CANCER Ex PAREJA ♋ No Más Angustia 💖💪🌞🔥☄

CANCER Ex PAREJA ♋ No Más Angustia 💖💪🌞🔥☄

welcome or dear friend of cancer
for this ex-partner reading that goes from the week from January 6 to January 12
very grateful dear cancer for your company for your comments if they are
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with me on this path that helps us to making decisions is wonderful
wonderful tarot tool let’s start then cancer with your reading
how are you going to be in relation to your ex partner the energies for this
week from January 6 to 12 of this 2011 well cancer friends I feel there are
many but many many of you cancer what
they don’t get cancer friends free they fail to release what pain is what
which is worth it with much still hope related to that ex-partner can
return the devil’s letter there talks about that many of you are still
moored still fail to understand that they must be happy to be happy they must
look for different paths should make a healing overcoming work of
forgetting forgiveness to move forward Now if you don’t want to do it
be in full right but I don’t see that be a positive week in the case of
that you still want to return true that there are third parties involved
either with your ex partner or you can even be with you but you can’t find
that person to take your ex partner from the heart and thread usually to
to meet again or to see this person or knowing this person in how much
to news or things that could happen memories come back let’s say
that feeling of wanting to be with that person
and returns the negative changes if you can’t let go and start this
new way cancer friends are going to come to change a little more
complicated for you I feel that many I have told him many times
that are in terms of health issues complicated just by not being able
drop for not being able to heal for not being valuing as a person for not understanding or
want to release this process from the heart with that ex-partner is a week that is going to
depend clearly on you going out go ahead because the letter of 6 gold
tells us to give to receive that so both of you if you make the effort to
this new year a new century a new process things are going to be fine but
otherwise they will feel again those negative changes in your life in
general and they came out very well aspected the other readings regarding work
as for projects then I don’t know there are those who do not have children
there are also toxic people or friends in common or common people that we still
let your ex or train know they have to get away from that get away from people who
it brings gossip that tells them that it is with one person with the other have to
get away from that otherwise they will always follow in that energy those who
they have children and the same feeling hidden a lot you tell them that they have
exceeded the relationship although they are fine and lie because this letter of the 2nd cup
inverted talks about the couple so both as to how they are going to feel
you will not be anything positive with the moon card hiding feelings
suffering so in blindfold loneliness without
know what to do or which path to take or not want to understand processes that must be done
to move forward there is already a group quite large that still fails
forget until you expand precisely if they have children but there is another small group that
is doing a job of some positive way that you have or that you can
feel that there is someone else you want be ready or you may already have a
couple and if enhance that relationship is the really play from the heart or work
in that relationship things are going to start to have a good result and they will despite
little by little to release that ex-partner and begin to feel more for this new
person or to find a new person but otherwise
dear cancer friends are going to be there troubled like the group
previous letter of the jackpot also represents children and many of
you want to be with the children with the ex-partner and fight and fight or wait
they wait there with feelings like I tell them hidden
and well it’s a week that they have the possibility of you to start
sculpt there as the picture appears your future to create your future to reach the
success but there has to be a job of true from your heart and have
what to release and if they have children become charge of children accordingly
don’t mix things that I already do it has come out in previous readings for
you cancer if I ask how will be your ex-partner in relation to you
in this week look I think that for many of you may have messages
There may already be a message from your ex-partner let’s get together to do this
others still miss you despite being in a new relationship everything doesn’t
I forget but believe me they are pure lies cancer friends pure
lies why because at the end of that it even goes to me it seems to me that there are
many who are excited that they can to meet with that ex-partner
but then everyone is sad because the magician’s letter tells me that
person lies to them again do the same and leave again
even this person maybe has thought of looking for them
or write call them but really is to hang out
it’s for a while then have very careful to fall or if you have a
message from this former couple because they are going to be at least this week are going to
the same thing happens again that you can gather or talk or go somewhere and
after this person leave it again so well they have to have a lot
careful and for many of your ex partner the intention is that in this week
even some want to come back or want try it eye but you definitely know
that they will do it as through lie because they can be in another
relationship let’s see they may even be hiding
