Astrology Forecast for December 27, 2017

Astrology Forecast for December 27, 2017

[Music] hola this is cannot you with the weekly Bailey report at home with my masks December 27th of 2017 next week we have a full moon that moon is in cancer so I’m sharing with you a little bit of my personal life my mask collection this guy’s from Africa I’m not gonna say where they’re all from I’m gonna talk about astrology yeah and that is that the moon is now in Aries and tonight at least in Costa Rica at 10:26 she moves into Taurus when she’s in Taurus you know she’s gonna sextile you know Neptune over there in Pisces he’s gonna pose Mars and Jupiter you know that’s Ganesh from India yeah and and then she’s going to move on okay by Friday she goes into Gemini Monday into cancer and actually what I wanted to mention okay was that on Sunday she actually goes void of course okay at 338 in the afternoon here and doesn’t really go into cancer until Monday so we have quite alone void of course moon to be dealing with and then we have the full moon opposite the Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Venus so on Friday we have Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith I should get these guys from Venice in here for Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith yeah baby you know in bars is trying Neptune okay you know through most of this time and it’s exact today actually okay skies from Bali if you haven’t been to Bali and the big thing that I really want to talk about here is that number one Jupiter is still square the nodes it’s been square the nodes it’s going to be stained square the nodes it for another week or so Mars is catching up it’s gonna be squaring the nodes okay that one’s from the Yucatan and here’s one from Peru just got back from Peru and mostly as you can see from that chart yeah there were having a big conversation up there in Capricorn Saturn Lilla Venus Sun Pluto I mean Pluto comes up January 9th the Sun conjunct Venus and Pluto okay and Mars is exactly conjunct Jupiter all right On January 6th so this party is not over okay by any stretch if you want to call it a party okay I don’t know if we can really call it a party because it’s very very serious so I saved my favorite until last there’s my buddy all right let me look at the camera talk to you about what all this means okay okay everybody I’m setting my timer for this one because it could be a long Paley report we need to have what they used to call a little fireside chat oh my goodness I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas but I highly questioned that because Venus was conjunct Saturn and Venus is the goddess of love beauty and harmony and Saturn is the lord of restriction judgment yeah time Chronos have talked about him a lot in fact the whole dream team and myself is doing a whole course on Saturn getting stronger with Saturn it’s a two month course that starts January 1st there’s a link in the box below if you want to find out more about it and really go into Saturn because it’s a big transit it’s it’s home in Capricorn Saturn rules Capricorn and let’s talk about Capricorn a little bit Capricorn is the polarity okay of Capricorn and cancer is the security axis cancer where the full moon is going to be okay next Monday is personal emotional security in my gut in my body in my emotions in my feelings and wanting to be secure there and Capricorn is financial earth it’s an earth sign and of course it is at the top of the chart and the natural horoscope it has to do with my office business profession career becoming more of an authority more objective I’m talking about the Lord of karma in my module with the Saturn course he is the Lord of karma and let’s look at what karma is okay and what Saturn and Capricorn and online and all this is about because this is where the conversation is happening now and it is no accident of course there are no accidents Black Moon Lilith is moving through Capricorn until next August and she is going to help us all face our shadows what is our shadow our shadow is what we have suppressed held in and held down for fear of judgment ridicule rejection and condemnation she is that intrinsic Kundalini feminine force okay that resides at the base of the spine the serpent energy and that serpent energy holds the great mysteries around life around death and around the beyond and it seeks to rise up but it is clamped down tight by Saturn Saturn Uranus and Pluto all rule the root chakra yeah so Pluto is also associated with the Kundalini force Uranus with the nervous system in the electrical force and then sadden is like the shell of the egg okay or the you know the walls that hold that kundalini down and what is this this is the persona the mask the persona that we all wear for our starting with our parents because we need them for our physical survival and then extending out to our teachers society our religious leaders our government leaders the police our spouses our partners our bosses are we want to get physical financial security and that involves having a good reputation looking good showing up on time getting the job done doing our duty and this so then you know what we do is we suppress okay our emotional needs some of our sexual needs some of our um you know our inner inner inner identity our fears okay our paranoia’s are maybe insane imagination or our dreams or our extraterrestrial origins whatever you know we just kind of hold things back we hold things in and we hold things down according to what we personally perceive other people are going to have an issue with or have a problem with or judge us about or condemn us so every single one of us I would say you know on this planet right now I mean we all deal with Saturn we all deal with Capricorn we all have a physical body that we want to take care of okay food shelter clothing etc okay and we all want love and affection and relationship and partnership so we put on these masks but when we suppress it we get distorted it gets verted it gets you twisted it gets it turns into the demons and the beasts and the shadows and it’s like let me out let me out I wonder what I’m gonna say this or jump here or go there or you know yell or scream right and we’re holding there’s holdin and holding it holding it no not now not now not now not now and these this builds up and this builds up pressure and we begin to hide things maybe we begin to twist things maybe distort things maybe lie a little bit little white lies or you know all that really didn’t happen I really didn’t say that or I don’t run there let’s not talk about that or the weekend into secrets and here comes freaking Mars and Jupiter both going through Scorpio guess what yeah charades is over man I mean the play time is over it’s like the masquerade ball is over we’ve got to get real we’ve got to get real with ourselves we’ve got to get real with each other we’ve got to end this impacts this impacts all of our relationships yeah even the most intimate to the to the most financial to the