well hello hello my beautiful cancers thank you so much for having so much patience with me you guys know me already I do a lot of stuff and I couldn’t get these out on time I am translating these into different languages so it does take a lot longer to get these release so I decided to go ahead and release these first and if you’re watching this from another language or you speak another language you’re gonna have to come back about Tuesday or Wednesday the translation is going to be up but not the correct translation so all the punctuation and the grammar isn’t going to be correct okay so just bear with me and we’ll get it straight so you can watch it you’ll be able to kind of see it but there isn’t all the grammar right so welcome welcome everyone for those of you that don’t know me my name is Cindy I am the modern-day spiritual advisor I use multiple modalities including astrology Tarot mediumship hypnotherapy all kinds of stuff to help you on your path so my gorgeous ones I do apologize for my shirt being so shiny I didn’t really do is gonna do that let’s see what we’re gonna talk about so on December 1st I know this is late but on December 1st I talked to the others about the 29th degrees so if you were born in your chart so your birth chart or or your natal chart if you were born with a 29 degree of Mercury Venus or Uranus right any of those – yeah any of those three planets if you were born with them at the 29 degrees you’re gonna be the most affected everybody’s gonna be affected it’s just that you’ll probably feel it the most so there’s these there are these big changes going on 29 degrees and three planets that’s a big big change because 29 degrees produces even though they’re in retro even though two of them are in retrograde there’s still these big changes going on but with these big changes my advice is not to do anything until the Sagittarius okay because you may feel like you need to do it you may feel like I’m finally this opportunities coming this things happening I don’t want to miss it but you’re not seeing it all the way yet because mercury is retrograde and there’s gonna be some more developing okay now for you guys this is in your this is you cancer 1st 2nd 3rd 4th so this is in your fourth house and your fifth house okay so 4th house has a Venus which has to do with your money and relationships and your value and the things that you value and your valuables right that’s Venus but mostly it’s the value your value money and relationships ok now that’s in opposition to Uranus Uranus is in your 10th house this Venus is in your 4th house ok 4th house is about what keeps what makes me feel safe what makes me feel comfortable what makes me feel secure what makes me feel happy right so Venus being in there there’s a choice or there’s something because it’s opposing Uranus from your 10th house so if you look here 12 12 11 10 and Venus is about the Venus has Venus is in Libra where it likes to be right that’s a sign it likes to be and it rules that fine and it’s about balance diplomacy getting you know looking at everybody to get what they want right where Uranus who is about freedom is about innovation and freedom and shifting things so that you feel better is in Aries and Aries is about me so where Libra is about you know let’s have everybody let’s you know make nice-nice with everybody and let’s think about others and let’s aries is not areas like I want I have I must III write and urine seize the freedom in that right and so Uranus’s wants to shift even though its retrograde it’s still gonna it still could shift something to have you rework something this isn’t a ship that you hadn’t been working on these are things that you’ve been working on right but with this opposition there is this compromise that’s going to need to go on there are these choices that you’re going to have to make because mercury is in retrograde I don’t feel like you you need to make the choice or take the action yet until you get the opportunity in the new moon of Sagittarius okay so you’re gonna feel like you need to do it but I don’t feel like you should do it until something else unfolds because there’s gonna be other developments coming about okay and that’s in your fifth house of something that you created something having to do with your children it could be or it could even be like you maybe you’re writing a book this is your 10th house your accolades your public life but there’s something having to do with your money or relationships or relationships that you’re having or this value that you have to yourself right and so maybe it’s that you in your 10th house Uranus gives you like shift something and your boss comes to you and says like maybe you’re writing a book right cuz that’s fifth house stuff maybe you’re writing a book and or you’re you had begun writing a book a while back and you’re thinking about writing again again your life is getting now stable where you can do what you were you you have more time to do this and then all of a sudden Uranus comes and shift something in your boss or his boss or somebody comes to you and says hey we have this project for you for you I believe in you I want you to get this other raise and this other position but I need you to do this project so that you can show my boss at better at it and you’re thinking I need to do this thing because I’m gonna get a raise I’m gonna get the position it’s really what I’m wanting that’s your fourth note here but it’s I’m not I’m no longer gonna have time for what I really really wanted to do and I’ve done I’ve worked so hard to make time for that and now do I have to put that on the on the shelf so that I can do this thing but if I don’t do this thing they’re gonna not know that they can’t I mean they’re gonna think they can’t count on me and then you know or maybe I’m gonna do it I’m gonna make the money I’m gonna make good money but I’m not gonna have time to do what I really wanted to do which was finish this book like something like that could be going on where you have to compromise where you have to like make choices right