Book of Thoth: Tarot as Living Beings

Book of Thoth: Tarot as Living Beings

In this series of talks about the Thoth Tarot
this book I have been guiding you through the structure, the unusual structure of why this
book has been put together by Aleister Crowley and what it means. The fascinating thing that
came out of these talks is that nowhere does Aleister Crowley mention divinatory meanings,
they don’t exist. It is a strange and remarkable conclusion that you come to. He talks about
tarot as living beings, he talks about the characteristics of the Major Arcana, he talks
about behaviours. Because normally tarot people think that the court cards represent people
and that is it and everything else is just they are kind of flat or something else. But
he is taking things onto a whole new level. And it is all about tarot as living beings.
All the cards act all the cards interact, he brings it all together with the Opening
of the Key spread. Now the interesting thing about the Opening of the key spread is that
each stage called an operation. It is an action, an operation (not to do with surgery) it is
more akin to magical rituals and ceremonies and all these kinds of things. So he is seeing
the entire process of the cards now he has established that the cards are living beings,
they actions, they have behaviours, they act and behave in different ways, just as we do.
Just as we do depending on who we are with, circumstances, things we need to achieve and
intend, it is more about how life is than trying to remember why the meanings of the
cards, which of course everyone has problems with, and if you have been following my videos
over the years and my writings and you see me speak, I always tell everyone I am rubbish
at the meanings. Now you know why, because they are not that important. If you have read
this book, Lon DuQuette’s The Thoth Tarot he puts the divinatory meanings back into
the tarot, the thoth tarot – its in there. Divinatory meanings kill the tarot. Its a
problem. In tarot, people who do courses have this problem of how do you assess students
when they can’t remember meaning? Its a strange thing that sort of is going on here. I want
to look deeper into what is really going on in this case. Its funny of course because
clients come, and say they can’t remember; its a good thing they can’t remember because
it shows things are working at a deeper, more fundamental level. So Aleister Crowley has
behaviours and characteristics, in tarot and Crowley liberates from the meanings, we are
free, liberated, we don’t have to worry about them. Well, we do in the sense that we need
to know what they are, but its a bit like talking about the English language, the meaning
of the letter A, the meaning of the letter C – you need to look at the word, those letters
create that word, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, or potato, you don’t look at the individual
letters, you just see that is potato, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, its just recognition. Once these are established
that the conclusion of the essay which is the about in previous videos, not being about
divinatory meanings it is about the cards are living individuals. And then he goes on
to say, the headline of the next section which is on the Opening of the Key spread, he says,
the behaviour of the tarot, its use in the art of divination. So he is making another
distinction he is putting divination separately from all this what we have been talking about
so far. Of course, with the Opening of the Key spread where you have counting and pairing,
and elemental dignities, you are using those techniques to see how the cards interact with
each other, their behaviours, and the characteristics, and just remember divination is a very small
section of the Book of Thoth. Only about 3 or 4 pages. Now and of course if you watch
my videos, on the Opening of the Key you will see I make mistakes, I misidentify cards and
all sorts of things, it doesn’t matter, I carry on anyway, its not important. This is
a big relief for tarot students, if you really want to take things further, is that when
the reason we sit down and do the readings your mind goes blank and you can’t remember
the meanings of the cards, its what supposed to happen. Now, the secret of magic, of your
intention, of your will to achieve something is that when you do whatever ritual or thing
that you do, is that you forget it about it. Have a cup of tea, have sex, send in your
tax return, help the kids with their homework, do some gardening, have a drink, doesn’t matter.
You just put that aside, forget about it, and you don’t speculate or dig it up again
or anything like that. You do not want to keep these things at the level of the conscious
mind. And the conscious mind is saying I don’t remember the meaning of the cards, what are
the meaning of the cards? I don’t remember. It is the conscious mind to allow those energies
to come through, what is really going on. So in essence the divinatory meaning is kill
the tarot. Why Lon DuQuette put these divinatory meanings back in there, is something to speculate
on. As I said, the Opening of the Key does not mention divinatory meanings any more than
the rest of this book mentions divinatory meanings. It is significant in its absence.
And I also said, that each stage, and there are 5 stages of the Opening of the Key is
called an operation. It is directly related to magic. And here is where we need to look
at something that Crowley says, in here, It is just after page 253 of this book, around
about here. So we just completed the 5th operation. And there is a quote from O.M, Aleister Crowley
himself, he says, I may add that in material matters this is extremely valuable, I have
been able to work out the most complex problems in minute detail. So he is saying he used
it, and he says can do minute detail, which is exactly something I have found, which is
why I champion the Opening of the Key spread, and the Thoth Tarot. Now, he makes a key statement,
it is quite extraordinary, I will read it to you and discuss it. Here goes. It is quite
impossible to obtain satisfactory results from this or any other system of divination
unless the ART is perfectly required. It is the most sensitive, difficult and perilous
branch of magic. The necessary conditions with such a comprehensive comparative review
of all important methods of use are fully described and discussed in Magic Chapter 17.
So he is saying far from divination as being in some kind of trivial thing, it is actually
the most sensitive, most difficult and perilous branch of magic. Well, you might have thought
sex magick or that kind of things are more difficult or dangerous, but he is making a
pretty heavy and clear statement of what this is really about. its not just divination,
it is something more. It is the other skills that you have which of course most tarot readers
aren’t equipped with because they don’t know, and all these sorts of things. The interesting
thing is to really understand divination is to go into a lot of the magic and the ceremonies
and rituals that I have described, and you can find them on the internet now, they are
easily available. The Argenteum Astrum A. A., the O.T.O., Golden Dawn, all these things
are kind of the things that go on there help you to read the tarot cards. If its so difficult
and perilous, things can go wrong, and in the next paragraph covers that. He says, The
abuse of divination has been responsible more than any other cause for the discredit which
the whole subject of magic has fallen. When the Master Therion undertook the task of its
rehabilitation. Those who neglect his warnings, and the profane the Sanctuary of Transcendental
Art, have no other than themselves to blame for the formidable and irremediable disasters
which infallibly will destroy them. Prospero is Shakespeare’s reply to Dr Faustus. Pretty
heavy stuff there, isn’t it? This is kind of, I am not sure what to say but it shows
that how important divination really should be in this whole kind of system. And that
the requirement of the operator to know so much stuff. In a sense divination shouldn’t
be left to amateurs I guess, that is probably the message. I know my experiences as a professional
tarot reader the importance and the responsibility that one has in doing a reading for someone
about divorce, infidelity, whatever big decisions in their lives people are coming to a reading
for. It is not a trivial matter we are talking about. hopefully this is a kind of now that
we have gone through these sections of the book, and I have given you an insight into
what Crowley was trying to do and how he did it, and how you end up with this conclusion
that it is about magic, and divination is fundamental aspect of this magic. I hope you
will be able to see tarot in an entirely different light, a more powerful, more complex, more
fun, more interesting than you can ever imagine. I am available to do tarot courses and lessons,
we can go 1to1, day sessions, if you like or something like this. There are ways we
can do things. If you are interested in taking things further I can do bespoke courses, depending
on how far you have got with tarot, and the Book of Thoth, or which area you want to look
at. We can cover all these things as well. Reading and watching this video you might
want to feel you go back to the first one, to see with this extra knowledge, to see how
these things fit together. Happy divining!


