Bringing Closure to  the Tests of Saturn

Bringing Closure to the Tests of Saturn

Hello everyone! It’s time again for our
Friday Night Live spiritual insights with Michael Mirdad, and this is more
live than usual because we have live people sitting around watching. So that’s
kind of cool. I’m doing doing my, almost halfway done with m,y five day intensive
on mastery and healing being done here in Sedona. so there’s a bunch of
attendees that are with us and some are staying after for the evening to watch
this so the question is going to be what are we covering tonight and I don’t know
what title they gave you up but it was along the lines of weight somebody wrote
it down for me to look at bringing closure to the tests of Saturn so this
is all relevant to not just the planet Saturn or Saturn periods it’s important
for us to understand I’m sort of addressing what’s going on in the world
right now and this will probably be the last time I address this particular
topic we’ve done it for the last few weeks so you should go back if you
wouldn’t we want to see more you go back a couple of weeks and see this sort of
series of talks around this and this this topic is kind of there’s there’s a
lot of things going on in the world and I don’t just mean global like economy or
or environmental or whatever like sometimes we talk about this is more
energetic so it’s a periods this is a period as you know Saturn Saturn’s an
interesting planet people often don’t realize that the role saturn has played
in our lives and and this is not an astronomy talk or an astrology talk but
it includes this so so let me cover this for a sec we’re all going through major
changes this this is not just another time period this is not just a well you
know every so often economy is up or down every so often crime is up or down
this is not just another day another week in the world and you know another
day in the life it’s not just another month or another year we are clearly
going through major shifts here and and they’re going to continue
there’s probably every one of us including myself there’s times when when
I would I think to myself God wouldn’t it be nice if
everything was just kind of back to the way it was 20 years ago or 30 wouldn’t
it be nice if we could just have copacetic and things are kind of chill
there are moments moments that I have that and think God wouldn’t that be nice
but I know that’s not gonna happen I’m absolutely certain that is never gonna
happen again we are never going to be the same and
the world is never going to be the same a few years down the line and I mean
that figuratively a few years down the line everybody will probably be able to
say that but between now and then it’s going to be challenging for anyone to
feel that way and believe that because of the just the intense the intensity
but the intense challenges and some of these challenges are related to what we
call the planet Saturn but that’s just a symbol so at the end of every week and a
couple of these things I covered the last few weeks but just a synopsis at
the end of every week you ant you end your week with satyr day Saturn’s day
it’s kind of a funny thing you end with Saturn’s day Saturn is like the
butt-kicking planet you know it’s like hey have you left any tests unfinished
any any issues undone well let me magnify them for you and just bring them
forward you know have a great day and and that’s that’s symbolic it doesn’t
mean that everybody’s Saturday is a bad day obviously people love weekends but
I’m saying energetically it’s symbolic of before you go to Sunday what’s Sunday
Suns day you and I are the son of God you and I are the sons and daughters of
God so Sunday is the children of God’s day and if we think of it as the seventh
day of the week we think of it as the day God rested after six days of
creation what it really means is that every week there is a day that we should
remember to chill to take some time and quiet make it devoted to spirituality
Sunday services meditations and everything you can to just really make
it a like a spiritual oasis day to get really deeper into who you are but also
into your willingness to see others at a new level so Saturn sort of helps us
clear the dross and stuff so that we can rise to the level of being able to see a
better us so the week monday-tuesday will you know all the way
and gets to Saturday Saturday take some time to cleanse isn’t it funny
that people act almost their most unhealthy on Friday nights and Saturday
it’s it’s it’s a day to kind of purge and get rid of clear stuff you know
clear stuff so that you make way for Sunday the holy son of God’s Day that’s
you that’s me so all of us male/female so there’s another way that this plays
out and that’s in the bigger picture than the week you know week by week and
that is that Saturn also comes into our chart sometimes goes retrograde whatever
else or where it plays out in our chart astrological chart not as a fate but
more as a as a potentiality so Saturn shows up and in your chart and is saying
here’s how I sit with you maybe you haven’t done a lot of work on yourself
so I’m gonna help you this lifetime with that or sometimes it says you know
congratulations you’ve done a lot of work work on yourself through lifetimes
I’m gonna sit in a favorable position in your chart to say you know anytime you
look my way I’ll just be smiling hi I’m Saturn I’m taking the break with you
you’re good but for us the average person you know we its it shows up to
kind of bring up some issues now another perspective of that is that when we when
we were coming into the earth plane this gets a little out there for some of us I
think but when we were coming into the earth plane we’re coming from spirit and
we’re actually like astral beings and we’re looking at this universe that’s
starting to form it’s really amazing I just some days I think god I wish I
could just get some cables plugged into my mind so I could get this onto a
screen for people to see cuz I can see it in here but it’s you know it just
doesn’t you know always translate with words because they don’t always describe
these concepts and beautiful pictures of what’s really happening out there so so
once upon a time we’re coming in as spiritual beings we’re flying in from
either you could say through the let’s call it the the center of the universe
