Astrology for the Soul  September 27, 2017

Astrology for the Soul September 27, 2017

[Music] hola buenos dias this is guy pocha with the weekly Paley report and today is September 27th of 2017 and it’s early in the morning here I’m at the temple of the sacred Valley and it’s uh actually the prototype of before machu picchu is when they built this temple and as you can see if you look far up there’s a stairway going up off to the left that leads to the gate that is the beginning of the inca trail that goes from here all the way down to Machu Picchu anyway as to the stralla astrology of this week this week we have right now as I speak Jupiter opposite Uranus the first pass of Jupiter opposite Uranus was last December 27th Jupiter one retrograde came back again March 3rd and now the third pass is today very powerful day has a lot to do with this whole year there’s my alarm going off I got up early today it’s about six o’clock in the morning I’m still waking up so what we have besides that I mean we’re coming into like a two-week conjunction of Venus and Mars they’re both traveling through Virgo Venus is catching up to Mars we had Mars oppose Neptune last week and now Venus is going to be opposing Neptune so basically Venus and Mars are both opposing Neptune and along with that I don’t know if you saw it in the night sky last night but the moon was exactly conjunct Saturn and then she moved on to conjoin with black moon lilith and today she’s going to be moving into Capricorn she’ll be there for a couple of days moving to Aquarius but I think that’s pretty much what I want to be talking about today and I will see you soon I’m a little bit out of it sleeping on the mountains to hit up late for seeing the stars out here feeling into the energy of the space Jupiter opposite Uranus okay so like I head over here at five o’clock this morning and I left my camera back there so I’m doing this on my phone hope it works it is a very powerful energy I don’t think it’s only here it’s all across planet Earth Jupiter opposite Neptune was part of why I came up with the whole notion of 2017 being the year of the end of illusion and profound revelation and it’s like no accident of course if you study astrology long enough you realize there is no such thing as an accident there’s either your personal unconscious setting you up or the collective unconscious settling you up or divine consciousness setting you up but you’re it’s all a big setup for your evolutionary growth so it’s no accident that as we come around to the third pass of Jupiter opposite Uranus here comes Venus opposite Neptune yeah and and this is also the end of illusion Neptune in Pisces okay has fantasies and illusions and no boundaries and no time and no limits and let’s it’s all good and it’s all beautiful and it’s all wonderful and let’s merge with everything and everybody and bah bah bah bah bah and Shh here comes Venus along with Mars and Mercury okay they’re still in you know all three of them are still in Virgo as I give this report mercury is moving into Libra but this this is a very pod this is all about relationship partnership projection shadow learning and knowing yourself with in and through the other and this is what 2017 has been about yeah the end of illusion is brought about with Jupiter opposite Uranus Jupiter in the sign of Libra is that our partnerships are other people are intimate close others yeah you know show us our illusions and show us to ourselves and this creates the Uranus in Aries Uranus in Aries is revelation enlightenment it’s like oh wow that’s me that’s my Aries that’s my masculine energy that’s my sexual nature this is like so it’s we’re all getting revealed to ourselves through our partnerships and if you want to hold on to illusions you may be avoiding relationships [Laughter] because this is where you can do either this is the this is the thing about opposition’s and and I really want to you know focus that I could talk for this could be an hour-long pele report but I don’t even know like how I’m gonna load it up the the internet at the ashram is like super slow I don’t know when you’re gonna even see this but you know this opposition is going on for quite a while at least until Jupiter moves into Scorpio October 10th we can fully say that this Jew proposition you know a Jupiter Uranus opposition is in full-blown effect because it’s a build up of everything that’s gone on all of 2017 and the thing about the polarities is what you can go towards one or the other Jupiter in Libra says you know yes I will expand and grow and learn and prosper through partnerships business intimate romantic sexual however Uranus in Aries is I when I do my yoga and I go inside myself or I go off to a mountaintop I could become I need freedom independence liberation this is going to bring me push Ultimates yes the opening of the third eye it’s a and so it’s very interesting that I was thinking about earlier Jupiter and Uranus both have to do with truth Jupiter Jupiter has to do with truth but it’s it has more to do with