Astrology: July New Moon in Leo with Natha Campanella

Astrology: July New Moon in Leo with Natha Campanella

Hi guys it’s Natha Campanella
I’m a professional astrologer and I teach people how to use the wisdom of
astrology in their emotional health toolkit so we have a second new moon
this month in July I already had one we’ve gone through a new moon and a full
moon both of those have been eclipses we’ve
had a pretty intense Mercury retrograde happening this month along with other
things and so this month of July has felt particularly disorienting to many
of us I know myself personally and many of my clients and other people that I’ve
talked to and heard from and this new moon in July is going to be in the sign
of Leo and I think that that’s gonna feel really good Leo is a sign of fire
it’s a sign of joy and spontaneous self-expression and there’s just a
lightness that comes along with Leo and I think that we all need it we all
really need a break from some of the heaviness of July the heaviness serves
us of course it brings in all sorts of insight it really helps us get clear
about the things that aren’t working in our lives but we need to have a little
bit of fun too right and so we have the luck and the
support of this new moon happening in July both the Sun and the moon er and
Leo Venus is really close by there’s a trying to Chiron and so those things are
going to help us sort of Orient take a deep breath
Venus likes pleasure the Venus is related to our self-concept as so so is
Leo in different ways and so this will be a time if you’re willing to really
look at it like that a time of self-expression but in ways that just
feel like joyous and free and you know like I said in my monthly forecast this
is a time to build self confidence I think we all have self confidence
somewhere within us and it gets pile over really easily and quickly with the
dirt of our emotions and the of our inner critic and all of this
stuff going on and July has been like dirt dirt up to here right so yay we
have a new moon in leo new moons are about creation and really deciding what
we want moving forward so take advantage of it and and have some fun you know go
out do some do the things that give you pleasure whether that’s being artistic
whether it’s physical acts or exercise maybe it’s being with friends and
enjoying them just know that this is really your invitation to pleasure and
you should take it all right I’ll see you guys at the next moon I

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  • Jennifer Fissette says:

    I’m planning a little ritual on the 31st to “shake out” reserve emotions as you mentioned in your monthly forecast because I definitely have my pot overflowing with dirt right now, LOL! I’m definitely ready for some pleasure to find balance. I know that it’s going to set me up for a great August, and I’m looking forward to your forecast for that month as well. I’m really tuning into your messages now and have such a greater understanding… it’s WONDERFUL. Sending love and light. 💕Jen

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