we come flying into the universe and we went left nor we went up down right you
know this direction that in the universe and we landed somewhere we found a solar
system because a solar solar meaning like Sun
solar system means a system for the Son of God the children of God to work on
their stuff and some people think we came here and oh it was so beautiful and
you don’t you don’t you don’t go from heaven to anything and have it be better
when we came from heaven to materiality in the universe it was a bit of a you
know step down so we went from heaven into a world universe of limitation and
challenge of dimensionality so we came in and we went okay now what do we do
and we all found different solar systems so believe it or not there are other
Earth’s in other systems where there are people working on three dimensional
issues just like you and me and you know if they went into one system they
typically have to finish working on that system if you started in this system
you’re usually here working through this system on your stuff there are
exceptions but typically you’re working the system you were gravitating towards
you mag you know to magnetically felt drawn to so we came in here but we were
kind of like more spirit beings and we came in and gradually densified but so
did planets remember Big Bang and all this energy is shooting through the
universe gradually some of it starts to crystallize into planets there’s a whole
ecosystem that happens and then there’s a cooling and as the cooling happens the
planets start rotating it’s amazing and the system starts rotating Saturn
interestingly enough you know you’ve heard of maybe the rings of Saturn right
guess what are the rings of Saturn you know yeah the rings of Saturn so if
you look at Saturn there’s like a ball and then you have the Rings going this
way if you were to draw a line from one end of the rings around the ball to the
other end of the Rings and then down here the same you would have what would
be a lens shape like an eyeball like an eye and that symbol is also your third
eye it’s also the yoni the the the female reproduction that we come through
so we’re born through this lens we are reborn
through this lens we see through this lens through duality eyes of duality but
we’re trying to open up this I so Saturn’s kind of like saying
energetically Saturn’s got this fiery energy so Saturn when you think about
Saturn there are there are beings like deities related to each of these planets
like Gaia is a deity related to the earth so all these planets have deities
related to them and the deities each played a part in the creation the the
experience of humans in their solar system their meaning the deities so
these there’s these not just planets there’s deities that rule these planets
sitting in that solar system saying hey look here they come and we came flying
in and they said well you need to go here you’re you’re off to Jupiter you’re
going here to Saturn you’ll be on Mars for a while and they sent us to
different planets within our system but we have to all work through all the
planets at one time or another edgar cayce described in between
lifetimes on earth you don’t just die and then like kind of
sit around and then come back when you pass over you actually go to other
planets in our system to work on energies or issues related to those
planets so he would sometimes talk in his readings and say could you do a
reading on Joe Blow you know he would go into his trance yes we have them they’ve
recently arrived from Venus and the time before that they were at this other
place I mean he would talked about it like in this abstract bizarre languaging
but it’s not a languaging that was unfamiliar to Rudolf Steiner or somebody
like you know a lot of the mystical societies in the past but Swedenborg
mystics like that they understood they they knew about these kinds of things so
we have these deities that are like parents that are we call planets but the
planets aren’t just planetary bodies there are beings almost like gods and
goddesses related to those planets that are helping the children of God and they
have assistance assisting angels helping people get in and out of that that
particular planetary energy that may a little too far out for some but that’s
kind of what happens but my point was Saturn’s beings have a bit of fire to
them more than some others they’ve got a bit of fire to them even though it may
not be as close to the Sun as Saint Mars but there’s some fire to it and the
Saturn beings are kind of like hmm you know we’ve got this certain energy about
us that’s different from other planets obviously so one of the things they
started doing was kind of messing with humans and and encouraging fire to move
up our spines and create bodies because we didn’t have bodies yet so they’re
encouraging us to awaken our Kundalini not not only Saturn but Saturn
Saturn the beings of Saturn were one of the planetary entities that were trying
to awaken our Kundalini and so that’s why again Saturn is a is a planet or a
consciousness that wants to kind of purge us from unhealed wounds but that’s
what Kundalini does it starts to move but when it does it brings up issues
related to each thing that it runs into so the Saturn beings were sort of partly
related to fire moving through us partly related us to us creating forms bodies
because as soon as you start moving the fire the Kundalini moves creates a
nervous system the nervous system starts to need a sheath called skin around it
and therefore we formed bodies so when we fell in Aden we needed to have bodies
that’s why the Bible will say and after they fell they needed skins it meant
skin so we fell we densified through guilts and shames because we bit from
the apple of the tree of judgment instead of the fruit of the tree of
forgiveness because there’s two trees in the garden so we bit from that and fire
started moving you know and then we densify but now what’s funny is the
entities the deities of Saturn as an example as one example sort of were put
in the position of well you you caused them to fall and form bodies so what we
need you to do now is help them redeem those bodies
so Saturn also now has the job of getting us to wake up it caused us to
become mortals and and dense but now it has a karmic position of waking us up so
