Astrology for the Soul

Astrology for the Soul

Hola! Buenos Dias! This is Kaypacha with the weekly Pele Report. Out here on Flamingo Beach, May 10, 2017 Are you feeling it? Are you feeling that Moon in Scorpio? Come on – you gotta be! You gotta be, we’re coming up to the Full Moon in Scorpio. It’s this afternoon, down here 3:42 this afternoon, Sun 20 degrees, 24 minutes of Taurus… Moon, 20 degrees, 24 minutes of Scorpio. What is this bringing up? The Mars energy, the Pluto energy… Mars being the lower octave of Pluto. Desire, will, power, sometimes leading to struggle Conflict, further amplified by Eris in Aries, ruled by Mars, Venus in Aries, ruled by Mars… Uranus, in Aries, ruled by Mars, Mercury in Aries, ruled by Mars! Wooohoo! Mars in opposition to Black Moon Lilith, Black Moon Lilith exalted in Scorpio… with that Plutonian energy. So it brings a lot of transformation, but how can we manage the power?? That’s the big deal. The Moon moves out of Scorpio, tomorrow, Thursday, she moves into Sagittarius. Conjuncts Black Moon Lilith… Opposes Mars on Friday… Mars is square Neptune, trine Jupiter all this week, Thursday and Friday… it’s just like, wooohhoo, wow, wow, super powerful time! A lot of energy! That energy can be tension, that energy can be frustration, if you are feeling blocked. That energy can be irritation, if other people, yah, are in the way of your dream. haha. yeah, oh my gawd! Well we can talk about it a little bit more… some of these other aspects, though… is what? the big news, right? North Node of the Moon, yesterday, Tuesday… Left Virgo after a year and a half of purification, preparation and integration… Switched into Leo where she’s going to be for the next year and a half Super powerful creative energy rising. it is just absolutely amazing times. So yes… It is a lot to handle, a lot to manage. Let me just take a quick look at the camera… Talk to you a little bit about what all the heck this astro-babble is about, Baby! Okay, hola! I’m trying to get the lighting right, so you can see the beach… you know, the back lighting… a lot of times, if I’m close to the camera, and I’m dark, then it’s all white back there. I hope you can see the Pacific, the Pacific, like passive, like chill, like cool, calm… even though the Pacific is often not! haha. it can be a really raging ocean’ And just like this Moon in Scorpio, just like the energy right now, this is really a time of, as you can see… In the mantra today, it’s about the volcano ready to blow. Alright? This is about Power. Deep kundalini, chi, red energy, life force… Big Power! This can be power struggles… and why is that? Why is that? haha We’ve got Eris, Uranus, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Mercury, they’re all down here, in Aries, Taurus, Gemini. The first three signs of the zodiac is where we are the most primal… instinctive, unconscious, impulsive, self-maintaining, self-oriented… Survival oriented… okay, Sun in Taurus, this is MY money, this is MY stuff, this is MY LIFE. I’ll be a hermit… leave me alone, yah? I am self-sufficient! So there’s this real pull now to get our shit together. Yeah? And to define and to clarify, all right, this is my truth, this is my good… this is my path, this is my journey… And then at the other time, we’ve got Jupiter in Libra, pulling us out of self. And this is other people, relationships, it is also enemies… it’s any mirror that makes us aware, okay, of something that we were projecting unconsciously, onto somebody else. So we’re pulling people into our sphere right now, okay, And you know, conscious or not, these people, we’ve brought them in… Because we want to see something about ourselves and when they irritate us, or they bother us, or we get triggered, okay, then we become aware of “wow I didn’t know that was so important to me” “Oh wow, I didn’t know I was so attached to that!”, you know… “Now that you mention it…” or “now that you are taking it away, I realize, oh my god, that’s a priority for me!” I don’t want to let that go. So we get to know ourselves through this bumping up against, yeah? You know, this is Jupiter in Libra, and it’s going to be there till October And then it’s going to go into Scorpio for a year and it’s even more intense. Right now, this Moon in Scorpio, full moon energy… This is the sexual axis, this is the intimacy axis, this is the axis of passion, yeah? And it is where we can really benefit, gain, orgasm, simultaneously, okay, enter nirvana in union! There is more power in union than any one of us as individuals can harness. And this can be a bitter pill to swallow…. haha… It’s like, yeah, for sure I’d like to do it myself, but what, I’m limited! I’ve got only so much time, only so much money, only so much energy… And when I work with other people co-creating You know, the ripples go out big, we can do conventions, instead of little tiny workshops You know, we can, like, you know really have a huge impact… On the planet, on society, on future generations… When we work together And this is the age of Aquarius, this is the new