Bruce Lee : A lesson in Astrology

Bruce Lee : A lesson in Astrology

Hello, Welcome back to my next video on Vedic Astrology. This Video is about Bruce Lee from the angle of Jyothisha. Almost everyone knows Bruce Lee, the unforgettable martial arts actor, philosopher, instructor, Bruce Lee the unforgettable martial arts actor, philosopher, instructor, the founder of
Jeet Kune Do martial art system, widely regarded as the best martial artist of
the 20th century. However there are many interesting and sad facts about this
great man that are unknown to many For example did you know that Bruce Lee entered the world meaning he was born during the Chinese Year of the Dragon 1940 November as per
the Chinese calendar? early morning in the hour of the Dragon He was
born in San Francisco Chinatown and he passed away when he was just 33 and the
sad thing about this is that just one month before his all-time hit movie Enter the
Dragon was released Lee had frequently complained of blackouts and and severe
headaches a few months prior to his death but do you know what finally killed the man
who had effortlessly knocked out several people in real fights? Strangely he died a few
hours after discussing with Raymond Chow the film producer about their next movie the
game of death. Bruce Lee is very strong but his horoscope is very weak only from the point of view
of his longevity. Among the twelve houses in any horoscope the harmful houses are the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.
The group name for these three houses in Jyothisha is Dushthana, the challenging houses If you want to quickly assess a horoscope all you need to do is find
out is how many planets occupy these challenging houses and if no planets occupies
these houses the persona is considered very for fortunate and usually has less trouble in life. Ironically the man who was famous for his great physical strength was born with
6 out of 9 planets in these unhelpful houses making his
horoscope really weak. Fortunately there were many strong points in the horoscope that also helped him become a legend in his lifetime. You can pause the video, note down a few points, whatever that comes to your mind the plus and minus and then continue with the Video. His moon sign Libra is very strong and from here you’ll find many powerful
combinations that take men to great heights Moon opposite Saturn and Jupiter, Venus in
Libra (own house status), 3 planets with Moon Sun in the 2nd from the Moon are
some of the combinations that took care of his name and fame. Leo happens to be his 10th house ruled by the Sun. Sun is
on the Ascendant showing a great purpose in life. Alone here Sun indicates
generally robust body, good health which he had for most part of his life. Sun in the
1st house may also indicate a short tempered person added by the fire
element in the body which is called Pitta and always wanting to be the
number 1 which he was, but at the cost of great stress. The ascendant of
course happens to be a watery sign Vrischika (Scorpio) which is why I deliberately quoted
something about what Bruce Lee had to say about water. The ascendant is ruled by Mars the
warrior planet. The sign of Scorpio stings only then pushed into a
corner. If the lord of the 10th house occupies the 1st house, because the 10th is Karma and the 1st house is the physical body the person extensively
used the physical body all through their life for the sake of livelihood. Sun as the 10th
house lord occupies the Navamsa of Libra Thula, Thula Navamsa, which is ruled by Venus
indicating income as an entertainer using his physical strength whenever the
the 10th house is vacant always use this rule it comes in quite handy if you want to know
which is the best source of livelihood for a person. So here the Sun is the lord of the 10th house nobody occupies the 10th house. There are no planets in the 10th house. Use this rule what is called the Navamsa rule and you’ll find that
the Sun goes to the Navamsa of Libra ruled by Venus. Venus rules today’s
entertainment world especially the world of cinema. many planets in the
6th and 12th house often got Bruce into problems for no good reason for
example when he appeared on the Hong Kong TV with host Ho Sho Shin he was asked to display his skills. Bruce demonstrates a technique and Shin is hurled across the stage. However this show of power angered the press. There are
several such incidents in his life but why go near a lion? you asked for it and will
get it why was Bruce Lee such a great and good fighter? Jupiter in the 6th house
according to Sage Bhrigu as per Bhrigu Sutram says that such a person is likely
to be a terror to his enemies he had not knocked out may of his opponents ranging from
professional fighters, boxers, to even street leaders and if that was not
enough Lee had Saturn in the 6th house which almost made him invincible
Venus as the 12th house lord in the 12th house gives rise to a very powerful Vipareeta Raja Yoga, something like a double negative becomes a positive that eventually take the person to
great achievement but only after fighting against all odds. The 12th house