of course you know Scorpio is intimate it is financial okay sexual it is you know our sexual preferences needs and desires really relate to this core sense of who we are and Venus is what we are attracted to and when she’s conjunct Black Moon Lilith she’s attracted to the taboo she wants to you know go under or go into and research and explore other aspects of ourselves that maybe we’ve been afraid to yeah or maybe we’ve hidden in order to remain respectable so she’s bringing up okay some of our issues around our needs our desires our attractions and this can threaten yeah so you know Scorpio and Taurus axis deals with jealousy submiss okay you know just like wow it can get really difficult and challenging to what I’m you know I really feel like okay the North node of Pluto the North node of Saturn the North node of Jupiter these are all in cancer the full moon is in cancer cancer is coming home to myself it’s being my own mother and my own father and my own nurturer and my own protector and you know I mean it’s like last week’s mantra it’s coming into my core it’s coming into my roots it’s coming home and Venus is about unconditional self-love as the ruler of Taurus the need for each of us as weak as we are as vulnerable as we are as scared as we are as you know dumb as we are as you know unattractive as we think we have we have all these ideas and actually I gotta say a lot of the judgments that we get from the outside world are really projections of our own belief systems that we have about ourselves and so everybody else you know is points out the things that you know it’s like oh my god how did you know that or how did you see that or and the closer they get the more they see into us and into what we’re afraid of into what we’re hiding or into what we’re you know ashamed of and so you know it gets you know the the closer you get you know sometimes the worse you look whoa so this movement now this can be a very lonely time if you’re afraid to take off your mask if you’re X afraid to expose you see this this is the Mars and Jupiter squaring the moons no it’s the North nor the moon is in Leo authentic original complete self-expression the duh you know like Here I am ready or not like it or not I’m on the stage everybody it’s like it’s a coming-out party man so this is a coming-out and sometimes it’s like yeah what’s that song you know your dirty laundry you know about the nightly news and dirty laundry I forget what it is you know but anyway hanging out the dirty laundry for everybody to see you know who wants to do that well part of that is self-knowledge and self-awareness and becoming aware of how we have our own limiting core beliefs and it’s not even so much the outside world or other people or whatever doing it to us we are doing it to ourselves we’re holding ourselves back and if we can’t be authentic and true you know to ourselves you know into the world you know what are we we can’t really be the authority that Capricorn and that Pluto in Capricorn in that Saturn in Capricorn really wants us to be so this course is about taking authority it’s about becoming more sovereign about becoming more autonomous and about deconditioning ourselves from yeah what society wants what the parents want what the partner wants what the kids want what whoever yeah what the boss wants and it’s scary territory out there but I’ll tell you when you get out there there are other people doing the same freaking thing and it’s humbling it’s humbling and especially if you’ve hidden things or suppress things or lied about things and you have to like fess up or belly up and you know and it’s it’s humbling to just say you know what I was afraid you know I showed you my mask instead of my true self and there’s where the Karma comes in you can hurt people let people down yeah shatter your own dreams other people’s dreams and things fall apart and things you know and it’s just like you know there’s a big huge mess and at the end of the year everybody’s reflecting on 2017 everybody I talked to is like this is like been one of the hardest fricken years yeah baby that and it it ain’t over yeah we still got a few days left but 2018 ain’t looking like any cakewalk either but the sooner we get real the sooner we step into our truth yeah and lower ourselves unconditionally the easier that walk is gonna be yeah so the mantra for this week yeah you got it printed out there okay it’s time for me to take off my masks before I can no longer pretend and the only way to move through the fear is to love me just as I am that can be really hard sometimes if you’ve messed up screwed up made a fool of things or you know I mean this is the other thing this Mars is trying Neptune Jupiter’s trining Neptune over there in Pisces and Pisces Neptune is just laughing it you know that’s chaos you know and if you created chaos you may be an agent of chaos and other people’s lives okay yeah I mean you know it’s like you know this third dimension is very ordered and structured and Pisces in Neptune takes us out of the third dimension and if we’re trying to bring in a new paradigm the fourth and fifth dimension okay we may be seen experienced by other people as agents of chaos and not liked and this is this is the thing about Black Moon Lilith and that whole powerful feminine energy it’s also Kali energy yeah destroy and let go this is a time of a lot of destroying and letting go of of illusions of things we’ve attached to okay for physical financial emotional security the beat goes on man so I wish you the very best I will upload a Kundalini Yoga Korea I I have a video ok balancing the the the vias okay that I put up a number of months ago that helps us center ourselves in our core I put that up for 2017 I have another one now okay it’s the knob yup for balancing prana and apana it’s a free PDF download from my website check it out I’ll try to get it up there today if not pretty soon but it’s the one I did this morning and I’m switching over to this one for a little while here – really it’s for the navel point okay the naughty energy right there this is the core this is cancer this is like where we’ve got to like really kind of center ourselves okay in the cyclone or the hurricane of the world going on around us and all the judgment and projections and madness that’s happening so come out from behind that mask will be also be coming out of loneliness you know that Venus Saturn can be loneliness because we’re hiding behind the mask and even the people who like us they like the mask they don’t like you well that’s a nice mask you got there and you’re sitting there going yeah but you know it’s it’s really not me you know and you wish you would love me but you know I’m afraid to come out so yeah it’s hard one more time for the mantra it’s time for me to take off my masks for I can no longer pretend and the only way to move through the fear is to love me just as I am may you love yourself just as you are as a divine expression of life and just get over it man namaste Aloha so [Music] you