in a weird kind of funny kind of way Saturn which you could imagine as a
symbol if you had a tattoo of Saturn here it would look like this
Saturn it has to take this and turn it like this and help awaken us so Saturn
isn’t picking on us Saturn is trying to purge us of non
enlightened consciousness so that we can become conscious enlightened and it’s a
funny an extra funny piece these things just kind of fly in as I’m sitting here
but another piece there’s an old festival called Saturnalia Saturnalia is
a Roman name for a solstice it’s it’s Christmas so now let’s see use your
imagination on this Saturn Saturnalia was the ancient name for some cultures
for for Christmas and what’s Christmas about birthing the Jesus’s birth the
birthing of Christ so there you go again with secretly people don’t realize that
Saturn is related to birthing the Christ Saturn is related to opening your third
eye but I don’t like Saturn oh my god it does this it does that you know it’s
it’s related to Karma you know God look at look at Venus oh the planet of love
Saturn’s like oh I’m the one karmic I’m the karmic planet you know mercury
knowledge you know opening conscious knowledge and learning and and every
planet we know how they have negative attributes by some people’s definitions
but one’s the Venus one’s called mystic planet and you know deep Pluto oh my god
deep deep deep consciousness all these have amazing thing and you know Saturn’s
like what’s my assignment Oh Karma you know people don’t usually go I
can’t wait till Saturn comes back in too intensely into my life you know
everybody doesn’t sit around going oh man I’m looking for some karmic lessons
here but turn and Saturnalia and Saturday are
fantastic because after Saturday comes the holy child of God’s day after
Saturnalia comes Christmas the gifts of Christmas come after the clearing the
purging so I guess in part one thing I’m alluding to or saying here is that this
too shall pass if I were you I would not want to wait until after all of this
passes and says say oh my god I probably should a little done a little better
been more accepting of those tests if I were you I would just ride the wave man
I’m gonna tell you there’s a wave here happening so start paddling instead of
having it knock you over and say man you know I didn’t know this was happening I
didn’t realize I should have known if somebody would have told me I am Telling
You so you know keep it in mind and consider your being told there’s a wave
coming and start paddling you can hear it you can sense it it’s happening look
at your look at bodies you know this isn’t an accident
people’s glands are changing people got all kinds of weird things going on with
their thyroids their pituitary spinal but you don’t know that weird things are
happening but because science doesn’t understand enough about the pineal and
pituitary glands the spiritual glands you know so there’s so much happening
the the pineal and pituitary are starting to awaken and communicate more
and people don’t realize it but you are aware that your body’s changing there’s
not an accident here that people are suddenly gluten issues or suddenly you
know dairy issues these are happening because our bodies are changing and the
body doesn’t know how quite quite how to tool and why people are becoming vegan
and vegetarian because your bodies you know our bodies are adapting to where
we’re like you know it’s funny when I raise my vibration which remember is
mostly done by raising consciousness when I raise vibration it’s the funniest
thing i I’m not as carnivorous as I used to be
now that doesn’t mean I’m saying you’re better than meat eaters all I’m saying
is it is an organic thing as an actual thing that as you raise your
vibration you will find some things don’t resonate anymore you just they
just fall away I’ve never been one who was real big on food you know food just
it just never met much to me but I remember you know to her dying day
literally my mom would tell people that knew me she’d say you know he was the
strangest child for many reasons I’m sure but she would say you know he yeah
there were only a few foods that I he even liked he never liked food he’s just
there were only a few things and then we started getting concerned when all of a
sudden he’d go I don’t want that anymore I would just knock think the you know
there might have only been a dozen things on the list to begin with and you
know how mom’s gonna worry if she’s got a kid who only likes a dozen things none
of which are meat and none of which are vegetables never had vegetables so
you’re a mom and you’re you know you have all the lectures in your head you
gotta eat your vegetables what she knew that wasn’t gonna happen so I’m not
eating vegetables but I’m not eating meats so you know you go to a doctor and
she says you know can you talk to him and you tell him you can’t you know eat
like this and the doctor goes well he looks healthy I don’t understand it he
shouldn’t look like this he must be sneaking food you know and
she’s like no he’s not sneaking food in fact he cuts them out of the list what
do I do and he just shook his head and and he said well he he can’t he can’t
make it to even twelve years old if he doesn’t change his diet and I never did
change my diet and I’m a hundred and twelve years old by now
so it’s it’s it’s I’m not saying do or don’t do certain diets or to follow my
example of a diet and I’m not going into a big tirade about my diet I’m just
saying that a mainly right there I was mainly saying that there were foods and
they would suddenly not be me anymore I just was done with them and I believe
that’s happening for everybody but at a different timeframe then it maybe happen
to me so don’t panic if you just feel like you just can’t do that anyway and
if you feel intense cravings for things like meats or whatever maybe a dress
that maybe embrace that because maybe that’s what you need right now but not
to panic if you realize as you change consciousness
things things tend to fall away if I’m talking about foods that might make
sense to you but what if I talk about people it’s the same thing people are
going to fall away you’re gonna be like I just don’t feel compelled to call that
person anymore you might feel weird you might feel