philosophy with this world the expansion of consciousness but the other thing I’m thinking of is Uranus also has to do with enlightenment Uranus will give you your truth from your subconscious from your unconscious okay Jupiter is more in the middle world if we look at shamanism Jupiter and Saturn are in the middle world yeah Uranus is in the celestial world so it’s celestial truth penetrating impacting and sometimes just exploding okay this middle world and so what we can see is Uranus actually what is older than Jupiter if you look at Greek Uranus was even before Saturn Uranus was Saturn’s father so before Saturn before time Uranus is before time it’s outside of time so this is where we’re talking extraterrestrial intelligence and we’re talking multi-dimensional wisdom and truth okay and then Jupiter was this the you know the son of Saturn so we’ve got three generations here Uranus Saturn Jupiter boom boom boom right and it’s kind of like this descent descent descent descent so when Uranus comes in okay it blows your mind it knocks your socks off it rules unpredictable sudden events and sudden revelations the truth is like revealed and it’s like been you know it’s been there all along but it’s it’s the aha like I never saw that now it all makes sense that all making sense okay can be unsettling this is a time of instability it’s a time of everything is like you know that the truth comes in and it changes the whole reality it changes the whole picture what you want to do is you want to look at what house Uranus is moving through now because what I was thinking earlier was that you know what Uranus is gonna win if you’re pulled within two directions let’s say you got Uranus in your first house Jupiter in your seventh house it’s like yeah Jupiter would like to do partnership and relationship but you know what Uranus in the first house is gonna say you’ve got to be yourself you’ve got to be spontaneous and instinctive and you know it is it’s like you know own your desires and popov and if you you know guess what this is gonna interrupt your relationships even though Jupiter like wants to go there yeah go all the way around okay let’s put Uranus in the fourth house Jupiter in the tenth house Jupiter is like oh I want to expand my business and I want to do you know do you get out in the world more and you may o be more successful me expand my reputation uh you know and but Uranus is down here in the fourth house and Uranus is like you know what you’ve got to look at your past you got to look at your childhood you got to look at your family you got to look at your children you’ve got to look at your inner personal personal child your inner world and so like you know like you know the home life will explode right and then you know guess what yeah Jupiter in the tenth is gonna lose you see what I’m saying here yeah you can go all the way around with your chart and just look at these ideally and I always say this the opposition’s right resolve themselves by reaching the center point of balance that center point of balance is like a wormhole yeah to another liberated state of enlightenment balance your opposition’s and you will find ya the truth within so anyway so Uranus Jupiter Aries – Libra is what finding freedom Uranus and Aries in relationship Jupiter in Libra so it’s like if the relationship is able to meet the needs for freedom and and personal inner development of each of the partners then the Jupiter Uranus is going to complement and the opposites you know the opposites complement each other yeah if both are allowed to be fed if both are given equal time so it’s like you know this is like 50 to 50 percent I’m you know in relationship 50 percent you know I got it I got a really you know go into my own personal you know revelation or whatever you know it’s like or whatever yeah so yeah this is so I think this is going to go on for a little while I you know it’s um there’s so much to talk about Wow because the other thing is what just the masculine and the feminine I could give it you know I could give a couple hours on the masculine and feminine we’ve been talking about it here yeah the need for emptiness the masculine is emptiness the void nothingness clarity simplicity just nothing I want to sit in nothingness yeah I mean the yogic path is a masculine path I’m gonna sit and do my kundalini yoga and I’m going to you know go into nothingness stand stop you know stop everything no more distractions this is the this is the masculine and the feminine is about connection I want to connect the earth with the sky with the clouds with the rain with me and you and our emotions and our spirits and that you know so it’s all about connection connection connection connection connection and so this balancing of the masculine and the feminine you know is another place where this urine is you know Uranus Jupiter can come into play and of course also I don’t want to neglect you know it’s just that the Jupiter Uranus is a slow-moving opposition that’s going on for the whole year of 2017 the Venus in opposition