Astrology for the Soul  October 18, 2017

Astrology for the Soul October 18, 2017

[Music] hola buenos dias this is Chi pocha with the weekly Bailey report for October 18th of 2017 hello everybody we had a big storm down here in Costa Rica as you can see that tree fell over over there and it’s been a little stormy seas for all of us Mars opposite Chiron Virgo – Pisces squaring Saturn and Black Moon Lilith last week it’s been intense it’s been like surgery just think of Mars as the scalpel cutting open the wound of Chiron in Pisces ouch yeah to clean it all out that’s Virgo now she’s in Libra whoo yeah and we’ve got a new moon coming up and it’s a big one at 26 degrees 35 minutes of Libra it’s big because it’s in opposition to or on us still over there in Aries hanging out until next May we got a little more Uranus and Ares going on at the same time you know that mercury moved into Scorpio yeah and today it is conjunct Jupiter so you know mercury is going along its gonna be training Neptune on next Monday join in together okay with Jupiter and on Sunday the Sun itself goes into Scorpio so it will be joining Jupiter but that’s not till next week that’s another Pele report yeah son moving into Scorpio mercury Jupiter in Scorpio Libra you know is still going on and here’s the big news I think that I really want to talk about today I think I got to get in the water and move a little bit here at the risk of messing up the report I am entering the stream to go up a little bit and see what lies up ahead over there I know YouTube is gonna give me a you have a shaky picture here but anyway Mars is going into Libra it’s time to come to the peace table the peace talks it’s time to raise the white flags and you know heal those wounds it’s like we got out of surgery now and it’s time we’re in recovery and oh look at this now it’s a confluence the confluence you know for the native indigenous peoples the confluence is always a sacred place where to become one and that’s what Libra and Scorpio are all about wow this is fantastic I didn’t know this was here this is all super cool so yeah you know let me let me wrap it up here I mean we we still have Saturn in square okay – Chiron that’s I’m going to do a whole nother video on that one but other than that the Sun goes into Scorpio Mars goes into Libra we’ve got some changing of the signs here Mercury’s in that trine to Neptune last but not least I have to mention okay that really Mars is also still in square two Black Moon Lilith today and Lilith is still in conjunction with Saturn on the galactic center today so you know we really still have a lot to deal with when it comes to deciphering living expressing the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth let’s talk about truth today okay well this could be a pretty short failure report cuz I’m getting eaten alive by these mosquitoes just setting the camera up there’s yeah mother nature is a great teacher anyway what am I talking about Wow these are really intense times and I think I just want to start out with it’s interesting you know Saturn is exalted in Libra okay we got this new moon coming in Libra I could read you the Sabian symbol for that maybe I will a little later on but I want to start out with this Saturn because Saturn and Lilith I’m the galactic center okay the galactic center to me is like a transformer you know that steps down you know the the galactic universal intelligence coming from yeah all that is into our galaxy it’s like a funnel of spiritual enlightenment you know coming through into our galaxy and then gets stepped down from all the stars in the galaxy and step down from the stars to the planets and all I mean so it’s neon pop pop pop pop because we couldn’t handle the voltage you know in all these multiple galaxies anyway and here’s black moon lilith sitting on her for ten days ten days and we’re only in the middle of Black Moon Lilith on the galactic center Wow yeah because it’s bringing up the shadow it’s bringing up all of our shame everything that we have to be guilty about every lie that we ever told every you know little white thing or little black thing or Leno it’s just like all the imperfections of squaring that Mars in Virgo that’s scalpel going into like you know straighten us out straighten us up get rid of all the you know nasty impurities and bacterias and viruses and parasites it’s like you know what so it’s like opening up and it’s revealing you know it’s like we’re all being revealed you know it’s like surgery it’s like oh what’s in there what’s really down deep inside you know Jupiter goes into Scorpio let’s go a little deeper into the