Betty Steele & Christa Clark Talk Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Vegan Lifestyle, Divine Feminine Energy

Betty Steele & Christa Clark Talk Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Vegan Lifestyle, Divine Feminine Energy

good afternoon krysta hi Betty your beautiful shining face oh and likewise you look stunning and I love your hair and your summer glow so I guess today we are here to have a conversation among two good friends and talk about the current planetary energy the Divine Feminine structurally me being me and I mean you are a walking billboard for structural integration and yoga oh thank you so what you want to just start and talk about like the current energies that are happening yeah yeah what’s going on Betty what I mean you’re the astrologer and I know that Gerald and I have been feeling it lately and I’m sure everyone else has been feeling it too what’s what’s going on with the planet right now we are having some very intense challenging energy so I just want to validate people’s feelings of frustration and but I also I’m gonna explain like what’s actually happening this guy that I can’t explain the positive use for this so Mars is the planet of action dry assertion it’s the planet of my will and that’s in anybody it’s how I what I want like or how I like to have sex how I like to eat how I like to shop how I like you know it’s what I like it’s you know it’s very it corresponds with Aries in the first house which is you know I am so this is so where you’re Mars is placed and whatnot now to ask I could we’ll talk about that book currently in the sky Mars is retrograde so when it goes retrograde the energy is reflected more inward so there’s a lot of I want to do this but do I really want to do this but go that way and it’s frustrating now talk about now we’re also going to realize that the ruler because Mars is is currently in Aquarius so the ruler of Aquarius Uranus Uranus is in an aspect called a square which is tense so but it also is magic it’s lightning striking so Uranus will come along when you have a heavier and it’s trans it’s like a lightning flash and it relieves tension it can be devastated cuz to the ego sure because people want to hold on to their old ways of doing their old ways of thinking but what is being created now is it’s becoming so uncomfortable we’re being you know it’s like you don’t want to get out of a warm bed so even kind of coming along and dumping some ice water on you and you’re warm very frustrating and scary because it’s like I know I’m not what I was but I don’t know yet when I’m going to be and so it does create this frustration but it it’s you know necessity is the mother of invention so this is going to make us so uncomfortable that we find new unique individual ways of doing us of doing our thing of doing you know and so it also I want to talk about the fact that Thursday is going to be a full moon lunar eclipse so the Sun is going to totally illuminate the moon and the moon is our son Felix however it’s right with laws and Mars is on the south note so basically what an eclipse is is when the nodes of the Moon so there’s an ecliptic and all the planets travel around the ecliptic and the nodes of the moon in astrology represent our destiny our past where we’ve been and where we want to go for our sole evolution not to make it too you know technical but it does these are powerful points so the moon is going to be joined up with her self note and Mars and we’re and then the Sun and Leo the you know is magnificent in Leo the Sun loves to be Leo it’s at home and our creativity our inner child or play our what we give of ourselves this is our own unique so what the Sun is doing it’s illuminating and now this can feel disruptive because it’s bringing up subconscious feelings old wounds old hurts old dogmas from the past old ways of behaving old ways of acting and thinking and it’s forcing us to look at this because you have a lot of Aquarius in your chart so people who are you know have a lot of this energy anything in the fixed signs the early degrees of the fixed times in the mid degrees of the thick signs which is Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius are going to be getting hit this is an evolutionary gift if we can keep a sense of humor you know also give our brothers and sisters a break too because you have yeah we’re feeling this way and then we go out take a drive to the mall and then everybody on the road is an a-hole right compassion thinking about the energy that they’re being hit with – and what circumstances they might have right this is an opportunity I view this as an opportunity to grab your surfboard and write and write your inner demons darkness fears anxieties you know am I thinking uphold enough strong enough wise enough whatever to the power because this is an opportunity to change right are changing and we can’t hide under the bed anymore so it’s a great it in touch with what’s going on inside review release and then restart renew renew yeah yeah just keep following that creative inspiration