Awkward! Answering your questions – y’all got personal! (Ask Me Anything with Angie Atkinson)

Awkward! Answering your questions – y’all got personal! (Ask Me Anything with Angie Atkinson)

It’s time for another ask me anything video and today I’m answering the personal questions that were shared when I asked you what do you want to know?. So let’s get started. (Closed captioning provided by Athena Moberg and My name is Angie Atkinson and on this channel, I offer free, daily video coaching to help you discover, understand and overcome narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships. I like to call it toxic relationship rehab. So if that sounds good to you, hit that subscribe button and let’s get going. Today, I’m gonna answer some really personal questions. So let’s just jump right into it, shall we? Number 1. What have you done for fun lately? Well, I’m kind of a nerd, so I’ve done a lot of research and digging and things like that. My husband and I recently started the keto diet. I’m having fun with that. I don’t really know, I’m really busy a lot. I guess I need to have more fun in my life. I’m gonna put that on my list of things to do this week. Number 2. What’s wrong with your eyes?, they look really weird. Is that a real question? When I was five years old I had surgery on my left eye. That’s because when I was born, some doctor pulled me out with forceps and actually broke all the muscles in my left eye. So one of my eyes is actually a little bit bigger than the other one, although you can usually only see it in photographs or if I do this. It used to really bother me, but it doesn’t anymore because thankfully I have learned radical self-acceptance and I’m okay with who I am, 100%, unconditionally, so thanks for asking. Number three. Do you still write articles to sell?. That’s a good question. When I first started my business, I had to work for other people in order to be able to do my personal fulfillment type blogging. I didn’t know the whole time I had been writing for narcissistic abuse survivors, but that’s another story. However, I no longer work for other people and now I work for myself and I have people who work for me. So it works out really well, and I’m very grateful for that, but to answer your question, no, I don’t write articles to sell anymore. Number five. When is your birthday?. My birthday is on March 7th. I’m a Pisces, I know you’re shocked. Number six. Why do you talk so fast sometimes?. I don’t know, do you really think I talk fast? I can’t tell, I mean, I think talk really, really slowly. Are you serious right now? I don’t know. It’s just how I am, I get excited about things. Number 7. Are you a narcissist? I am NOT a narcissist, not a toxic one anyway. Let me explain, I mean everybody’s a narcissist, a little bit. Narcissism is a spectrum and it begins with having enough self-interest to get up out of bed and get dressed and go to work in the morning and then of course all the way on the other end of the spectrum, we have psychopaths and sociopaths and the dark triad and all that good stuff. So everyone has a touch of narcissism. Caring how you look doesn’t make you a toxic narcissist. Caring how you present yourself to the world doesn’t make you a toxic narcissist. What does make you a toxic narcissist is a lack of empathy among other things. I fortunately or otherwise have a huge heavy sense of empathy and it makes what I do sometimes kind of hard, but it also makes it pretty amazing when I see people recovering and succeeding and finding true happiness in their lives. Fulfillment, happiness, recovery, it’s a beautiful thing. I love that part. So bottom line, am I a narcissist?. Not the toxic kind and not the kind that hurts people. Number 8. What’s your sign? Oh, yeah. I think I already said that, but I’m a Pisces. I mean I think it’s kind of fun to look at my horoscope sometimes, but I don’t personally base my life around that sort of stuff. I’ve known some amazing people of every single astrology sign and I’ve also known some jerks from every single astrology sign, so I don’t think that’s relevant. Number 8. Why don’t you make coffee videos anymore? I loved those. Did you really like those?. Well, if you did let me know in the comments below, maybe I’ll start doing them again, but mostly the reason that I’ve changed my style of video is because I’m trying to level up a little bit so that I can reach more people and I’ve been listening to feedback from you and from other people here around the SPANily and over on YouTube to try to present a more clear message in my videos and to have less fluff and less ums and ahhs and things like that. What do you think?, am I doing okay?. Let me know. Number nine. How can I start a YouTube channel like yours? Well starting a YouTube channel like mine is a process. I suggest that you look at some of the youtubers out there who are talking about how to start YouTube channels and get one started first and then just start talking. Everybody’s different, everybody has different stories and different angles. Be yourself and just be honest, go from there. And if you want to know more about that stuff, you can always look at Empath E Which is a channel I have here on YouTube. I don’t post to it very often, but I have actually talked about this topic I believe over on that channel. So check that out. I’ll leave that for you right there. Number 10. Another youtuber has said or done something I didn’t like, would you please call them out?. No, that’s against my policy. I don’t call out other youtubers. I don’t trash people. Once I did a video about another youtuber, but it was Youtuber who had physically and emotionally abused their children and someone asked me directly to put my opinion in on that one and I did, but outside of that kind of stuff I will never, ever, teardown another youtuber. I will certainly not get involved in another youtubers drama, you feel me?. So those are 10 questions about me, 10 questions that you asked me personally and the really honest answers. So tell me your thoughts. This brings me to the question of the day. And the question of the day is ask me anything and maybe I’ll answer it in my next video. Share your thoughts, share your ideas, share your experiences in the comments section below and let’s talk about it. I’m gonna offer a really quick shout out to my entire SPANily. You will notice a new thing I’m doing now where I’m showing you as many subscriber names as I can during this little section of the video and they’re right there and I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me, for supporting this channel, for liking and sharing my content and for just being here, commenting, being part of the SPANily, thank you and a quick shout out to my amazing channel members, those people who support me through the YouTube channel membership program. Their contributions allow me to continue to make videos for you and be here for you every single day and help me to continue to grow my message in so many ways. Thank you so much inner circle. The amazing inner circle includes; La precious. Beautiful Purpose. Abraham. Chantal. Ashley. Carrie-ann. Charity. Steph. Dana. MOCowboy. Shae. Kristina. Reyrey. T. Kristi. Beaucoup. Alda. Smith n Wesson. Ms Lisa. Martha. Freedom Lee. Mindy. Lynn. Marsha. Lanell. Phoenix. Cherie. Alice. Carie. Angel. Bible News Radio. Linda. Charly. Laura. Pierlala. Janet. Paul. Delilah. Sarah Lee. Marlene. James F. Trisha. LIves. Revival. Lorenzo. Deborah. Roxane. Susan and my very first supporter, Angela falsetta. Thank you. Again, I just want to say thank you so much for hitting that join button, your support really does mean a lot to me. Again, thank you so much. Alright that’s all I’ve got for you right now, but as always thank you so much for being a part of my day and a part of my life and hey, thanks for letting me be a part of yours, it really does mean a lot to me. Now before I go, make sure you take a look at the videos I’m leaving for you right there and right there and while you’re here, hit Subscribe button so we can stay connected and continue on this healing journey together. I’ll see you soon.


