Best Wide Angle Lens for Micro 4/3 (Panasonic 12mm f1.4)

Best Wide Angle Lens for Micro 4/3 (Panasonic 12mm f1.4)

hey everyone in today’s video we’re
gonna be talking about the Panasonic Leica Summilux 12-millimeter f one
point four and I’m also going to be giving you some practical examples of
what it looks like in the field first if you’re new to this channel my
name is Nigel and I make filmmaking related content here on YouTube so if
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yeah let’s get into talking about this Panasonic twelve millimeter F one point
four and the first thing I’m going to discuss which is kind of like what
everyone’s probably thinking is this is a really expensive lens and if you’ve
looked into this lens at all you’ll know that it is not cheap brand new right now
on B&H it’s like twelve ninety seven so thirteen hundred bucks for a lens that’s
a pretty hefty price tag if you are a bargain hunter like I am you can find it
for around 850 to $1000 if you look at like
keh which is a vintage and used lens website or even eBay sometimes use it on
the Amazon it can be found cheap but yeah this is a really expensive lens and
you’re actually seeing me on it right now I have it at F 1.4 and it’s on my
gh3 so this is kind of a another practical example of what its gonna look
in like a YouTube filming situation so yeah it’s definitely not one that I
would recommend if you’re on a budget obviously or really if you’re like
looking into your first wide-angle lens I don’t think this is gonna be like one
that I would recommend if you’re just you know trying to eat your first
wide-angle if you want to know more about like cheaper lenses for the Micro
Four Thirds system you can go check out this video I put a video up a while ago
about some of my favorite lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system oh yeah this
twelve millimeter was always kind of like the holy grail of lenses because I
always wanted a wide-angle lens with a really fast aperture and this was the
only lens in the Micro Four Thirds system that offers a twelve millimeter
focal length with an F 1.4 and having autofocus which is one thing that I
actually find a lot of value in because but I’m filming YouTube videos like this
having a manual focus is kind of annoying because I’m never 100% sure if
I’m in focus so having the lens with autofocus capabilities is actually
really nice just cuz I can just you know reach out half press to focus and then
focus myself so yeah this is really the only lens of its kind the only lens that
even comes close far as like autofocus marker four-thirds
lenses is the olympus 12 millimeter but a lot of people tell me that they just
don’t like the performance and that it’s like softe f/2 so yeah this lens is
really the only lens of that has the specs that it does panasonic has a few
lenses with the Leica branding on it and all those lenses tend to be pretty
expensive so this one is obviously no exception and at thirteen hundred bucks
it’s kind of hard to justify for a lot of people let’s get in to some of the
features about this and why I decided to go for it like I said I really wanted a
wide-angle lens with a really fast aperture and I’m shooting at 1.4 right
now and you can see that there’s some nice bokeh going on and I have some
pretty good separation between me and the background which I really wanted to
film these type of YouTube videos and then as far as like image quality goes
it’s actually like it’s a really really sharp lens like I said I am shooting at
F 1.4 and I haven’t done like super scientific sharpness test with this lens
but I will tell you that it’s not a hundred percent sharp at F 1.4 it’s
pretty sharp in the middle but when you go to the edges it is a little soft but
honestly like most people I don’t care about softness in the edges very much as
long as it’s you know sharp in the middle it’s you know it’s totally fine
with me I think you get to the best on like F 2.8 but I don’t really want to
use it at F 2.8 I got this super fast and super expensive lens because I
wanted to use it at F 1.4 so yeah it is a really sharp lens and it’s probably
one of the sharpest lenses that I’ve owned I think it makes the footage from
my 2012 gh3 look really really good and that’s just something that I’ve always
kind of encouraged people to do is you know you don’t have to spend a bunch of
money on your camera but it’s definitely pays off to spend as much money as you
can on your lens so yeah the main reason that I got this lens was to make youtube
videos like this but also to do you know landscape shots and exteriors and I
actually even shot a interview with this lens which I don’t normally do but in
this scenario I wanted to try to capture the environment that the person that was
interviewing was in and he was in a skate park and so I used this lens
because I wanted the viewers to see that he was in a skate park so when you have
a widely melenz you don’t always have to use it for typical I didn’t go light and
stuff but filming these YouTube videos is like the main reason that I purchased
this lens so another reason that I got this lens is even though I’m not a
vlogger I know that like if I ever did want to start vlogging this lens could
probably do the trick so you know 24 millimeters isn’t super wide there’s no
distortion on the edges you know but I can hold this out at arm’s length and I
would get you know basically this kind of a shot and again at F 1.4 that gives
a pretty cool shot having a 24 millimeter you know focal length with an
F 1.4 did blow at the background think that’s pretty cool as some of you know I
did use the Sigma 18 to 35 in Medellin speed booster and that gave me a pretty
similar result of this I think with the Sigma at 18 millimeters with the 0.71
Medellin speed booster I think it worked out to about 25 millimeter equivalent
focal length the thing with the Sigma and the meta bones combo is that it was
just so big and so bulky and since I had the Nikon version there was no
electronic connection so I couldn’t do a lot of focus even if I wanted to so I
had to like do manual focus and use a monitor and all that kind of stuff it
was just kind of a hassle but with this it’s a lot smaller it’s a lot lighter
more compact it’s easier to take with me and I can just you know half press to
focus and it’s just super easy to see myself on the camera’s LCD screen I
don’t need an external monitoring like that so yeah this lens just does what I
needed it to do and it’s just a lot more convenient for me to film with so that’s
the reason I got it and I would say that if this lens comes down in price maybe
in like two seven or six hundred dollar range I would definitely say that it’s
totally worth it it’s an amazing lens with amazing sharpness and detail yeah
that was my quick review of this lens I hope you enjoyed it if you did it’d be
rad if you hit the like button and again be sure to subscribe to my channel if
you want to see more of my content you can click over here if you want to see
some more of my videos but until next time I’ll see you all later bye


  • Sainkhuu Kh. says:

    Great video fam!