guilty you might feel you know somehow bad for wanting to cut some things out
but they it just happens you know I don’t sit around and always make a
conscious decision to end something it’s when you’d say the word organic remember
organic isn’t just some sort of label on food Organic means to kind of live in
your Center and in the zone and if you’re living in the zone
you suddenly realize in this zone I I just don’t feel like this or that
anymore and to say allergic allergies are probably one of the most common
problems any of us can have because allergies including stomach responses
allergies are sort of the most blatant way that we say something’s not right
like when you get dust in your nose look what happens eyes water and kachou right
your sinuses are related to your psychic senses in here behind your nose the
pineal and pituitary so when your psychic senses you’ve got these nerves
here also the Kundalini nerves that come up and into the back of the sinus
passages and when those are sensing environmental toxins energetic emotional
toxins physical chemical toxins any kind they don’t respond very well to that so
you know the nose the stuffy nose the sensitive nose often that’s a kind of a
psychic kind of a person they’re very sensitive here but we’re picking up
energy a little too much so it’s really important for us that when we have that
sort of thing excessively grounding helps because it and also building our
immunity because you’re picking up so much whatever it is energy that we have
to kind of take a break and breathe easy and kind of get away from the stuff
that’s triggering us but allergies including stomach and I think I
mentioned one talk already but you know kids when
they first they’re spitting up a lot when they’re first born first several
days love you know a lot of babies will spit up and that’s not just because of
chemical reasons or biological reasons that’s also spitting up meaning
I can’t ingest this experience I’m having a hard time digesting this world
I wonder why so you got these sensitive babies they’re coming in and they’re
being fed is sometimes formulas and things you know all the more reason
they’re gonna vomit it because immediately let are you kidding you’re
gonna feed me this don’t you like me you know couldn’t you give me something like
actual breast milk and couldn’t mom have been healthy with you know healthy
enough to have a good breast milk so already the the place triggers us and
you know we’re vomiting and you know whatever else that seems kind of natural
to get rid of the toxicities but our glands are changing and sensitivities
therefore or changing what’s amazing is nobody has an answer there’s no book you
cannot write a book to say here’s tomorrow here’s what everybody’s glands
are going to be doing there’s no new medical or physiology book that can do
that or biology book or any other kind that can do that mainly because they
don’t know they don’t have a clue of what’s happening they don’t even believe
it but but also because there’s no answer that’s stuck it’s gonna keep
changing now we had bodies and they generally did this and now it’s all
starting to move just like the poles of the earth the earth used to spin
slightly off like this and spin you know just in you know on and on a day after
day and and relatively there for a long time and geologists have come to be able
to say you know we suspect there’s times when the poles move somewhere else and
for a long time no no no no can’t happen never happens but now they realize the
poles shift every so many thousands of years and sometimes it’s minor and
sometimes it’s major you can have the poles of the planet shift so much that
they go all the way upside down the other way it happened for example 12,000
years ago flips all the other direction I remember edgar cayce saying yes back
at that time the Nile used to run the other direction all these rivers you
know used to run the opposite direction because of the the rotation of the
planet at the time so let’s just say that if the if the Earth’s poles are
shifting and they know that they know that the what used to be the true north
is no longer their true north is now like their it used to be here and it’s
over here now so it’s changed by I forget how many a thousand miles two
thousand month something dramatic and we have to ask ourselves if if I live in a
symbiotic relationship with the earth and she’s you know moving her percenter
is moving her poles are shifting don’t you think that’s happening in you don’t
you think that’s affecting your crown your pineal your you know pituitary
glands don’t you think your glands are going wait wait hold on what’s going on
so our glands are chakras oh my god you know chakras used to be kind of a simple
system seven chakras but we used to have more than that and they shut down
because it’s as though our bodies and our inner being was like you know what
too much we’re just so messed up and so out of sorts let’s let’s scale it down
to seven so people can manage things a bit that happened thousands of years and
many thousands of years ago and so now what’s happening now we’re going to
start birthing more chakras you know some people like I don’t even understand
the seven I’ve got you’re gonna give me five more how many more so it’s gonna
get you know like that the world’s changing the world’s poles are shifting
your your polarity is shifting and and I know that there’s people that talk about
something along these lines they have to look really out there to some people
they must look pretty out there and it they are kind of out there but they’re
actually more onto things than the people who don’t believe anything’s
happening at all this is just another another another day another day in the
world and it isn’t that’s not just my opinion I can tell you from Casey to
Nostradamus to ancient civilizations they tell you
we go through cycles and every time we go through
pickles we go up and ramp up go around and ramp up go around and ramp up this
is cyclical and it’s evolutionary and we are past the lowest point and on the
rise again we’re also at this point where you could say the seven days of
creation on the first day God said done it on on the second day God created this
and on the third day when you get to the sixth day that’s like a major finale