  • Butterfly on a Pearl says:

    Hi 😇 first message lol

    thank you Angie I appreciate you 🌸🍃

  • Dawn Elizabeth says:

    Hi Angie, what did you do or say to Lise in our becoming framily lol, how to stop virtue signaling, can you post more singing videos and how to adjust to civilian life after jail?Take care and thanks!

  • Muriel Carlos says:

    The question about her eye's was totally unnecessary, How immature

  • Diana Pythia says:

    I've never noticed anything about your eye, except it's part of your beautiful face. Your confidence is also gorgeous. I hope to feel that confident someday. I like the older videos as well. They feel really authentic and offer a different kind of presence, I can see how your new videos speak more to the masses, as they seem more like a television presentation, leveled up.

  • Sunflower says:

    Wow, I'm so sorry about your eye 😯

  • Piperlynn Starr says:

    I would be happy to be some more fun in Your Life. Eye question?…so rude. Come on people. Your an Amazing, Strong Woman. Thanks so much for making our lives better by putting your knowledge and energy and heart into our healing.

  • Phoenix Dawn says:

    Brilliant as always ! Thank you 😊 for all that you do you’ve been a massive help in my recovery my question is : are you going to be touring and are you comming to the uk to meet other channel presenters like Richard grannon ? Have you any plans to tour

  • LI ZZA says:

    You have beautiful eyes…strange question..almost rude🤔….thank you for all your effort. All the best…a recovering narc-target…😘😘

  • 777Wolf777 says:

    Not that I believe in astrology, but I'm a Pisces.

