Astrology For Valentine’s Day!  February 14, 2018

Astrology For Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2018

oh my god it’s the Valentine’s Day report an astrological forecast for the soul this
is Kaypacha and it is February 14th of the great year of 2018 and we are approaching
what? freaking solar eclipse tomorrow! In the great sign of Aquarius the moon is in
Aquarius now we have that solar eclipse at 27 degrees 8 minutes of Aquarius then a couple
hours later she goes into Pisces. Stays in Pisces until Sunday when she goes into Aries.
I’m just checking out these little things because you know it’s the little things that
count in life and too often these little things just get passed by. [Laughs] Oh my goodness.
It’s actually a banana report because I’m here back in the city with my Valentine at
her house. There goes the lawnmower next door anyway for those of you who are a little sensitive
these are very sensitive times not only is a new moon a sensitive time but Venus is in
Pisces and then the moon on Friday goes into Pisces and we have a moon Venus Neptune sandwich
in Pisces powerful time I’m going to be talking about Pisces a lot why? because Mars is also
square to that Neptune exact on Saturday. Neptune in Pisces, Neptune the ruler of Pisces,
what is all this Pisces going on and what’s more than that mercury goes into Pisces on
Saturday. and then what? the Sun goes into Pisces on Sunday. It’s gonna be another Pisces
party coming up here talk about the banana report. Check this out okay there’s one I
don’t know if you can see that other one up there, here let me get, it’s on the other
side of the leaf okay where’d that sucker go? See that one? Those are baby, baby, baby
bananas. Yeah and then what? oh my god number three! three gangs of bananas happening here
with the big dong hanging down there. Here’s our bananas for the banana report see if I
can get three gangs in one shot there they are about that and then if three wasn’t enough
let’s just head on over here for the grand finale number four hiding out in the back,
yes indeed. there she blows these babies grow so fast it’s freaking amazing. anyway back
to the astrology right so that moon goes into Aries on Sunday conjoins with Uranus on Tuesday
and next Wednesday I’ll probably be talking about it some more because Venus conjuncts
Neptune next Wednesday, so you got all that those are the aspects the Sun is traveling along with mercury throughout this whole time and
is exactly conjunct mercury on Saturday just before they both are in Pisces. Let me look
at the camera and talk about it talk about it. Alright everybody, what are we going to talk about today? we’re gonna talk about love! It’s Valentine’s Day! I mean what a perfect day for Valentine’s! I mean there’s nothing like Venus in Pisces
oh my god and then and then the moon coming up into Pisces to join Venus Pisces is the
dream it’s the ideal it’s the longing for the ultimate divine spiritual connection union
love I mean yes sometimes that does involve disappointment and disillusionment, and the
rose-colored glasses, I thought you were because you know Pisces can project all this Beauty
onto the Frog hoping that the Frog becomes a prince- oh my god- believing that the Frog
is a prince. I mean so there is this disappointment but there’s always still kind of that innocent,
beautiful sensitive, desire and hope that believes in grace that has compassion, and
the heart is open, and there’s forgiveness and it’s a learning to love. I mean and you
know for me it’s like well I could get a little personal here, I mean this is, this is
a little kind of a personal time. I’ll do a personal sharing I mean I’ve changed my
purpose in life. Here we have the moon’s nodes moving through Leo and Aquarius and
I have a lot of stuff in Leo and Aquarius that last eclipse was on my Venus/Pluto conjunction.
so you know that was last August. I’ve been going through this whole thing and that is
what I wanted to talk about today is that we don’t want to just separate out, it’s a
weekly Pele report and this is what’s going on this week. You know I mean this is all part
of cycles, upon cycles, upon cycles. so we’re in this cycle of awakening from the Age of
Pisces into this Age of Aquarius is awakening opening that Uranian third eye that’s what
the mantra today is about this solar eclipse is that my eye, it should be my eye has been
opened. Yes that I see with my singular eye, instead of my double eyes, you know what we’re
talking about here right you know that there is no duality or polarity, you know, above
the third eye and the crown chakra is singular, unified field of consciousness. below the
third eye we get into polarity, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two two two two all
the way down polarity plus minus, good bad, right wrong, heaven hell, you know this in and out,
whatever I mean it’s just like whoa our ego lives in this polarized consciousness and
this Aquarian energy this total, and well it’s a partial solar eclipse, okay, but it’s
the Sun Moon conjunct okay and we’ve also got mercury there and we’ve also of course.
got the South node of the Moon there okay and this is just all about Aquarius.the future
and opening to new groups, new organizations, the World Wide Web global consciousness, the
future the Prophet, Science, Technology, anything that really gives us, okay, you know like
the telescope, you know, it gives us this view of you know the stars that we couldn’t
have without a telescope think of what technology and science does it gives us a microscope
that so we can see amoebas that we never even knew were there so you know science and technology
expands our view it opens our eyes to ever greater possibilities to ever greater potentials
and then it kind of goes beyond this collective consciousness into Pisces the collective Unconsciousness,
the world of the heart and the spirit that is even you know greater it’s like this magnetic
field of the brain is smaller than the magnetic field of the heart and we can say that Aquarius and Uranus and you know it’s this air sign or you know I call it outer space sign okay
is like awakened it’s the vision and then Pisces is love, the heart, and we are right
here on the cusp now of moving from the Age of Pisces into this Age of Aquarius and the
Sun and the moon and Mercury are all right now right there that cusp so let’s connect
our heads with our hearts okay I mean this is what last week’s mantra was about and this
week I’m going to take it even a little bit of a step further yeah and what is the step
further? I’ll tell you this step further that I’m thinking of these days. I’m thinking of
the great Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction coming up in 2020 and I’m thinking of the
closing phase of this Age of Pisces before the birth of this Age of Aquarius and I’m
thinking that these could be what so many people have called the end times. and I’ll
tell you a lot about what happens at the end times at the end of an age, at the end of
a civilization, at the end of, you know, of a relationship, at the end, you know. at the
end… okay, just think of y2k you remember that? that was the end of the 1900s, what was there?
this is where we’re getting into a time now of and I’m particularly addressing now Mars
in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces and Venus coming up to join that Neptune she
will also be squaring Mars and the moon coming in to conjoin with Neptune will be squaring
that Mars. Mars in Sagittarius is the seeker of truth. Truth. Wisdom. Sagittarius natural
law, intuition, squaring all of this Piscean stuff. And we look at this like I said at the
end of the times I’m talking about what I want to call “false prophets.” “False prophets.”
we are in a time now and it is only going to increase the more people do ayahuasca and
the more people start opening up to ya you know extraterrestrial intelligence the collective
unconscious dreams okay multidimensional realities plant medicine whatever you want to call it
