Astrology : Understanding Cancer Men

Astrology : Understanding Cancer Men

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here’s a key
to understanding a Cancer man. The thing you have to understand about your Cancer man is
he’s a giant black hole of endless emotional needs. Cancers are ruled by the moon, so their
moods change and fluctuate just like the tides. They can wake up in the morning happy, and
by the afternoon they can be sobbing in their beer. They have round moon child shaped faces,
and like the crab, they never approach anybody or anything directly. They will kind of sidle
up to you sideways in a roundabout way, and hem and haw ’til you finally play twenty questions
and drag out what it is that they really want. Cancer men truly believe that if you really
love them, needed them, wanted them, cared about them, you would know what they want,
you would know what they need. They wouldn’t have to tell you and they actually believe
that if they have to tell you, it decreases whatever it is you give them in some fashion.
These are the moms of the zodiac, and not only are they good caretakers, but truth be
told they are looking for a mom to nurture and take care of them. So if you understand
how they are, you’ll greet them at the door with something to eat, and something to drink.
Have them sit down, tell you their woes, put your arms around them and tell them honey,
everything will be okay. So that’s how you deal with a Cancer man, that’s better living
through astrology, I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.


  • Akachi X says:

    oh i know that im wasnt saying that we're gay because im not lol

  • faisal1979m says:

    you said dating i think dating is a term 4 having social activities with the a person heshe that ends up with a romantic relationship

  • Luciérnaga Patagónica says:

    yes you are.. look hoy emotional you get over some talk about cancer… think..

  • Manuel Faguega says:

    Don't be so emotional about the truth! …. I'm a cancer its true but I learned to control my girlie emotions haha

  • Flower4229 says:

    my boyfriend is a cancer, and this is pretty right… for the most part… hahahhah we're watching together right now laughing about this

  • katastrophic707 says:

    water signs are the emo's of the zodiac XD

  • ecau2345 says:

    Wow… this is 100% me. I'm not a cry baby or anything but I don't think that's really what she's saying. She hit the nail on the head with all of it. I'd kind of like to get a bunch of cancer guys together and see just how much alike we all are haha

  • Jenah Lattin says:

    I'm a scorpio. I've always been facinated by cancers

  • Jenah Lattin says:

    Haha thank you

  • kabfik says:

    @lucaluca08 you gotta take these astrology stuff tongue and cheek, its only a half truth at best, i'm gonna talk like an American when America was at its most powerful, i'm talking about 1950-1999, Americans did something then that i rarely see these days, they actually looked after one another when they were down, gee what a concept! Strength in unity, united we stand and divided we fall! it really is that simple, a person's emotional state has to do with their life experiences not a zodiac!

  • kabfik says:

    i don't like to get too methodical with this shit. WHAT I NOTICED FROM REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES AND LIFE OBSERVATIONS is that a person's emotional state is based on what they went through in their life not some zodiac sign. If someone grew up in the hood or crazy neighborhood their whole life, saw their parents killed, high violence through gangs, etc, they are going to be way more emotional than someone who is rich, had the easy life, and a big group of friends, prom date, etc. that simple!

  • kabfik says:

    bottomline is you Americans don't need to worry about terrorists from Afghanistan or Iraq, etc. messing your lives up, You AMERICANS ruin your own lives, by hurting each other's feelings, backstabbing each other, etc. making each other feel uneasy,etc. How can you people talk about unity when there are so many divisions even WITHIN YOUR OWN RANKS? You guys and girls terrorize each other with your negative and shitty attitudes and words, and take everything for granted, that is terrorism!

  • debraange says:

    who the fuck wants to date a whiny, mummies boy, cancers need too much emotion thrown at them its put me right of dating this guy i liked! i'm a taurus by the way.

