Astrology : How to Spot a Leo

Astrology : How to Spot a Leo

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here’s how to
spot a Leo. You can spot a Leo cause they’re right in the center of the room, standing
in the spotlight, brightly regaling tales of glory. They have great personalities, a
mane of flowing hair like Bill Clinton, and Monica Lewinsky. They’re impeccably dressed
in bright, bold colors like red and yellow, much like Hulk Hogan. They usually arrive
at a function a few minutes late (Iman the model), and it’s not that they can’t tell
time, they’ve got a beautiful gold watch, they just want to make sure everybody notices
when they walk in the room, and they’re not opposed to a drum roll flourish. Both the
men and the women have a feline quality to themselves, and they normally wear their hair
swept back like a big lion’s mane, much like Loni Anderson and Mae West. And some will
go so far as to dress in animal prints, emulating their lion totem. They walk into the room
like they own the joint, standing straight and tall like Haile Selassie. They are regal
kings (Barack Obama and Napoleon) and queens (Madonna) of the zodiac. They truly believe
that the sun is the center of the solar system, and since they are ruled by the sun, they
think everybody in the world exists to orbit their star and to be darned grateful for the
opportunity to do so. They throw the best temper tantrums in the zodiac (Danny Bonaduce),
while showing their displeasure, and they’ll punish you by removing their glowing presence
from your life. So that’s how to spot a Leo. It’s better living through astrology. I’m
Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.


  • TheHackettExperience says:

    @n5053 Yep. Thats me. I have a temper that is tamed but goes nuts when it isn't.

  • Chris Myers says:

    LEOO!! Thats right Suck it!!!

  • TheHackettExperience says:

    @1k2m3s Hey, we all have a weakness. For some reasons, I have friends who are Sag's and they have a weekness of being upset when they lose. Leos and Sags are in a fire ring. We work together well, as well as Aries. As described on Wikipedia, We 3 are all…fair,true warriors,and make good desicions. We demonstrate courage,fortitude,zeal and pugnacity. But we are stubborn and don't like defeat. We have grit,backbone,and guts. We like being the center of attention, but we are very nice to others.

  • tutus4life says:

    just because we like to be in the spotlight and think people revolve around us doesn't mean we are bad people Leos are the most caring and giving people in the world, we just like the prestige so it's even and everybody gets their own spotlight.
    Leo hater!

  • josephjay37 says:

    I don't hate Leos, my best friend is a Leo, im a cancer and we get along great, but back to the point, ive heard that for some reason Leos are the most hated of all the zodiac signs.

  • WonderWomanFan4life says:

    she talked shit about us Scorpions too. it only sounds worse when its YOUR sign.. Lol

  • Xxdaisy1115xX says:

    @obiajulu107 lmfao my bro is a leo and acts the same way- he has friends that yell i love u to him… they rnt girls…

  • transformation724 says:

    lol i really do wear my hair like a lion! omg

  • lyecry says:

    I'm a shy Leo, but I'm also born near the end of the sign Aug 20. I do love animal prints though…lol

  • thes0mething says:

    @obiajulu107 HAHA true;)!!

  • thes0mething says:

    I love how this is so unbeleavably true! xD

  • tintinjokes says:

    if you watch how to date a leo and how to date a scorpio you see there almost perfect!

  • 1middlesbrough says:

    @sirajrizvi leos can be very malicious and poisonous as well

  • Tikylah Drummond says:

    Wow, she talked super bad on Leos! I don't think she knows what she is talking about. I'm a Leo but I don't expect to be worshiped or the center of attention. Leos tend to naturally get noticed a lot faster than other signs in the zodiac. I actually can't stand being late, I make it a point to be on time or early. I'm a very giving person, and I always think about other people by helping them and sharing advice. I also give to a lot of charities

  • catcher rye says:

