myself yeah through time I build my own confidence and I build my own maturity and I trust myself more and sometimes we could say that people who don’t trust anybody well a lot of times it’s because they don’t trust themselves but yeah you know if you’re walking around pointing the finger of you know oh you know you’re a liar and you’re bad and you’re wrong and you’re out for yourself and you’re greedy and you got all these judgments about everybody else okay you know well guess what a lot of those things you know the shadow shadow work says that what you project is your own shadow yeah so guess what if I’m a liar and I’m walking around bullshitting everybody I’m not gonna believe anybody else I am gonna project that everybody’s a bullshitter because I’m a bullshitter yeah you know so we you know it’s like yeah well you know if you think everybody’s a bullshitter and you don’t trust anybody guess what you want to look at okay where are you and and we may lie to ourselves okay we may lie to ourselves this is this you know the self delusion this is another level or layer of work that can be done you know we’re you know we tell ourselves stories and we believe our own stories and we deceive ourselves into thinking we’re great then we are smarter than we are more than we are or less than we are worse than we are guilt more guilty than we are I mean it goes just whoa see what I’m saying so this Mars and Virgo it’s hard work but it’s good work and Jupiter and Scorpio can be a year of some hard work facing what we are most afraid of I’ll go into that like I said in another video but you know it’s good work so let’s wrap it up that’s enough for today yeah I probably had enough what is it again no relationships whether personal business or around the world start with trust as a cornerstone so I need to get to work going I need to get to work on myself I need to get to work on you know holding other people you know to their word holding other people to their boundaries calling people out when they’re not in integrity that’s also the work yeah is like being you know powerful enough to you know also stand in your truth yeah this is another challenge so yeah there’s all that there’s all kind there’s always work to do man just remember you know try to you also have some fun you know have a good time with this I mean the upside of Jupiter in Scorpio is lots and lots and lots that’s Jupiter Scorpio merging uniting and connecting because when you do trust yourself and other people in you and and you are trustworthy people all the walls come down all the barriers and intimacy happens and then all the juice starts to flow that’s the beautiful part of it so this can also be a year of a lot of you know last time relationships whether personal business or around the world start with trust as a cornerstone so I need to get to work happy working namaste Aloha so much [Music] [Music] you [Music]


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    When you said that trusting naively can cause wounding which sets you back- blew my mind! Yes that's where I get stuck! it has created a pile up which has caused emotional inflammation, I get defensive and frustrated with certain relational patterns. I realized that I need to work much more at being strong in communicating honestly and authentically. Calling people out when they've overstepped a boundary and being more aware of when I am overstepping mine. It's definitely work but I have to say that I enjoy this process- it's uncomfortable and can be frustrating but it's very rewarding to feel the growth and to create stronger bonds as well as more intimacy with the lovely people I feel privileged to know as my friends and human family. It really is the only job worth doing for me- learning to walk the path of real love❤️
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