Astrology October Libra New Moon Preview 2016

Astrology October Libra New Moon Preview 2016

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your
Life Astrology. I’m your host KG Stiles intuitive astrologer and metaphysical coach
for more than 35 years. Thanks for joining me for insights about October
astrology and the Libra New Moon on October 12 exact at 5:06pm PT. I’ve posted a world
clock time zone converter for you below this video, so you can find out exactly what time
things are happening in your neck of the woods. Today’s show is a general forecast for everyone.
If you want a more personal look at your astrology please schedule a private session with me.
I specialize in helping entrepreneurs turn their biggest fears into their greatest opportunities.
If you’re serious about living your genius and creating a life that you love I can help
you. On to the show! October is a 10 month. 10
is the number of instant manifestation. This month all of your dreams can come true rather
quickly if you’ve taken the time to set a firm foundation for them. When you add the 8 year we’re in to the
number 10 you get 18=9 which signifies completion. It’s also the number of wisdom and philanthropy.
Having more altruistic motivations underneath what it is you desire to manifest will receive
more favor and support from the universe. Also we are still purging old energies released
at the Aries Lunar Eclipse until the Libra New Moon. Just to give you a heads up, the greatest
release and darkest time of emptying out the old is just before the Libra New Moon. This one could
be especially intense. I’ll talk more about that in a moment. Since this summer you’ve become intensely
aware of repeating patterns and many of you are finally getting that you are the one in
charge of the meaning you give to your life experiences. You’ve begun to disrupt your repeating patterns
that are blocking you from achieving all that you desire and making new choices. You’re also beginning to intuitively understand
that how you respond to events creates a new reality for you. It’s not what’s happening
in your life, but how you respond that creates your life and helps you shift internally to
create a new reality for yourself. This shift in your consciousness will get amped up at
the Libra New Moon. More about that in a moment. October 6th leading up to the Libra New Moon
we have a powerful day as Mars opposes Neptune. Depending upon your level of awareness this
could play out in a number of ways. Oppositions are opportunity for illumination when something
gets mirrored back to you. Mars represents ego drives and desires and either you could
have a wish fulfillment if your ego drives are balanced and operating in a healthy way,
or you could meet with opposition to what it is you want. Also on this same day October 6th the Sun
at 13º Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun also within orb of an opposition to
Uranus which is exact on October 11th. The sun represents your life essence or will force
and its be illuminated and awakened by Uranus. This can be a sudden shocking revelation that
frees your will forces. This purpose is to liberate you in some way though you could
feel a bit shaken by the realization available. On October 11th also Jupiter 13º Virgo is
trine to Pluto in Capricorn. You feel confident and powerfully supported, something may occur
that grounds and brings you security. How will you focus this power available now? There’s tremendous breakthrough potential
for you individually as well as collectively now. Between October 6th and the 11th are
definitely days of testing when you need to be mindful and mature about how you focus
the energies at play. There’s tremendous expansive energy available now. How this will
play out in your own life is individual to you. I always love hearing about how thing are
going for you in your own personal life. Please post your comments and questions below this
video and let me know what’s happening for you. Coinciding with this freed up energy being
activated on October 8th we have Venus moving into Virgo and finally out of shadow Now there’s
forward momentum and clarity about what you truly want and you know exactly what will
bring you pleasure. Now how to get it? More about that in a minute. As Venus moves into Virgo she conjuncts the
star Regulus and immediately begins to square Saturn now in Sagittarius. She’s also within
orb of an opposition to Neptune 7º Pisces. A T-Square is forming between Venus, Saturn
and Neptune. This is all about waking up to reality and
making your heart’s pleasures and dreams real. Its time to get to work. BTW: Saturn will exactly square Neptune at
7º Pisces on November 26th. Neptune has just recently stationed Direct on the 18th, nine
days earlier. Its time to break free and move forward. Saturn will square Neptune two more
