Astrology June – July 2013 Grand Water Trine & Capricorn Full Moon Kite   KG Stiles, Astrologer

Astrology June – July 2013 Grand Water Trine & Capricorn Full Moon Kite KG Stiles, Astrologer

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On today’s show you’ll find out the astrological highlights occurring from the Gemini New Moon
on June 8th until the Cancer New Moon on July 8th.
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The Gemini New Moon Cycle begins June 8th. The New Moon is at18º Gemini
This Gemini New Moon offers you an especially potent opportunity for setting your intention
to change any negative self talk or mental habit patterns.
As always you begin a new creation cycle with the New Moon energies when the natural cycle
of the moon supports you to sow your seeds of intention for manifesting your true heart’s
desires in the area of your life where the new moon is located.
This particular Gemini New Moon is especially powerful as it’s the first new moon after
our recent Eclipse season. It is also the first Gemini New Moon since the conclusion
of the Eclipse cycles that occurred over the past year in Gemini and the passing of the
South Node out of the sign of Gemini into the sign of Taurus. Meaning this area of your
life is especially ripe for a new beginning. Additionally Venus (the planet of love) is
trine to Neptune (the transpersonal planet of love and the higher octave of Venus), so
the magic of love is in the air for dreaming and creating something new for your self.
Also Venus trine to Neptune is also trine to Saturn (the planet that gives structure
and puts foundations under your dreams). This Grand Water Trine between Saturn, Neptune
and Venus is like a mystical door opening for you, leading you to express and release
your feelings, especially old stagnant emotions, and experience a greater sense of intimacy.
The Gemini New Moon is also trine to Uranus (the Awakener) bringing sudden surprise events.
At the time of the Gemini New Moon Mercury opposes Pluto and squares Uranus presenting
opportunities for illuminations about old thoughts and beliefs that may prevent your
dreams from being realized. These old patterns are being excavated, broken up and released.
Mars is also square to Neptune at this time which can create confusion. Any confusion
naturally has the effect of disorienting you. Your feeling of disorientation helps you to
let go of your control and allow something new to flow in for you.
Neptune has just stationed Retrograde the day before the Gemini New Moon, so there can
be a big release of old, stagnant energy and emotion.
There is a powerful release point activated when chaos and confusion may be prevalent,
but the line-up of cosmic forces are powerfully supporting you to let go of the old and move
forward! It’s okay to just rest in not knowing for
a time until things settle and clarity arises as to your right course of action.
Locate the house where the Gemini New Moon is located in your astrology chart then listen
to my YouTube, “The 12 Houses of the Zodiac – Their Meaning & Purpose,” for insights about
how to make the most of this particular New Moon. A direct link appears below this YouTube.
Where the Gemini New Moon is located in your chart is where you will experience the most
opportunity for new growth and change. This is the area of your life most favorable for
planting new projects, ideas for growth, goals and visions about your future.
The best time for your New Moon Ritual and setting your intentions is just at the New
Moon until the moon goes void of course on June 9th at 1:29am PT. A link to my Gemini
New Moon Ritual blog post appears below. On June 11th Venus opposes Pluto the same
day that Saturn exactly trines Neptune and the very next day squares the planet Uranus.
You can feel a strong push pull to cave into negative emotions during this window of time.
You have an opportunity for a break down and breakthrough to a higher octave of experiencing
your emotional life. Releasing old pent up emotions is likely. Take time to nurture and
nourish yourself with positive expectations about your future.
On June 16 we have the First quarter moon at 25º Virgo when you face and release obstacles
to realizing your desires for yourself. On June 17th Mars sextiles Uranus. You could
experience sudden innovative ideas and a strong desire to take action.
On June 18th Chiron stations Retrograde at 13º Pisces. Chiron will be retrograde until
the end of November. You will review and consolidate what you’ve discovered about the ways you
are emotionally wounded in this area of your life. Your emotional and intuitive life will
have a rest from any new impressions from your external world. This is a time when healing
deep psychic wounds and scars can occur for you, especially if Chiron is in aspect to
any of your personal planets. Chiron continues being sextile to Pluto during this time. Pluto
has been assisting Chiron with the deep excavation of your wounds that’s been taking place over
the past several months. On June 19th the Sun conjuncts Jupiter the
day before the Solstice. This is a wonderful aspect at the New Solar Year and further indicates
that a positive new creation cycle has begun. Also the number of the day 19 breaks down
numerologically to the number 10 – 1+9=10 which is the number of instant manifestation.
So focus intently upon what you desire, not on what you don’t want.
On June 20th we have the Solstice, the Solar New Year (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere
and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere). On June 20th Mercury (the planet of communication