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  • anaemiabag says:

    its the same with learning music theory, when it comes to making music, you forget about it and just play.

  • The Beat Of Belfast says:

    I just started studying the thoth tarot
    And have found your videos brilliant thanks paul😀

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    I've been studying the emerald tablets of Thoth and I enjoy them so much but I'm skeptic about the authenticity

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    Hello Paul, I recently sent you a messaged about learning from you. I very much agree with you about using cards on a subconscious level even before I heard of you I felt my deck was much more than a deck & is very much alive as odd as that sounds. Even as a young child I been connected & found it very easy to channel other wordly sprirts. I also know for a fact that something came with or from my deck which I describe more in my message. I want to clean it, but will wait for your respones on how I sound handle this issue & what my dreams about them could mean if they seem more than just collection of random thoughts.

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    I know how to travel the astral world while fully awake and aware of everything. I have a strong feeling it's the place the ancient gods are from or have been to. It sucks that no one believes me. I wonder what the world would do if they knew of this place or went there?

  • stacy franz says:

    I have to watch your video twice, cause I have no idea what you are talking about.First of all the one book is just essays' of the cards. I someone made some money on. The second book , was a waste of money. He's been dead, your taking someone else's.words. Who I guess is making money too.However I think the Thoth deck is the best cards there are on the market still today. And if you were a professional you could read with a regular deck of playing cards.There are many great work that went into these cards at the time they came out.Also you are forgetting each card has four different meanings. Stop reading stupid books. Learn on your own.But the art work is still the best, and holds lots of special and magical things.

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