  • Anna Tiernan says:

    Wow, some of those questions were insensitive and rude. I never noticed anything wrong with your eyes, or that you talk too fast. I think you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

  • Pumpkin Momma says:

    Oh! Can I work for you? You seem like you'd be the best boss ever! ❤

  • Nerd of God says:

    Your doing fine work Angie.😉

    Starting a narcissistic abuse recovery channel is hard work. Do your own thing. Don't try to do too much all at once, making videos look professional is a long process, trial and error. If you talk about narcissistic abuse I would suggest writing out an outline for each topic to try and get your message out there in a clear way so you don't end up sounding like a raving lunatic. It can be therapeutic but also can be detrimental to your mental and emotional health if your not careful. Find out what topic you want to discuss and what message you want to be sending. I.e. my message I try to send in each video is that your not alone.
    Love all of you that take the time to make videos and blogs to help others in tough times. It says a lot about you.
    God bless

  • Shannon Ann says:

    Should I take my narcissist ex to court for the $10k he owes me??? He's avoiding it like the plague but I have a signed paper that states the amount and his intent to pay.

  • Pumpkin Momma says:

    Also, I know you mentioned before that you had a narcissistic mother. I'm the scapegoat of my family and I was wondering if you were the scapegoat or the golden child? You don't have to answer if its too intrusive, though.

  • Laura J-UK says:

    How old are you? I sense from the length of your relationships you are older than you appear ( I guessed mid 30's)

  • natasha granville says:

    You are the most amazing woman i have ever known! You are so wize. I hope to meet you one day.
    Big hug tasha x

  • Krisluvsutube says:

    lol. I'm a Pisces too. And my Birthday is eleven days before yours!! That's cool.

  • My Realm says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this. I got some questions for ya!!

  • Moon Freedom says:

    In this world now, I just guard myself, stifle my creativity, try now to make waves. This world has gone to shit. I like your videos, but there is no recovery from my Narcisstic Abuse, over and over, over and over, over and over again. Are you happy narcs? You rule the world. Thank you for ruining lives. Also, technology fuels FUELS NARCISSISM. Do you wanna make a video about that Angie?

  • shellyme e says:

    Hi girl, I think your beautiful inside &out, your aura and soul shine through!

  • Sweet Judy says:

    Wow the only thing I've ever noticed about you what's how gorgeous you are.. you are kind sweet and intelligent..

    I wish you had not answered that rude persons question…

  • Angela says:

    Funny I've watched idk how many of your videos and never noticed your eyes, they look fine 😊

    I like how you talk, I talk fast too 😁

    Pieces.. my last two exes were pieces 😅

    I love your videos Angie, ty for everything you do ❤

  • Sweet Judy says:

    Wow another rude question
    Someone had the nerve to ask if you were a narcissist LOL that's bordering on hilarious

  • Joann Gilo says:

    Thank you for your videos and the support you give to all of us having gone through such a toxic relationship with a narc. Feel a better understanding with your insight on this subject..Healing everyday from 5 years of hell trying to do some soul searching and taking care of myself mentally but it's been hard. Have gone no contact for 5 months now and your video was the first one I watched! Love you and thank you for your support. Btw your beautiful and glow

  • Angela Falsetta says:

    Some of these questions were insensitive to say the least! You are beautiful, Angie! Tysm for everything! I have much to share and ask you…because there is a lot! It is just too much to write right now…A lot went down after the holidays!! Love you just the way you are! Would have it no other way! Will be in touch!! When I get my head together!

