Astrology : Understanding Leo Men

Astrology : Understanding Leo Men

Hi I’m the star goddess and here’s the key
to understanding your Leo man. The most important thing that you have to know about your leo
man is that he truly believes the universe revolves around him and like the Sun that’s
the center of our solar system, leo men truly believe that your only job in life is to continuously
orbit their star. They can shine like the sun when their life is unclouded by adversity,
but man they take adversity personally like God’s going out of his way to give them a
bad time. These are regal, snooty, think they are better then anybody else and the truth
is a lot of times they are. The way to get a leo’s attention is to sit at his feet. Be
his adoring audience, tell him how smart he is, how handsome he is, how he’s the best
man in the world and that nobody does it like he does. And that leo will sit back, smile
broadly, flip his mane of flowing hair back and say, that’s right baby you can have anything
you want. The hardest thing to deal with a leo man is no matter what it is they get,
they always think there should be something more. They can’t really articulate what that
more is, but they know it’s out there and they know they want it. So that’s the key
on how to understand a leo man. I’m Janet Sciales the star goddess and that’s better
living through astrology.


  • Amber FFTFOMSICHTS says:

    every man that i dates that was a leo was exactly what this woman described

  • TheHackettExperience says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS Completly true, the woman is a loser who probably got owned by a leo.

  • npgiovani says:

    Am a leo and this woman is full of it…shit us leo man cant help it if woman fall for us

  • mentalholocaust says:

    Lmao!!! sounds nothing like me. Astrology is fail.

  • wolffox771 says:

    i hate be center of attintion plus i follow not lead lol

  • Justine W says:

    this ladys suuuuuch a bitch!!!!! she talks smack about almost every sign. but she was right about leos always wanting more, my ex was a leo and he was always asking when i was going to be ready to have sex with him

  • WonderWomanFan4life says:

    OMG that sounds EXACTLY like me EX! EXACT to the 9s… you are good

  • EauRouge says:

    @jerms246 and he must have touched you in an improper manner.

  • Abstergo EDGE says:

    imma aries, a friend of mine is leo and shes fokin right!!!!!!!!

  • Bryce says:

    I'm a Leo and I don't think the universe evolves around me and I'm not mean at all

  • Bryce says:

    @kitsune090 wtf I'm a fake leo no I'm not shut up dude you don't know what your talking about

  • catcher rye says:

    @SirenAsylum leo + virgo= dooms day

  • catcher rye says:

    @uranus1987 its like the war of he says, she says you know? I'm a virgo, well at the cusp to be exact. virgo/libra. he is a leo. I'm always walking on egg shells with this dude. he is so short fused ..if I upset him, he always slams me with a bye. when I communicate about my hurt, my needs, he sees it as an attack. but when he is hurt, ah that is a different story..the unfairness is appalling. I'm tired of apologizing for hurt caused by him..he is selfish and he doesn't own up to his mistakes…

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS I find this funny, you have serious issues. Yup, typical leo indeed. I'm not going to go down to your level.

  • loverwas says:

    I'm a libra but I have to tell you guys why did she only talk nice of libras but not of others..Thats just not ok!

  • 02Tony says:

    This women is so full of shit.

  • fernando763 says:

    She is wrong about some things but here she is right. I only know 2 Leo men and they are both like this.

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS haha you got owned yet again

  • catcher rye says:

    @AGEofURANUS I truly agree, thinks he is better than anyone else

  • catcher rye says:

    @sabbirsa hi sab, didn't get to hear from you again. anyway I came to this page to amuse myself. thanks for the personal message & I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable. Take care

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS I'm just amused at how you seem to think that every bit of insult that comes out of your filthy low life mouth aren't watched. Good luck in building more houses in Hell Truth. There is a God out there 🙂

  • catcher rye says:

    @sabbirsa hey good to hear from you. somehow I can't send you a personal message (something to do with it being disabled unless I add you as a friend?)..hope your classes are going well. thanks for the kind words sab and I'm glad I didn't make you uncomfortable, I really appreciate it. I hope to hear from you. Take care of yourself too

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS truth for idiots, I think the perfect death for you would be if you were to be mauled by a group of lions. so I suggest you do that. I mean that would make you live up to your whole 'pro-leo magnetism' right? aw

  • catcher rye says:

    @jesu6221 ha, mentals..couldn't agree more. there is one in here who obviously doesn't need an introduction that needs to be locked up for good *hint, hint*

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS quack quack quack

  • catcher rye says:

    have you thought of seeing a shrink?… people share their experiences and you take it so personally hm. you have this whole 'brotherhood of leos' spirit which is rather giggly…somebody screams cuckoo to me..