like it but that’s Saturn’s day so when the sixth day of creation happens some
major event obviously and then the seventh day God rests we’re in the sixth
day now of creation we think six days of creation took place once upon a time
everything that was once is now in its own micro cosmic way so we’re actually
the the six days of creation happened in their own geological way let’s call it
in cosmological way one day of creation two days and so on – six but we and then
rest but we’re actually living those six and seven days of creation and we’re in
the sixth that’s why many whether it’s the Theosophical people of the you know
ancient mystical societies whether it’s Edgar Cayce it’s why they’re all saying
that we are somewhere around the sixth race and moving into a new the indigo
concept that indigo child concept is that we are moving into a new race we’re
birthing a new race so that’s happening and by the time you reach the seventh
day of creation which is God rests that’s when we move into the final era
of life on Earth and we’re actually only a generation or a couple generations
away from that if you can believe it we’re going from the sixth we’re
birthing a new race which is not a new species it’s it’s us at a higher
dimensionality you and I are ramping up more shockers we’re going into fifth
dimensionality because we’re already living third and fourth dimension while
we’re here and we’re going to rise to the next level we’re going to go to the
next but the challenge is this us moving to the seventh
of creation us moving to the day where God rest which means the children of God
rests God’s not like man I’m just exhausted after these six days of
creation it’s we we rest and allow God to be we let go and let God in the
seventh day of creation and that’s coming anytime now so we’ve moved past
see that’s that 2012 thing that that store story about 2012 that was about us
moving the pivotal moment to the next the change of the millennium that the
change of an age from Piscean to Aquarian all of these things
Cayce Nostradamus and all these people everybody and their astrologers and
we’re all saying something big is happening so we’re right at the
precipice of here we go the but I was starting to say the downside the
challenge is this each group on earth thinks that the next one is going to be
their thing the Christians are like we can’t wait till we get to do the seventh
day of creation and everybody else goes to hell and somebody else says we can’t
wait because we’re gonna all be a living here and some blissful experience
another group thinks it’s called this another group calls it that each usually
thinks the others aren’t going to be there and it goes on and on Native
Americans have very various tribes and into indigenous people throughout the
world have their own version of what this is going to be so the problem is
that if we keep going it’s got to be my way it can’t happen because we’re still
thinking individually so there’s help Saturn boom boom boom hey does anybody
think it’s gonna be just there well we do boom boom boom open your minds and
allow other people and know we’re Christians boom boom boom
you know and then is there anybody else you know somebody else think whoa we’re
we’re awaiting the Messiah okay until they it’s here it’s here it’s this
is the day of the crisis is the day of the child of God wakes up well we just
don’t believe everybody can wake up you have to be special boom boom boom and
all them we’re gonna beat all of us are gonna be beat up by sad if you think my
family’s not allowed Bam Bam whatever you think can’t happen he
you’re including your own shames well I’ve been naughty
I don’t deserve bamm-bamm again till you go all of us are one we forgot who we
were and today I choose to allow us all to awaken and then look at how easy that
is then the seventh day begins Sunday becomes everyday everything opens up
your glands don’t fight it anymore your glands don’t go what are you doing your
metabolism is changing in ways it’s not supposed to not supposed to based on
what what we were programmed to do we’re a gland and we have a program you know
and it’s like no there’s just none of that exists anymore let it go
so just dropping in and letting go and dropping in and let just fall out
finding Center and and I must say there’s no better way to do this then
through the guidance of the Divine Mother the Holy Spirit of God don’t try
to do this with your your your masters and your teachers your authors don’t let
your your shaman and then don’t have anybody do this for you they can all
help they can all help facilitate like midwives helping a mother give birth
we’re all just midwives but there’s no greater Midwife than the Holy Spirit the
Divine Mother she knows far better what any of us
would be able to know for a person’s better good we call on her to help us in
our shamanic work we call on her to help us in our hands-on healing work get
connected get plugged in and become a facilitator a co facilitator a a midwife
but you have a greater guide as a teacher and a guide once you still stay
with that I don’t need any of that God stuff I don’t need the divine mother I’m
already an amazing healer I’ve got certificates to prove it
or I’ve got clientele to prove it bam bam bam there you go again Saturn will
just help you with that one yeah no beat you up and burn your certificates it’s
got to be I get it I get it I get it the whole thing happened the whole life
in the universe happened when we forgot our oneness with God for me to get home
it simply means my surrendering back my oneness with God it’s all I got to do
just let go and let God if there’s any arrogance including who’s worthy to be
with us this race not that race this religion not that religion me not you
any of that that remains it’s not gonna work and it’s terrible but the good news
is something will happen to teach you that that doesn’t work okay it’s just
not gonna work you’re not gonna wake up you’re not gonna get what you’re looking
for because you can’t with that mindset so as I’m sort of wrapping up now I pray
this has made sense and you know I’ve done my best to to address things that
kind of come to me in terms of what people are wondering about if there are
more questions you can you know watch the other videos to see if I haven’t