  • Todd Vang says:

    she forgot the part where the girl gives the cancer guy lots of pleasure

  • debraange says:

    @sabbirsa i'm quite sure i didn't turn him into a mummies boy as i'd only just met him and the guy fell in love too deeply pretty clingy, wanting too much time, needing to speak to me for far too long, other than that i did like him he just wasn't for me, sorry for hurting your highly emotional state. take a look at yourself is this you? lollol

  • debraange says:

    @sabbirsa GET a GRIP!! Hurt by a comment from a stranger?! And you say you're not emotional, why should my statement concern you? Not every male cancerians are the same. please re-read my comment. maybe he did love me he said so after only a few hours of speaking, and no i'm far from perfect, but i like to take my time before declaring love to a stranger!! And THANK FUCK!! you're not my boyfriend!! MAN UP YOU LOSER!! UR TOO SENSITIVE!! MUMMIES BOY!!

  • cowson2006 says:

    lol!! damn right bring me food and drink! That was perfect, made me laugh my head off. It was dead on

  • Marko Chavez says:

    holy shit, as a july 7 birthday i have to say this is me for sure, though my mood fluctuations might just be severe manic depression lol 🙁

  • Hazduhr says:

    Luckily my mood fluctuations are not to be seen too easily – I have a Virgo moon and a Libra ascendant. Now add a Saturn strongly conjunct with Mercury in Leo, and then try to find out what I feel when I don't want you to find out … 😉

    But I understand too that she is right with at least most of what she says. I don't usually show it to the world, but that doesn't mean that she's wrong.

  • sk8dwrld says:

    i don't like cancer

  • Shakespeare In Love says:

    She left out the bad part about Cancer men. Maunipulating, cry and whine when they don't get there way. Momma's Boy. Did I leave out anything????

  • Serpent King says:

    for some reason cancer men, the ones i've known seem to get a lot of girls. i dont know why. most of them act like little bitches. i guess its cuz of how manipulative they are. who knows, im an aries.

  • Robert Sandu says:

    what…whats wrong with the stars…im cancer.Im the man…im THE man….we are the men….
    Cancers run shit everywhere…

  • Serpent King says:

    @Lamb00FGoD the truth about these men is that they are sissys and aren't good for much else than talking. thats how they break the barrier. a woman wont always neccisarily go after the guy they want since they want guys to go after them, they'll settle for the one that breaks the barrier, so to speak. usually tho, once the barrier has been broken, and the women sees what she has gotten herself into, her eyes will be somewhere else. they can get a girl, but cant keep one.

  • Serpent King says:

    @Lamb00FGoD thats cool. usually the life of the party!

  • MrScottdale says:

    she right but ain wit all dat emotional shit

  • Serpent King says:

    @glitch167 well, i know this stuff really well because its a passion for me and i put a lot of time to study it. sorry if anything i said offended you.

  • RockyBalboa211 says:

    @lopezdecastilla: Are you sure? I mean I'm a cancer guy and a lot of my friends are cancer and this gets us exactly lol! 😀

  • RockyBalboa211 says:

    @troyshereforu: Hey Cancer guy here.. And While I agree with somethings you say, I think of it in others ways. I mean I might manipulate situations yet, most cancers manipulate things to make things better for the world. We cry and whine because we see the injustice and evils of the world and we strive to get a message of love and understanding to the world. Also you should love your mom a lot! I mean she did give birth to you 😀

  • William Brown says:

    kinda makes me sound rather annoying… and i don't like that =/

  • William Brown says:

    @arkariansgirl lol. i was with a scorpio for about 3 years… and it wasn't PERFECT but it was a good relationship. we were each others first everything. it went quite well. =] just wasn't meant to be. we are still good friends though

  • RockyBalboa211 says:

    @loveub88: Yeah Cancer guy here.. My Birthday is June 25, so I totally understand the effects of horrible mood swings. We cancers can go in one day very happy, and by the end of the day we are completely miserable. I don't know why? I mean we really are emotional and rely on emotions to figure out things about other peoples. Cancers should just be called emotion vampires, we strive on emotion. We don't like to show our true self and we usually place ourselves in a shell to protect us.