this is this opening of that crown chakra but it’s also the opening of Pandora’s box.
it’s also the opening of false teachings. Whether that’s conscious or unconscious. Some
of it can be innocent okay oh I just didn’t know I didn’t know any better I really thought
that you know love was blah blah blah truth meant blah blah blah and this is blah blah
blah you know I mean it can be innocent and other aspects and elements of it can just
be more conscious yeah you know to where we get into yes you know you know I’m in this
organization or I’m starting this you know enterprise or I’m you know you know beginning
this retreat center or you know this that and the other thing and this is where we are coming
in more and more with very powerful spiritual half-truths so that it can be presented okay
you know like this astrology or the Pele report okay it sounds kinda true or you know here’s
this that or the other thing, I mean it behooves each and every single one of us to balance
Pisces with Virgo and to really do this Mars in Sagittarius. You’ve got to check in with
your OWN sovereign autonomous authority and know that you are the carrier of your own
truth. and that your truth and your beliefs will change as your values change. As you
evolve and your soul evolves these will change and you’ll go from teacher to teacher, relationship
to relationship, you know belief system to belief system, we move through these things
I mean except of course astrology because, because frickin astrology is like totally
awesome all the time, but but you know what I’m saying is the Dragon of the ego. Knowledge
is power. yeah the ability to manipulate through knowledge and knowing okay there is the false
guru the false prophet the false teacher the Pied Piper okay come follow me yes, you know
it’s very enticing, and I feel more powerful, or I’m going to take your money, okay or I’m
going to take your body, or it just you know it gets me off that I am adored or what I
mean there is, as people you know evolved through the spiritual stage and I’ve talked
about this there’s a whole, you can download my whole thing on the evolutionary stages
and there’s this evolutionary stage it’s the second stage of the spiritual, okay where
we move from disciple to teacher, and then from teacher there’s that movement into yeah
the Buddha state, or the Christ consciousness, or the open and you face the demons and the
dragons of your ego of your personal power, of your personal desires and need and want
for power. So this is why the mantra today is calling in pure love. There’s you know
there’s like you know, there’s so many different definitions of love this brings me back to
what I was going to say before my personal story, you know my personal, I have felt that
you know my purpose for incarnating here was to just like help to spread astrology to as
many people as possible before I die and I have been doing that for a number of years
now, really just wanting to bring astrology because astrology is so amazing and enlightening
and to me it it reflects okay cosmic truth and wisdom and understanding. So I’ve wanted
to you know like change the world by changing one consciousness at a time through the horoscope
which is the blueprint of your unconscious soul and my intention has been to make the
unconscious conscious to make the unconscious soul in work in harmony with the conscious
ego, thereby alleviating pain and suffering on planet Earth. [laughs] Yeah baby! I mean you may as well
think big. Anyway decided to change that, yeah I mean because now I’m you know I’m getting
older man I’m past my second Saturn return, and it’s not about changing the world doing
it’s not about controlling the world, it’s not about you know filling myself you know
with the world so I’ve changed my purpose okay from wanting to like save the world or
heal the world or help the world or whatever it’s like come on man, my new purpose now
is to understand what pure love is. before I die I want to
understand love, and it’s a learning process and it’s so potent right now for Valentine’s
Day. love, love is this intangible. love is a feeling love is a subtle energy. love is
an exchange. love is an inner experience gained you know with vibrating oscillating with another
it’s it’s it’s totally intangible it’s kind of indescribable really that’s why there are
so many songs and poems about love is because nobody really gets it everybody you can only
kind of like describe it it’s like you beat around the bush of love you know from all
the different angles or aspects that that’s what love is no that’s what love is no that’s
what love love is giving love is sacrificing love is receiving love is adoring love is
devotion love is -ha- I mean it goes on and on and on the very many different aspects
of love. isn’t it freaking oh! it’s totally amazing man so I feel like you know I I don’t
feel like I really know what love is I don’t know that my heart is as open as it could
be or should be or that I want it to be. I feel like you know yeah I can get motivated
by other things other than love. and I don’t want that anymore so I want to understand
more deeply and powerfully what love is. and this brings me back to the false prophets
and the false teachers. if you listen, you listen for the heart in the message in the
person in the advertisement, in the Facebook post. Is it about you know yeah there’s
a lot of Awakening and enlightening and blow your mind and you know open yourself and blah
blah but but we really get into it you know is there a human being behind that message?
Is there is there a sensitive open vulnerable, I think vulnerability is an aspect needed
for true connection, and love to happen, so you know is this person coming on you know
and you know as a savior or a rescuer or an answer person or you know with wisdom and
ba ba ba or are they coming to you as an equal as just a human being where we’re all kind
of learning and growing and vulnerable and and and ignorant idiots you know bouncing
around on this planet together hurting each other you know accidentally or kind of on
purpose or you know that and we all need to be forgiven and we’re all screwed up or are
they coming on like you know I’ve done a couple of journeys and I like I’ve seen everything
and I know everything and it’s like you know you know let me raise your consciousness you
know what I’m saying you don’t need it we don’t need that. it’s almost like we don’t
need to raise our consciousness we need to open our hearts. and that is raising you opening
your heart will raise your consciousness, yeah you know I’m saying it this is this difference
with aquarius pisces and Uranus Neptune and you know even Uranus Sun you know like the
North node and Leo you know we ruled by the Sun so anyway wow it’s great I never know
what I’m gonna say but you know this is so let me get to the you know let me get to the
mantra if I can remember it now yeah it’s like I see what it is I need to do as my eye
has now been opened and I call to the spirit world oh and I call upon the spirit world
that pure love may not be forgotten. These are times where we can get busy we can get
preoccupied with needs desires goals okay you know information we can get really distracted
but let’s not forget that it’s about pure love especially on Valentine’s Day and so
you know I don’t want to get too hokey here you know but I thought that I would end with
a song yeah it’s a you know it’s a mantra you know and it’s “om namo guru dev namo”
“I bow to the infinite wisdom within myself” and I know that I did a yoga thing at the
end of the you know another Pele report before and people really liked having something to
go forward and take into the week with them, so I’m going to do this mantra, and and you
can just like close your eyes and sing along, Ong, and vibrate you really want to sing out
loud and vibrate your skull Kundalini Yoga works with sound technology so let’s do it,
yeah, okay so it goes like this yeah Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