    @Soldier1287 I'm a virgo, but I'm at the cusp. virgo – libra. anyway I wrote a poem for a leo and all he said was 'thanks, it was nice.' he couldn't even elaborate, spot out the metaphors I used linking it to us. I would do random surprises for him..sometimes I think it was a waste. long story, anyway this guy I know has a tendency to walk out on me a lot, use threats in doing so. he did so again and guess what, just a few days after I did a surprise for him. so called 'friend'..good luck to you

  • lidia contreras says:

    am i leo girl and i do have random temper tantrums ..but am really nice and caring …

  • Soldier1287 says:

    @nothingsafe84 ok ty. but that comment is old as hell

  • Shlebs says:

    @idontknow810 😀 jk but still- this lady has lost it. she is an insult to Leos!

  • 2009izemay says:

    @TheHARDCORE209 me also sometimes i just feel mad for no reason lol

  • Marcuccio says:

    They're so demanding and dominant, something I as a Sagittarius really do not like, but I LOVE THEM.
    We're fire type zodiacs, and we can get a long great!

  • Zion says:

    I don't think she likes leos. I bet her ex bf was one- or someone that picked on her was a leo.

  • Zion says:

    @xlheartlx I'm a leo, and I'm like that too.

  • mruglypig says:

    These are the stereotypical Leo traits and frequently they are very obvious. But everyone is an individual and has their own expression.. In order to do astrology right you have to look at the entire birth chart. In my experience Leos can be the warmest of the signs and the most fun, but my father was an unhappy and angry Leo who always felt hurt and unappreciated.

  • Shlebs says:

    @Sims3fanforev agreed. in fact to almost all the star signs. 🙁

  • Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta says:

    I'm a Leo and never late. Although fellow Leos have kept me waiting, and so have other zodiac signs.

  • jermaine grant says:


  • Sieist23Jahrealt says:

    Mick Jagger is an obvious LEO

  • CoonEyed says:

    No, I'm always late not because I want people to gawk as I walk in, but because it takes me so long to shampoo, condition, and dry my beautiful long mane. [;

    Same as most other girls of the zodiac, I presume. As a Leo though, I may sometimes take my appearance to the extreme, going as far as not leaving the house without washing my hair for the day.

    Hey, it happens. Even Leos aren't perfect.

  • Mike Harrison says:

    @quacey7459 infact they hate eachother.

  • tana belle says:

    hahahahahaha!!!!!! sounds just like my brother!!!!!

  • dragonflyhottie says:

    lmao omg this is me! I actually do say to people "you should consider yourself lucky with me in your presence" or something along those line! lol joking of course though. And i love being a leo! && i do agree with @Fierylioness "That's what being a leo is all about, being confident enough to be comfortable with who you are."Perfectly said!

  • Zion says:

    @sabbirsa I actually HATE attention. I prefer to be in the background. I'm guessing the zodiac doesn't cover phobias- as I have social phobia. Lmao. It's all fun foolishness in the end.

  • Zion says:

    @sabbirsa -____- No. Just no.

  • PapagenoJuan2 says:

    I think it would have been cooler if Napoleon was a SCORPIO :)))

  • Daniel Zarza says:

    please stop with the ads. its only a one min video..

  • DoughRayMe says:

    Why the hell does she hate Leos so much?!

  • Cindy wong says:

    @masterchiefjoe 🙂 i'm a scorpio i lived w leo they are nice but pain in the butt sometime

  • KhornateAxe says:

    Lady…. you got me. Except, I was raised to be an introvert. I'm recovering though 😀

  • RubenZCrazy89 says:

    @transformation724 thats about the only thing i do as a leo and maybe a little bit on the attention side lol

  • Miss BeautifuLLL says:

    I'm pisces. Love leos but most can be self centered but they are kind of nice.

  • Not2008Me says:


  • PirateKing1256 says:

    @Cass0emoheart LMAO!!! People kept saying this. She must've a lot of relationship with a lot of different men of different zodiac then.

    And she's been ditched a lot times.

  • Gill Contreras says:

    i have a feline quality… rawr;) hahahahaha!