and your intuition and seeing where where it takes you its yeah Gerald and I have been noticing it with you movement into Aquarius more of an artisanal age or just I don’t know more of a time where you’re willing to explore different themes than before like you were saying and it’s just happened naturally where people are waking up wanting to explore maybe this or that interest this interesting where did that come from I didn’t even think about it it just naturally flows out it’s kind of fun and exciting if you get out if you can’t get out of your own way that’s probably the hardest part sometimes recommend sense of humor or laughing guard behind the mask and sometimes you do you got to laugh at yourself and just go oh my gosh you know really ridiculously convenient I tell my clients online I say when you’re growing you have to release because think of it this way do you want the same things you wanted when you were 8 years old absolutely not right I think it’s just also like kind of looking at the big picture like yeah times people look like this at their life and they just look at this situation this day this week this person this relationship and and you gotta look at the big picture it can be hard to do that sometime so to take that that view absolutely yeah it is I do agree with you that it is challenging but worth it home what I know yeah yeah you’ve got to reflect and look and grow so I feel like and I’ve been watching your videos and I’ve been because of you and Gerald’s been introduced to the structural integration and I’m just you know comprehending and really understanding what it is and but I mean I’d love to get some insight from you because this is how you wake up your Kundalini as well correct and get your energies yeah yeah that’s actually how I have my kindling was I had been doing yoga and was practicing every day and then I met Gerald and he talked or told me about structure integration and said it was even better and I had a hard time and don’t even bother me how can be better than this but then and he said your body can change it’s like plastic try Weight Watchers and everything else and it’s amazing you really can’t because your whole body is connected to you and it can change with you know a certain series that I rock the original founder came up with I can defeat Gerald as my Guruji if you think about it Yoga terms or because he’s my teacher that taught me the art of the structural integration and we actually went and women are a little travel trailer and went around and talked clients and we back in 2011 and we had to go back but then this school just kind of it wasn’t something you were pursuing it wasn’t something we’re actively you know wanting to do he had wanted to do it a long time ago he had a business plan way back in 2004 and you know actively pursued the physical model of it and then oh my mom mentioned have you ever thought about online schools and different things we had different thoughts in our heads I think and then you did the gravity series and then it just naturally came out with the gravity bot Academy said we’re doing it that we just did it and it’s funny if you do get out of your own way and my mind of the geek wait you know how does this fit in with your artistic vegan and everything else doing this but but it is a part of me and it’s veganism structural integration you’ll get all of it it all can happen at once it’s hard to differentiate you know which ones better they’re all great but the structural integration it you know the ability to change your body and to change that you can align with gravity and if you’re into yoga already I mean it’s just gonna amplify your practice and you know it’s gonna take you a lot longer doing forward folds I’m stretching and you know years of practice person is you can have someone like for instance if you get a link in the back of your occiput to get more length in your hamstrings little tricks like that so it’s really powerful work and the nice thing is he trained me and so we trade with each other all the time and that’s a wonderful if you can have that in your relationship I mean wow you know now I feel that that when we raise our Kundalini it’s balancing the hemispheres of our you know the master female so kind of like Isis and Osiris shiva and shakhty when you you know balance the hemispheres and there’s no conflict then you can meet your twin flame right right it would be an interesting talk on itself but I mean right that would you and Gerald I mean it’s apparent that there’s something yet oh yeah we definitely feel we’re soul mates and Twin Flames and and it’s funny that happened at the same time to you know happened yeah yeah and then one day I do remember doing the experience I had we just started to work and I was going I’m still at corporate America and everything else I mean when you Community College and you know still trying to find my way and one night I don’t know I just kind of it was similar yours I woke up kind of in a panic and luckily Gerald was just my neighbor at the time and so I just went