also deals with spirituality many planets gave Lee the philosophical touch. He majored in philosophy at the University of Washington his own book and martial
arts exposes this philosopher in him both inside and outside of martial arts circle.
Many planets in the 12 house may also make a person give away things and knowledge for free Bruce instructed several world karate champions
including Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, and Mike. Stone. Between all 3 of them, during their training with Bruce Lee they won every Karate Championship in the United States. The Putra-naash yoga, (Putra Dosha), short lived children which is caused by the 5th house lord Jupiter occupying the 6th house caught between Ketu and Saturn which is also
known as Papakartari Yoga may be the cause of his son Brandon Lee a good actor
passing away at the age of 28 strangely Brandon Lee was acting in a movie the
crow a bird that is often associated with Saturn. Many planets in the 6th
and the 12th house does indicate short life. Saturn and Rahu in this horoscope are connected to death factors
factors. Bruce lee died on July 20 1973 while in Hong Kong soon after taking a
prescription pain killer tablet offered by film star Betty Ting Pei to reduce the headaches and muscular pains. He was under the inauspicious Saturn-Rahu-Saturn period. Saturn is in the 6th. Rahu is in the 6th house from Saturn. and Saturn rules the 64th Navamsa. I have not done a video on the 64th Navamsa. But there are many others who have done it. watch their videos and you will be able
to learn about the 64th navamsa a point in the horoscope that usually is connected to very dangerous situations. Saturn – Rahu period is usually a dangerous period according to Maharshi Parasara. who said that unexpected danger to life is
indicated if these planets are designated planets of death. The compassionate Sage had in anticipation of threats to life, had suggested a remedy “MrityunJaya Japa Homa”, Refer Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Saturn
Rahu Saturn period was from 15 July 1973 three days on 18 July just two days
before his death a deflector of bad Feng Shui, the Chinese version of Indian Vastu Sastra,
placed on the roof of Bruce Lee’s home in Hong Kong gets blown off the roof by
heavy rain the deflector had been placed to protect Bruce and his family from bad
Feng Shui and evil spirits as previous owners have always been plagued by
financial disaster. Saturn the lord of the 4th house in the 6th house, strongly obstructs remedies to correct Vasthu faults. The 4th lord in the 6th house, usually we find people having some kind of trouble with
their homes many people believe that astrology is a negative approach to life in the sense that once something is known to a person that person is affected by the words of the
astrologer if he had something negative to say but if you believe in astrology or
not it works like gravity it is not dependent on whether one is aware of gravity or not.
Bruce Lee had no knowledge of astrology but had no knowledge that
he was in a period that is called the period of death. The maraka period. Short life however has not belittled the greatness of this martial arts icon. Longevity is being discussed to prove that all of us are bound by our Karma. None were
surprised when Bruce was named Time magazine’s hundred most important people of the 20th
century as one of the greatest heroes and icons. Let’s have one more look at
the horoscope. Whenever the 5th house of Cinema the planet connecting to cinema has anything to do with Venus, there is always the chance that the person can get into
entertainment or cinema, Whenever the fifth lord is connected to the 11th house the 5th is cinema and the 11th is gain there is always the possibility of becoming an actor. In this horoscope you will find the 5th lord Jupiter is directly connected to Venus, by aspect, direct aspect, and also aspects, the lord of the 11th, which is mercury, so the short life happened because the Lagnadipathi the planet ruling the Ascendant (Lagna) is in the 12th which is not good and many planets on the axis of
the 6th and 12th house, the putradosha here is confirmed because there is Ketu in the 5th of Children, Sage Bhrigu says that people who have Ketu in the 5th house should do what is called Naag Prathishta, an installation of a snake idol in a temple, for people of other religions, I always recommend that they do some kind
of activity that protects the snakes maybe speak about speak for protection
of snakes, speak against killing of the snakes, this is a very good remedy if
you have Rahu and Ketu on the 5th and 11th house axis. People in entertainment field, cinema, those who spend lot of time in games and
recreation they mostly have they have Rahu on the 5th and 11th house axis. Let me give you a homework. Can you find out the good combinations in the horoscope that brought about name and fame to Bruce Lee? How many combinations can you note down that connects to short life. What are the planetary positions that indicate danger to his son Brandon Lee, we have
come to the end of this video in case you have any doubts please type them out in the comment
section and whenever I find the time I’ll answer them for you and see you
soon in my next video