taboo you know III associate you know Virgo more with guilt and Scorpio more with shame because guilt is kind of coming you know from this you know internal place of imperfection shame is coming from other people okay you know and the judgments and things from society and all of the deeper you know emotional root chakra stuff you know shame is when you’re ashamed of yourself it takes you down you know into the waters of Scorpio yeah guilt is a little more I think of a Virgo mercury analytical I’m looking at this in a very way but one way or the other neither one of them are comfortable neither one of them are what we would call you know positive emotions so you know we’ve all been working with and dealing with opening discovering uncovering and it’s really through our shadows are revealed through relationship the more intimate okay the darker the shadows can be revealed if we don’t want to see our shadow we can stay out of relationship you know just like you know what I don’t want a mirror I don’t want an external observer okay you know it’s just like don’t look it I don’t want to see my dark side I don’t want to see you know my work or whatever I’m gonna just like avoid and deny you know this whole arena but right now like I say we’ve got mercury Jupiter Sun the Moon Venus and Mars all happening in Libra and Scorpio this is where it’s opening up and it’s opening up to the truth and here’s what I want to say when it comes to Saturn Saturn is taking responsibility for the reality I’ve created for what I’ve said for what I’ve done for who I am I’m owning it and when we can do that fully wholly and completely that is maturity that is becoming an authority that’s becoming a leader a pioneer like the like the New Moon talks about yeah the sculptor engineer the master is like owning our stuff owning our truth perhaps in the face of ok judgment condemnation you know other people pointing fingers are blaming us or whatever but also listening this is also a time to take in and to really hear and to put ourselves in other people’s shoes in other people’s places and feel what our actions have done to them or like what we’ve the effect that we have on other people can now be bouncing back to us it’s like oh you know I did this and this and this with my Uranus in Aries okay and yeah it felt great for me and is is all fine and dandy but I’m also having an effect on my community okay on my personal business relationships on other people and Libra and Scorpio want a mirror back that we are not living and avoiding we are not alone in the universe right you know and our actions have you know equal and opposite reactions so you know we can be getting a lot of reactions and these reactions can like overwhelm us at times okay and like I say when you you can be your own Saturn or you can project it I always feel like you know if I get pulled over by the police or something you know you know if there’s you know an external Authority you know you know really you know locking me up or calling me down or you know I mean I’m in trouble with this that or the other thing it’s a reflection that I’m not doing my own Saturn okay I need somebody out there to call me on my yeah and so it’s like if we you know if we own our own and look at our own we don’t experience ok people placing boundaries around those wanting to fence us in wanting to block us off and build walls around you know and protect themselves from us because you know we’re creating healthy boundaries and we’re not invading other people’s spaces and we’re not having a negative impact on our communities on the world on the environment I mean so it’s just like you know be our own Saturn and as you know as he comes up you know to the galactic center with Black Moon Lilith this is a time of like really seen you know honesty dishonesty integrity lack of integrity you know walking our talk or just you know spewing whatever it’s just like boom so a lot of stuff is like coming up in our face and all I can say is like it’s really healthy it’s really good and we’ve had Mars in Virgo for a long time now and it’s gonna be nice to move into Libra and take a frickin break wave that white flag like surrender come to the peace table you know you know come to the counselor counts Lea and it’s just like iron out the differences make love again you know the let the light shine you know in our hearts and in our lives and in our relationships this is really a beautiful this is a real beautiful awakening time a new libras sets the tone for the whole next month and this ball next month is filled with one moon Uranus okay son Uranus is enlightening its awakening it’s