and again you’re not gonna see it unfold completely or you’re gonna have some new developments at this new moon in Sagittarius so does that make sense so that’s happening on the first and then in the second on the second Venus moves into Scorpio Scorpio wants death remember Scorpio wants your wants to know from your soul what do you desire what’s your desire right what am i desiring when Venus moves in there and it’s moving back into there because it had been retrograde right so whatever this thing that is that you’ve been dealing with they’re having to do is money or relationships or value right whatever decision you make it’s going to further solidify when it goes into wouldn’t Venus goes into Scorpio it’s gonna sort of back you up that yes you are doing the thing that you want to do and yes you’re doing the right thing Scorpio as long as you’re speaking from your soul works with you right so Venus is moving in there so there’s still some soul searching what do I truly desire what where is my heart what’s what’s my soul saying right and it’s in this opposition still with Uranus okay so then we have on the sixth so on the sixth at let me put the time in for you guys sorry so on the 6:00 at 11:20 p.m. that’s Pacific Standard Time for those of you that aren’t in this part of the world I’m in California in the US so at 11:20 we have this new moon in Sagittarius right so this new moon with Sagittarius is in your 6th house so there’s a new beginning happening in your daily life your health and well-being and that’s this house and this is when mercury turns direct so the same day we have the new moon which is gonna be very optimistic in the beginning it’s gonna be very light it’s gonna be if it’s a lesson it’s a lighter lesson it’s not so heavy like it was in Scorpio remember Jupiter’s in its unsign now and so these lessons aren’t going to be so tragic or trauma or traumatic sorry so tragic there’s not gonna be so much tragedy or or trauma with it right and so mercury this is why I say wait until that new moon because you’re gonna be able to see things more clearly and some things are gonna be developing with this new beginning right also with new beginnings when we have room fate and destiny and miracles can step in so this is what I see that could happen for you guys because you have this grand water trine as well right now on to this day and even on the 2nd I’m sorry I wanted to say that on a second so on the second I’m gonna go back to the second for for a minute so on the second see this Venus its squaring the North node okay and the North node is in your first house right now it’s a new your house so I talked about this before for a year and a half you’re going to be focused on you and moving on your path in the world right where and it’s not like because you want to focus on it it’s because opportunities are coming to you so that you are focused on it so you may want to go to your south node which is I want to be by myself I need to think things about I need to make sure I need to I want to have some time I’m really really tired that’s your South node but you’re in your North node your North node is gonna be bringing you opportunities on your path to cause you to focus on this for the next year and a half well the square tells me that there’s this pressure you know like coal has this pressure and then it turns into a diamond right so there’s this pressure there are these choices there’s this thing that you’re having to work out this thing these choices that you’re having to make again with Venus and it is now in Scorpio and this thing that you’ve been dealing with but it’s part of your path not only that it’s so you see this opposition you also have it squared here so you have this square here going on so square square and then this opposition there’s some choices there’s these this may be why you might feel like anxiety am i doing the right thing am I making the right choice am i doing enough because this has to do with your 10th house and your first house your tenth house in your path your fifth house the thing that you create the thing that you want from your heart II remember Scorpio from your soul what do I desire right I have to do what I desire in balance right I have to do what I desire it has to come from my heart it has to come from my soul that’s this pressure that’s going on does that make sense okay so then we’ll move back to the six we’re at 1120 it’s going to be that New Moon this back sorry yeah so this numinous hatchet arias has new beginnings and then you have mercury going direct and so you’re going to be able to convey you’re going to be able to process you’re going to that’s mercury right and then Venus is still working on this thing right and then you have this grand water trine and again you have this square still so you still have the square about my career my life my accolades my my public life my accolades my life purpose right but my it’s moving towards my North node which is my path what I really came here to explore more of right so the interesting thing about this new Sagittarian as much as its optimistic and it is an easier lesson for you because we’ve been through the reason I say easier is because we went through that harsh Scorpio deep deep deep stop right so even though it’s a new moon and it’s optimistic in that it’s still squaring on that day it’s still squaring Neptune and Mars right so there’s this pressure again am i doing the right thing with this new beginning what do i do do I take it or not did I see things clearly right and this has to do with your belief system this could have to do with travel foreign people foreign travel it could have to do with the new higher learning that you’re trying to understand a new way or new perspective that you’re trying to to grasp right and bring into with this new opportunity so just be aware of that on that day then okay I got that right yeah and then on the 13th on the 13th is when mercury enters Sagittarius so mercury always brings news it always is processing comes with the news and so as mercury moves on to that you