Bill Nye: Could Common Core be the antidote for Creationist teachers?

Bill Nye: Could Common Core be the antidote for Creationist teachers?

If I were king of the forest we would have
math in the core curriculum. Science would be in the core curriculum. English in the
core curriculum. Elementary science is where you get scientists. Everybody in the space
program, everybody who’s a doctor got interested in science when he or she was seven or eight
years old, before they were ten, not when they were 16 or 18. That’s where you spend
your money is science education in elementary levels. Now, people are opposed to core curriculum
I believe for two reasons. One of them good and the other just not. The first reason, my perception is they are
afraid having these core curricula, these standards, prohibits teachers from having
time to do other stuff that they’re good at. It takes away from other things that a teacher
brings to the party. And by that I mean what is your favorite thing about your favorite
teacher? And it’s his or her passion. It’s his or her like I’m so excited about this
I want you to get excited about this when you’re a little kid or when you’re any student
at any level, even if you’re a 58-year-old guy going to the Smithsonian to take a course
in oceanography for fun. It’s the passion of the person presenting it that gets you
going. So, by having too many standards that have to be met too rigorously, the concern
is, and I understand this, that you’ll keep students from having any fun and getting excited
about anything. But the other reason people seem to be, my
perception of what people don’t like about core curricula is that it forces them to learn
standard stuff when they could be teaching their kids things that are inconsistent with
what we know about science. I’m talking about people that want to teach creationism instead
of biology. And that’s just bad. And the excuse or the justification is you don’t want the
government telling you what to do. We all have to learn the alphabet everybody. I’m
sorry, if we’re we’re going to have a successful society, it’s not an arbitrary arrangement
of letters, you got to learn it. Sorry. And the same way if you’re asking me everybody’s
got to learn a little bit of physics, chemistry, mathematics and you got to learn some evolution.
You’ve got to learn some biology. I mean the idea is obvious right? You have a certain
minimum that everybody’s got to meet. What? Everybody’s got to learn the alphabet. Everybody’s
got to learn to read. The U.S. Constitution is written in English so everybody’s got to
learn to read English. It would be great if you learned some tonal languages, some romance
language that would be good, but our laws are written in English. Everybody’s got to
learn to read English. Everybody’s got to learn math. Everybody’s got to learn some
algebra. Everybody’s got to learn some biology including evolution. So what’s not to love?
But I know there are people opposed to that.


  • Nessie Andrew says:

    Science isn't mandatory in the USA?

  • Responsible Procrastinator says:

    I'm going to be the bigger person and say i love Bill Nye. I don't agree with his views, but in the Bible it says "love your enemy", i hope one day he stops spreading this poison.

  • TehcYT says:

    Common Core teaches you that if you're creative, you won't be able to achieve anything. This is completely wrong. We are all different and are interested in different subjects and topics yet curiosity is frowned upon. They force you to remember knowledge you don't need. You should be able to pick what you want to be. If you really want to be a scientist, they'll only say "You're too young" or "If you could get better grades then you will" but that's not the case. If you really want to be unique, don't let reality control your passion, let your passion control reality. Some of the smartest people in the world dropped out of highschool.

  • Michael Sinclair says:

    common core has no common sense

  • Hugo Sandoval says:

    This is complete click bait eat a dick and die.

  • Camp Runamuck says:

    Hes not a real scientist

  • Alex InYT says:

    Bill Nye needs to meet The History Guy. They need to do a class together.

  • Erwin Rommel says:

    School is fundamentally NOT human.

    Let me explain: So in school you learn to do a multitude of different things and that takes up a majority of a students day like learning to do mathematics and science which is good, however the way they present that is by making the students do individual work instead of work in groups, and making them do extra work at home. I believe that this robs students of time they need to socialise and do they’re own activities independent of the school and I think that because of the lack of time students have they learn to dislike school because that’s all they do and they would probably rather do something else with they’re time then learn something that they’re probably never going to use outside of school like plotting points on a graph and translating them into an equation and then turning it into a word problem. Because of exercises like these, students who graduate and enter the work force end up lacking creativity and end up living unsatisfied and unhappy because they were robbed of they’re childhood. So I believe and I know other people think the exact same thing, is that we should rethink the way the modern education system works in America

  • livnfree930 says:

    Big idiot

  • Troy McComak says:

    Common core is an absolute joke! Evolution is the Religion of Bill Nye the Science Guy and he should stop pushing his religion on our children and calling it science. I am a private educator and Common Core confuses children and keeps me employed and I still say get rid of it because I actually care about my students.

  • Connie Jennings says:

    You are an idiot. you are for globalism. Common core is just another tool to spread ignorance and hinder a child to learn. You are bought and paid for. Just tell the truth on genders idiot. But then again science created by man and they make mistakes all the time. Fields and data are wrong all the time. Evolution is just another way to destroy God. Funny how science cannot create the original design, binary code. Design to it and you can not create it. God did. Being homo or whatever lala land gender you create can not produce it, create it or make it so by just wishing it.

  • Behind The Layers says:

    He’s right about brainwashing in the sense the earlier you start the better😃

  • Angela Cooper says:

    So Bill Nye the TV Science Guy doesn’t know what common core is and also doesn’t know that biology does not equal evolution.

    Sorry Bill, you haven’t convinced me that corporate/government education is best for kids. It certainly has not educated you.

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