liberating and it’s liberating through building bridges coming into unity and harmony like the mantra says surrender means and love I’ve got to read the sabian symbol for the you know for the new moon yeah he says it’s so much better than I can yep and you know it’s an airplane sails high in the clear sky are you ready it’s a consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of a personal life this picture symbolizes the capacity latent in every individual to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level I mean this is Uranus right third eye prometheus Aquarius non-attached eagle eye perspective on our personal life on the world at large on the news on family on everything this is time to get a really high perspective through the use of his mind backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of other men the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being it is a stage of transcendent realization we’re moving from the third dimension of polarized ah you mean I win lose yeah you know ego ego into the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension which is us we in the cash I am another you this movement okay into this higher dimensional realm of being is possible in the midst of the polarization the conflict the duality it’s really and in fact that is the test of mastery is it not yeah it’s not to avoid conflict or relationship or pain it is to experience all of these and remain in that ultimate higher state of acceptance grace love surrender compassion forgiveness all these virtues and these virtues have existed through all time virtues a very interesting word concept idea reality being virtuous Black Moon Lilith as the powerful feminine is calling us to be virtuous so maybe just think about that priorities values the highest expansive truth that we can possibly be and this opposition always deals with opposition’s always deal with relationship and partnership it’s like a full moon its illumination through beam and there it’s also a polarization being pulled in both directions but all I can say is I went into it before Uranus was the father of Saturn right Saturn cut Uranus’s balls off and when they fell into the waters Venus was born Aphrodite emerged and then Saturn took over after castrating his father and he okay was a hard and fast and Chronos kind of a nasty kind of a lord until Jupiter okay overthrew Saturn but what we’re looking at here is the Sun the Sun in my book the Sun wins out over all the planetary gods over all the other mythology the Sun is the star okay you know I mean maybe the planets even came out of the Sun but the Sun is the center it is our truth our core our essence our power the source of life so when it comes into an opposition with Uranus Uranus and Aries is kind of more an unconscious yeah you know Aries you know immature nuber theme you know raw you know you know very untamed very boisterous brazen pioneering initiating just out of instinct so Uranus is wanting to rebel against all forms of limitation of you know of boundaries of holding me back holding me down listening to other people being this to being that this is an opportunity with Uranus and Aries to raise ourselves up and really master yeah really master ourselves our instincts our desire nature from a higher state of conscious awareness and it happens through this new moon in Libra with Jupiter Mercury Venus and Mars I mean we can have a good time with it this can be over like a really good week if you just go alright yeah and this brings me to the mantra yeah I serve Endor to love just like frickin give it up man oh my god yeah I surrender to love though super scared and open my heart to you inviting the healing and transformation that only loving can do Scorpio is about alchemical transformation through osmosis and union we become more than we could ever be alone by ourselves it’s like so there are this this can be a real week of sudden unexpected okay shots up into ecstasy and that flame flying high clear in the sky and the third eye opening and aha moments and it can also be very scary and very unstable and very nerve-racking you know if if we’re down in the conflict in the third dimension trying to like you know not lose I should have a white flag to wave around man oh my god there’s that song with a white flag my ship goes down or something anyway I’ll put if I find it and remember it up with the link in the notes so yeah that’s enough for today right one more time I surrender to love those super-scared and open my heart to you inviting the healing and transformation that only loving can do namaste aloha so [Music] [Music]