  • TheStylordznetwork says:

    Bruce Lee King of Kings in Martial arts. both in Heaven and on Earth.

  • Venkatesh Bhaskar says:

    Dhilip Sir , Good yogas in Lees horoscope :

    1 )Jupiter ( planet of expansion )being 2 nd and 5th lord is aspecting it's own house ( second house ) and 10th house ( house of Profession ) . Hence Lee made money from his profession . However he must have spent money for good , dharmic or religious cause as Jupiter aspects 12 th house as well.

    2 ) There is Gajakesari yoga in his horoscope as Jupiter and Moon r aspecting each other. However this yoga is not strong as both the planets r in Dusthana.

  • Venkatesh Bhaskar says:

    3 ) Also Chandra Mangala yoga is there

  • Avijit Bhattacharya says:

    But Sir, isn't SUN in the navamsa of Libra debilitated? So how come Lee gains such name & fame in the world of entertainment if the sun is in its sign of debilitation?

  • Sri Varanasi says:

    Thank you Dhilip ji, I am also big fan Bruce Lee, unbelievable movements watch this video


    Name And fame through sun seeing 7th House (MID heaven)


    Rahu Drishti on 5Th House make his child Arrogant and disobedient loss of child ..and ketu Sitting in 5th Loses his energy!

  • Shankar BK says:

    Dear sir. Whats the planetary order of strength sir?
    1st sun, 2nd Saturn,3rd mars i read in ur blog sir.
    after that can u plz tell the order sir?

  • Tequila Shawt says:

    Sir, I have 5 out of 9 planets in Dushthana. Does it effect my longevity ? Sun, Mercury, Ketu in 6th.. Saturn in 8th.. And Rahu in 12th house.. I did take appointment for 30 mins by doing online payment but no time confirmation for the 30 min consultation call. Kindly reply

    Thank You!

  • Amar Sangha says:

    great video

  • Shankar BK says:

    Dear sir. if there is no choice while fixing muhurta which would be better – bad nakshatra with very good thithi or very good nakshatra with bad thithi?

  • Shankar BK says:

    At the time of death Saturn, Mars,ketu and rahu were involved sir. Ketu and saturn together in his 8th house Gemini, getting 4th aspect of Mars from Pisces and in turn aspected by Saturn.Saturn aspecting Rahu too. Moon has just entered Pisces.
    Ketu is in centre of his 65th navamsa of ardra 3rd pada(close to 64th navamsa).
    One minute variation in birth will make it his 64th navamsa.
    Navamsa Ascendant could be scorpio or libra, in both cases saturn will lord the 64th navamsa.
    So vakra drishti of saturn and mars along with ketu s involvement and that too in probable 64th navamsa has lead to his death.
    A similar thing happened to my frend on november 8th 2005 when he became quadriplegic due to diving accident.
    (Mars and saturn aspecting each other thru vakra drishti with saturn aspecting ketu with 3rd drishti)
    The day was a double SDT with 8th november and also 8-11-2005 becomes 8 on addition.
    So i feel whenever Mars, Saturn and ketu involved catastrophic unbelievable karmic events can happen and one needs to be careful and watch out sir.
    Also ketu and saturn trasit on 64th navamsa, and 8th bhava in bhava chart has caused very bad events in my own life irrespective of dasha sir.
    I m writing this on a krishnashtami day when its easy to connect with the departed.

