Astrology : Understanding Sagittarius Men

Astrology : Understanding Sagittarius Men

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here is the key
to understanding your Sagittarius man. The most important thing you need to know about
dealing with a Sagittarius man is that you cannot fence them in. Sagittarians are the
roamers of the Zodiac. Their sign is the Centaur, half man, half horse shooting their arrow
and going and chasing it. They are never likely to stick around a place very very long and
every woman watching this video has had her heart broken at one point or another by a
Sagittarius man. You can’t miss these guys, great buns, great thighs, great legs, they
come into your life, sweep you off your feet get completely and totally involved with you
promise you the moon and the stars and then never see you again. A Sagittarius man will
kiss you on the cheek and say I’ll call you on Tuesday but what he didn’t mention is that
he was calling on Tuesday ten years later. As the Sagittarius man is walking down the
aisle they are looking to either side to see if there is something they might have missed
in the church and because they are represented by the Centaur they always try and shake the
bit. These are the least monogamous folks on the planet and they don’t even have enough
guilt to make them feel bad about doing so. So you are a braver woman than me if you hook
up with a Sagittariun but that is how you deal with them and that is better living through
astrology. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.


  • Lady J says:


    Wow, LOl

  • Duncan Taylor says:

    what total crap, what a bitter bitter woman

  • AlexaAndPinkie says:

    Hey Back Off Of Sagittarius. I May Not Be One And I'm Not a Guy But Threr Good Plp Than Just Want Love So Back Off Lady

  • Bumblyhappy says:

    she's reading from a script , how obvious can it get?

  • Nuno Vasco says:

    Noooooooo , she´s so wrong , we´re actually quite faithful and supportive , she must have had a bad experience with a rotten apple that happened to be a sagittarius .

  • Milbourne Whitt says:

    This lady was the subject of a movie "Afterburn" and she was played by Laura Dern. She also made a short appearance in the movie with her sister Mary Beth. The movie can hardly be found anymore…It was probably banned by the government.

  • LibertyN JusticeForAll says:

    @xXxXkuramaxXx We tell it like it is. If you can't handle it, stay away from us.

  • Podcast Express says:

    lol ima sagittarius lol i do hv geat buns xD and all but why must u be so harsh to us men

  • Nathan Wollmann says:

    @bisho2 I agree, she sounds a little biased 🙂

  • RUBYLiSHEZ69 says:





  • Jehosh27 says:

    @xXxXkuramaxXx whew…. thanks much! Sorry for the heartbreak!

  • Jehosh27 says:

    We may be heartbreakers, but that also means we wind up lonely too. Please don't leave us alone too long, ey? Hiking keeps us only so preoccupied…

  • John Jameson says:

    This is how sagittarius men behave.

  • Jarrett says:

    As a Sagittarius male, I take issue with most of her statements. Yes, much of the personality traits of a Sag apply to me, some, and mostly the ones she mentioned, do not. For one, I have never been unfaithful in any relationship. I am a firm believer in monogamy and look forward to someday making a vow before God, friends, and family to that one special woman. I can not even imagine the amount of guilt I would feel if ever I were to break that promise.

  • Jarrett says:

    Yes, I am a freedom lover, but I seek my freedom in other forms. Secondly, I try to choose my moments of brutal honesty wisely. Though I do my very best to always be honest, I reserve the hurtful kind for when I feel it will result in something positive. Not to say I'm always right, cause I'm not, but the intention is pure of heart. Empathy being something I have a plethora of. Sometimes, too much.

  • Jarrett says:

    The point being, don't judge a book by it's Astrological cover. We are all individuals and though I'm willing to accept that certain traits apply to certain "signs", the areas of our lives that they apply to differ greatly from person to person. My fear of commitment is usually of the financial variety. Being a home owner still scares the hell out of me. Just don't tell the bank that holds my mortgage.

  • lakshaye kumar says:

    imma sagittarius man n i def am not unfaithfull ..n i def will stick with one person if both are committed.

  • Serpent King says:

    she always discusses and mainly focuses on the negative qualities of signs.

  • peaceluvsoul87 says:

    i was never into astrology til i researched my sign, sagittarius. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all the girls in my past can blame it on the stars. ive never had a source (star goddess, lol) do anything but reiterate what i already sensed about myself. if i wasnt a sag i would be extremely jealous.

  • * Richualize says:

    My boyfriend is Sagittarius& im a Leo, he loves to flirt (and i let him) but im sure he never went too far. Uhm why all the negativity ? This woman talks bullshit on every sign

  • KCX Channel Tv says:

    whoa,whoa,whoa wait a minute for a sagittarius male you sound bitter but I just saw your female version since im a female sagittarius and you compliment them and say how they love freedom and having fun etc. sorry but the male is the same as the female just a different gender.