  • GLNgal9 says:

    Thanks again Kaypacha for another inspiring Pele Report! Bless You!! You know what is weird? On YouTube THIS MORNING, I was playing some of Dido's videos from her "White Flag" CD, one of my all time favorite musical artists and songs! I was so SURPRISED when you mentioned her song in your report! Dido's soulfulness must be in the air!

  • Gloria J Krause says:

    Awesome! Had to listen 3 times. One Love Fest here I come for a weekend of joy!

  • Neena M says:

    IMAGINE by John Lennon

  • VIKI M says:

    … thanks muchly … 🕉️💙 luv n light 💙..

  • Lee W says:

    Love the beard

  • Krodin Melchezidek says:

    One Love Kaypacha!

  • Tina Moriarty says:

    Your mantra is so spot on in this message. As a Leo , child of the Sun bring Truth and Love. Lets release fear by handing it over xxx. Let it go.:)

  • Marcy Gannon says:

    "There is but one flag, the white flag" says my favorite rock star… Yes! This is it! Time to surrender to love! "Perfect love drives out all fear" and what other kind of love is there? Yes let's open wide and fly into this brave new world. Thank you for this beautiful message today. Sending you so much love.

  • James Mandolare says:

    Cool! I'm gonna go out to the woods and have a fire and sleep in a tent and think about this. I might look at the stars for awhile and wonder! Thanks for the transformative encouragement to heal and to love! We all could use it! I surrender to the sheer stupidity and superficialities and pray for things to get heavy and real! Love the beard-very distinguished.

  • Neena M says:

    Dido White Flag says she will not surrender and not have a white flag above her door yet she will always be in love –
    Does not make sense if she is in love isn't she surrendering to love?

  • judy mohre says:


  • Jennafer Meyers says:

    my favorite white flag song

  • Neena M says:

    I'm also reminded of the song "I want to break free" by Queen

  • Kundalini Shakti says:

    I love this human !!

  • Neena M says:

    Even the planets were vicious -there is violence in all mythology and the Bible with the ultimate evil act but we cannot be like Jesus or we shall die

  • Gore May says:

    Too real this week.. needed your reflection. Thanks again. And again. And all ways.

  • Tanya L. Amaro - LMT & Holistic Life Designer says:

    This was perfect. Too bad the person that needed to hear this is on avoidance mode..

  • Keryn Dawer says:

    Beautiful Mantra. Thank you Kaypacha. Wishing You and All So Much LOVING 💓

  • Bonsai Tree says:

    Thankyou Kaypacha x

  • lord ganesha says:

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  • madelena1234 says:

    wow…………….. my life is happening exactly as you describe. l love you.xxxxxx

  • madelena1234 says:

  • Neena M says:

    MORELIFE I meant it as a metaphor. Of course being in nature is healing and raises yr vibration.

  • Neena M says:

    Kaypacha pls help!
    My saturn is in scorpio and mars retrograde in pisces sun conjunct Jupiter in opposite sign Virgo and moon pluto conjunction in Leo Uranus in Leo Mid heaven sag mercury and neptune in libra and venus in cancer.
    Everytime I loved I was betrayed.

  • ILona Jean Passino says:

    Such a great lesson for us all….especially at this time of great conflicts both inner and outer.

  • veryschick says:

    Bless your sweetness! Arms out to the rock that is you KING!

  • Jenny Jackson says:

    Wild times.
    The more conscious I become, the more I want to attach myself to staying grounded
    -but I'm more grounded when I let go .
    I can't go back;
    I can't hold on.
    I TRUST , new directions are but seeds being sewn.-sukukriya anada

  • Yvonne Gaudes says:

    beautiful Mantra for today…♥️🏳surrender to Love though super scared! 🏳♥️….And what a beautifully shaped beard. 🙂

  • Kirbabe says:

    You're on point and on fire in this one. Peru did you well :)))

  • Madison Sabey says:

    Kaypacha! Been watching you weekly for over a year now you add brightness to my week id absolutely love to meet you one day! Thank you for the knowledge, your wisdom & love!

  • Kim Tookey says:

    Stress has overtaken me for years until I got slammed with back pain and sciatica, I was forced to ask for help and humble out. But what a trip, as soon as I did that I felt more peaceful and worthy. There's a lot of good things happening even though its hard.. like Kaypacha said, it's like surgery..

  • Andante Andante says:

    Always a pleasure, however may I request you stop recording by water? It gives a backdrop of squeaky polystyrene, which is quite uncomfortable to try to listen to your wise words over.

  • Ester Ash-úll says:

    This is the first time seeing and listening to your reports. I am in awe at seeing such a powerful, insightful and intelligent man speaking this way and sharing this information. I see the long pursued transformation in my world. And I am full of joy and appreciation. Namaste and aloha.

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    Loving the white beard!!  Guru-ji!!!!!!

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    New government in New Zealand! yay! Uranus portal opening for us!

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    I quit my job and found a better one that utilizes my trades and its scary as hell.. ugh.. its a hard transformation but i must do it.