  • RockyBalboa211 says:

    @mchertron: Feelers or Emotion Vampire is the perfect term for us. I'm a very social guy and I can only have a good time when everyone else is having a good time. Yet, sometimes I get to caught up in the moment and do really crazy BS that makes no sense. So my friends think I can be pretty crazy sometimes. Overall If your a cancer with confidence then your awesome, but I've had problems with confidence so I sort of make myself have a big ego so that others will like me. Cancers have to be liked!

  • Pyramid Power says:

    I am a giant black hole of endless emotional needs…. shit

  • kris pirtsios says:

    im a cancer man and im blushing!!! HAHA

  • max1990 says:

    hmm im a cancer guy but i don't find my self even the slightest manipulative more like the giver then the receiver its true sometimes i feel unappreciated but thats after ive been screwed over more then twice by the same person when it comes to looking for someone to pamper me its more like me doing the pampering @[email protected] does that really make a guy a wuss if he takes care of the people he cares about?

  • ihopeutubedies says:

    Ah! this lady makes us Cancers sound like bitches! I can take are of myself. I am a very independent person. And were not always looking for someone to nurture us and tell us everything is going to be alright. We heal ourselves emotionally and move at our own pace. I do constantly have food in my room but that doesn't mean I'm always scarfing food down my throat! I'm skinny and I don't have a moon face!

  • SublimeValentine says:

    that's true as hell. it's really never anything positive about cancers at all. plus they make them seem all babyish and completely worthless in a sense

  • Jake Plisken says:

    You seem slightly sexist.

  • guzsaj says:

    stop at 0:11. This is what someone ruled by the moon looks like

  • idontcarewhatyousay says:

    yah this is nothing like me. im a strong supportive type.

  • idontcarewhatyousay says:

    @wakniss seriously. goddamn.

  • miky261 says:

    bullshit do i not directly approach anything!!!!!

  • TheMoonGawdess says:

    uhhh not gonna lie what she said was kinda tru (in my opinion) im a cancer and my moods do change BUT i am a very straight forward person and i dont go around telling people who dont care enough to listen my buisness. thts all

  • Karlywuzhere says:

    This is the complete opposite of wat a cancer is.

  • Wishbuet says:

    I'm a cancer and I agree with everything she said

  • FlowerRFabulous says:

    @floweroflife7787 awww 🙂 im compatible to you 😀

  • Jazzmyn Aldridge says:

    Cancer men are so bipolar .
    A tad bit too emotional for me

  • hunny652 says:

    Awww im Scorpio and im very compatible with Cancer my baby girl is Cancer sign and her dad is Cacer sign to could you get anynmore strange and what this women is saying is very true about Cancer men you guys really are like that weather you like hearing it or not ..:)

  • Jacob John says:

    arrrg …I loved being a cancer and meeting other cancers…till I realized I'm a needy emotional sidewalking mess ….. 🙁

  • BlueMoonLightDreams says:

    @NaKALENiSUKA1 they are pussies hahaha (am aries)

  • Shin Kitane says:

    @TheInbornMechanics You're being quite humble, most cancer men I know attract tons of women but are not necessarily aware of their effect on women. I reckon we find cancer men attractive precisely because of their complexity, depth matched with strength…Or maybe i'm just an oddball, lol

  • Jasamine Thomas says:

    You are right on point I am a Capricorn I know…

  • ORBITz9101 says:

    Are you kidding me ha I'm 20 and I'm a young Cancer man and I don't need nobody but myself everyonelse just gets in my way. I have big dreams and they WILL come true haha I don't wanna be taken care of? I wanna take care of myself with no ones help. Everyone says I'm mysterious but the whole time My mind never stops ever thinking how dumb they are worrieng about me more then thereselves lol I may have emotions but no one will ever know =] If i let you in Feel lucky

  • 8luvbug says:

    Cancers are the of the sweetest Zodiac signs.