covered it all already but there are so many I could sit here and just kind of
you know just drift in almost the trance-like but I don’t I don’t leave
but I just expand my mind and I do it when I’m talking with my eyes open but
but I can just sit and go and what’s gonna happen to animals they’re already
going to a higher dimension it starts coming they’re already shifting into a
higher dimension they’re already living more fourth dimensionally and fifth
dimensionally than humans are oh okay cool you know they’re they’re being
taken care of cuz they’re writing along with the Earth Mother who’s the body of
the Divine Mother a body of the Divine Mother so animals are or they’re not
resisting as much as humans so they they kind of have it together
still tragic things still sad things the way people treat animals but they’re
kind of covered what we need to look at is ourselves and so what do I do
do I create it like an ascension chamber in my spare room and sit in there and
wait for my ascension well you’re not going anywhere if you’re not a nice
person so that didn’t gonna help what you want to do is hear what I’m saying
and and just let the first thing is to just let it become a light bulb like
yeah this makes sense but mostly not to become cosmic mostly this makes me
determined to be a nicer person I don’t just mean more smiles
I mean service love and service to everybody that you
can share love and service with and you don’t have to go out of your way you
don’t have to hunt people now hi I need to be of service to you you just watch
and start the day mother God Holy Spirit guide me where would you have me go and
what would you have me do and not do what would you have me say and not say
in other words start the day with here I am and I become a channel of blessings
somebody you know needs a ride you give them or somebody else needs a few
dollars in the grocery store you pass it on whatever it is you’re guided to in
the moment a shoulder rub whatever it happens to be you just you live it sort
of in service but in a cosmic in a in a humanitarian kind of a way so we open
our minds and we’re we’re realizing I’m here to help to serve to make a
difference and in doing that the Mystics of old used to say the Kundalini rises
with the with the the quality or the awakening of your ability to be of
loving and of service so you don’t have to let go I’ve got to get my Kundalini
up immediately so I can become fifth-dimensional tomorrow all you’re
gonna do is become a Kundalini casualty you know you’re just gonna walk around
other than not knowing you know your name and you know trying to you know
smoke trees and you know walk on water and fly off buildings it’s it’s not good
at all you need to make your consciousness match which you would like
your Kundalini to do so if you want your Kundalini up then get your consciousness
up I know just the drugs that’ll do that know you there are no shortcuts you have
to become the consciousness and Kundalini follows she rides right along
I am it is I am it is I’m not it isn’t force it in congruence and there it is
again the Saturn energy to burn you to to
teach you the hard way instead of the easy way so keep in mind just relax and
realize it’s all about love it’s all about love in every expression love
means I’m a more forgiving person love means I’m more of service and I know
there’s you know other variations of things you know you want to do you might
want to eat you might want to exercise more you
might want to you know whatever your practical day-to-day things but
generally I’m talking more loving more giving and you start the day with God
and you find that God will actually assign people to you to come to you for
your smile your words it’s a it’s an amazing thing to realize I’m hired as a
miracle worker and people are brought to me but don’t forget some of those people
are brought in for you to learn not for what you bring them but for you to
actually learn something today one of them might come in and be obnoxious just
to test your level of forgiveness instead of saying hey wait a minute
I am the miracle worker and you’re obnoxious and now you don’t get a
miracle from me you know instead it’s your obnoxious wait I just realized I
find you obnoxious I may maybe need to look at that I forgive and in my in my
string of pearls so to speak in all the miracles I was going to work today here
it is here’s one here’s one here’s one here’s one here’s one oops one for me
and that’ll raise the bar like an octave insult in music it’ll take what would
have been clicking as more more things I would have been doing all of a sudden
those go to a whole new level and happen happen happen out another one for me so
it’s kind of interesting but you got to keep your eyes open but also your heart
open a humility to realize wow that one’s probably for me today so we live
in this ecosystem and we realize this is not just theories or bumper stickers
that say love you know how wonderful that word is it’s reality we have to
live in that consciousness love and forgiveness anchoring and love and
forgiveness in every place we go and everything we do as much as we can
left-right up-down and believe it or not that’s going to assure that you have
angels that are higher than some other angels perhaps guides that are higher
than other guides you know what would you like if you act like just an average
Joe you know you just struggle with daily hate stuff you might have a really
base guide you might have great angels it’s fine but you might one of your
guides might be really pretty low vibration
just a little higher than you but somebody that was really rough on earth
like you and there on the other side going haste if I were you I wouldn’t do
that because I’ve been to the other side now and I’m learning the hard way some
lessons you might have one of those instead of a oh you know this angelic
high dimensional being the New Agers you know we sometimes just assume
everything’s Just Peachy for us you have to be the consciousness you want to
create around you that you want to have around you so you want to have all you
know I have the highest Archangels as my guides not if you’re a jerk
you know hell you might have one notch above Satan I don’t know hit home sorry
but you know it’s it’s what I’m retracting it reflects me and that