  • Gill Contreras says:

    i dont wear my hair back. i like it down more… imma new SPECIES of leo haha a rebel:D<3

  • LatoyaParkJimin says:

    @citizen112ify i'm a scorpio girl u wants a leo guy, lol i guess it's just a scorpio's taste

  • Beast6228 says:

    Leos think they are kings of the jungle or rather king of fire sign…but Aries is the true king of the jungle.

  • iamcodizzle says:

    the reason why aries arent kings is cuz most lack any true class. and most just dont know how to dress. and the way us leos lead i feel is a better format

  • iamcodizzle says:

    i love bein a leo lol were badass

  • Not2008Me says:


  • Lucas Ramos says:

    @transformation724 hahaha me too! thats fuckin crazy

  • erika lopez says:

    Omg lol we leos rock heheh

  • BluuWilliams says:

    I'm really disappointed. There wasn't ONE positive thing about Leos like loyalty & compassion.

    Let's remember…as we grow, the experiences in our lives shape & change us.

    I DO NOT need 2 B the center of attention.

    BUT 2 point out……I noticed my flaws of selfishness & it made me sick. I WANTED 2 B a better person & prayed 2 the maker of the stars 2 help. He did. 😉

  • Oceans Noah Madison says:

    Leos are the WORST mothers, *Puffs lion mane in lighted mirror* "Your hungry Nathan? What do you do for me"

  • Bes The Protector says:

    Everybody always has sumthing to say about the leo but what ever they say they gotta know we are still the ruler of the zodiac sings more powerful more pride more graceful more loyal and though the other sings talk about us who wouldent want the power we posses…WE OWN IT… OTHERS ARE JUST MICE IN OUR KINGDOM… I LOVE BEING A LEO AUG 1st…….

  • nnonamerequired1973 says:

    Find out you rising sign(ascendant) that will help out a lot. I'm a leo rising with sun in scorpio so I'm pretty fly lol. Scorpios the best zodiac, but we let you leos think you are.

  • Rondale Scott says:

    shes a pisces

  • bengkurongboi says:

    There is no positive thing about Leo she mention, maybe she hates Leo.

  • Weezing336 says:

    "Much like Hulk Hogan" haha!

  • TheCarmillaShow says:

    Dear, Astrology chick. I hate the spot light, I love black, I hate gold, and I don't like wearing watches, the last thing I want is for someone to notice me, and I do not wear my hair like a freaking Lions main, I hate animal print, I do not walk into a room like I own it, and I do not believe that everything and everyone revolves around me, but you did get one thing right, we do throw the best tantrums.. sincerely, the Leo, you mildly just insulted.

  • Allof TheAbuv says:

    @poppashungo2009 Uh you wish you were the best,

  • Allof TheAbuv says:

    Leos are sensitive she forgot to add. Especially those Leos who are taking the things she said so personally and negatively. I am a proud Leo (got a tattoo even) and I didn't really see too much negativity in what she said just stating the stereotypical facts of a Leo of course we know we're very intelligent and deeper than that. But we're used to getting praised we probably wanted to click on the vid and here "Life of the party", Not always gone happen.

    Shout out to all my Leo babies!!!!

  • RealMadridGirl says:

    Jennifer Lopez is Leo

  • 8luvbug says:

    @Cass0emoheart shes a virgo

  • vicksmoka says:

    July 23rd right, we are the pioneers of all leos…..

  • TheCarmillaShow says:

    @votumseparatum1 Hmm… Guess you're right.

  • kittens😻 says:

    @poppashungo2009 no sign is the best. Having Leo in a chart is beneficial, it gives success, power and grandeur. Leave with it!

  • kittens😻 says:

    @Beizzle hehe exactly.

  • kittens😻 says:

    @TravelingShort at least you admit it! kudos to you.

  • kittens😻 says:

    @waninghope Aquarians are the best. They're our opposite sign.