  • King Sinner says:

    Sorry Lady U Are Not Even Close !!!!
    Im A Sagittarius And Am Alot Different From What You Said ? lol

  • izzyramonez218 says:

    wanna know her ex-husband's sign? sagittarius..

  • Norgb says:

    Bloody LIAR….i'm a sag..i've never broken a woman's heart nd i never cheated on them..reverse is the case, cuz i always get heart broken

  • Norgb says:

    @MsOshuncita ok. cheers

  • Sieg Heil! says:

    Sagittaruis men have a rep for being players and bluntly honest, sometimes or most of the time, inappropriately.

  • vladimir likhatskiy says:

    she is so fucked up

  • kewlndifferent says:

    mm from my experience, saggi men are not the crap ppl say here.. they are smart, energetic, fun, interesting to talk to.. but they are blunt and very sincere and those who are very sensitive hate them coz of that.. i am virgo girl and i prefer a man who is hurtfully sincere than those who appear to be very romantic and then lie you and cheat on you.. saggis can be misunderstood but if you win their hearts they are the best men!!

  • Ozzyman200 says:

    It's an embarrassment that even now, in the 21st century, people still fall for astology. Astrologers are just gullible or on the con. Every time it's been tested it's failed. Most astologers won't be tested, showing even they don't believe their woo. We've progressed so far in removing our prejudices but astrology still labels people without any thought. There's one born every minute.

  • zak says:

    lol I'm a male and sagittarius, some of what she says is true i do tend to roam about, I do also not feel a lot of guilt about anything for very long I just get over it quickly but give a sagittarius guy a chance.

  • 24tharcher says:


    I can see the sun, moon, and rising signs in people's facial structures. You've conjured up a half-assed opinion, open your mouth after you've done the research.

  • Ozzyman200 says:

    You've just beleived what you want to believe, you haven't thought critically for yourself. Did you know gullible Put up or shut up. Do some research for yourself, then come back and show it. If you're right, it should be easy.

  • Ozzyman200 says:


    Lol, you started this and now you're whining that you've been labelled. Awww.

    "It doesn't matter if you disagree, it's real even if you can't see it"

    Lol, just like the EMporer's new clothes. Do some research for yourself, don't just believe everything you hear.

    "I hope you choke on your favourite food."

    Hilarious. Even you know you're wrong or you'd refute something I said instead of just insults. Youtube is full of you.

    The ball is in your court. Put up or shut up.

  • 24tharcher says:


    You can google everything you need to know about zodiac traits. It's up to you to spot them in people. I couldn't possibly hand over research because it's done individually. Idiot.

  • Ozzyman200 says:

    Lol, you learnt by googling?! Doesn't work in real life though.
    Yet more ad hominems. Feeble.

  • 24tharcher says:

    @Ozzyman200 You obviously use the internet or books to find the traits that you need to know in order to spot them in people. So yeah, "I learnt by googling", that was half of it. What's so hard to understand? Knowledge in internet & books, evidence in people. YOU can start by comparing sags to other sags and so on. Let's clear something up… what do you know about the zodiac? How am I supposed to prove something to you when you don't know what you're supposed to be hearing? You make no sense.

  • Ozzyman200 says:


    Of course one canuse the internet for learning. I do it myself all the time, especially via google scholar. What you have done however, is use it and only access the sites that happen to agree with you. If you actually look at the real data, which has been peer reviewed, then you find out there's nothing to astrology. If you don't know this, then you don't know the most important fact about astrology. Try it for yourself. Otherwise, what do you know?

  • Matt the Vegan says:

    Wow.. really? ur a dumb bitch LmAo!

  • Ozzyman200 says:

    "As far as I can tell, you're the one who came to this video claiming that there is little to no evidence in favor of Astrology, not the other way around."

    Yes indeed, look it up for yourself. Do some research. If you actually read the comments for yourself instead of jumping to conclusions, you'll see I demanded evidence, and he has yet to present any, same as you. Don't be so quick to jump in and attack. Ad hominems will get you nowhere.

    Any evidence? Anyone? Any at all?

  • Ozzyman200 says:


    "It may not be a "claim" in the general sense,"

    No, you lied now you're desparately backpedalling. That's a logical fallacy. You made a false claim, I called you on it. Your credibility is gone.

  • Ozzyman200 says:


    ""I can see the sun, moon, and rising signs in people's facial structures." – This counts as evidence in their mind you moron."

    No, someone claiming they've seen something does not count as presenting evidence. Note I challenged you for evidence, and all you gave was an ad hominem.

    "Whether or not is true is irrelevant"

    No, the truth matters. Not to you, but it matters.

  • Ozzyman200 says:


    Yes, back up your claim if you can. You once tried to claim I claimed something was evidence that god didn't exist, but your lie was exposed. All you have had so far are logical fallacies, very obvious to everyone, lies, as I proved, and petty insults. If you had any evidence or reasoning, you'd have presented it by now.
    Well, anything? Anything at all?