includes my glands that includes my chakras that includes my aura my auras
all messed up because of this that and the other okay but as I heal my
consciousness believe it or not my aura heals your aura is just a reflection if
you’re or is a reflection of the inside I start healing the inside you can go to
aura healers that’s great trust me they can work on your aura but if you’re
still the same jerk that walked in it’s not going to be good what you want to do
is go god I maybe I’ve caused some harm make amends or maybe I’ve allowed others
to harm me gosh I might want to do some healing work inside because they do the
oral work but it’s they’re running into an obstacle because you haven’t healed
the the inner that’s vibrating out into the aura so you go you know what I’m
done with my hurtful behaviors I’m done with letting others hurt me and guess
what happens you start to heal and all of a sudden someone will notice if
they’re sensitive they’ll notice there’s some areas of your aura that are like
they look like they’re they’re a certain color that that feels like it’s a fresh
a fresh energy around you newly healing like skin right big gash
and then it starts to heal it’s kind of pink it’s kind of cleaner you know it’s
it’s softer it’s like that when you’re heal when you heal the aura all of a
sudden is cleaner and clearer so people’s auras are currently changing
the divide the shape the the intensity the density the thickness that’s all
happening – that’s all shit changing – if I were to sit and just only focus on
that let me sit and I can tell you all the changes I see I can tell you the
cellular structure of that tree and how it’s changing but not noticeable to some
people yet I can tell you this like crop circles crop circles are not
wheat being mashed down in a field crop circles are proven that at the point
where the wheat bends that has been cellularly changed they are they’re
genetically they’re cellularly changed the wheat is changed in its vibe
and the wheat then vows to conform to the vibration that’s been sent to that
part of the wheat that’s how bizarre it is and not bizarre at all because those
cellular changes are happening in less noticeable ways all around so if I sat
and told you how this is different and that’s different and that person’s or
and that person chakras and that person’s glands my brain could explode
because there’s so much happening all at once and there’s no sense in telling you
because tomorrow it’ll be a little different not literally in a day but
along those lines it’s happening so fast you know soon as you say one thing then
something else is happening and as I’m closing I want to do you know I want to
say this one last thing there are other Earth’s and there are other star systems
and there are other beings light beings but also humanoid but light beings as
well higher dimensional and there were times in history where mankind on earth
was able to teleport not just in ships but teleport to different parts of the
universe because we had just gotten here and the the walls were not up yet the
barriers the laws everybody was just moving through the universe here and
there and everywhere and so things were a little bit in a way beautiful and open
but in a way a little out of control and so it’s described again with the sort of
the Adam and Eve story after they fall it’s as though you’re hearing the
distinction the definition the description of the laws being changed
to where the spirit beings were no longer allowed
to intermingle as much as they did in those days that’s one example in the
Bible of things changing the flood comes at one later period the flood there was
a flood there were several floods but there was the flood and one of the
purposes of the flood was to help clear some of the race so that we could clear
the genetic line because people had been doing so many bizarre things forcing
genetic changes in ourselves as well as genetic manipulations from ourselves and
beings from other places so much out of control behavior clear make rules you
guys aren’t allowed to intermingle with humans as much and they’re not allowed
to mingle with you everybody had to you know go to your corner go to your room
so everybody got split up a little cleaner the Israelites were told no
intermingling with other races for a reason that’s not necessarily needing to
hold to this day but at the time it was important the Israelites and other
people hey you know just you know the rules and the Old Testament about
bestiality it’s it’s stop crossing over because you you’re all out of control so
we learn to clean things up and start looking here instead of outside so much
go within let God guide you clean up your behaviors and you’ll awaken again
and that’s what’s happening today we’re all coming to a place of Awakening I
know it doesn’t look that way because whether it’s politics whether it’s Wars
battles or whatever’s going on out there skirmishes you know any conflicts of any
kind relationships you know maybe you say oh well divorce is still occurring
at a high rate there’s still high levels of poverty I understand the the illusion
will still look the way it does and it’s a little structure but under it and
behind the scenes all that once inflated the illusion called poverty and whatever
else wars and whatever all that once inflated that has been deflated these
things are gonna start crumbling a little here and a little there does that
mean the world will fall apart yeah kind of yeah that is going to happen but
doesn’t have to but it will but what if you want to look at it how
do I know and what are the symptoms it’s not that challenging to know for example
you might notice ecosystems start to change you’ll notice you can’t count on
politics in case you didn’t know that it’s not real well we can count on
politics when you vote for a guy because your vote does matter when you vote for
a guy they always are the one that you know enough of us vote they’re the one
that goes in right know somebody stolen election years ago illegally stole it
was a it was a scam and you know and then when the popular vote doesn’t
matter I’m not getting into politics it’s something I one of the least things
I care about in this world and it’s just something to think about it’s like the
illusions are proving themselves do you need more proof religion hasn’t religion
