Astrology Tool For Success: Hora Watch By AstroVed

Astrology Tool For Success: Hora Watch By AstroVed

Recently, I have established R&D division
research and development division for AstroVed, which is my astrology company. I appointed a famous vedic scholar as the
director of the institute. My intention is to develop this R&D division into a
university for astrology. Although the University Grants
Commission, the Supreme Court of India and the Parliament of India — they all
agreed on the fact that it’s. Vedic Astrology is a science, not much has been
done for well over 10 years to develop this science. So what is astrology going to
do? Astrology is the science of Time. And everybody wants to know what’s going to
happen to them on a daily basis. And the planets are basically the energy behind
the happenings on a person’s life or also on the life of even a city or a country.
So, this is a very involved science and you have to have some basic
understanding about it. I think the best way to do is to follow an app that AstroVed
developed a long time ago. It’s an app called Hora Watch. Every hour, the
energy changes. And you have to know what that energy has in store for you. And once you know that, then you can plan
accordingly and utilize that particular hour. And I want to develop a research
around it. I want to know how many of you are interested in becoming part of that
research program. And it involves monitoring your own, your own timings.
You know, whether Venus is going to do good for you, or Saturn is going to do
good for you. All these can be tracked down. It’s unfortunate [that] for a long time,
this astrology has been considered as superstition. It still is superstition,
according to the scientists. But it is not right to condemn something without
doing proper research. And I want to encourage you to at least use the app.
And then you have to know what hour is going to bring you good luck or whatever
is going to be challenging. All this, you can track down. Additionally, I’ve asked
Paru, who studied astrology with AstroVed, to do prediction of what happens on a daily
basis, energy wise. So, that’s very important for you to know the position
of the Moon, the position of the Stars. And I strongly recommend [you] use that as a
tool to guide your life. God Bless.


  • Simi27 says:

    God Bless you our Beloved father and Master Dr Pillai.

  • PillaiCenter says:

    Dear Friends: (from staff)

    Here's where to download your Hora Watch App: there are free and pro versions for Android and iOS:
    FREE iOS and Android
    PRO iOS and Android

    Desktop: shows the Hora of the Hour for your time zone

    Thank you. You may want to subscribe to Pillai Center Newsletter so you will know how to sign up for the research study Dr. Pillai talked about for Hora Watch. That will be forthcoming and will be available soon:

    Pillai Center

    Free Courses:

  • bharathlal rawal says:

    I am ready for the r&d

  • Rae Rael ラエ・ラエル says:

    Yes, I am most definitely interested in this research. How could I proceed in it?

  • Magnetic Minds says:

    Mr Pillai, The app does not work on Android. It has not worked for the last 9+ Months. Thank you.

  • Thiagarajan Rajagopal says:

    A Nice and Useful idea for the humanity to pursue and benefit.

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