things there will be is another woman the letter of high priest inverted me
talks about a negative toxic energy of these people who are totally false
therefore cancer I think that no longer they must go back at least on this
totally negative energy week related of your ex partner be you
if they have children with this person appear obviously can be a couple me
it looks like a king or a sword queen the Empress is a king of clubs so
both most likely are in a new relationship your ex partner though
you have dating someone then the only thing that is achieved in
relationship to your ex partner like you in what has to do with relation like
with the children of father or mother already but there are already people present in the
life of your ex partner therefore I don’t see No kind of
of wanting to approach for those who have children in fact as fair and necessary
already and although there are even some some of
your ex-partner houses that regret moments remain in your bubble to
a lot of soil for many of your former cancer partner is interested in more money
enjoy the moments be happy now despite sometimes not being well at it
emotional get ahead and prefer follow a different path because they believe
at least these days that the relationship with you no longer works out or
has no chance but that’s what they believe and it is for energy for the
week therefore as I return to repeat if it doesn’t resonate to you
take or go to visit the video of your ascending already or re vicente to the next
week if the video fits more with what they are living each one let’s see what
impediments there are for those who don’t they have children and those who have children who
impediments opened this week so that you could clearly return that
each one is in its in its cycle in its at your different destination right now
those who do not have children in any way they can’t do anything to come back I feel that
as I tell you that apart from having a conversation or dialogue there are thirds
people also by his ex couple and there is no return or this person does not
want to come back or just you they may be the ones who already decided to give a
step to the side and start a new relationship therefore will no longer be able
do this person nothing to be with you but there is no
In this week I feel as possibilities for the return
or at least one serious conversation with that ex-partner and it marks me many
third parties those who have children it’s like the same thing I got bored of fighting that
It was a new way, even though it hurts I need to get ahead or need this
week and get ahead they go some even to another place or their
former couples already have another family so so much you have to start fighting
for your cancer happiness this week is like even the universe gives them the
option to start a different path a path of happiness from where you
feel that it’s really worth it but they have to put all the effort all
the effort there are many obstacles already related even to third person
or with work or that this person is in another place
I feel like they already gave a lot or will try to do many things to come back and not anymore
it turned out at least this week is like the options are minimized
but in a drastic way and already cancer we are going to
we are not going to ask for cancer no let’s ask which sign are more
prone or that if they are not going to no yes what we will do what we will do better
because I know that many of you see your ascending or somehow come from him
of your partner therefore we are the same Let’s see
what are the signs for that in the first instance do not have children
the signs that could approach you in this week either for good
or bad intention let’s see to see for those who have no children the signs that
are or that could approach look and the inverted magician appears immediately
that represents the lie the fake talk the priestess
Y it would be the car then it would be aries already
Taurus and pound that would be the most with energy like they could approach
in this week you or some way to have certain dialogues either
stop for any subject because you’re not I know sex so still those who leave by
those who still despite having a relationship are in a love triangle
whatever but the arians of some way you
or that former couple arias feel there was lies charlatanería in more than what
same then don’t believe in them no believe in you or you don’t believe in
them then no matter how close they come this week the energy doesn’t talk about a
lie and things that would not go well but it will depend on you if you arrive
to approach believing or not the other sign it would be taurus that somehow I
talk more about coldness or desert like rejection or how to be like to
defensive but they could have there if this communication especially by networks
social the pound sign tells me that it’s like each one goes one way
different is like that could approach but by distance or from some
each one has taken such different paths that it becomes more difficult for him
reunion may some of you also be connected with a couple
of pounds and have never forgotten and what and what not as I say for the
distance that is almost impossible for you to
come back but they could have certain dialogues out there ok in the case of the
who have children let’s go the same with an interactive
so don’t let me do it those who already have children of the sign of
cancer the signs that could approach to you are somehow to have
certain dialogue would be this week Scorpio believe me that in the case of
this scorpio may be fighting or that somehow they want
back with you it may be that I have been the culprits and you decided
leave that person for more than you are have a feeling maybe