down to his place and like what’s going on and luckily he was there for me I don’t know you know yoga well I um well like I had been doing the yoga see the thing I said for me and it’s interesting that’s why I tell people to try to get what when I was younger you know I’ve tried I try I went to yoga classes and I was like you know this isn’t for me I always do a long time hot yoga McGregor and I I think whatever works for you personally I feel great from me I used to sit there and think I might die right now my inner dialogue has changed a lot I didn’t concern with being rude and disruptive so I would stick it out sure like oh my god I can’t I gotta get out of here I’m watching ya love him and so then I was watching him and he said to do the Kundalini do the Kundalini do the Kundalini blah blah blah and I was like so I got I did some research I found a class I went and I took it I became friendly with the woman her name is Lauren Pappas she’s got a wonderful teacher and I would go to her house and I did this for about six months about three times a week I went to a teacher and I learned and I’m I go down the rabbit hole of jump Shore you I would Oh Gerald must you know yeah and you know so I would see what is this person up to say what does that person have to say what is so much of it that we get intuitively I think it’s our duty to go and research it as well right and and then hold it to your heart that’s that’s how I feel hold it to your heart what it’s true yeah I think it can be I agree wholeheartedly I think that it’s a we all come from the goddess and we all return from the goddess but you know we have a personal relationship yeah you know I feel well too go back to the Kundalini experience cuz then I guess I’m gonna want to jump ahead but you know I had that I had done my yoga I was doing you know you know then I realized to you know go into classes are wonderful but takes up a lot of time hmm you know I have a business I’m a mother I have you know duties like an animal I mean I mean I love to treat myself sometimes to the class of going because taking you know driving there or taking the our class Chitty chatty it eats up three three four hours everyday sure no um you know and you don’t have to I feel I guess if you’ve blessed enough to be able to announce your choice it’s wonderful but right my clients a lot of minutes a day I mean more is better I sure but it’s like charging your phone and some people don’t have time and I laugh I say really how long do you spend going like this yeah on Instagram or whatever you go by when you could have done a 10 minute meditation or Kundalini activation little flow work creator exactly I agree so it’s it’s not a matter of if we don’t have time it’s a matter of choosing yeah if you if you want it to be a priority then you’ll make time for it absolutely the benefits you know they pay off it’s it’s so worth it I used to think if I could have an ideal day with meditation to yoga and then I have the time and I didn’t do it for the longest time and they just try it out and so I did and man you know everything just changed we ended up going from a crappy hotel to this beautiful home and somebody just gotta change your inner landscape in your mind and you know dream a little bit imagine I ain’t coming from a Pisces that’s uh from your mouth to God’s and I love the fact that I’m an Aries sunshine yeah I see sunshine because it’s kind of like the whole gamut we get here oh yeah no and I have to thank you for yeah you’ve definitely helped empower my path it’s my honor we did talked about your chart oh well yeah but I had a personal read from Betty and it was fantastic and at the time we just started the structure integration school and it was really comforting for me in that time to kind of see myself a little differently and have something to reflect on and and think of myself differently maybe it could be a healer something I hadn’t really thought of myself as before and so um nothing you have to think of your theme could be many things but anyways it was it was a great reading and I definitely recommend Betty but you are you know I’m grateful I was honored to be able to that’s my intention and I feel blessed that I’m able to work doing this because oh so many times I feel like in life especially for women and I and I love men so I believe me I love ya 100% I am I feel and I’ve done my research but this is what I’ve been getting from my meditations and my exploration is that you know we have been told to be less than you know there was a holocaust of well yeah I mean you know but the thing is that I didn’t even I wasn’t even aware I mean I knew of the witch trials I knew it Salem but it was more like kind of like Oh funny with you know was right and looking taken seriously and and now that I’ve been doing this research and I try not to like are the messages in an angle but there is a little bit of anger that comes up like surely I how come this isn’t taught in school how come you know this is left over and how come you know the Catholic Church isn’t held accountable