Astrology for the Soul  October 3, 2018

Astrology for the Soul October 3, 2018

[Music] hola this is kampachi with the weekly Paley a report for October 3rd of 2018 and I don’t know it just finished raining we don’t get all the water in the frickin rivers around here for nothing I don’t think I’m gonna leave my yard go down there and get all soaked and full of mud look at this you see the dragonfly over there and the butterfly yeah baby oh there goes the dragonfly see how close I can get to the butterfly bring it feisty oh there he goes anyway this is an astrology report let’s get down to it the moon is in late degrees of cancer right now and that is going to stay for just a few more hours because today she moves in to Leo look at that tree across the street man it’s gorgeous I love those yellow hanging flowers anyway um yeah she moves into Leo and what you gonna do she’s gonna square Uranus okay you know just before now right now she’s trying Jupiter no wonder I woke up feeling great this morning this is Vera it’s very nice when you wake up feeling great she moves into Leo and then on Friday okay you know after you know her transit conjunct in the North node of the Moon and all that happy stuff opposing Mars and squaring Venus she goes into Virgo okay on Friday and on Friday is that Friday is a bit of a turning point because what Venus stations and goes retrograde yes indeed and she’s going to be retrograde for 40 days it’s like 40 days out in the desert all right so get ready I’m sure you know everybody’s talking about it you’re gonna be hearing a lot more about the underworld she’s in Scorpio she’s actually spending well it’s like since the beginning of September she has been Square Mars and it’s a six week Venus square Mars beginning of September okay until the middle of October this is this like really yeah yeah yeah and she actually is also stationing all right at the 11th degree of Scorpio for you know 10 days yeah from September 28th till October 12th Venus is at the same degree I’m gonna read the sabian symbol yeah for that degree very powerful very powerful she sits there and goes retrograde she will go back retrograde all the way into Libra alright but then let’s keep moving here because on Sunday the Moon moves into Libra and you know she’s gonna be closing the month so we have this you know balsalmic moon okay she’s waning getting smaller and smaller and smaller in preparation for the new moon that is happening on Monday yeah and it’s a powerful new moon over there in Libra and it’s you know well you know the moon moves on to square Saturn trines Mars and then on Tuesday mercury goes into Scorpio who knows coconuts can even close up of coconuts right there I’m gonna grab some of those and call this the coconut report the banana report the coconut report anyway let’s just look at what’s going on you know with all of this good happy stuff I will look at the camera and discuss the mantra for this week the energy that’s coming up here and where we are in you know for quite a little bit of time with this Venus retrograde 40 days in the desert not exactly the desert but the underworld okay anyway talk soon all right everybody I’m just gonna sit here and read to you a little bit today oh the Sabian cymbals first of all we are closing up okay a lunar cycle that began with the new moon in Virgo okay you may recall and it was at the 18th degree of Virgo and that 18th degree the Sabian symbol is a Ouija board a Ouija board the ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens so this is almost like a preparation okay for this Venus descent into the underworld the stage is kind of set now for us to go in to become more sensitive to the subtle currents of energy happening beneath the layers of our conscious ego Venus and scorpio Jupiter in Scorpio this is you know the the journey into the underworld going to be joined by the Sun yeah you know coming up late later but you know this is what we’re kind of yeah we’re in process we’re in process and this processes began of course in our past lives but then they also begin you know you know this lifetime was carried forward into our childhood we weren’t born yesterday we’ve all got a past and Venus you know moving through Scorpio Jupiter moving through Scorpio I mean I called this year all right the year of alchemical transformation through death and resurrection we need to be talking about Scorpio a lot these next few weeks yeah maybe for the next couple of months maybe for the rest of our lives anyway so that’s set the stage now okay now the interesting thing is if we go back almost exactly a year October 5th if you recall of 2017 that was the Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo okay that began this cycle so Venus and Mars came together okay in Virgo and Venus moves faster than Mars okay so she did a first quarter square okay then came around into an opposition and now she’s coming into the third quarter square right I said I talked about this third quarter square going on for six weeks because she you know is stationing right as Mars is coming up so the roots okay you know of this cycle we’re set okay a year ago and you