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    Truly deeply touched and grateful for this message of LOVE! It's all about the LOVE. As we ascend in consciousness, any issues of the heart still remaining will be exposed to be purified. You are so right about the gurus out there. Those who still have issues of the heart to process and resolve will be humbled……a Leo Woman witha BIG HEART!

  • Loreto tapia andreo says:

    Sweet voice!! Can feel your spiritual love .!

  • Victoria says:

    I love your reports always. But this time it was the most amazing report, so beautiful and mind blowing. Such a great topic! I love your spirit! Thank you!

  • Tuatha de Danann says:

    Yeeeeeaaassss!!!! Kaypacha singing!!!! Best ever I love this!!! I sang along… Strongly and deeply ❤️

  • Liane Volkmann says:

    biutifully humble, ..when I met love I assumed I have died but I wasl told, no, now you are awake 🙂 and to what was I awake? To a fountain of infinite love which nurtured me from within, holding me warm, cosy and comfy as I could have never ever imagined that this can be true

  • Geoffrey Hancock says:

    Great as always. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Joshua Mehle says:

    I love you Kaypacha

  • Ruby Q says:

    Wow, I love your vulnerability and your newfound truth. Your light lights mine up dear brother. What a beautiful ending with you singing to the stars…

  • Dream/Body Express says:

    Sat nam!

  • Valéri TERRA says:

    What are the chords please? And thanks! the heart is consciousness!

  • Valéri TERRA says:


  • Sacred Plants says:

    Let me raise your consciousness Kaypacha! Ahahahahaha 😀

  • Eric Crumb says:

    Absolutely loved the mantra at the end. Thank you Kaypacha for another amazing video

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    25:05 This song has changed my life. Throughout the year I have continually come back here for a listen and a spiritual uplifting. Thank you so much

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