  • Meaw Man says:

    i'm in love with a cancer… u guys are so lovable… (pieces)

  • says:

    @ORBITz9101 So true ! Cancers are very emotional, but we won't show it. Always ready to fight, but will never start it!.. We are moody.. We are direct!.. We need to be loved, and we want to give love… CANCERS ARE perfect mates, and women WANT cancers! Thrust me on that!… However, we wont jump on any chick, we have standards. We love our home, and love to travel.. All in all, we are very much a perfect partner… Others say..

  • OlDirtysanchez1 says:

    That is true we won't lay just with anybody but people tell why r u so cool but my friends and loved ones say I'm so sweet we don't let just any body in our circle because we don't want to get hurt I've been there to many time but trust me even ugly cancer men can get girls too!

  • Devonta White says:

    I agree with 75% of the video…

  • msbond700 says:

    I 'd ove to date a Cancer man. I am a Gemini with a moon Taurus.

  • crookidkiss19 says:

    You are Sooooo funny! I have enjoyed every single one I've watched. You've truly found your niche!

  • junkhead223 says:

    Im a cancer, and quite a bit of this hits home….hmm.

  • MrSteven2945 says:


  • Shortlady82 says:

    Sounds like my cancer ex times 20

  • Little Tangerine says:

    the good news: someone right will be more than happy to fill them for you.

  • Little Tangerine says:

    Try a Libra man first. Gemini and Libra are a pair made in heaven. (Coming from someone who has dated both ).

  • Lilc433 says:

    this is right. -.- cancers frustrate me, but i love em. and apparently they love me too, since i attract so many lol

  • Michael Bennett says:

    So you like breaking their hearts? YOU FIEND!

  • KillaWasabi says:

    "However, we wont jump on any chick, we have standards." You couldnt have put it any better

  • says:

    All i can say is, all of the things she said is pure bullshit.

  • Bryant Givens says:

    thank you love

  • Rajat Ukey says:

    actually scorps are full of shit thats it….

  • BlueMoonLightDreams says:

    WTF? so they are emotional, need constant care…THEY NEED A GOOD PAIR OF BALLS HAHAHAHA what a woos (aries speaking )

  • mufeed homran says:

    im a cancer im a tough guy even at sports i play dirty and hard

  • realiteitxxbitch says:

    you prolly past the childish part of the cancer and skipped to be ruled with very much discipline. one who has lived a free childhood as a cancer, is very much stuck with its intense heart.

  • matyfigure09 says:

    lol, that's so true. Best part is, my gf knows EXACTLY how to deal with it, always a sandwich and glass of juice at hand, she knows what I want without me saying a single word, etc. She's a pisces

  • BlueMoonLightDreams says:

    hahahahahahaha too funny, u must be cancer i guess

  • BlueMoonLightDreams says:

    coz u can can push them around? haha this is depressing already haha

  • BlueMoonLightDreams says:

    what the fuck…everybody is flirting here…is this "YOUTUBE Dating" or something? and where the fuck is ARIES?? bitch slap cancer back to her mama to cry hahahaha

  • _Frostyy_ says:

    This isnt true…. she has it all flipped. We cancers are the ones that open the door and listen to your woes and nurture you. We dont always need it because than we feel babied and we hate that

  • Fiishcantswim says:

    hes a cancer with a virgo moon, and im a leo with a gemini moon, but I can't help it because i have a cancer in venus and a midhaven in cancer too.
    I can't figure him out and everything I do insults him. I just want to cry, give up, and cut him out of my life, but then he says he's sorry and I let him back in. He's the only romantically oriented guy. Fuck, how do I just cut the loss and move on to the Sag I've had my eye on?

  • Patrick Ramsey says:

    You've got to be kidding me. "Cancer men are a giant black hole of emotion." Well, excuse me while I call this bullshit right now. Not all of us are clingy, needy, emotional, lovey-dovey, whimp wrecks. Stop saying this shit. It's not true at all. What we keep inside, is for us and us only, pretty much like anyone else. All we need from a partner is just what any other sign needs, understanding and communication. Last time I checked this is what every relationship needs. So stop putting us in a box, because this can be brainwashing to those that don't understand cancers, and to cancers that don't understand themselves yet.