may you know issues okay relationship issues financial issues you know job issues anything that has to do with sharing resources values money sexuality and intimacy power Scorpio is about sharing power merging together yeah so it’s just you know these kinds of issues okay are you know we’re all going to be dealing with here with them you know with this Venus retrograde the great thing is okay that that conjunction happened all right at the 20th degree a Virgo a caravan of cars headed to the west coast the need of cooperative effort in reaching any new world experience cooperation uniting merging connecting in order to get okay to this West to the new world okay to the new future it’s combining resources combining our energy yeah you know I mean intercourse you know is combining our bodies to create babies right you know I mean and that is definitely a new future right so very you know really something and then we have coming up this I don’t want to read that one yaks Venus stationing like I said from September 28th till October 12th at the same degree it’s like she’s just sitting right there okay Boeing where is she sitting she’s sitting at the 11th degree a drowning man is being rescued the key note is the deep concern of the social group for the safety of individuals again cooperation coming together okay and you know and I’m gonna talk about what that all involves but the last Sabian symbol I want it you know bringing to you is this the symbol for the New Moon the symbol for the new moon is a little trickier yeah it sets the tone for the next month it’s at the 16th degree of Libra after a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction the need to keep in operation steady links between the vast unconscious and the ego consciousness so this is where we are this is this is the energy that is now okay that we are in and it is an energy of raising up okay from the depths of our past Scorpio all the water signs cancer scorpio and Pisces all have to do with letting go of the past and of course these memories come up they trigger fears and insecurities and what do we need to get over let’s look at the polarities what’s opposite Scorpio Taurus Taurus is our ability to love ourselves be self-sufficient take care of ourselves if that’s weak and how many of us is that weak in right you know how many of us really you know have you know unconditional self-love not so many that I’ve met yeah wherever we feel inadequate okay or you know uncapable or unworthy okay it creates fear we have a hard time trusting we don’t want to attract predators we don’t want to be taken for a ride or manipulated or exploited and and this is like a requirement okay you know for really exposing ourselves asking for our needs to be met standing up for ourselves and conference you know confronting what is Scorpio forces beyond our control Jeffrey Wolfe green founder of evolutionary astrology I’ll never forget it what is you know Scorpio it’s about power and he says there is power in what I know and can control and powerlessness in what I don’t know and I can’t control like I said so many planets are Libra through Pisces right now we are all going to be dealing with forces beyond our control for the next few weeks a couple of months we cannot control our intimate partners we cannot control other people other people’s money other people’s values or what they believe or what they’re going after this is a time of dealing with greed with jealousy with resentment okay you know with you know the this yoke I don’t want to be manipulated but then I can also in my past let’s look at the other opposition Mars and Aquarius is opposite Leo leo okay it’s my show I’m the king I’m the queen you know these polarities of Taurus and Leo can also indicate conditions and situations where we have gotten overconfident or overly selfish or overly protective or just unaware of other people other people’s needs other people’s money other people’s values other people’s hearts and done our own thing in our own time in our own way and now SH the third quarter square is about it’s coming back so this is a tremendous time okay of receiving input and whether it is through counseling through your intimate partnerships through your business relationships you know through your Facebook friends or your reputation I mean this is just really such a time of reflection reflecting on Who I am what I have done how it’s being received or rejected by others and how I can improve do better let go of some of my ego consciousness and really receive the input listen Venus and the feminine is about listening okay she rules the eardrums and listening you know it’s like time to listen great time for counseling great time for therapy and what is that it can be scary right it can be scary I mean how is it when your partner says I think you know we need to go to counseling you know or better yet I think you need to go County have some therapy and have some counseling right you know or how is it when you know our partner you know our you know our intimate partner says I you know I want to you know explore my sexuality you know again these are really personal personal personal