  • Sumitha Sundaram says:

    I enjoyed this video and its content thoroughly… such subjects will surely catch the attention of lay people and get them thinking and help them appreciate the science of Jothisha.. waiting for more..

  • Erwin Masusu says:

    Saturn is an extremely important plant in this horoscope. Both lagna and sun are in Anusham (ruled by Saturn) and this is what probably gave him such fame and success in the Saturn period. The same Saturn is also death causing because, apart from being the lord of the 64th navamsa, it is in Bharani, ruled by Venus which is a maraka for this lagna. Note that Venus is in the 12th. The other important maraka, Jupiter, is conjunct Saturn. The subperiod lord at death, Rahu, is in Hasta, ruled by Moon which is also in the 12th. From Chandra lagna, Saturn is in the 7th (maraka) and Rahu is in the 12th.

    Ketu is also in a Saturn nakshatra in the 5th house and may be the reason for his son suffering a similar fate.

  • Raja Gaja says:

    What can u say about a person with moon and venus conjuction at 9 th house in aquarius sign?

  • Vishank Gupta says:

    Dear Sir, his arudha lagna is virgo…and rahu is sitting there. rahu is strong significator for name and fame……2. five planets form 10th house to third shows independent profession…6th house is marak house for children..fifth lord and karak specially male child are in 6th house showing short life of male child….10th lord in lagna shows again own profession…all three lagna is strong for fame moon lagna is aspected by his own lord with 11th lord ..and 10th sitting in lagna makes strong..lagna lord in 12th but with many planets ….shows international fame..

  • Alfred Loomis says:

    I have heard that when Kendra is not occupied by tara grah (venus,juoiter,saturn,mercury,mars) it will create imbalance in the life. In this kundali sun which is luminaries is only one in kendra. Is this ruled applied here than how?? and can u say when retrograde planet gives good and when bad results?

  • Feralz says:

    Because Vedic calculations are behind the Western's, Bruce's planets are in the 12th instead of the 11th house. He had a strong 11th house and that is why he attained his aspirations.

  • sreenivas rajeswara rao says:

    If mars in 8 for a cancer and sun in 10 Aries…Is this tells a short life and Rahu 6

  • Nelson says:

    Mr. Lee’s Fighting Spirit
    The combination of Mr. Lee’s lagna lord, Mars, with Saturn by mutual aspect out of the 6th house, establishes Mr; Lee’s technical virtuosity as a fighter. His Mars is also 6th lord, exalted in the navamsha, which promises the rise we see during Saturn-Mars, which ran just prior to his death, when both his cinematic and martial artistry were at their zenith.

    Mr. Lee’s Drive and Ambition, his Success
    Mr. Lee was born during Rahu-Moon. While still a matter of debate, some authorities give Rahu to Virgo and see Rahu exalted in Taurus. Thus, Mr. Lee’s natal Rahu in Virgo achieves an important improvement by moving to Taurus in the navamsha. These positional strengths of Rahu, who is always hungry, ambitious and determined, might have impelled Mr. Lee further towards the glamor of cinema, whereas Rahu is known to take on the character of the lord of the house it occupies. we see his natal Mercury with kendra lord Venus and trinal lord Moon, forming their raja yoga. Venus is also in mooltrikona at 8 degrees Libra. Perhaps these factors prefigure Mr. Lee’s bright strength and universal acclaim.