  • Ozzyman200 says:


    Hey, if people liked my comments, I can't help that. I'm sure you are upset by that, but the bottom line is that your hubris will get you nowhere. You got so angry so quickly, sad really.
    You made a claim, I busted you for it, annd now you're so upset you even use ad hominems. You might not like what I say, but all of it's true. If not, prove me wrong. Give some evidence if you can. We're waiting.

  • Ozzyman200 says:

    Well yes I forget that. Looks like I hit a few nerves eh?

  • Tara steele says:

    My father's a sag and he and my mother (taurus) have been married for 50 years, in a completely monogamous relationship. I guess there's a lot more to astrology than just the sun sign. Or maybe a lot more to a successful marriage than just astrology.

  • AGC1089 says: ex is a Sag and he kept himself busy by juggling 3 relationships at once. I figured it's a fluke until I came across FIVE different Sag guys (none of which were romantic, strictly friends) and they were all blatant cheaters. The thing is that Sags lie. A lot. And they often have a victim mentality so they don't have to hold themselves accountable for their actions. When you meet a faithful Sag, let me know..and that goes for the women, too.

  • Ruma Hasit says:

    um so why do other videos say that we are loyal? i never cheat not even in a game. and i thought we told the truth how can u cheat and tell the truth?

  • debraange says:

    @steeletara01 So glad to hear that my new guy is a sag and i'm a taurus. Roll on 50 years of happiness together

  • Gemma Smith says:

    Want to know Charlie Sheen's sign?

  • Mountainvictory says:

    I've managed to hold a Sagittarius down for 3 years and he stayed faithful.

  • Gemma Smith says:

    @foxiilady2011 I know xD I tell bad jokes

  • Marcuccio says:

    Virgo bitch.

  • unfluster says:

    My wife was laughing and I asked her what's so funny and she showed me this video. I've been married to the same woman (1 WOMAN, no screwing around) for 25 years and guess what? I'm happily & 100% Sagittarius man.
    Better luck next time Star Goddess!


    @unfluster Seriously. You just relieved me of a whole lot of stress. Eff this Star Goddess.

  • unfluster says:

    @MAGSANDGEORGEWEASLEY I can only guess that the "Star Goddess" had a bad break-up with a Sagittarius male. But to be honest I don't put a lot of credence in Astrology (my wife is more into it.). Every Astrologer who has read my chart (through her- she's goes to astrologers) has given me such a radically different reading from the last. (Though I have to admit for reasons that defy understanding, most of my friends & my wife are all Gemini. I have no idea why; so maybe there is something to it?)

  • FlowerRFabulous says:

    im a scorpio and i think sagittarius are pretty cool most of my friends are them and ive been friends with them for years they're awesome !

  • Betty Badda Bing says:

    I love this chick.

  • Adrian Rodriguez says:

    @cucuun22 I'm a shagittarius and I'm pretty shady in relationships

  • Nicholas Ladyman says:

    Its funny because the sign of the sagittarius is not the centaur, it's the arrow.

  • Nicholas Ladyman says:

    @MrV3n0m666 I'm glad we could reach a mutual understanding.

  • Jack Walderman says:

    @mighty690am lol yea i hope i dont, i just dont want to be a douche to someone that has feelings for me. so i dont want to change into a man hoar! lol

  • markanson monesitme says:

    o come on im a sag guy and she just puts us out like that come on

  • DeeKay says:

    so its obvious this woman has had her heart broken by a Sagittarius!!

  • mike jones says:

    LOL that me !!!!

  • Arthur619 says:

    waw….waw….she killed me there…

  • SAbraha91 says:

    This is definitely not true, I'm a Sagittarius and I'm also a one woman man. I'm the old fashion grow old together type.

  • Rob Kay says:

    Look, OK, we are rumbled, but how much do you need paid to take this anti-Saggy stuff offline? Or we could do a little nooky in my haystack, yeah, baby?

  • Tammy Jacks says:

    OK.. I'm a sag man, I never paid any attention to Astrology in my life. Only in the recent few years I started reading about it. My favorite movie of all time was 7 years in Tibet with Brad Pitt. I didn't even know Pitt was a Sag. He acted for all Sag men in this movie. If it was real life for me, I would have done the same thing, travel and explore. But at the end he went back to win his child's heart by involving him in the same thing, which is climbing! Best movie ever

  • Corey Schrade says:

    LOL HAHA.. I Love what she said.. Although she did kind of bash on us Sagg men. lol

  • Serpent King says:

    "not enough guilt to stop from doing it" my sagittarius friend here is offended!

  • hudstch says:

    What Ever! Janis the Star Goddess. haha

  • yanli says:

    btw. Charlie Sheen has his moon sign in sagittarius… lol XD

  • Humaara Sath Sangh says:

    great buns, great thighs, great legs.

