hello my dear cancer relocation travel and endeavor is related to mind body and soul could be on your agenda this month as the month begins it seems that you have a busy mind for some reason you might be working on a project which requires a lot of mental effort if that is the case I have good news you will be done with this project sooner than you anticipated if you need to relocate this could be related to your spouse you might change a city due to your spouse relocation at work in another scenario you might travel a lot this month for work on 14th of September full moon in Pisces highlights foreign travel if you go abroad around 14 you might have a peachy time look for opportunities on long-distance travel from 23rd of September onwards it is time to come back home all kinds of gems will be waiting you at home the only exception is 25th of September when your fun at home might be spoiled by the responsibilities you need to shoulder don’t fret though on 28th of September there is a great new moon that supports you for all endeavors related to home family and parents near cancer let me know how the month armfuls for you in the comments below bye

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