they decided to leave because they knew not they were going nowhere with that
former couple and this one Scorpio may still want to do
something for you or keep playing or senna in another sign would be sagittarius that
when the letter goes out justice doesn’t speak that I should or should for some
way to seek justice is this person or you feel that this one of sagittarius
it was very fair in the relationship that tricked them I don’t know
then somehow you can approach also in a related topic
legally or they could have issue related to justice or demand
already and the other but it would be gemini that for this case is like the one I see the most
it’s as close or it could be in better energy in case it
I want to approach you this week especially if you are women
stop cancer and your ex to gemini it’s like you are also like
the defense is like they know I’m Geminian may want to play or some
way are afraid of to give a chance or somehow
will they be there yes or are they still communicating on the subject of children
but as with a certain distance some suspicion but could this person
Gemini maybe want something else with you and you look at it with
true with certain I don’t know with some fear to whatever you want to say what you want
talk but could also approach in this week for some topic the deal of
guide as much as possible friends of cancer so you can take
decisions or clarify certain things that want
who have doubts for this week of 6 to January 12 of this 2011 and this
interactive is to see if this person the chapter was closed with you or the
energies related to this person in this week they are completely already
options to return or there is still something that allows them maybe
in the future have that relationship again they go for
choose one of the two sides thinking about your ex partner and then let’s see that we
appears for each group 25 seconds to from now on choose the one that is most
feel connected okay
cancer those who chose the side left to see if the subject with your
independent ex-partner who have children or is not closed anymore
what happens is that here it appears that that third parties play a role
important either because you are in a new relationship or because sweden
being in a new relationship is not closed the chapter but this person
need as a balance is like that is for life looking for the way to
feel good but you haven’t made it everything can even have children or
family but he hasn’t closed the chapter because
they feel that maybe you are good people or could have given him love
that are not getting in another relationship or vice versa that you feel that
you made mistakes who the they lost or lost it because of their mistakes
then it is still open completely to the future that the
web relationship have a new start but one
of the two you have to find that balance and be removing obstacles
that at some point appeared to that you ended that relationship but
the possibility is not closed at all that in the future may give perhaps
return or start the relationship again eye this is gotta be fine
objective if you have a former partner who went to China and has children and
is clearly married is much more difficult for this to happen but
neither is it impossible then too you have to be suddenly unrealistic
be the energy for the week ok what what did the other side say
here it also appears in third person is like that for most of
your they left them cancer or somehow
you decided to leave that person for another relationship and here the energy is
more complicated because it talks about which one of the two is bored of fighting it
bored of fighting or this week there a feeling of not wanting to continue anymore
fighting for something impossible there is also a disconnection and a
as an imbalance between your energy and the energy of your ex-partner that you don’t
allows you to connect like that they were not solved in one
more spiritual and emotional way or that they cared more for that but the other they
mattered better more materialism what more physicist had was more immature and
mature then they are like they separated by this kind of
situations for not being connected in the moment they were due but still the
feeling then everyone needs be like for a while in your world
independent to clarify what really want in life and also
manage or work spirituality to through that there could be change or one
of the two or in your case cancer that are watching this video could maybe already of
understand that what should happen with this person to go in a new relationship
definitely drop them to this ex couple or make the change to positive that
allow them to win back this person if you were to blame or
guilty of the term but as I say that person is already bored or decided
not keep fighting or at least in these weeks is small this does not give
for more or I do not know there is no return or of you feel at least in this
week that no longer wants to continue in more than the same
but believe me that the chapter and I think for no sign
it is completely closed never because I’m going to spend a lot of things on
reality is a reading as an orientation let them go week by week go
drawing conclusions and try to take decisions well I hope it serves
dear cancer friends this reading if you don’t check your ascendant I hope your
comments that have a wonderful week and a very happy year 2020 thanks


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    Ojalá que me conteste, yo soy cáncer del 7 de julio mi ex pareja es leo 11 de agosto, quisiera saber si me va a llamar si el piensa en mí

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    Yo soy cancer mi ex escorpio hace muchos meses se termino todo..

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