for the slaughter I know yeah yeah and and even today you know just see the a lot of disempowerment but I think connecting with it on your on your own and on your own spiritual path and that own your own goddess energy then you can you know the more you can empower yourself or you can empower me and I can empower you then we can empower others if it helps free them and now you know the way absolutely and I think as women it is so important to embody the divine feminine energy and I feel that sometimes I mean this is just my opinion this is from my experience and so you know I certainly I don’t judge anybody love everybody everybody’s unique and you know hey I grew up as in his drawl I mean it believe me I’m used to being an outcast people like you know my own I’d never made sense to me the things that I was being told and I am a rebel but so I followed my own path so I really respect people doing that but I as women our job our responsibility to honor other women absolutely yeah and that doesn’t mean that we resonate with everybody you know like there’s no women who you know like to dye their hair pink and get tattoos and that’s great and then there’s women who like to drink tea and you know play with their partner you know there’s and there’s other ones that wear no makeup and no bras oh yeah of women and what I’m sayin we don’t resonate like oh let’s have lunch yeah we can still salute the soul sister and respect the fact that I mean women are so powerful right the earth is a woman no others at which you know a mother a teacher a healer and and that’s why from what I’ve been researching the men were so afraid of the women’s power yeah they used to I know they used to you know worship the woman and the Divine Feminine and the great mother and you know it wasn’t Oh father who out in heaven it was old mother there’s a lot different man in the world he still had a mother yeah that’s right that’s right I don’t want to get to me neither yeah cuz I think everyone like you were saying we all have that God and got us then and we all have the yin and yang and we can bring those together and that’s a magical thing yeah I want us to share something with you that I’ve just recently been finding out is that the chromosomes that the woman has two X chromosomes and the man has an x and a y Y so say you know the X is this long and so we as women so when they refer to Mary Magdalene or mm-hmm Ishtar which was an honor yes as horns and hookers and they did they put this on them to diminish they know these are disgusting process they weren’t discussing prostitutes you need a woman to awaken your could a man needs a woman’s energy right right and it’s that exchange of energy and it’s not just from having like sex it’s sprayed right favorite union and it’s a secret that women do mmm-hmm I mean just do the research because I mean not you I anybody was anybody who disagrees to do the research you can’t this is what’s been going on yeah and it’s incredible yeah yeah it is incredible and I think it’s I honored Gerald Toofer for acknowledging the goddess you know I didn’t I didn’t even know about goddesses until I met Gerald or I didn’t even know about I you know I went to church and everything else in my life regular culture never heard about goddesses or not that they were real and especially not that we came from one and that would get delayed to her or you know call upon her or venerate her or any of that and so so that was probably my first discovery of the goddess was through the Sumerian accounts to Gerald’s work and and his acknowledgement of Queen Isis which was great and then it really wasn’t until about a year ago or so and then I got a book and it kind of learned about the patriarchy and the different themes and how do we weaken your own inner goddess and how to also be sister goddesses like you’re saying to lift up other women and not be competitive or we need to shut it down or trying to compute this or that but rather Wow you know lifting them up so they can be their highest version of them and you can – absolutely but I feel that it starts you know charity starts at home and you need to share um you know and our bodies are temples and the kingdom and yet and what exactly then you release because anything that you know women resent or don’t like in another woman is something you you Samir yeah so yeah you’re confident enough in your own self then there’s no reason to you know women are beautiful you know all over the world you know and that’s okay they’re meant to be you know that’s part of it I think it comes from inside when you say we touch with themself the glow like the sexy it’s just like energy mm-hmm I think and like just to give props to Gerald like you said that the men who have the divine masculine and honor this those are the strongest men in my opinion absolutely you know who uh who raised us up and honor and I just want to say that I mean I love men and yeah like a strong man who’s masculine and in his in his own sense and in his own self worth anything if you’re confident in yourself there’s no reason