paradigm… is it easy? No. We’re not used to this. We’ve been in this age of Pisces… okay, you know, have God do it, go to the monastery, say your prayers, whatever. you know, it should just magically happen because we’re good people…. NO. Sorry. That is innocent… Taking for granted, okay, that everybody is the same, and everybody wants the same Aries, Taurus, Gemini, this node, going into Leo, is Differentiation! And that differentiation… can be really complementary and really beautiful. It’s like adding five more instruments to the symphony it’s like it’s more complex… there more to manage… Okay where do we put these instruments, where do we put these players… What melody do we want them to play? I mean, it’s like wow, it’s more complex, but what? It’s a greater symphony! hahaha And you just go “Woww!” So it is even more amazing! This is the expanding universe We gotta get used to this, because it’s just gonna like, exponentially baaahhm! I mean, we’re going, we’re going for it, we’re waking up. yeah, this age of Aquarius, super powerful. Super powerful. And so we’ve got this, the energy is not only around us and outside of us… it’s WITHIN us. So this mantra for today… Like a seething volcano That’s just about to blow I feel the tension building In my mind, my heart and my soul. The energy that is rising Is there for me to create And the more I can keep it together the more I can do something great Do you get that feeling?? We’ve had Mercury Uranus Both associated with the nervous system Conjoined with Eris, goddess of discord, This is like people pushing my buttons! People triggering me, What is this about? Control! What is this full moon in Scorpio about? Power! What is power? Is power force? Is power pushing to get my way? Is power controlling and dominating? The other, the relationship, the situation, the conversation? you know, am I dominating the group? Okay, the negative shadow of Scorpio, is manipulation, exploitation, domination, It’s the predator, it’s dark. yeah? I’m going to use you for my purposes. it’s black magic, okay, it’s total narcissitic, psychopathic, you know, I am the sociopath, I am the all powerful, dominating, magician, soceror. This can get really down and dirty and nasty. The upside, okay, this upside is this energy which is rising… True power… is the ability to control my flow, my kundalini, my red energy, my temper, my anger… my creativity, my mood. This co-creating is forcing us all to grow up… It’s forcing us all, this is the grand trine of Saturn at the galactic center trining Uranus trining the North Node of the moon This grand trine in the fire signs… is going on until October. June, July, August, September… Four to five months We have a grand trine And this is like Saturn, yeah? in cooperation with Uranus So it’s bringing in new forms, new structures, new techniques of managing the energy Really powerful, beautiful! Grand trines, this is really, it’s very stabilizing… so it’s really moving into this place of cooperation and compromise, sharing control, learning how to manage ourselves… And what do we have to do? Become more objective! As we move out of “I, Me, My” Aries, Taurus, Gemini… “I need this, I want this, I desire this, I am this, I have to express … my truth, myself, me, me, me, me, me…. hahah We can move into… What does love want? What would love do in this condition? How do I bring more love into this situation? Into this conversation Let love have it’s way. With us, through us, Together! This is what life, this is real co-creation, this is what can really blow the doors, open the heart… blow the hearts open! ahhhhhh! So it’s not what I want, It’s what Love wants. What Gaia wants, Yeah? what the Gods and Goddesses want. What the children want. What does the future want?? Let’s, like, change the question. Making it what? Sagittarius… Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarious… Expaaaaannnnd! The expanding consciousness! Expands the question! Yeah!!! Wow. So… One more time, that’s enough I know it’s a long mantra You got to repeat this one a few times. It’s great to repeat it over again, through the week… I repeat these mantras to myself, I’m walking around, saying these mantras. Ten, twenty, thirty times a day, you know, it’s like Yeah! Feel that energy! Moon moves Scorpio, Sag, into Capricorn, After that full moon, okay we’re coming out, get that party started! And a powerful party it is! Big weekend here, yeah? Alright! That Moon in Sag is going to fire us up! Hahaha… ah… Like a seething volcano That’s just about to blow! I feel the tension building, in my mind, my heart and my soul. The energy that is rising, is there for me to create And the more I can keep it together… the more I can do something great! Namaste… Aloha…. So. Much. Love! hahaha, ahhoo!


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    12 November 2017
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    Earth Alone & Other Planets
    are Opposite Sun
    Mercury comes Around Periodically

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