  • catcher rye says:

    oh hey how about going to Africa dressed as a lion..and have animal poaches shoot you while you're jacking off? its just a suggestion hehe. of course we don't want the real lions to be hurt…but you wouldn't mind sacrificing yourself, won't you?..

  • catcher rye says:

    ha, I was not dumped but carry on having your silly psychoanalytical assessments on me you PUT (pretty-ugly-thing) lols. I know you're the type who laughed at the kid who got teased online because you are a bully, need I say more? You're so full of yourself anyway. If I am such a lonely dike, why do you constantly feel the need to reply? Shoo away, shoo, shoo. Can't say no right? What someone said here was true. You been starved as a I feel bad for you (thanks a lot) oof, call 911 k?

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS ~kumbaya, somebody is full of irate, kumbaya~

  • catcher rye says:

    @AGEofURANUS men like him, will never land himself with women like us. hats off to you. I agree with everything you said..:)

  • catcher rye says:

    @TRUTH4IDIOTS Sigh, get a mental evaluation…own up to your mistakes silly man, which, I doubt, you'll, ever, and no need to drag your silly 'gf' 'gf' said this and that, like as if we first of all can't detect that you're lying and secondly we can smell the sarcasm from a weasley named're worst than an emo case bozzo. you're so FIRED up at every thought anyone has that I'll self-combust..tee hee!

  • Jan Domanský says:

    @AGEofURANUS well i know many secrest how to cross the line whit libras, 😀

  • WonderWomanFan4life says:

    thank you this information has been helpful to me to be able to deal with some LEOs who find their way into my circle of friends. unfortunately i could not take anymore of their lioness bs so today had to block one of them from calling me. i just really get sick of this one particular leo. The other two I know are ok. i love playing the game based on what you say and it is hilarious and TRUE. but only when i feel like playing their shitty game. its amusing now for my Scorpion energy right now…

  • Jay Mendoza says:

    lol I'm A Leo and dats exactly how i feel xD, Aaaaaahhh. (8

  • JJ Sorini says:

    Thats right woman ..For once a woman is right

  • BoredOfBills says:

    Yeah… This woman has read a cheap book and not remembered much of it…

    A Leo man is about as good as it gets. Loyal, honest, principled and determined.
    He won't follow (any) pack or group but will instead be looked to as a leader and will lead extremely well. He will jealously guard his lover, clan and family, will stand up against any bully and will protect the weak. A LION is a good guy to have on your side…

  • TITSnASSmyFavy says:

    I'm not a Leo but I will say… They are amazing friends and really smart.

  • WonderWomanFan4life says:

    it sounds TRUE to me.. and I'm a Scopio she talked crap about us too but Idk maybe some of it was a little bit true. sounds like my ex… a leo. had to leave his ass…but sometimes i miss him

  • Tenientemani says:

    Im a Leo, Im joining the army what should I do as a civilian to improve?

  • Adelaide says:

    As the wife of a Leo, I watched for years before we got together, women following your "sit at his feet" advice. Well needless to say he had no respect for any of them.
    Eleven years later this Cappy still has his attention because first of all, I have his respect. And I have learned throughout the years (my best friend is also a Leo) that RESPECT is a Very important element in a Leo relationship. Go ahead ladies, lay at his feet, only to be kicked!

  • Karlywuzhere says:

    I know, I love my Leo husband! 😀 He is the best !

  • Robert Coleman says:

    I'm a Leo and she is so not lying.

  • Not2008Me says:


  • FlowerRFabulous says:

    i hate leos in general…but im a scorpio so of course

  • Mr. L says:

    @FlowerRFabulous Don't feel bad we Leos HATE Scorpios in general too so the feeling is mutual. You Scorpios do better of steering clear of us Leos. Don't get in our way.