to be hatin on right right right don’t worry about what what someone’s doing cuz you’re fine you got everything you need I guess did it finish answering your question sir than when I was doing my meditation I got the word Anana yeah that’s when I found Gerald I found him through just when you go researching I mean sometimes I’m like really this yeah you might get you know she went into the underworld and you get a couple of things we don’t get a lot of genealogy table you know like this is what it is you know go read it for yourself and I listened to him and I’ve gotten what is it aside from hot heat Roger hisses after so I apologize because it’s not okay he said read it yourself so I said okay and I have it coming I’ve you know been diving into the Egyptian Book of the Dead the Tibetan Book like yeah also like The Lost Scrolls the Bible that they hide you know right right yeah why it makes you a makes me more curious – it’s like why was the thinking out now I’m gonna know yeah I still remember really not Jesus for the first time I was it was we had been studying and learning and I had heard the names and different things and been watching ancient aliens and then we’re actually Americans are doing instruction aggregation thing and ironically enough we were doing it with the church and I just remember like tithing stop it was just like oh my god you know just I don’t know for some reason ruining the actual account with your own eyes it does something it’s like an activation here what makes it real yes I wore real I’ve been piggybacking off of your – research and yeah all the time everybody he’s certainly yeah yeah but a lot quicker too and I mean I hate to be honest but sometimes I’m just lazy and I don’t want to sit right – yeah it’s okay yeah it got me hooked and now I want you know I listen to what he says read it yourself yeah I’m gonna do that now good for you yeah it does look like a DNA activation or something I don’t know it’s Evan I think it’s powerful absolutely I’m so looking forward to it so oh can i how you got on to the vegan lifestyle and then and so you just channel these wonderful ideas of all these delicious recipes because I haven’t try and I find the night I sit around eating homemade hummus and carrots and that’s all I do we have weeks like that it’s like rice and beans and get some common sense I mean you know maybe some pickled vegetables if you’re lucky we have times like that – I definitely the blog I mean it drives like creativity you know like you said necessity is a mother intervention so it keeps coming and sometimes the really great ideas come together in a meditation and I’m like oh I’ve got deliciousness other times it’s just dinner and that was good I’ll share it and that’s actually this YouTube for this week is how that came so I feel like what I want you I’m like where are you getting this inspiration it’s I am i think inspiration for reads inspiration you know like just like I mean you do the astrology you get more inspired to do it when you look into the night or you know the Sumerian accounts get more inspired to look into it and you know it’s been that way we can som and like I said the necessity again we live in a small town and they I don’t have a health food store anymore to go to a Trader Joe’s or you know wherever and so I have to make things gradual and so it drives me to you know make my own this or that or the other thing and what of it the benefit is you know exactly what goes into it in and your child a bunch of new things absolutely but I I certainly was not always like this I mean I grew up not a begin and at first when I was on my own I I didn’t cook you know it was all packaged foods and you know Wendy’s to get it whatever so it wasn’t but I think the yoga kind of planted a seed because they talk about the Artic diet and being vegetarian in it you know my god look you know I don’t know and then I had a girlfriend that had tried it a nice little sauce she looked verses so I looked up a time and I thought oh but oh my gosh lifestyle change for me and I did I just kind of tried it out I went to a seminar and they said just try it once a week and follow your heart and so I did and at the time we had the Trader Joe’s and everything so it’s really easy you know to get so just buy stuff and that was already made and and then it just turned into a full-time theme it was mostly just following how things made me feel and at first I was vegetarian with Gerald and I met we were both vegetarian and then we might be getting together just too much wine achieves one winter and that’s why I respect and admire your strength and character because I know I know deep within that it’s the right thing to do for so many reasons I sure I haven’t eaten red meat you know cow or pig since I was eight when I found out what it was I was more out what was more of a moral thing for me I was like that’s terrible Yeah right I really love that animal whatever that wasn’t that conscious at that age you and go to the petting zoo it and also like when we would go for Drive go look at the