  • Sally Shiner says:

    Hi Angie. Thank you for all the videos. I have a question I would like to ask. I dated a narcissist for almost a year.. he told me everything nice under the sun.. basically said he wanted to marry me and I was the coolest person he ever dated. I found out he actually had a girlfriend (maybe more than one) and I was a “side piece”. I was of course heartbroken and I continue to wonder why he made others his girlfriend but not me. I believe most of the girls he officially called his girlfriend gave him money, like a “sugar mama” would or served some sort of purpose. He would take them on dates and also give them flowers or go to their birthdays but he never did any of that for me. We went on a few dates I guess and spent a night away once but it seemed as if he never put forth the same effort and NEVER would arrange plans with me ahead of time… only allowing me to see him last minute. He would often fake upcoming date plans, only to cancel last minute after begging him for details. It is like he couldn’t care less if I was in his life and to be honest, I’ve beeb constantly comparing myself to the other supplies.. wondering what makes them more desirable and thinking he certainly put forth more effort toward them. It really hurts me and I just can’t get past it. It really hurts to know I was of no importance and it is such an awful feeling knowing others were good enough for him to commit his efforts and time to… but I was not even though he pursued me from the start and told me he loved me, etc.

  • grizzly deener says:

    how is the keto diet going (more for mood not so much weight loss) because i have serious hormone/adrenal problems from the last 4 years of narc experience and need to know if this is the answer; i have too much stress but i was hoping the diet would help too… 🙂

  • Marsha B. says:

    Love this one. I always love your nail polish color. I’m a nail polish junkie.

  • Super Star Q gildea says:

    Thank you beautiful lady 😘 Do U plan to have a meet up with Dana M. And spanily folks?

  • Heidi Cameron says:

    I think you r really pretty!!!!

  • alcudiababe1 says:

    To be fair what I really really do wanna know is, after the video you made about the narcissist words translated and what it really means, I wanna know how to cope when they say what they say, do you just go grey rock and take it even though they are punching below the belt? And, instead of exploding into a temper how can you look at them and not look like an idiot or week and stupid when they start, because we talk about having boundaries and if they are going to improve I'm thinking we should do something when it really matters because if they are going to accuse you of starting drama there and then, or using the phrase " I never said that," because what they really want to do is make you doubt your own perceptions to make you feel crazy so they can easily manipulate you, what do we do in the process of this happening? So, if you act and don't react which takes practice but I know I can do, how can you choose to react like, they have no business talking to you like that. I have been listening to Self Love You and I'm hearing we all have a blue print of ourselves and basic lists of rights, I have a right to be heard, to be listened to, to change my mind so I'm saying, how can we, in that moment be that person they can not mess with, not, to be seen as childish stupid weak or immature but to a strong confident woman who knows her own mind, to not let them do this to???? I don't wanna be subjected to this, I want to say my bit, and that, though everything they throw at me, that they will never keep me down because I wanna fight for all my rights as a person. I don't wanna be controlled, dictated to, manipulated I wanna take charge of my life and when this abuse and crap is coming my way I want to be prepared for them and handle it in a way where I know I don't have to take it, so how can I do that – in that moment. So, I'm not going to doubt myself, I'm not going to let them twist my words but how can I show my own strength as a woman and I know it's down to what I say in that moment, I know I have to stick to my own truth, not to stoop down to aggressiveness but it's the words that are actually the tools to propel myself forward because I want to show them they have no right to talk to me like that if they value me in their life because by doing just that I can feel unloved and on my own, but I know I know I can draw on my own strength by being alone. You can sink or swim in this life and I intend to keep swimming. What would your response be? I would love for you to answer this.

  • Yah's Girl says:

    Never noticed your eye, hun, you're bubbly and beautiful 💖, fun video 😁.

  • janice kay says:

    YOUR GIFT( by doing the
    Research/ Information/
    AND by giving society the
    Tools they need to SURVIVE
    This Terrible Disorder called
    Was 1 of ur questions)
    I like people who talk fast…
    I know cause I do too!)
    It simply means "your passionate
    In what u BELIEVE IN!"
    GOD BLESS!!!

  • The Eclectic Empath says:

    You are doing amazing!!!

  • Melody Hynes says:

    Do you use botox or some alternative? Just in case you are its very dangerous if not you look beautiful!

  • Michelle D says:

    I love keto!