  • FlowerRFabulous says:

    @sabbirsa yes i agree see i like you already 🙂
    you're my friend in case you didn't know it 🙂

  • FlowerRFabulous says:

    @sabbirsa yes im a scorpio 🙂 haha scorpios and cancers usualy get along anyways and yes me im never too good in arguments i just give this creepy stare to be honest it's truly because idk what to say but it looks like i have a lot going on in my mind when there's really nothing but anger lol 🙂

  • FlowerRFabulous says:

    @sabbirsa that is soo goood to me yeah i ave only one cancer friend and they know the most about me so sweet i like them there's only two cancers i dont like which is my sister and this one guy i use to know lol

  • Lucas Ramos says:

    shes obviously a gemini

  • hanabi48810 says:

    Sounds just like my father… lol except the flipping hair part XD

  • laidbacc9 says:

    I can't stand punk ass Leo's

  • serenity0324 says:

    I much prefer a Leo's honesty than a Scorpio man's underhandedness.

  • Jahdi3652 says:

    I don't find any of these qualities in my personality, this is highly inaccurate…

  • Blake198 says:

    I am a Leo — I told myself I would not look at other comments before I made my own opinion… JUST to make sure I was open minded enough without other influence first… man, she described me right on the spot 😛 I couldnt help but to laugh

  • Weezing336 says:

    this is pretty dang true

  • RealMadridGirl says:

    and also leo men are funny and love making jokes

  • Timmy Chan says:


  • Christopher Patrick says:

    @Jahdi3652 You can't just consider your sun sign, you also need to consider your moon and ascendant signs (aka the Big Three) to get a more complete description of your personality.

  • David Waade says:

    Its weird how true these all are. How are the star signs even made? Who deciphered a message from a random cluster of stars and said "oh yeah, thats what that means" Can somebuddy school me up here. and btw…rar

  • RealMadridGirl says:

    Come to the EGO part…which is a leo summarized in three letters.A leo’s EGO, comes before his identity! Ego is a leo and a leo is Ego! Handle his ego with care…ultimate care…! His entire life collapses if his ego was hurt, scratched…so don’t be the one to scratch or hurt else you’ll be counted amongst leo martyrs haha!!

  • RealMadridGirl says:

    They’re jealous, jealous, jealous!!! They are so fond of sex as well…(actually most of them not all) They make me laugh my head off..they have the natural talent for creating a very funny atmosphere around their friends or lovers…! Part of this goes back to the fact that they like to be under spot lights- not necessarily though. They’re funny anyway! I attribute my hoots of laughter, usually with Leo’s I knew.

  • RealMadridGirl says:

    A leo guy wants you to focus your attention on him most of the time, no one should get a share of this attention, not a slight attention! He should be the number one sweetie pie of yours! He loves you to flatter him in a smart way, because he can differentiate so very well between meaning what you say and kissing his ass!

  • RealMadridGirl says:

    Never try to criticize a leo, or your life will be a living hell!

  • ILoveMyAston Martins says:

    My Ex girlfriend was a Leo
    But I'm an Aquarius and frankly i don't give a fuck,
    And that seemed to drive her Crazy like i was supposed to worship her
    and treat her like a queen,
    And it's been 6 years since we broke up but whenever we do see each other
    she goes insane, cussing, screaming,throwing things etc. , then last week she threw a tantrum and i told her to stop being so childish, And i swear i thought she looked possessed after telling her that :O Her wrath seems inexhaustible………

  • zethos100 says:

    please please!! tell me where your moon pendent is from? its stunning!

  • ILoveMyAston Martins says:

    I didn't really want to put "I don't give a fuck" but in all honesty that's pretty much how i am perceived in people's point of view,
    And yeah I've dated a Sag like that, And i actually liked that sort of attitude towards conversations, and she was not clingy which was a relief for me, But Sags are rare for me I'm pretty much a Leo and Pisces magnet FML -_-

  • shrimpcrumb says:

    i <3 leos 😀

  • Brittany797091 says:

    I'm a leo girl dating a leo guy and rofl this describes us both to a T xD

  • jthrilla2012 says:

    so true dude! im a leo aug23rd the very last day of leo! and i always was want more.

  • And Wut says:

    True. We don't take compliments lightly!

  • Shawn Lewis says:

    I'm an Aries girl and I like how leo's carry themselves. Never dated one but, def would like too.