cow look at the horse and then yeah I’m still that way my mother used to send me off with my lunchbox and I would eat liverwurst yeah yeah yeah what that was I lift my lid I said are you out of your mind yeah oh I’m good dad I do eat fish and I did eat chicken and turkey for a long time but of recently since I started the Kundalini activation I’m just a chicken and yeah thank you it’s kind of an outfit they know it’s just natural and I can feel like want to eat this seafood I have to force myself nothing to think about it excuses well I got to eat something what am I gonna eat you know like whatever but I know that I’m doing wrong so I know it’s a matter of time for me that’s how I would look it takes time you know I used to cheat like and I would have a fish taco and I think well it’s just one Bend one time it’s a gopher birthday we went to some stand it was oh you know they were going to catch it in the ocean kind of being and bringing it up and pollution and I don’t know we got really sick it so ever since then we haven’t done it again and in a way it was a blessing come in guys smack in the face that’s usually how I roll I don’t know why I was easier [Laughter] yeah but I for me my biggest weakness geez yeah that was my longest time I almost kind of like no nothing like going out for now you know it don’t you know it’s a fancy and I know that experience yeah I loved it I still kind of miss you know like no no you know you know think about where you were then and your happiness and think about where you are okay you know I know what you’re great thankful I bet Joe I told him you saved me from my lord he does sure it’s a Capricorn because sometimes it’s hot you know sometimes you need that person or all you need it yeah one minute leads to yeah you know my sister works at a sushi restaurant and I did it for the longest time I can’t judge you know yeah I enjoyed it for the longest time and that’s fine what I’m remembering when I what we’re talking about is how I felt since I’ve been doing the meditation and the you know just really getting more in touch with my body and listening to my messages that I receive I know that alcohol is not good for me okay this is what I’m whatever anybody I don’t judge believe me Krista I love to throw back I mean I I didn’t that’s why I had to stop I think is like you know one and another another yeah and you know I think in in the right time and place and a little bit here and there is maybe you know indulging and fun but I feel that for people like us who want to do this energy work right you really can’t get to where you need to be where you’re going to be doing then and it’s not a judgement because I have to say when I’m really internally got this and I’m not saying I’m off the booze forever and but it’s like it’s not the same anymore when you around it it’s not fun anymore like the I see behind the curtain like in more I know this is wrong for me I know that this doesn’t fit in with what I’m doing with my life and there’s a mourning and I think that we need to kind of acknowledge that because famous historical nacelle sure yeah I know I know I have a hard time we did back in 2013 we’d stopped drinking and and and at first at first it was so hard because I go through you know Trader Joe’s and look at all the wine bottles like just flying tree or something fat and I don’t know then after time it just got easier and easier and and then one time we were at a conference and everyone was turkey wine a very intimate at dinner and two people or three people were knit me Geraldton this other person and and then chose to know why don’t you just have one glass why don’t know you like it so I did and and then I just instantly you know like that without even wanting it that desire for more kicks in and then it I also noticed just the energy difference between me and then then and I thought I want to be back there did and to me that was just like okay and so I just think at that time and that helps me and and we haven’t I haven’t since so that’s well that’s a hey that’s amazing and I I was back then admire that because like from me I’ll forget all right intentional I want to forget sometimes to obvious social right sure if you go out and you don’t drink you want to know what’s wrong with you why aren’t you drinking are you an alcoholic you know I used to ask because I’m not like why don’t you come up to happy hour and drink with us I just want with you you know I’ll just I drink Seltzer with lime yeah I’m silly anyway so you can never really tell if I’m drunk you know what telling people right yeah it’s nobody’s business anyway sure like no anything anyway but what all right absolutely right but what I feel is the next day I a couple of weeks ago a very dear close friend of mine came to town who I grew up with and we don’t get to see each other right so and she had gone to the vineyard she brought me a beautiful bottle of wine and you know what I realize I got a terrible headache Brian and I mean I’m really bad like it’s my body was rejecting it it was laid out and yeah next day