to Neptune is going on for a week or two yeah so I you know but let’s just you know if we want to look at that opposition a little bit Neptune just wants to I don’t want to hear the truth I don’t want to know the truth I want to escape I want to deny I want to avoid I want to just like not talk about it you know run away you know I mean so we have this tendency happening now you know oh yeah of people wanting whether it’s through drugs alcohol sex or just you know traveling and you know leaving the scene okay Venus in Virgo the powerful feminine energy is now catching up to Mars the masculine okay and saying okay it is very interesting right yeah it’s like the masculine feminine freedom and connection arc you know like you know coming together yeah and in Virgo nonetheless it’s like is this is really time I’ll talk about the Venus Mars conjunction more next week when it’s exact right now the Venus and Virg wants facts data the truth what’s real what’s happening in this physical world don’t give me any lies or distortions or you know I mean really Neptune can be the deceiver yeah so it’s like no more deception so this also has to do with the end of illusion yes the end of illusion is Venus in Virgo is the end of illusion particularly around love heart and relationship yeah you know it’s like true get down to earth get in your body get clear get straight and that leads to the profound revelation of this Jupiter or Uranus so all I can say is this is the best of times in the worst of times this is a time where you’re seeing the truth like it or not ready or not it’s in your face it’s disturbing it’s upsetting your reality it’s upsetting your routine or your job or your relationship but it’s the truth and your future will be built on a foundation of truth so this is very positive yeah because it’s not about illusions anymore and you’re not gonna build sand castles in the air at least from now on you can get your together at least from now on you can see who you really are who your partner really is what your life is really about and go from there because now Jupiter’s gonna go into Scorpio yeah October 10th I’m gonna give a whole thing you know Saturn’s moving into Capricorn Chiron is moving into Aries Uranus is moving into the Taurus 2018 is huge I’m gonna do a whole nother thing on that but I think it’s time to wrap this up so I hope I still have battery and I don’t run out of time on my phone the mantra for this week then my vision of perfection Neptune okay and Venus Venus then my vision of perfection now has to include not only me I or we but all – this is what I really wanted to talk about today the Venus in Virgo and all of creation you know I’m here with these ancient temples and this is temple in particular was founded on love it was the first king who married out of love instead of out of political necessity and he came out here he left Cusco where the rest of the Incas were and he built this temple before Machu Picchu it was like you know I could go to a whole nother video on this but the idea here is I mean we connected with the rocks and the stones and the great mother and father sky and nature and then we ate the cocoa leaves on the way up and you you know you eat the the plants of the land connect you with the land and you speak with the land and the mother speaks to you and and you feel this connection the tapestry the matrix of all of creation not the freaking world wide web matrix I’m talking about the real matrix intergalactic interplanetary matrix you really do you tap into something that in it and it is less temporary less temporary if you’re suffering from insecurity and you’re in a state of fear about the future or about your you know where you where your your state of being your mental health or whatever your pocketbook yeah you want to latch on to what is the temporal world is the temporary world and you get into more of the infinite world you get more into you get in more to the earth the trees live longer than us the rocks are here for 25 of our lifetimes thousands of our lifetimes a rock will be here the stars yeah I mean it’s like tap into yes the more fundamental you know long lasting aspects of creation and they will give you more security than the temporary this is Saturn and Black Moon Lilith conjunct in Sagittarius nature and its opposite Gemini which is the city the left brain the emails and the instagrams and the youtubes that ended the busyness Sagittarius is coming out here on the mountain and you sit and you feel into the more infinite realms of time and space and it brings you into a state of more of peace and serenity so that’s what the mantra is about yeah my vision of perfection now needs to include not just me I and we but all creation – may you expand your attention your focus yes you know your desire your creative energy out of just this temporary personal you know romantic or whatever you know financial world and expand it to include all of creation namaste Aloha [Music] [Music] [Music]


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