and connection) conjuncts Venus the planet representing what you love. This is very positive
sign for a new beginning in your love communications and your ability to connect easily with others.
Having Mercury conjunct Venus at t the beginning of the Solar New Year also symbolizes fertility
and harmony between yourself and others in the coming year.
On June 23rd we have a Full Moon at 2º Capricorn. The full Moon is always a time of celebration,
culmination and harvest as well as letting go of the old and worn out that no longer
serves you. Capricorn relates to authority, ambition, and goals.
Maybe you’ll be realizing some of your desires and deciding to let go of others that no longer
hold energy for you. The Capricorn Moon is about Self Empowerment and standing in your
own authority for knowing what’s right for you.
The Capricorn Full Moon forms a Kite pattern in the heavens which signifies a lift off
and rising above your former circumstances. The Kite helps you to realize your dreams.
The Carpricorn Full Moon Kite is sextile to Saturn and Neptune and the planets Saturn
and Neptune are trine to one another. These astrological alignments show that you will
receive the help you need to realize your dreams and give them a realistic structure
for success. This pattern of astrological alignments between
the Capricorn Full Moon, Saturn and Neptune form a Kite pattern with the Sun now at the
beginning of the Solar New Year which is still in a loose conjunction with the planet Jupiter,
the planet of abundance, positive growth and expansion.
Support is being given for you to face any challenges represented by the Capricorn Full
Moon’s loose conjunction to Pluto square to Uranus which may feel like a threat to your
ability to choose your own perspective and know what is right for you at this time.
At the time of the Capricorn Full Moon Know that you are supported and trust that things
are working out for you if you’re facing any challenges.
On June 25th Jupiter ingresses into Cancer. Jupiter was in its detriment when in Gemini
over the past year. In Cancer however Jupiter is exalted. Jupiter will be able to fully
expand in the watery depths of Cancer and you will feel its beneficent forces much more
strongly operating in your life. On June 26th more good news as today the Sun
forms a Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune. Your intuitions are growing and becoming stronger
and more clear as more of your personal planets begin to light up Cancer and form trines to
Saturn and Neptune. Also on June 26th Mercury stations retrograde.
Earlier this month on June 14th Mercury entered its shadow phase. Think back to June 14th.
What were you communicating and connecting with others about that day? This will give
you an indication about what this particular Mercury retrograde cycle will have you review
or redo. Since Mercury is now in Cancer the issues most prevalent will probably have something
to do with home, family, security and your growing psychic sensitivity.
On June 27th Venus moves into the sign of Leo. Venus is moving really fast now and your
emotional life and what attracts you are very fluid. Venus likes being in Leo, the sign
of creativity, self expression, romance and investments. So these areas of interest will
attract you most now. On June 29th we have the waning quarter moon
in Aries square to Jupiter and the Sun and trine Venus. This is a release point and something
you may have been expecting to happen one way may take on a different twist. Relax and
go with the flow today. The flow always knows where it’s going.
On July 1st the Sun will oppose Pluto and Venus will square Saturn. This could feel
like resistance or tension related to expressing your light. You might experience some form
of criticism or restriction around something you love.
On July 3rd the Sun Squares Uranus representing a conflict perhaps within yourself or with
someone else. The purpose of this square aspect is to free you from restrictive emotions and
birth creative solutions to any challenges you’re facing.
So from July 1st through the 4th you can experience tension and conflict. The resolution is to
expand your consciousness and be resourceful to find innovative and creative solutions.
On July 4th the Sun trines Chiron (the wounded healer) smoothing out any ruffled emotions
from the preceding days and bringing warmth and solace to any hurts or emotional wounds.
You’ll feel comforted, seen and understood today.
On July 7th Venus trines Uranus, so here you have the innovative break through that may
present the solution to whatever challenge you may have been experienced earlier this
week. This Venus Trine Uranus aspect will be active before today as with all aspects
between personal planets and outer planets. The day the aspect is exact is when the energies
begin to culminate and can be integrated fully. Also on July 7th I am very happy to report
ing overhaul and restructuring. Now you can move forward implementing all of your plans.
The brakes are off finally and you feel you can move ahead and make the necessary changes
to restructure this area of your life so that it functions better. Slowly you begin to see
the fruits of your labors and experience success. On July 8th we have the New Moon at 6º Cancer.
We’ll talk about what the Cancer New Moon cycle holds for you next month.
For insights into your own personal astrology and how you can make the most of the current
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Well that’s it! Thanks so much for joining me! Please visit my websites
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I’m your host KG Stiles.

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