what else is it shared money yeah you know your partner comes and says you know I got a charge card in your name you know you know or your business partners you know if people that you’ve shared money to or loaned money to and they can’t pay you back or they just you know won’t won’t pay you back you get ripped off this is a time of like you know losing we just want to you know this loss okay is you know part of an evolutionary process letting go and reaching out for more so it is also a very creative time Mars and Aquarius is reaching for raising the bar greater consciousness greater awareness greater objectivity it’s about the needs of the group it’s about the needs of the relationship it’s about the needs of the kids it’s it’s about the needs of the planet it’s just like you know this is really I want to say creative tension the square is creative tension I want to really see is a super powerful time it can hurt becoming aware of how we have hurt other people and we need to forgive ourselves or how we have been hurt and we need to forgive other people because we’re all in this boat together we’re all sailing the ships together this is such a great time you know I mean I don’t want to you know get into you know the rescuer but you know that that Sabian symbol okay of a drowning man being rescued it wasn’t by an individual it was by the group coming together to save the drowning man this is us coming together caring for each other’s hearts caring for each other’s lives and it involves kind of getting over self-interest getting over you know my own money power Fame reputation sexual gratification you know ego needs and desires in order to like really be there for somebody so this is where love can really happen venus and Scorpio wants soul Union D love Scorpio Venus Wow so the potential the possibility here is to get rid of okay the past get rid of the fears get rid of the hurts get rid of the pains you know listen and really this is just like it can be such a beautiful time it’s just a time of really like I said you know being careful and that brings me to what the mantra the expansion of my consciousness can be a dangerous affair where hearts get hurt and lives can get lost so I really need to take care this new moon happening at that degree okay of you know just appear you know appears where we you know we go out to get in a boat to go out into the sea and the sea represents the collective unconscious Neptune Pisces the ocean of the collective unconscious okay and I am stepping out on to you know this is you know the farthest I can go I have to leave the safety and security of the land to get in my boat and when there’s a storm this can be you know the storm this can be the public this can be news coming this can be economic news this can be you know more exposures of you know gluttony or greed or you know leadership you know falling or whatever and it’s a time where you know it can really bring us together to repair and rebuild yeah you know that pier so that we can extend ourselves and go further out into the sea of spirit the collective unconscious that holds within it every potential that is the realm of spirit so it’s a time it’s a beautiful time it’s a sensitive time that we G board we’re all getting you know becoming more sensitive and as we become more sensitive we can be more easily hurt but we can also be more easily fulfilled and fertilized so that we expand into a more powerful beautiful expression of ourselves like those flowers behind us I think of the pouring rain it has been just pouring freakin rain around here and these flowers just man the seeds got a break out of that you know break out of the safety of its shell and you know and sprout and then get exposed to too much Sun or wind or rain get drowned out or you know eaten by you know some animal cuz it’s you know vulnerable and fresh and I mean what it takes for a flower to blossom but if you think about it man you know the environment can be pretty harsh and yeah we can be you know dealing with storms we have then dealing with storms right you know in many places of the world our peers are in need of repair so let’s come together right now over me ch I think I have to do a song for every Pele report now these days you know it’s great one more time don’t want to keep you let’s go with the mantra just repeat this self you know and just you know it’s also be careful with ourselves don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve messed up hurt somebody apologize admit it own it ah there’s nothing more beautiful than you know having somebody come up to you you know and say they’re sorry it’s just like your your heart just like opens and goes ah thank you that feels so good and that’s you know that repairs you know that’s that’s death that repairs that’s healing super great time for healing Venus retrograde looking at the upside one last time the expansion of my consciousness can be a dangerous affair where hearts are hurt and lives are lost so I need I really need to take care take care of yourselves take care of each other namaste Aloha so much [Music] you


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