  • BeyondSlowMotion says:

    Sweet stuff. Would love to see how this stacks up against my Veydra 12mm. Same price bracket, but cinema focused build.

  • Bednar Moto says:

    Your opinion about sugma 16mm 1.4? Better or not?

  • Studio Wild says:

    Love it! Looks like a sweet lens, and nothing compares to a wide angle with good DOF.

  • log0log says:

    Thanks for review!

  • ViehosProductions says:

    Good video!! you must check Laowa 7.5mm f2.0 (0 distortion) it's just awesome!

  • Alex Hydron says:

    what's your opinion on the Sigma 30mm F1.4 for Micro 4/3?

  • videographer survival says:

    Thanks all looks good for me with canon

  • David Longenecker says:

    Loved the review 👍🏼 I'm stuck between this and the Olympus 17 1.2. the oly might have the edge for me because it's cheaper and has that manual focus clutch for good cinematic focus pulls. But that 24mm FOV is the best 😍

  • Ville Mononen says:

    It's expensive, but you're absolutely getting what you paid for! Small, well-build lens with absolutely superior optics. Really stunning! It upgrades the GH3 to a whole another level i didn't think it could reach. Superb lens! Meant for pros.

  • Blue Collar Nomad says:

    Had to put mine on a payment plan with amazon cc lol. I got mine to try and get some cool night shots of the stars. Thanks for sharing bud. Your stuff looks awesome

  • Javier Reyes says:

    I'll give you my entire life's savings for that lens. You may be able to get a good small pizza with this deal. Maybe even a bowl of spaghetti?

  • OPTiMiS says:

    This versus the Rokinon 12mm f2.0?

  • Michael Junior says:

    Can we use this lens for canon 80D?

  • CrunkedPanda says:

    Ooh I waited for this!

  • julesy44 says:

    Is this really $500+ better than your 15mm 1.7?

  • Jyrki Sorjonen says:

    Looks like great lens, although expensive. Small question, for example in this video, your background doesn't have any noise going on. But if I film similar video, with gh4 and 14mm f.2.5, I get ton of that small noise, even with good lighting. Noise looks bit like film grain in ways it's like millions of small bugs running around. Is it just due gh4 or do you see there might be another problems?

  • Live 4Christ says:

    Thanks for the review! I'm getting a GH3 and probably this lens.

  • Dust Runners Automotive Journal says:

    I need one of these in my life!

  • Jack O'Neil says:

    I prefer the look of the Sigma 16mm 1.4 for the talking head and interview shots, less facial distortion but might be better for stills and cameras with a cropped video like the GH3, GX8 and GH4. I've been using an SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 (F1.4 DOF) on the GX8 occasionally for 4k and if you like the vintage look and flares, used it's a cheap option.

  • Sefra Correa says:

    I have the same lens and I use it with gh5s I am in love with this lens

  • Madeline Mantiss says:

    The Olympus 12mm f/2 is not "soft" at all. I owned that lens but got rid of it when I got this 12mm f/1.4.

  • Brian Cullen says:

    I think Panasonic missed the mark with the Leica lenses, they should have kept the specs the same across all versions of the summilux, e.g..
    1. Weather sealing
    2. F1.4
    3. Special lens coating
    4. Metal finishes (hood too)
    5. OIS (Even the wide bodies)
    6. Aperture rings
    7. AF/MF Switch
    8. OIS on off switch
    9. Same quality manual focus electronics
    10. Mechanical aperture
    11. Regular updates, hell any updates would have been nice…
    12. Accessible filter screw on all lens bodies (Even ultra wide lenses)

    These are the expectations for a Leica branded lens…bring them on.

  • のぢGrey says:

    Man, I want to get into m4/3 but I can't afford those lenses. Aps-c is cheaper in every instance.
    You can get the a6400 and the 16f1.4 combined for cheaper.

  • BandOfBros says:

    Wondering if I should get this lens or the Leica 8-18mm f/2.8-f/4. More field of view and zoom range or this extreme sharp and lowlight/bokeh lens.

  • A1Bokeh - says:

    nigel would you choose this lens over the 15mm leica and the sigma 16mm ? In terms of image quality

  • Cult Lens says:

    Nigel thanks for your videos very good content. and I beg you to make a video about old manual optics, for example, cenon fd I think many would like to see how old lenses are removed

  • Adam Roy says:

    "I am not a vlogger," says a guy literally shooting as vlogger. Okay, cool.

  • Germane Vision says:

    Thanks for the upload. Your requirement of a fast wide angle lens is exactly what mine is. I am not into vlogging. And the sharpness, pin pint focus facility makes it my best bet. Thanks again.

  • Gary Brown says:

    My favorite focal length

  • Milan Jani says:

    For some reasons, 12mm on MFT camera doesn't feel wide enough in the same way you see it on full frame camera like 5d Mark ii or so. What do you think?

  • jujucaster says:

    I just snatched it on ebay, just as new for 650 dollars! I'm so stocked and I'm here to see which filter size you chose for it 🙂 I've already watched this video a few times…

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