I didn’t want to do and I actually didn’t do my yoga practice which is not like me at all I think I didn’t want to do anything I actually just wanted to lay in bed until you know then you know if it holds me to task love because I had to get up you know how to take her out for ice cream you know we went to did but it was like oh just showering I didn’t want like you can see the difference and right like Annie and Gerald and Jade they just did a shell on decoders at Ruth and Jamie good point you know they call it spirits for good reason and I thought wow no never really thought about that I agree 100% i watch that interview but I think I know what you’re saying about the spirits I say that often and they are spirits we’re inviting all of this in like marijuana ayahuasca alcohol all of this of the earth is you know draws in the spirits yeah and there’s there’s a you know lower vibrational ones in higher recreational ones that we can choose which one you want to resonate more with and you know absolutely usually the ones that are illegal are not as good and the ones that aren’t keep us out keep us from waking up but that’s good again no but I feel like right now it’s too late they can’t stop anymore think it’s just coming yeah you know and you can just feel it and see it and it’s it’s across the cobble it’s not just localized which is really neat and I need the internet plays a huge role too yes definitely absolutely and that’s where you know we can that’s where I think it’s wonderful I also think it’s destructive – yeah there’s pros and cons but for me what I was gonna say is this awakening that I’ve been going through personally I was laughing I was telling Billy the other day I said you know cuz we he’s on board and we talked about it and I let you know it’s it it’s great to have somebody that you can talk to you know absolutely but I said to him laughing I said um you know if me if I came over and sat down next to me mice even eight months ago Betty and I’ve always been open-minded you know right eight months ago even eight months ago Betty came if I came personally now and I sat and I talked to her and I said two things that I think and the thing and the things that I have come if anybody came until I would be like lily-livered you know okay like did that one to the girlfriend I was like she’s like oh even God another thing that’s going on currently with this energy is that there is a lot of people’s standing up and marching to their own Drummond and there will be falling away groups of old relationships of things that grow and expand you know I love the quote by Joseph Campbell and I often quote this to my clients that the mystic is swimming with the light in the same waters that the schizophrenic is drowning hmm a lot but I think that it’s important to be gentle with yourself and take this journey seriously and realize that if we’re lucky enough to have the mysteries whispered in her ear they’re no good we have to allow our vessel to kind of it’s too much too soon I feel could blow could do dinner sure yeah everyone’s you know evolutionary path is unique and at their own pace and I absolutely agree with that I’ve had phases where I felt so much pressure to wake up now you know I pushed myself too far and then I found the research and then was blessed enough to come across you and Gerald and I mean and I candid not to sound like a butt kisser because I’m not but I can’t express the gratitude for the help because it’s conceit and what if I didn’t have somebody to navigate it yeah can I trust I mean I think that he’s an intelligent man he’s done absolutely and you know it’s not like woowoo or call I mean this is this is what it is read it for yourself right and from like a hundred different resources I’ll navigate it into what because yeah I did feel there was a time there was like a to nights where I woke up in a sweat in a panic in and I’m very tough you know I’m I’m pretty brave I’ve always been I guess it’s the Aries in me you know kind of like yeah whatever whatever but I was tripping you know I was like really freaking out and it was ready paradigm shift for me where it would see I was scared sure I went through it too early I think yeah so I’m sure some people have mentioned you know maybe having a support group or something people absolutely go to the school and pick up and start talking to these women and tell them oh you know not have told me your name consciousness in the right place yeah I know certain things and so I was like and we even talked about like when we talked to family are old friends there’s certain things we talk about sort of things we don’t talk about because we kind of know where they’re at I’ve always done that my whole life like I feel like you can talk to people to a point menu you can see that without lays eyes yeah they’re in another planet like we go deep deep deep deep and some people just just and it’s not for I feel it’s up for me to judge and I’m certainly not I honor the process and I feel that maybe people like you and I and so many other healers and layers and