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    "Don't play with the masks of reality, until you can deal with the reality of masks" Robert Anton Wilson. Not an exact Quote! but something like that. I guess I have in so much as I love metaphor and like Wilson see it as an interesting guide, if not a belief system.. Lots happened on Many levels lately! which I do not believe, if you know what I mean? I find your reports more interesting when do intermittently, that way can seem syncratic and relevant! still awaiting the sharing caring age spoke about 4yrs ago, I did not realize then that such communities would be online networks only, those with land, do like a bit over control rather than agreements, from the few tried. 2018… On a resent Vipassana was 'told' to stay and see. . Ommmmm

  • rasila88 says:

    Done a lot Kundalini.. Ommmm x

  • Lindsey Light says:

    Hi Tom, That was a great Report and so nice to see you looking as relaxed and well!
    Happy NEw Year! to you and Laura, Love Linzi x

  • Edmund Friedman says:


  • urthebest1122 says:

    Ok, so that's why I cleaned out my office this week. It's spotless now. Thanks Capricorn.

  • Anne Halsall says:

    Thank you so much….thank you for helping me to love myself….Peace and Love…

  • Soul Song says:

    Thankyou Kaypacha…I'm wishing myself and all of you a graceful and compassionate de-masking 🙂

  • jorgelina Perez de Prado says:

    Very hard year

  • Olivier de F. says:

    Merci Kaypacha ! Happy new year for you ! ☆

  • EinSofVirtuoso says:

    The year of Metatron is upon us!

  • Kate Rogers says:

    Thank you. I needed permission. How weird.

  • bola de quartzo says:

    I`m looking my tribe…hope we can join in 2018…we need 😉

  • Dol _ says:

    You’re so funny, subscribed 😀

  • Ms_EK says:

    Love this one 💜

  • Live Deep Lee says:

    Kaypacha you light the way with the best humor 🙏💖🤘

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