times in June and September of 2016. On October 9th the day after Venus’s move
into Virgo Mercury stations direct at 1º Libra. Thinking becomes more rational and
clear all that you’ve reviewed and connected the dots on over the past few weeks you now
begin to implement as strategies for moving forward especially in the area of your life
where Libra is located in your chart. The 1º points of Venus in Virgo and Mercury
in Libra represent fresh new initiations, new beginnings for you. Something new can
truly begin to happen for you in October. Now how are you going to get what you want?
Fantastic news now that Venus has stationed direct she is moving to conjunct her lover
Mars one more time this year. This is the third time the pair have conjunct this year
which is rare. Venus is about love and money and Mars is about how you go out and get it.
Mars and Venus will be exactly conjunct on November 2nd or 3rd depending upon where you
live in the world. If you’d like to know more about the Venus Mars conjunction and
what it’s all about watch my special webinar show with Shamanic astrologer Cayelin Castel.
I’ll put a link for you here. BTW: Mercury retrograde is not bad and it’s
certainly not a time to hold off and do nothing. More than 50% of the fortune 500 companies
were incorporated at a Mercury retrograde. Yoko Ono has said that she likes to sign a
contract under a Mercury retrograde as she knows she’ll be able to renegotiate the
terms at a later date. When Mercury is retrograde your mind becomes more intuitive and you can
gain great insights about things that are beneath the surface and usually hidden. That
was especially so with this Mercury retrograde as it was square to Pluto. The initial retrograde
was intense because it brought a lot to the surface for review and integration. Mercury
was also sextile Venus which brought opportunities for reviewing your mental attitudes that get
in the way of your own enjoyment and pleasure of life. Mercury and Venus really get on and
will conjunct this spring in the month of May in Taurus. Venus rules the sign of Taurus
which is all about pleasure and comfort. Since the summer you’ve committed more deeply
to your own satisfaction and enjoyment of life. Between now and this spring you implement
strategies to bring in more feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. These are all the cosmic energy unfolding
and playing out for you at the time at October 12th Libra New Moon. It could be intense.
It will certainly be revealing. The Libra New Moon joins the Sun at 19º Libra
and exactly squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Uranus in Aries. On its way to conjunct
the sun the Libra Moon conjuncts the north node, crosses over Mercury now direct at 2º
Libra and sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius then crosses over Black Moon Lilith at 5º Libra
before exactly conjuncting the Sun. The Moon’s conjunction with the North Node,
Mercury sextile to Saturn Sagittarius just before reaching New helps you to focus on
where you’re going and helps bring form to your thoughts. The Libra Moon’s conjunction with Black
Moon Lilith just before its conjunction with the sun adds intensity to the darkness you
may experience before the new moon. This is excellent for releasing fear about being powerless
and any learned helplessness from early childhood that may surface for release. This Libra New Moon is excellent for doing
a New Moon Ritual to set your intention and focus your desire for what it is you truly
want in your life. If you feel like you’re slaying dragons at this New Moon call upon
archangel Michael to cut any cords or entanglements with others or within yourself to past patterns
you need to let go of. I’ll post a link to my book Manifesting with the Moon for you
here if you’d like clear guidance for how to do Full and New Moon Rituals. The opportunity available at this Libra New
Moon is to focus on what you want and release what it is you don’t want. You need to exercise
and strengthen your will for making powerful choices. Well that’s it for this episode of Moonscopes
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  • gulie8 says:

    You have such a lovely smile every time you start a video, it makes me smile and think you must loved doing it ~ You are
    a pleasure to watch and listen to KG

  • Donna Spitler says:

    Thank you!! My vesta is 12.52 Virgo on my my 4th house!!??? The solar eclipse hit my 20* Mercury,Pluto,Uranus and sun Virgo!!?? What do you think?? Thank you!! But I'm nervous:-/

  • Dianne Ferster says:

    This mercury retrograde and eclipses really affected me. Broke up with my boyfriend of 14 years. Tired of his abandonment. He moved back to Germany. it has been hard. Oct I am in my 4 month . I am Aquarian

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