ASTROLOGY – Its Limitations and Potential – Barbara Goldsmith Astrologer

[Music] – astrology I’d like to talk a little bit about what I feel in tandem what I feel is also talented was the limitations of astrology I’m often asked when will I find my soulmate how will I find my soulmate when will my mother die when will I make a million dollars or more and I have to tell you that this is beyond the ability of an astrologer now you might be lucky you might get lucky and by chance you might be right about something some of these things from my perspective as a professional astrologer I want to be able to tell you what I can do what I cannot do I believe that some Vedic astrologers who are able to give rather exact predictions and to also upon being given the chance of two people who are about to get married often say whether this is a good compatible match and sometimes they’re very definitive about it we can send a hot family into a tailspin which I see often just recently couple we’ve been dating for three years her mother went to astrologer and the astrologer said this is a terrible match they’re allowed to marry and she stopped them from seeing one another and they’re absolutely devastated now right or wrong I feel as though the strategy needs to be used in a way their powers other people to make their own decisions and maybe to make their own mistakes if there are mistakes I think it’s just a learning process so when somebody asks me when will I meet my soul mate something has a red flag and I immediately tell that prospective client or person it’s not something within my ability what I can tell you as an astrologer is when you will have a window of opportunity to meet somebody whom you could have a committed relationship I will also tell you if you wishes a medal what kind of a personal kind of a relationship and suits you whether you should be looking at ideally for somebody who gives you a lot of freedom what do you want someone who’s into half and Holman who it’s very much a lonely person until your kind of person I can also tell you again if you wish to know each kind of differences and what level they’re at and what they want to discover about themselves but your child will also show you what emotional blocks or mental blocks or things that month might be in your way from getting to that relationship that you’re looking for for example maybe you’re just dreaming it’s all been a dream these are some a sense of a reality what a real relationship is like so you meet somebody in at first soar wonderful then after a few months apart how it means that this person was like this at all it’s an illusion I was living under so astrology can be used very constructively in relationships I do many relationship readings where I will look at the dynamics between the two channels the communication paths the mercury energy where the challenges might lie and also what you might be getting into astrology I’ve been asked so many times times of desolate people I’m not here to tell you when somebody’s going to die I don’t believe that anybody really has that true ability anyway I can’t tell you the number of people for example ahead friend her mother was very 80s she consulted many professional astrologers or the food you know said all you look like them and it’s a clue so when it for this and it for that and the other the mother didn’t go in till she ninety five another’s li professional astrologers Cocina so he’s very important in this video for me to just share with you but I can cannot do and I’m open to questions anything you want to know astrology is very very valuable in showing you the kinds of talents that you got the skills the gifts the things that you come in with this lifetime why it’s very often quite valuable to to a child leading or young persons or anything I often do teenagers people who are crossroads you know what’s what’s a major in I see that somebody’s can be terribly bored doing something for this as a repetitive nature I can see that in the chart so there are many so many nuances there’s so much welcome going from chart on so many different levels it also will tell you where your challenges lie the things that you may have to face and of course what astrology is extremely valuable with is showing you the cycles that you are in coming into so for these last year’s is 2008 I’ve been under a Pluto cycle I should do a separate video output so we can sum Pluto is very active at the moment in many many people’s charts and also I feel in the collective of humanity and I’ll just do something more on that in a different video so astrology has got its limitations that’s why I want to really share with you in this in this video know what its limitations are that you don’t have false expectations and then can be very disappointed with a reading if you go into it with certain questions you may want to know about your career and when good opportunities could be arising when it’s good for buying or selling real estate when it’s good for investments or kind of investments what cycle you’re coming into relationships family home it’s a rich subject and it covers so many areas which is why it never gets boring that’s really what I wanted to share with you be very interested to have your feedback and to know how you feel about it because the way I use astrology is always to empower you and they must always tell you what you want to hear but I will always use it in a way that you don’t feel impotent sometimes I have somebody come to me where they’ve been told by an astrologer they’re going to have ten years of bad luck how can anybody say that and this person’s freaked out so for me that lacks integrity that’s not a way to use astrology the way to use it is to see the balance to see the challenges the obstacles the opportunities and to use it as best I can in a positive way and I think that will bring the authenticity back to astrology as we move into this Age of Aquarius and sadly astrology has been trashed and still is trashed by many people because they don’t understand the depths of it and solisten bye for now

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