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    Thank you Kayapacha! That mantra is just spot on. This double Aries is waving my white flag! lol <3

  • Dawn Of The New Era says:

    Guilt is the feeling
    When you have done something 'wrong' Shame is the feeling that you just are 'wrong/bad'

  • Carine says:

    Talk about living in a dense reality. So heavy… relentless.. even your report isn't cheering me up but thanks for you constant flux of information x

  • urthebest1122 says:

    Mosquitoes, they are too much fun!

  • urthebest1122 says:

    You explained the difference of guilt and shame well. With the discoveries going on right now there's a bit of guilt and shame rearing it's ugly head.

  • Opti Mystic says:

    So inspirational. Kaypacha, you totally rock I woke up today with the mindset of not fighting anything within myself, within others, or the world. Then I flip on this vid which not only resonates but is a synchronicity. These energies are no joke!

    All thoughts, good or bad, are a spiritual lesson. All experiences, good or bad, are a spiritual lesson. All triumphs and sufferings are lessons on the way to complete fulfillment, nirvana, samadhi, bliss. I am thankful for all the good and bad, especially the bad situations and beings that have taught me so much, strengthened me, taught me forgiveness, showed me the contrast, revealed my own darkest depths; my own dark reflections, so I may re-balance, recognize, and embrace the totality of life, the totality of myself. As often said, no light without dark. Birth implies death; implies rebirth. I embrace it all. I surrender to the Oneness of all that is. I surrender to Love. Be the Oneness and don't separate yourself. Love and be Love.

  • Metaphysical Mamma says:

    So great & RIGHT ON TIME as always! THAN*K YOU for being YOU!!! ~ONELOVE

  • Renee Reece says:

    I will go down with this ship
    And I won't put my hands up and surrender
    There will be no white flag above my door
    I'm in LOVE and always will be…. namaste~
    so much LOVE ♍♎♏

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    Looking good with your facial hair, Kaypacha! Muy guapo! Thank you for this important message today. You are spot on – as usual. Namaste.

  • The Crystal Wynd says:

    As usual, you are just right on.

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    Thank you Kaypacha. Deb NZ X

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    the mantra gave me chills! So perfect, and beautiful.

  • Awilda Mercado says:

    I surrender to love though super scared,
    And open my heart to 'you',
    Inviting the healing and transformation,
    That only loving can do


  • Mary M Hart says:

    As always, the Stars confirm the Human Experience! Thanks again Sir Thomas, for being there to remind us of being part of Greater Things! Love to you!

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  • heather dawn pipke says:

    My brother's birthday Oct.18

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    My MKP Brother, I so appreciate you and your insightful wisdom! My inner work these past three years with MKP and on my own is paying dividends….. in the most wonderful ways. I credit you to some degree for you give me the inspiration to go deep and get dirty. Thank you!
    Cheers from Boulder, Co

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    me =virgo my boyfriend = aries ..did we have a blast .lucky we'd only clashed with our selves .:p …glad you tell me better times coming ..half way down this week I found myself just puking from all the tensions …found my peace and can move again <3 oh ..there's this guy on facebook making amazing pictures off our galaxy ..but he get's loadz off nasty remarks because he just shoots pictures …you should check him out ..he could do with meeting a good soul ,LiefzXXX

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    This has been an INTENSE couple of weeks! I'm striving to see truth, speak truth, and call it out!

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    Sabian symbol works beautifully with Jupiter's entry in Scorpio as the golden eagle soars to heights far above petty scuttling of scorpion, slithering subterfuge of serpents, raising kundalini from base to crown up thru the cosmos. Far from the madding crowd. As the Sun Rules OK, the glyph for Libra was inspired by rising sun on Autumn Equinox which was honoured as the new year in pre-Christian aeons. Be-aware of what and with whom the white flag is raised; maintain height with the unworthy, level with the genuine and all is well.