  • KMac says:

    A little biased like she had a bad experience with a Sag, but Sag is hands down one of the hardest to understand signs along with I'd say Gemini and Aquarius. You've got that right with Sags having no guilt. They can do some cold and heartless things and truly never even think about them, with lovers, family or friends and they're a pain in the ass to understand, some (not all) expect WAY too much out of you as a person, and they can be too much to deal with, even as friends. From a Scorpio.

  • flynfreako says:

    Yeah, I'm a Scorpio who has been married to a Sagittarius going on 8 years now. He's really faithful and caring, but I totally agree that Sag's are hard to understand. I wouldn't go so far to say he has no guilt, but he really does not have much sense of responsibility at all, which frustrates me to no end. Besides that and his stereotypical quick temper, I think he's perfect 😀
    (btw I see a lot of people confusing zodiacs with astrology here lol)

  • 8luvbug says:

    I love Sagittarius guys.I just recently started going out with one and he's so sweet,caring and intellingent.But he's also insecure and a bit wishy-washy.I know he genuinly loves and cares about me.I'm a Virgo in love…

  • jewellee100 says:

    I got my heart broken by a sagittarius.He never liked 2 stay over my house 4 a long time,he makes pop corn visits and it makes me so mad.he do have muscular glutes,and legs.Its like he dont care about my feelings at all.but when he dont here from in a while cuz im ready 2 leave him thats when he get a little emotional.I believe hes a want 2 be player

  • Christine82Y says:

    Brave woman? hahaha I'm married to a Sagittarius men for 7 years now. I'm cancerian. I wouldn't say I'm brave but you need nerves of steel to be with one. They can be a right pain. You need a lot of patience and they act like children. A Sagittarius men will never grow up and they don't know when to stop joking around.

  • trippyassshit says:

    Im a sag and she makes us sag guys sound like ppl who dont give a damn. I like my freedom, and to do what i want as i please and want to who wouldnt nobody likes to feel trapped. This astrology freak just like to be possesive over hers tighten up nam

  • morningmayan says:

    I have found that sag's are not unfaithful at all…

  • Gabriella Monroe says:

    I agree…

  • lis ash says:

    sag men are into laughing expanding mind s but some are very bossy and don't like women to say how something really is and demand someone shut up when they had a kid at 17 years old or their family members do it

  • lis ash says:

    sag men are into laughing expanding mind s but some are very bossy and don't like women to say how something really is and demand someone shut up when they had a kid at 17 years old or their family members do it

  • lis ash says:

    … when orgasmng with a certain sag guy bossy bossy guyu whinney exactly like a horse… and a lady will come out and scream do her lawn and survey w here you live and she just got fingered 10 minutes before with a dog by her side

  • Marisol says:

    This lady sounds like she was personally burned by a Sagittarius man.

  • alexlovesyoubabes says:

    this woman is hilarious I don't know why I found this so funny

  • Mr. Money-925 says:

    aww com'on

  • KittyKat 121809 says:

    Exactly!!! _' awful! And my rising is this sign ..gawd..

  • Faustin James says:

    The devil is a lie ………the devil can not talk like everyone are the same generally because everyone are not the same .

  • thesphere83 says:

    Hmmm, I am a Sagittarius male, and well, I really got ripped on the "great buns" part. I have to wear a belt or my pants will fall down, I seriously have that flat of an ass. But I make up for it though. Guess I am really a Scorpio…

  • Michael Welch says:

    Interesting insight, fun and well, not on Target for me, a Sag, Man.

  • Rizka Ayu says:

    interesting points ,if anyone else    wants to uncover  
    how to understand understanding men in relationships  try Greega Man Melter Guru (do a search on google ) ?  Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy got great success  with it.

  • Princess Heart says:

    i feel like on every horoscope video they are always wrong about Sagitarrians.  Even she is.  Even though I feel like shes correct about the other signs
    But i dont know I guess they do have a coldness to them

  • Blue bird says:

    I see a lot of people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets (look on google search engine). But I'm uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular dating manual?

  • Wasabi Pocket says:

    That wasn't bias, lol!

  • BelleoftheBall2night says:


  • rana khan says:

    sag men are biopolar hhhh .selfish and arrogant/dreamers and talk a lot and act less .they cannot face reality and wear the mask of honnesty and loyalty.

  • eiffel tower says:

    lol true i knew sOmeOne

  • Lifestyle with Abby says:

    Well damn Jen, I was kinda feeling this guy. Our phonecalls were a bit odd. I could feel a "not interested " force through the phone. I could tell he wasn't listening and I wasn't talking a lot. Time to get back on Tinder.

  • Zae X says:

    As a sagittarius I not sure if she's being honest or joking. I can be thesethjngs yes. But I could also not be these things

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