  • Maxine Myers says:

    Your beautiful inside and out and I love your videos..Thank you for giving me power to get through! We all need help..Blessings Angie 🏵🙏🏵

  • Spencer says:

    Wow what a totally awkward and inappropriate question or at least worded as such about your eyes I get this quite a bit myself because of my eye surgery is due to diabetic retinopathy and people will say some pretty rude things because I look like I’m stoned all the time LOL I don’t get mad at the kids though because I know they mean no harm taken from a blind guy I didn’t notice LOL and by the way I’m a Gemini

  • Spencer says:

    Angie what happens to the narcissist when they enter their elderly years I asked this because my mother is 70 and has burned through her entire family and what ever friend she did have aside from her Facebook friends which are not really friends do they just become the angry person at the nursing home

  • Heidi Medel says:

    I think your eyes are beautiful. My boyfriend has a wandering eye from a botched surgery when he was a child. His eyes are beautiful too.

  • Lucy Beckmann says:

    Yeah, I never noticed your eye. That was a strange question!

  • Paxo Plays says:

    Who asked about your eyes? Wth? Maybe they meant when you use your light, a big O light maybe ? You can see the O light reflecting. Because your eyes look normal to me!
    No your not a narc, obvi !
    Yes , go have you some fun !
    MAKE the Coffee !! Yummm or tea.
    I hate public speaking – so no channel for me !
    Love you Angie !! Your like my big- no probably little, sister. ❤️👏🤗

  • MsTammi125 says:

    After all this time I can honestly admit I never noticed anything weird about your eye. You're very pretty

  • Eza Breeza says:

    Hi you're great. I need to ask the question of a narcissist that I work with that stabbed me in my back so I could not get the job position that I wanted but now this person is trying to hang around with me still I want to choke her. I have to work with her so I'm stuck but I don't have to spend my brakes with her I don't think but she still wants to spend break with me HELLP before I jump her and lose my job

  • Lisa Herrmann says:

    You are a beautiful person. why are people so insensitive. Maybe they are a narc!

  • dryvur says:

    Wow, Angie! That's a great video. I absolutely love hearing about yourself….that is just too neat. Youre the best!

  • Wonder Woman says:

    I’ve never noticed anything different about your eyes. You are gorgeous!

  • global princess says:

    That's good when you accept yourself cuz people really try to text you and break your spirit but just know they broken first

  • Lori Osman says:

    Love your videos Angie!! You rock, and you're beautiful!

  • Sunny Daye says:

    I've watched your videos for nearly 2 years now. You have improved greatly with your presentation of great helpful information and still come off as everyone's much needed best friend. Keep up the good work. Your videos have helped me get free and stay free finally, from all abusers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rebecca Horst says:

    Wow, Angie! I am surprised you answered those questions and comforted by it at the same time. What I appreciate the most is the point made loud and clear about being comfortable in your own skin. One of the things I really love about you is that regardless what offerings your SPANily clients choose to take you give us feedom to do what we feel is comfortable and still treat us equally. I just want to say you've got an amazing ability to encourage and validate courage and honesty. These mean a great deal to me and make me feel safe.

  • Molly Wilson says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds?!?! PS, I love you and your videos!!

  • heti bywater says:

    I think my ex boyfriend was a narcissist ( lots of signs: lack of empathy, put-downs,abusive discards, porn-addiction,etc .). But when he had to take care of my sick hamster while I was in the clinic he was like a different person: He bought him a bigger cage filled with toys from his own money, even built the hamster a play-pen so that he could leave his cage to have floor time. He didnt miss a single vet appointment(there were several) and when I asked if I should take over the vet bills he refused. The cage was always clean and the water bottle changed daily. He was also really upset when the hamster passed away, giving it a proper burial. . Do narcissists tend to have empathy for animals but not humans? Or maybe he isn't a narc?

  • Heather B says:

    You're doing a great job! I love your morning coffee videos too!

  • Nichole Lucca says:

    I really appreciate being able to watch your videos every day!!! They seriously help me cope and understand this nightmare Im in from narcissist abuse. It just blows my mind and I can’t understand how ppl had the amazing opportunity to ask questions and then some of the questions I felt were rude and kinda ignorant. People should appreciate all the knowledge you bring to all of us and maybe ask something more important next time and a little less rude that’s just my opinion🙂

  • AmyKnits says:

    I never noticed anything about your eyes. They are beautiful. Some people are just rude! SMH!!! Geez!