  • Blackbird0990 says:

    @TravelingShort just a Scorpio? just a Scorpio?!? YOU ARE THE SEX GOD! You are the most sexual and erotic sign. You can get ANYONE to sleep with you just by looking at them. I wish i was a Scorpio and that's coming from a Leo.

  • Aufaugen says:

    I'm a Leo July 24th and the only thing I agree with is the wearing bold colors and banishing our "glow" from someones life. If someone hurts me I'll stop all contact with them, I think that's how I get back at people.

  • citizen112ify says:

    I love leo girls ♥ I am a scorpio

  • 3242dagirl says:

    haha! thts true when were mad at someone we forgive but we dont forget nd try n take our glow from that person. LOVE!

  • iamcodizzle says:

    @malkooth i could never embarress the rest of us lol if u only knew. get with it

  • MrRiddle777 says:

    @TheCarmillaShow you have the best comment. and as for everyone else, shes not a virgo, or a pisces, or gemini for that matter. shes just a bitch. signed, LEO

  • BMaximus says:

    sun Leo, moon Scorpio! i am not that person who will fuck with! 😛

  • BMaximus says:

    want a fight? 😛 😛

  • BMaximus says:

    Just because WE CAN!!!! and you jealus!

  • COBALTJACK33 says:

    haha funny thing is im leo rising 😛

  • Flashy Footage says:

    my leo removed herself from my life coz i cheated 🙁 she looked amazing & she wasnt expensive @ . . . she actually spent more money on me & i spent alot.

  • HadassaMoon144 says:

    Doesn't sound like my huband at all

  • MrsTruthTeller says:

    August 4th leo lady here…I never go out of my way to get attention, attention just follows me wherever I go…trust me, it is not being done intentionally! I'm just a magnet, haha! I LOVE ALL YOU LEOS…never met a leo I didnt like 🙂

  • Lumen Lumeno says:

    I'm a leo and probably very typical one, but I don't want attention and don't walk very straight either..

  • TheTalentedkid101 says:

    lolololol ur [email protected]

  • Amirah Gallow says:

    okay imma Leo and don't have an Ego and hate people who have a huge one I do like attention tho

  • Sir William deCoq says:

    Cancer leo cusp, it'spretty great in a number of ways

  • Leothane Zeigler says:

    My God….I like blue not gold and red Jesus. Aug. 7th AND ALSO- i have no watch- just great hair 😉

  • yentl says:

    i never wear red and yellow ew HAHA

  • RussianBlue says:

    Ewww go away lil kim.

  • Jul Ine says:

    Comment if born aug. 8th!

  • Neda says:

    Beautiful gold watch lol

  • boobtuber06 says:

    what if you have Saturn in Leo in the V house?
    That's the only Leo influence I have in my chart…

  • shalonda jackson says:

    I enjoy being a leo I get attention when I don't want it but I love when people give me attention lol mainly my family like if we r in a room and they starts saying wow I remember when you was a little girl you did that and said that it's like a drug to me I get highly excited just like a cat when ppl give them attention lol we cant help that shit it's just in us but im the very shy type and quite it's not like me too walk in a room and force attention that shit is a lie and she is a damn hater why do astrology and hate on us that don't make since I know you wish you can be a leo but man and she had that look I hate leo so I will lie some shit in don't do that love your sigh it's ok ..yes I know we the best  but hey get over it she made my pride come out damn. 

  • kerewin shaw says:

    None of this is true for me. I can relate to the 'How to spot a Scorpio' video completely, but I am completely backwards to this. I don't expect people to worship me, and I don't prefer to be the centre of attention. In fact, I would probably panic if everyone's eyes were on me.

  • Summerly Love says:

    i am a leo very true ! =) 

  • busta351 says:

    Spot on! I love your videos. Keep up the great work. 1 proud Leo.

  • Christie Brown says:

    I myself am a Leo July 24 1993

  • Anais Understood says:

    That is soo true 🙂 carry on !!!

  • crystal beauty says:

    i am Leo rising

  • Arpan Buch says:

    I am leo but exactly the opposite

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