already proven itself it can’t do anything except maybe scare you into
behaving a little bit and I think that’s nice I think that’s better than nothing
but it really can’t offer you the thing it says it’s gonna offer you it doesn’t
even offer you think we’re gonna scare you you know into behaving it doesn’t
even tell you it’s gonna do that that’s just all it can can do but it doesn’t
launch you into love it doesn’t launch you into oneness with God so guys what
things are falling apart a couple of love doves and whatever else came in
right over my hand that’s kind of cool so nature I was saying animals there
they’re doing different things I don’t think you’re gonna see you know a bee
trying to mate with a goat tomorrow but I think that the nature is going a
little haywire and it doesn’t know what to do so many of the cetaceans and so
many of the whales starting to beach themselves bees dying and they don’t
know why there’s something wrong with this picture but they’re giving up their
lives they’re giving up their life saying hey humans if enough of us die
will you get a clue humans are like no so bigger things you’re gonna have to
happen so the earth will happen in a form of kachou a sneeze and switch Pole
enough people will have to be shaken into awakening and that is a beautiful
thing that we awaken but very sad when you hear the cries of it when it’s
happening because it means nations rise up it means in conflicts continued
constant threats it means religious zealots and religious
fanatics go to town on hurting other people because their religion is right
all of that is just evil or dark or ego trying to survive another day I
understand it survival even on an ego primal level is a primal instinct but
when we give up the ghost when we let ourselves die of the old the new comes
in and Sunday comes instead of Saturn’s day so I pray this has made sense it’s
just whatever came to me at the time and I pray it’s made sense but also that it
takes you into a deeper understanding of where things are going
jesus said while you have me come on get it while you can
it that includes me and Michael or maybe some of you out there healers guys you
know grab what you can while you can this world will not always provide the
things that it does it’s going to starve itself out eventually because of our
abuses of it so get what you can listen to the teachers while you have them get
your healing done while you have healers if you have money if you have five cars
donate one if you have four houses give one away let it become an orphanage I
mean do something with all that you have if all you do is have and die man you
are screwed your next lifetime you’re coming back you know and you’ll have
nothing and you’ll be in need of somebody else out there that has hoping
that they’ll give and you’ll be on the streets going why don’t you share and if
they had the wherewithal they would go cuz I was the one asking last I mean you
wouldn’t give me anything so there you know we need to make a change so let’s
let’s do it now give man give give give share every way you can and I’m going
back to that point Jesus said get from me what you can while you have me he
said there’s gonna be a day when you’re gonna wish you still had me and that day
comes to us all the time so what you do is you learn to say no I refuse to not
have you I’m gonna welcome you into my heart
being my consciousness right now and everyday and it will God Christ will
respond and say well thank you for being so belligerent no you know thank you for
being so insistent about connecting with me and it doesn’t mean you’re putting
your power outside you’re actually putting your power in something that is
inside but it takes the form for a while of a voice out here saying I’m here to
comfort you gradually as we grow spiritually that voice of God in the
heavens goes from the heavens down through my head and become something in
my own being the thing I called Christ or Jesus or Buddha or anyone else out
there Michael or any teacher goes from being out there it comes closer and
closer and closer and you start to realize oh my god it’s happening I’m
starting to now know what’s right for me in any given moment I follow love as my
compass I’m not out of connection with that disconnected from God love peace it
becomes something visceral and it’s quite beautiful but when you do feel
that it will tell you to give it’ll say do you need four houses I deserve them I
worked hard yes you did very nice I’m so proud of you now if you really want to
have them give one away because you only receive when you give in the mean time
all you’ve done is grabbed I grabbed four houses because I worked so hard for
them good job now notice how tense my fingers are because I have to keep
grabbing him you let them go and then they’re really yours in consciousness
all your gifts are yours only when you gift them or share them so
get what you can and goodness while you can become the goodness and then you’ll
help make a more smooth transition for the world itself so again
blessings to you all thank you for joining us and watch when you can how
you can remember to share this in the right places if you’re with groups that
are kind of along these lines but don’t force it to people that don’t connect
with it and be sure to like it and ask for notices and that sort of thing so we
can keep the posted when we’re going online okay and if you want to get on my
mailing list I have a website Michael Muir dad comm fans Majan that right
Michael Muir dad comm so go on there get on our mailing list it helps us keep
you posted what we’re doing each month all right many blessings namaste peace
be with you


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    The bible mentions all those who have been beheaded wanting the return of the Son, but are told to wait for the remaining. A beheading is simply having the old way of thinking (a thinking of selfish love) removed to make way for a thinking of love for others. So, those who gently yield to the beheading (Saturn, Karma, tests) are saved by the Love of God, because we are told we have none of our own. All Love comes from God, or as the bible puts it, we have no righteousness of our own that was not given to us by God.
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