Aloha and welcome Scorpio to your 2014 Money
& Prosperity Forecast. On today’s show you’ll find out the astrology highlights for your
money and the flow of prosperity in your life in 2014 and how to make the most of your opportunities
and increase the flow of good fortune in your life. I’m your host Metaphysican and intuitive astrologer
KG Stiles. Your Money Forecast is sponsored by PurePlant Essentials organic aromatherapy
and Health Mastery Systems the place to go for your transformational health care needs,
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In 2014 dear Scorpio your material circumstances and money flow steadily improve and receive
boosting through your spiritual Divine connections and your female friends and associations.
Scorpio you are counselled to consciously hangout with your angels, ascended masters
and spirit guides. You are completely surrounded by spirit teachers now and connecting with
them consciously will help you access the wisdom they have to share with you. You’re
receiving unseen and behind the scenes help from other dimensions, including your departed
loved ones, and in the physical material world as well.
Scorpio the roots and foundations of your early childhood are being transformed and
healed. You are called to embody your authentic self and your will and life forces are undergoing
transmutation. At the end of 2014 your desire for taking
decisive action to fulfil your life purpose will be activated.
As you go through this transformation of your character your standing in the world will
improve, including your material circumstances and flow of money. You will be able to build
the necessary cash reserves you long for to ensure your creature comforts in the world.
Your ability to see and value other people’s point of view is going through radical change.
Your presentation to the world in 2014 will be as the diplomat and peaceful negotiator.
Your work place is peaceful, creative, healing and harmonious for yourself and your co-workers
and employees. SCORPIO: You are over lighted by a host of
angels and ascended masters to help you through your rapid transition this year. Your primary
Angel assisting you this year is Jeremial. Jeremial is the angel of emotional healing
whose name means ‘Mercy of god.’ Call upon Jeremial to assist you with reviewing and
taking inventory of every aspect of your life and make positive changes.
You are counseled to commune with nature, fairies, crystalsyou’re your environment to
assist with emotional healing. Your affirmation: “I walk in grace – beauty, true and love are
my companions.” This has been a general money and prosperity
forecast for all of you with strong Scorpio influence in your astrology chart. For a more
personal forecast book a private astrology session with me.
Wishing you all the very best dear Scorpio! Thanks so much for joining me! Until next
time…relax and enjoy your life. I’m your host Metaphysician and Intuitive Astrologer
KG Stiles.

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