  • Andreq Dominguez says:

    Okay😁 where are you from?

  • Beg n Bark Petsitting says:

    really?? someone asked about your eyes? wth? lol Give u credit Angie that you are so honest with these questions, yet some r crazy lol

  • Beg n Bark Petsitting says:

    make your 2019 vision board Angie so you can have at least some fun in your life since you are so busy helping us. God bless you thou

  • MissJonesForever says:

    You're lovely and interesting and very intelligent. I don't mind you talking fast – I listen fast! Very intelligent people have a lot to say and a lot that they don't have a chance to say because a lot is going on up there, which is better than nothing going on. Shallow you're not! Everything you say is useful and relevant. I've never thought your videos had fluff, you're just natural and it's easy to listen to you. I also like your bright lipsticks, and pink sparkly background – why not? You're clearly creative and creativity is positive! Makes a difference from being suppressed by the mind games and unfairness of some Narc abuser. I'm glad you've survived and thrived! And your eyes are lovely, both of them. there is a good Soul behind those eyes looking out onto the world with unashamed compassion and desire to be of service. Well done you!! Thank you for all your do, Angie! I think being a Narc abuse survivor makes us even more empathic, especially to other Narc survivors. If we aren't kind to each, then there is no hope at all. Won't get any empathy from Narcs? Phffffff…. Who cares?!! We have each other to lift us up. Rooting for you, all the way from England, UK!!

  • O.Alden Productions. says:

    awww sweet Pisces girl 🐠🐬💕.
    Love your channel. Thanks for sharing 👍🏼🙋🏼💕
    (What I love about Pisces is, it’s always like they’re covered with glitter ✨ they sparkle like no other. ✨ 😉)

  • Leah B. Mathis says:

    I did like the coffee vidz, just because they're smidge extra personal, extra"real"(not that you're not already)…kinda makes it seem like the giant internet barrier between us is a little smaller 😉
    That shirt is too cute!

  • c c says:

    Bring the coffee back love love love that. I love my coffee n seeing you drinking it was another reason for me to stay with your channel and to learn so much from you. thank you.
    ps its the inner person that matters not outward appearance. Thank you for educating me and opening my eyes to the narcissist and their ways. I wpuld have remained puzzled and broken if i hadnt found this channel. Today I thank you for my recovery and for regaining my pre narc self strong and confident and a lot wiser….

  • ThuyTien Lives says:

    You look gorgeous and there’s nothing wrong with your eye. 💕❤️ That question about your eye was really rude. And that question about whether you’re a narcissist was really rude too, no offence meant to that person.

  • M C says:


    You are beautiful!! Makes me sad that people would actually ask you what's up with your eyes. You always look perfect!

  • Nick at night says:

    When you started coaching how did you escape the abusers in your life trying to sabotage your business?

  • Marni Foderaro says:

    ASK YOU ANYTHING TOPIC IDEA: Please comment on the wealthy, connected, obsessive, vindictive, extreme malignant covert narcissist psychopath and its continued abuse of the judicial system and successful parental alienation of adult children.

  • Ashley Huisenga says:

    OMG I have the same thing with my left eye! It didn't show until I was 5, but the Dr always said it was due to "lack of muscles" in my eye lid.. 3 surgeries, the first 2 didn't work so the 3rd one they actually put an implant in my eye lid kinda like a sling to hold it open… it used to REALLY bother me too, not so much now.. I've never seen anyone else with this!! I wonder if they used forceps when I was born too.. I'll have to ask my mom 🤔 lol your videos are really helping me through my healing process, thank you 💜

  • Joy C says:

    How about people stop wasting your time by not asking rude questions?

  • Andrew Gardiner says:

    I love that yer a Pisces! Makes a lot of sense.

  • Melissa Carter says:

    My birthday is also March 7th! Yay for birthday twins!

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