  • Shawn Lewis says:

    Plus one of my besties is a Leo.

  • Arya Davis says:

    I'm a sagittarius and tha sounds exactly like my leo man

  • Rosie Hostetler says:

    well im a leo and she is completely wrong. At least for me. I can't stand and will make me run the other way fast. Is a women that thinks the sun rises and set's on me. I think she had one bad experience with a leo and just plain don't like a Leo. Piece out!

  • Nadia Shujai says:

    AHHH The worst star sign ever created!!!!

  • rach heaven says:

    ladies if u c a leo man comin u run as fast as u can…trust me they r horrible

  • Christo Jazz says:

    she is got all wrong, I am Leo man and she lied.

  • Christo Jazz says:

    she is got all wrong, I am Leo man and she lied.

  • Noraarendur says:

    shy is a liar and dosent know anything about God

  • Noraarendur says:

    look at nadhia trying to hit on us gods

  • RussianBlue says:

    I'm a leo man and this is spot on

  • Dredmon says:

    Totally agree, she left out all of the GOOD qualities that make us Leos who we are. Our good qualities far out way the bad, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more romantic and fiery lover in and out of the bedroom. Coupled with a good moon sign, and a good array of planets, we are literal superstars when it comes to personality and taste. We're also not afraid of emotion, and give freely of ourselves to those we care for. If you are a Leo, you should be proud.

  • Jen Ramos says:

    These two are great together. My best fren is a sagg an am an Aquarius an we hav never fought.

  • Jen Ramos says:

    U a Aquarius? Sag are awesome. I'm a Gemini magnet, i hav five Gem frenz. Everywhere I go, I make Gem frenz. But I think I attract other water bearers. Leo friends are great. My dad was a Leo.

  • Jen Ramos says:

    Leo's are passionate. Thn my leo best friend must be broken nc she said tht a Aquarius guy she dated was clingy. Which surprised me bc we're not clingy.

  • Jen Ramos says:

    A Aquarius guy was interested in me n he turned out to be so mopey and emo, an refused to actually talk. Jus insisted on trying to get me to talk to him like i was his girl friend. Love talk gaaah…. and he couldn't come up with a normal convo for nothing. Once i asked him to tell me a joke, and he couldn't. That turned me off so much. As a Aquarius girl, i wanna be seduced with words, smartly not forced to respond to you whn i dont even like u. Aquarius men aren't like that normally, no way!

  • ILoveMyAston Martins says:

    Yes I'm an Aquarius, And wow you're lucky then. I wish i attracted more Gemini's, but i tend to always attract my least compatible signs o_O lol But now that i see my old comment, I by no means think that way about all Leo's, I have several Leo friends and Ex girlfriends they are not so bad 🙂

  • RussianBlue says:

    She's very blunt but it is true.

  • Beaute - says:

    I'm a Leo and I Approve This Message!

  • busta351 says:

    Hahahaha that's awesome! I'm a Leo man. Spot on!!!

  • Fiercewid says:

    ….are you all kidding me? Aug 1st 1987,7:58 am and I know this sounds crazy to most but I believe I am also what's called an empath. Now apparently leos are unique in which they are the only one about the sun or whatever. A lot of what these videos says I can relate to and I feel like they describe me. But whenever I come across one like this and you start sayin things that started at 41 seconds in + you are 100% wrong. I dont want that shit. I want someone who is willing to work as hard as I do. I don't need gifts and adoration.
    I do feel like the stars align to…bug me.

  • Mike Diligent says:

    am a leo but I always put family first don't look after myself because am always busy doing stuff for others yes I feel like i have a powerful spirit that shines brighter than everything else in existence but thats on the inside not the outside. 

  • Bitchney Nicole says:

    That's all men.

  • TrippY Mvtt says:

    😐😒smh we dont always have a ego

  • Akshitha bhargavi says:

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  • Breauna Carrow says:

    She got it all wrong I'm a leo and I'm nothing like what she described and i don't like a lot of attention and I don't expect too much from anyone and I'm not selfish I put friends and family ahead of myself and I share almost everything with people. There are different kinds of Leo's and these stereotypes don't apply to everyone!💯♌♌♌

  • George Maurina says:

    mam can u Tell perfect lottery number

  • Tsarevna Hilda says:

    Like a kitten wanting to be petted.

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