  • xNAJAFx says:

    All three cancerians. Intelligent and vicious.

  • Monique Mekeel says:

    dated a cancer man for 4 years and she nailed it on the head.

  • Golden Exotic says:

    The most heartless guys ive dated were cancers……………..

  • Basil Gentleman - Art says:

    This is bad astrology. Exoteric watered down astrology. Look for "esoteric" astrology from people like Santos Bonacci

  • altarf asellus australis says:

    thing about astrology and astrologers, if a sagittarius interpreting cancer it will be like above. not that i know this person is a sag but astrologers are not neutral they also have signs therefore stuff will be always biased.

    for example, sag will say cancer is needy and cancer will say sag is blunt, detached, tactless, careless, unrefined, thoughtless, irresponsible, superficial, inconsistent. basically a jerk, basically a douchebag.

    so cancer gives love and expects love back. needy bitches… give love free and don't expect back. actually, just stop talking about love already. i am so disgusted!! i bet you write poems too, eeeek.

    so cancer hugs and expects hugging back. what! how they dare!? needy fucking evil black hole bitches!

    so cancer is not a jerk and will always love his/her mother and always look after her. unbelievable! unforgivable. mommy's boy. boooo! just get rid of her, let her live in a shitty place where she is beaten because she is old etc.

    any moron, any douchebag can upload an astrology video and rant about shit and most of the time that's what happening. i mean yeah say cancer is cranky and will snap at you sometimes and cancer's reactions will be rather chaotic out of proportions (kinda like mine here). that i would gladly accept, that is true. but fucking… like a fucking 13 years old kid using words like "needy"… gahhh. GAHHHH.

    thanks expertvillage. i am in fucking awe with your expert 1 min video. fuck. lol.

  • Mister Jony says:

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  • Bullet Park says:

    Absolute bullshit.

  • New Face says:

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  • Iam Observer says:

    oh yeah you know your stuff. you interested in a date lol

  • Domi Je says:

    I wanna whoop her ass for this… Push her right out that seat. But it was funny.

  • Victor arias says:

    Well it's not all true..
    2018 as a cancer myself, I'm on the cusp of happyness with a European women who offered sex to me.

    She always wanted to give me the ultimatum, how "your not the guy for me" your cool, but "your just out of my league"
    I went out of my way to romance her, complement her, sweet pecks on the cheek, gave her the look etc.

    I made her fall for me anyways, as a cancer man… Now we could of been happy together, sweet intense make out sessions during sex/love!!

    But we did hit a rough patch in our relationship, it never got to the sex, as it should of!!! In class we looked at each other, but I couldn't bear but to sulk and go into my shell when glanced at each other!
    It's just that final stage of human development "adulthood", where you don't have mommy and daddy to help you figure out sexual relationships 101 and I say this because I'm a virgin! I've never went out of my way to treat other women like I did with sheyanne.

    But she never stopped caring, again when we were in class, I as a cancer tend to use cuddling as a way to resolve things, it is just something in our nature. So she got up, and said I'm uncomfortable moved away to another seat, It hurt my character/the man/the ego/ how could she I thought, if it such a defining moment!

    But she does have to right to feel like she does we're human, not even love is perfect, but us cancers tend to have a perfect image of love and how it should be! When in reality she never stopped caring, she stood laughing, and making noises to get my attention, and even nodded her head when I used my perifial vision, like yes please I'm here, let's work this out.. but I sulked, and ran into my shell, quickly looked away..
    And still, we are separated.

  • Grand Old Soul says:

    my intuition tells me you are bitter towards us!

  • ahmed jaher says:

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  • sarah connor says:

    hey look here..smokey who hurt you?

  • mydizzymelody says:

    Yeah, well, fuck you and your mom Cancer men.

  • Trudy Augustin says:

    That’s it? Come on! Tell me more

  • Victoria March says:

    Girl you hit it right on facts

  • Timothy McCray says:

    As a cancer….i find her attractive

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