could I feel like because Jupiter was just there I feel like you might be getting news of this new thing in this house right of what Jupiter gifted you with that’s kind of what I’m feeling like it is very optimistic it’s a little more lighthearted but it has to do with bringing it to your daily life to your health and well-being maybe you’re dealing with your health maybe you’re dealing with your well-being maybe you’re changing your schedule around right but I feel like when Mars is I mean Mercury’s here even though it’s just got out of retrograde you still may get some other news of something that happened just recently right when Jupiter went there and gifted you something so just look for that but more mercury how do I keep saying Mars mercury is going to be in that house for the month so there’ll be messages they’ll be news they’ll be processing and I feel like it’s processing this new way this money that you get or this relationship that you’ve figured out or this this money that you’ve figured out of this position or this something that you’re figuring out right remember Jupiter is going to expand this house for you that’s your daily schedule your health and well-being this is a very busy busy house and so Jupiter is going to make that bigger for you this year the sun’s in here clearing stuff up you’re gonna get like where things were so hard to be able to attain accomplish do if you had to really really work on getting this stuff done with the Sun Jupiter and Mercury in there I feel like it’s much lighter it’s getting easier you’re feeling much better that’s what I feel like and whatever you’re working on here in relationships because Saturn’s here you have this sextile here with Venus so that’s money that’s relationships this is a seventh house a marrying house Saturn being in there Pluto being in there has really helped you try to make you understand and be honest with yourself about relationships and how you want to be treated and how you want to treat people right but I feel like there’s an opportunity here in love and relationships or in money something that you value but this isn’t a lesson I feel like when this comes about this is the hard work that you’ve done with Saturn I feel like he gets I feel like Venus comes in there and gets to gift you something okay so that’s one the 13 then on the 22nd some of you guys it’s the 23rd just depends on where you are in the world then on the 22nd we have this full moon in cancer in your sign right so this is gonna be a very healing very nurturing full moon now you’ve been working on yourself you’re working on maybe how to stabilize your career your family your relationships when this full moon comes it supposing the Sun which is in your seventh house so this has to do with you releasing something that you hadn’t seen before from you right because this is your first house so the Sun is gonna illuminate the moon to show something that been hidden or you weren’t able to see before having to do with the way that you do things the way that you see things and it’s you being able to release something right but it has to do with relationships and boundaries okay so but it whatever it is it’s cancer right so it means it’s very nurturing it’s very healing whatever this is that you’re finally releasing very healing and very nurturing okay so then what you hadn’t seen before because the Sun is now going to be in Capricorn on that same day right so now it’s entered Capricorn is gonna get closer to Saturn this thing that you’ve been working on in your seventh house it’s gonna begin to clear things up it’s gonna begin to align things for you okay so just notice that then from the 27th through the 31st yeah this is what I was talking about so from the 27th through the 31st this is when the Sun conjunct Saturn right and this is important for you because it’s your seventh house it’s your Mirroring house it’s the house where you know it’s the house where you understand your boundaries it’s the house where you actually flip those boundaries down it’s the house where you learn what you want out of relationships you learn what you want to love and relationships of all sort relationship with money relationship with people relationship with business relationship in law right and so as the Sun comes in here I feel like the Sun conjunct Saturn which means they’re speaking to each other the Sun saying let’s clear some stuff up for this for you let’s give them some stuff let’s align some things maybe it’s time for you to meet that soulmate maybe it’s time for you to finally settle down maybe it’s time for you to move on to your next journey with the next person or maybe it’s time for you to get into a bigger position at work and so you’re meeting all sorts of people whatever this gift is that you’ve been working on the Sun wants to come bring this and Saturn I feel like if you’ve worked on this hard and I know a lot of you have the the satyr is gonna say absolutely they’re responsible they’re ready let’s give them some stuff right so that’s what I feel like from the 27th through the 31st so on the 25th on Christmas there’s not much happening there but I will say that like on the 27th you have this trine as well so you have this trine with Mars and Chiron so there’s going to be this energy here so the is you 11 sorry 12 11 10 this is in your ninth house of Mars being on Chiron this is this old wound this old thing and it’s in your ninth house it’s like this understanding that you’re having to help you change your perception and believe there’s an opportunity there because you see how it’s trining the North node it’s so that you can get to your next level it’s so that you can get on your path not that you ever got off of your path but so that you can continue on your journey that makes sense okay so I’m gonna let you guys go I love you love you love you thank you so very much for liking for sharing for subscribing yeah and I’ll have that new moon video out with Sagittarius real soon like in the next day or so okay bye [Music]

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