  • E K Dhilip Kumar says:

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  • Support2 Punyashaala says:

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  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    Lagnesh Mars is in the 12th house bad, Jupiter placed in the 6th is bad as expantion of enemies, 10th lord sun is in vrischik lagna and Mars is the lord of lagna and sun is placed in lagna, both are giving heat to the body, saturn and moon aspect is giving Vish yoga with enemies.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    All benefic planets are placed in dushthanas which is bad yoga as per brigu rishi.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    5th lord placed in 6th house therefore lover had given poison or tablet given by lover that worked as poison.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    Debilitated saturn is placed in 6th house and 6th lord placed in the 12th house and 6th lord is Lagnesh also. Rahu by 3rd aspect looking to sun placed in lagna and rahu is placed in the sign of mercury which is also natural enemy of lagna lord mars which is placed in 12th house. Markesh venus is also placed in 12th house which is 6th from 7th house. Saturn is damaging 4th house therefore he was unfortunate that he was not able to see success of enter the dragon which is I think best film on the earth therefore mis fortune due to saturn.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    He was having pravajya yoga therefore at the small age he became inspirations to many including you, me, my father and many including Jackie chain.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    4th lord debilitated and placed in 12th house therefore loss of sukh sthana therefore he was having the lover and further due to 4th house lord in 6th he changed the country and places and faced issue regarding his being chinese or american etc. and his mother married to foreign man.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    6th lord in the 12th house, 8th lord in 12th house and 12th lord in 12th house all are giving him vipareet raj yogas therefore he became legend from all bad situations as he was not having big money, name, height, chinese face, etc.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    Karaka of children jupiter is placed in the 6th house in conjunction with debilitated saturn aspected by moon which is bad for his son due to which he also badly died but 6th house aspected by mars placed in the 12th house in conjunction with Venus due to which his son carrier started in film industry and people were looking bruce in his son.

  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    Below all are in my life first predictions therefore I may be wrong.

  • Dushyant Paliwal says:

    Sir where can I purchase the book 'table of houses'…to calculate latitude from ramc ?

  • Norman Bueno says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Pradeep Gopalan says:

    saw this while watching, dragon the Bruce Lee story, I cried, what a legend, nice vdo,

  • kadiyalidurga says:

    good analysis ^well done analysiss

  • Balaajee M says:

    Sir in Bruce lee horoscope third house is severely afflicted which will gives trouble for longevity and Saturn is debilitated and situated in bad house as he is significator of long life is debilitated

  • Srivathsa Kv says:

    nice vidio

  • Balaajee M says:

    Hi sir sun in 1st house and it is sitting in friend house which which brought name and fame, Saturn is aspecting 8th house 8lord in 12th house which is combination for short life, Jupiter is also looking at 10 th house which bought him fame, Branden lee died because fifth lord is in conjunction with sat seated in sixth house and fifth house is bereft of benefic aspect there is gajakesari yoga but as Jupiter and moon are in conjunction this yoga may not work better

  • Balaajee M says:

    Mars is lord of 1st house sitting in 12th bava 1st house represent head and Saturn is aspecting lord of 1st house and sat aspect on mars is very bad this is also a reason we're Bruce lee has suffered from brain stroke

  • Jainam Jhaveri says:

    6th house represents enemies and Saturn is debilitated there.. Saturn also represents death, so death because of an enemy? Is it possible?

  • Slrs Konda says:

    Sir plz do video on kalasarpa dosham

  • HELL BAT says:

    and i was born with 4 out of nine planets in my lagna….🤔🤔🤔

  • HELL BAT says:

    10th house lord…i.e lord of the throne…sitting in 1st house…i.e in the house of self…and exalted..i.e the planet of royalness sun…this means we lost a king.🙏🙏🙏

  • HELL BAT says:

    home work=10th lord exalted in 1st house..the royal planet sun=famous in his career by his karma by using his 1st house…i.e physique.tnx

  • george shephard says:

    This is bollocks Bruce Lee was born 27 November 1940 San Francisco California, and doesn't have a fuck load of Libra He has Moon,Mercury,Venus, and Mars in Scorpio

  • Girisha H R says:

    Consider both moon ascendant& sun ascendant,planetary war,yoga& dosha,dasha bukti etc.Most of the answers are easily available.

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