  • Alison HEATHER Weston Standen says:

    white flag song is by Dido

  • ember firehart says:

    Any one getting a mixture of breakups and new relationships forming? taurus here..

  • carlie karouw says:

    Beautiful talk, Tank you for shining a light in confusing and hard times and sharing the knowledge of the stars, making life a little easier and giving direction were ther are so many ways xx

  • I pd on myself Sick sucker ho says:

    Dear kaypacha this is Desiree here and I was told from light angels and the universe that it'll be a good idea if I was to have met u and follow u. How can we make this happen or at least write back.
    Amen Namaste

  • marlenesmits says:


  • Neena M says:

    This is the awakening! The true lesson of it all is taking personal responsibility for our own selves and our thoughts,words and actions! We can only control ourselves as the serenity prayer goes and be realistc and aware that even though the ideal concept is that we are all inherently divine and are therefore all one, we are in human form in a 3d world living a human life with other humans and as humans we are dual in nature and we all make good and bad choices in life but the lesson here is inspite of evil that also exists which is beyond our control we can consciously make good choices

  • Neena M says:

    I also want to add that as the community that watches youtube astrologers such as Tom Lescher whose message is to rise above the fray and cultivate a positive attitude and focus on love and light thru astrological insights in order to not get entangled and stay stuck in negative energies as a way out and maybe the world will change starting with each one of us if can "IMAGINE" as John Lennon did of a better world and not get frustrated and give up. BUT we also need to stay grounded and not bevome martyrs and stand up for our rights and protect ourselves the best we can and also focus on the human aspect of survival and the laws of the jungle that applies in our world as well and also be aware of the evil around us and stay alert. It is a battle of good versus evil and it can get really ugly so we try to escape from reality by distractions such as youtube, astrology, etc. seeking answers from others as I just did when as Tom Lescher said all you need is to attention to ur gut instinct to guide you and as I have learnt that thru meditation we can connect better with that inner guide call it what you may! As we know better we do better and there are those who know not for whom we can become a shining example and show them with our own actions and even though we may have faltered and lost our way we can forgive ourselves and start anew as tomorrow is a new day and be grateful for another day and for all the good that is there and our lives! In that way we can become creators of a new world even if it is just our world as Deepak Chopra says we are the universe it all begins with each one of us to take ownership of our world and our own power and use the teachings as a tool to remind us of that and stay balanced in that knowledge and power!
    Thks to this format with access to all kinds of spiritual teachings and information that we can pick and choose to better ourselves and our world!
    That will be the 5th dimension so rise and fly
    Robin fly up up to the sky!

  • faerianne says:

    Spot on!

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  • Joy-Ann Hut says:


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  • Suzi Strugar says:

    The butterfly's are emerging in joy and eagerness to play in the garden. We are stardust, we are golden! We are Blessing ourselves and all who are resonating with us in peace and joy. Thriving is the universal response to SUSTAINED joyous Aignment with the pure frequency of Source.

  • Suzi Strugar says:

    Trust and Bliss perpetuate one another. They are joined at the hip.TRUSTBLISS

  • Gina Michelle says:

    Thank you for weaving the confluence and Scorpio time of unifying by opening to love even though it can be scary! The water is such a good visual teacher!

  • Jacqui Fairfield says:

    Perfect, just what I needed to hear, thank you xxxx

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    That "so much loooove" at the end pumps me up man!!! 😀

  • Sat Sangat Kaur Yoga says:

    Hi, Kaypacha, I was wondering if next pele report you could talk about Saturn hitting the GC. I have that on my IC, and a friend on her MC. What is coming down from up there in the Galaxy?

  • Nina Falcao says:

    You are amazing this report is so illuminating , thanks , love and light

  • Sasza Blaze1 says:

    dark night of the soul for me – came out with a reunion with a partner i broke up with on the full moon, and financial promise from my own efforts to my own dreams, not fulffilling someone elses dream as a employee or lackey. I love you kaypacha – you're a legend. BIG LOVE ONE LOVE INLAKESH

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