Astrology : Understanding Virgo Men

Astrology : Understanding Virgo Men

Hi. I’m the Star Goddess. And here’s a key
to understanding your Virgo man. The thing you have to understand about Virgos is they’re
ruled by the planet Mercury. They are the most observant sign in the zodiac. These people
are picky, critical, analytical. And they genuinely believe that they can do things
better than anyone else on the planet. The thing you have to understand about your Virgo
man when he criticizes your fingernail polish, the way your hair is, the fact that your hem
is uneven, is not that he’s trying to make you feel bad. That’s not true. The Virgo man
thinks you’re fine the way you are, but wouldn’t you want to be better? Wouldn’t you want to
be perfect? If you just change this or that, you could then be spectacular. While the Virgo
man thinks what he’s doing is product improvement, what we hear is that you’re not skinny enough,
you’re not tall enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not any of that. The Virgo
man never deliberately intends to hurt your feeling and insult you. He’s genuinely trying
to improve you, to make you better. Virgos will look at you when they tell you something
like, wouldn’t you want to do his differently, and you say, no I wouldn’t; and they give
you that blank stare with those clear green eyes, because they just can’t understand why
you wouldn’t want to be better than you are. And they will never get that what you’re really
telling them is, they’re not okay the way they are. Once you understand that, that they’re
not being critical, they’re trying to be helpful; you can have a better appreciation of your
Virgo man. That’s better living through astrology. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.


  • Világjáró says:

    I agree with Yolanda, my man is a Virgo and he is sooooo attached to me, so loyal to this attachment no matter what which I absolutely love about him but he drives me crazy in every way. I also read that this sign has the least sexual drive of all the signs and I have a huge problem with that cos yep, it shows big time between us. Might be keepers but they got nothing else going on… so, would you settle for that? I keep asking myself the same question.

  • Mrk00k00dud3 says:

    I'm a virgo, and… most of these are true

  • Zee Gee says:

    i know! for some reason i fell in love with one. they really are keepers. supposed to be our opposites!

  • brainsareus says:

    a lot of virgo people have been friends of mine. they tend to be good people, but they have no real emotional intelligence. they fixate on the particulars, and NEVER ever see the big picture. they're maddening that way!

  • Barbie BabyV says:

    Thats typical!! My dad is just like that

  • kewlndifferent says:

    Yesss!! My dad is a virgo.. so am I.. and we are completely different but this description suits him perfectly!! he's a pain in the neck!! my dad criticises everything and everyone.. luckily my mum is a saggi and she coudln't care less.. only with her laid-back attitude u can put up with such critical manners.. my dad is loyal, he helps with the housework.. (good for marriage).. but If he was my husband we'd last less than a week for sure.

  • Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


  • Joe F says:

    LOL, let one try to tell me what to improve ( I am A Scorpio ) And in return I will be very blunt & honest to tell them what to improve 🙂  but I get along for the most part with Virgo's, but they don't like to go deep in thier feelings

  • Eloisamary Edullantes says:

    Hahaha. True, but because I'm a libra, and he is a virgo. 🙂

  • Crystal Child says:

    I'm a virgo an I accept people for who they are! And I'm emotional an tend to wear my heart on my sleeves, so not all of this is true for every virgo you have your good an your bad in every sign, I'm one of the sweetest most caring an least critical people in the world I like balance rather than being so perfectionist unless I have a project and it needs to be detailed so it can come out rite, that's pretty much it for that, we virgos just tend not to deal with negativity that well an we stay away from mean people "most of us" so I do agree with some of this but actually being a virgo not all, but I can only speak for myself. Nice video though veery informational 🙂

  • Bot23 says:

    What absolute horseshit.

  • ّ says:

    Thank you, people rarely understand why we are being critical, there is a fine line between me wanting for both of us to reach perfection, and me mentioning your negatives because I am better than you. Maybe we do believe that we can do tasks better, NOT because we are better than you, but just because we trust our intuition and the fact that we analyze everything to the smallest detail, and ALWAYS having a plan B, there is no ego intended. Awesome video keep it up.

  • Ramez Rehan says:

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  • meyaw Abdulaziz says:

    virgos are cancers best friend

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