cut came chose to come to be of service you know because it’s not an easy life I don’t write no I don’t think that there’s any other way we could live our lives but you know it’s a lot of scrutiny and judgment you know people don’t understand and and it’s I think it’s an easy path at a wall I think that it no I think it’s afraid really absolutely it is a braid out what because I feel like see with a lot of people like they don’t they want to fit in right released so who they are and they do you know and some judgmental and the gossip and the toxic and that’s what I feel for the goddess message I feel like to honor and love other women and men but sometimes to a lot of men who don’t develop their divine masculine you know sometimes when a woman you know and they don’t honor her and they run it you know you have to honor the fact that absolutely and and I think as women it is our job to send them away say no go back to your wife or get into or be a man and get a divorce right yeah it’s awful no but I mean but hey you know what I’m not saying I’ve never done I’m not hey I’m ready yeah we all have anything to be ashamed of I think it’s all part of the process but what I’ve come to is that we need to honor each other yeah you hold the men’s of tasks and hold each other to task and yeah and that’s a woman and you know to honor yourself too and you know if you’re not happy what can make you happy but what can you do to make yourself happy instead of sometimes we rely on our partners or others you know externally and and more just connecting oh oh that’s right I already have everything I need connected in me and it’s not out there funniest trick it’s the best part it’s inside you everybody’s seeking seeking seeking and I think as women we’re programmed to say look you better get a man we got to look this way you have to do that thing you know it’s exciting for you and this and then you got to do this and that yeah and you know service to others I mean women do it all the time amazing they change everything they touch yeah the cycles and being in tune with nature it is it’s not you know they call it witchcraft or you know it’s being a healer it’s beyond the cycles in and then herbs and that you know the energies and the cycles of that of the earth and the cycle of the moon exactly getting more in touch with that I just found out about this whole chromazone thing so I hope that it’s true because I haven’t researched it deeply enough okay I researched it a little bit I saw the information presented and I researched it so if I am mistaken I do apologize but it seems correct and it would seem from a scientific so but I was like wow like we’ve need to start to bring this back because this is how we can all wake up right right so I don’t know if like we need to open like sex tents or what the deal is or yeah yeah well there’s definitely there’s you know definitely folks inside of us be giving the game or the the masculine and feminine of where we can bring in an Enlightenment in ourselves and in our relationships done you know boom how me you make me a banana split oh my god I know I’m terrible somebody caught me like a desert David I know I have a terrible yeah that’s how I justify it you embody sentence structure oh thank you thank you well I’ve had a wonderful tennis I’ve had the ten series of a couple times so the benefit of structural integration and an edema yoga practice which I do you got to in veganism you know you combined all three units that’s pretty powerful you’re a walking billboard oh thank you and your to various ecology or so you’re so on and I love your opening and everything then well do you want to it’s been a pleasure do you want to wrap it up for today I do I do when I first saw you and it was and I’m not like that that’s I mean I know you don’t know my history but I’m really kind of like well they’re cool whatever but when I write I knew it wasn’t something like a mental ego process there was something inside of me that was like you two need to talk and like I just I guess recognize you from the past I just recognize the Divine Feminine within you or whatever who knows I’m not sure but I know there’s something yeah yeah I think it’s possible yeah we could have spent past lives who knows maybe we were priestesses in the temples yes we did our duty and I look forward to seeing you again yeah I honor and love you too and [Music]


  • Basil K says:

    Great show ladies. You two have great chemistry ( and look gorgeous too). Love the topics. Hope you do more of these.

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    Thanks Betty and Christa … Canadians are good at laughing at ourselves ! Great show and the eclipse will be powerful for me . I’m out making music and following your advice .

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    Great video, Betty is extremely informative as always. Christa has lots of great info as well. The interaction between both of them is fantastic, looking forward to more videos from these two!

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