CANCER NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

CANCER NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

hey everyone welcome to you November
readings this is Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys I know it’s kind
of been a while I missed October Tarot scope readings I do apologize so
much I’m not going anywhere I’m still here I just was working on a couple
creative projects with my daughter and time just got away from me so I
apologized profusely this channel is for you guys so I’ve been playing around
this last year I don’t know if you’ve noticed but trying different readings
who’s my future partner og which I’m gonna do this month for November but
general and love readings let me know below in the comments what you prefer
what you would really like to see on this channel as far as what type of
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god bless you guys i want to wish you a wonderful holiday season I can’t believe
this year is over already but the time has come and we’re moving
into a brand new decade and I’m really excited about that and you’ll notice in
a lot of the readings there’s a lot of endings and new beginnings so let’s
clean up what we need to and move forward into 2020 and be happy healthy
and successful thank you very much and we’ll see in the next round okay bye bye
okay cancer let’s jump right in you had a message in a bottle flipped out so I
figured I’m gonna take it as well as milk and honey they’re both equal six
which I found very interesting so really getting to the heart of the matter maybe
being in a place where you are ready to embrace this loving home type of
environment getting back to source and sharing your life with someone I
definitely feel that you are getting over some maybe some hardships in your
life November I’m just gonna bring in a time where you can finally move forward
your healing you’re on the road to recovery with the five of the coins here
is your obstacle this relationship this person coming in is going to really
boost your self-esteem they could even be financial where he’s here where maybe
you were fired from a job or you’re just having a tough time with relationships
you know in general from the past because this is represented by two
people right moving through the storm so to speak but being able to move forward
and heal you know at this point in your life so that’s gonna be really critical
for you to have an open heart in an open mind about this person so who is my
future partner and what do they like you received the wheel of fortune and wow
this is good luck coming your way this person
definitely feels like the one this is the impossible now being made possible
good luck is on your side here cancer let me show you the car the wheel is
turning in your favor this is an opportunity a new cycle a new beginning
divine timing taking action now okay turning things around in your life one
door closes and another one is opening so you’re going to be able to move past
whatever these hardships were by meeting this person or this person coming into
your life who by the way could be I’m picking up Pisces some water energy
here as well as possibly as Sagittarius did you get the moon card in the Wheel
of Fortune now the moon card is your overall energy so not all is known right
now there could be some hidden influences at play I wouldn’t say
deception but maybe some fears and this is going back to maybe not being in a
good place about hmm what do I feel about being in another relationship am I
ready to meet somebody new or maybe I am ready to meet somebody new but I’m still
I still have lingering trauma from the past you know this is about letting go
of any kind of confusion mmm and uncertainty where you could be very
emotional but I am a little bit concerned because by the end of the
month moving into December you have the seven of cups and that’s that same kind
of energy maybe feeling confused this is my card of manifestations looking at all
your choices and options and having feeling inspired like it’s more positive
than the five of coins or the moon but it’s it’s also taking a risk and seeing
your way through maybe needing to refocus so you’re juggling you’re
juggling your emotions you’re finding clarity in your life keep your feet on
the ground though cancer because this overwhelming feeling whether good
negative or positive is ushering in a time
you to really move forward in a new relationship here now who is this person
and what is the first impression of them so you received the seven of coins seven
of coins is somebody who’s really focused on making some money they’re
focused on their career to focus on what is their next move investing in their
future so it feels as though they’re kind of busy in their own right being
independent in their own responsibilities there is the Saturn
here you’re from the numinous deck which
tells me that there’s a certain amount of structured time and tests being made
right now for the two of you now it could be that you know there’s a certain
amount of restraint and grounding which I was picking up over here as well
self-control okay and following the traditions and the norms that you need
to to create this relationship that you want it’s not going to happen overnight
but it’s certainly blessed karmically hmm
this person is focused like I said on their foundation and I don’t feel you
know something ringing strange um that was weird
maybe then maybe that’s a sign this is a telephone call coming in you know and
that’s kind of ironic because you receive message in a bottle there’s
signs and symbols the universe Wow that was weird
wants you to pay attention to you know when we ask for signs and symbols when
we pray when we when we ask for help we have to stop and listen take the time
out to listen to the communication it could be a sign this is about being
connected to who you really are in a soul level so you hear when you ask for
help you need to believe when you receive them okay phone ringing I found
really kind of weird and ironic because look at the phone in the bottle this
could also indicate that there’s some kind of communication coming in via the
phone I know everybody texts these days but I actually feel like with the phone
ringing there’s a call there’s some kind of expectation and you coming out of
this blinded period in your life you know where you maybe have been down and
out okay where you’re now ready to get out of your own way here now it could
very well be that they have some financial issues for some of you not all
of you and that’s why they’re assessing where they are maybe they made some bad
business choices in the past and now they’re cleaning it up and getting ready
to make a commitment excuse me why my recommendation is to hang in there give
this person a chance and you got things to do and they have some things to clean
up and take care of as well now what kind of relationship will this be you
received the four of cups so this is an offer being presented to you and you’re
not seeing what really there this is gonna be your
struggle maybe you feel this person isn’t really
quite who you think they are you don’t know you’re confused you got the moon
card here you’re dealing with stuff they’re dealing with stuff but I’m
telling you not being sure about your path head is gonna be be your biggest
challenge and that’s okay there’s a certain amount of faith and signs coming
in and symbols to your happiness you got milk and honey as your overall Oracle
card as well this is true abundance and love and happiness having everything
that you want basking and playing in the yeah the tub
of life here feeling like you have it all you work for it and now you know
everything’s coming together but there’s a sense of self control that’s going to
be needed here and restraint and working through the initial stages of the
relationship you’re not going to like this option or this choice maybe your
expectation because here you are the two of Wands how will they affect me is that
you want you’re ready moving down that brand-new path your focus on the future
like holy shit like I’m nervous but I really feel this could be the one I feel
this has faded on some level I know this is my mate this is this is the answer to
my prayers as far as sharing a relationship with somebody and you want
you want to get going you want to give up maybe they’re just offering a simple
date getting to know each other maybe you’re disappointed that it’s not
moving as fast as you would like but you’re not seeing what’s really there
and you’re more worried about focus on what you think will make you happy so
you’re gonna have to think outside the box here you don’t have to trust
yourself trusting yourself and the process and
having faith because it’s almost as if right now is not the right time but this
person’s gonna come into your life you’re gonna make a very strong
impression on you and it’s not gonna be you know gangbusters were in love right
away there there’s a sense of regrouping with
the moon and the five of cups although you have the vision to stand in your
power here it’s funny it’s like you’re ready cancer you know the magician tells
me that you are have stepped into your power you are you’ve done the work to
make the changes in your life to get you to this point of healing and success and
being authentic right stepping into your power and this person gets you like you
know that this is like the ideal partner that complements you so it’s really
quite exciting and you’re like damn yeah let’s go it’s let’s get it on but
there’s stuff that needs to be cleaned up
trust in faith there’s signs and symbols that are gonna come in for you this
November to show you this is the one you know but you’re not sure you know what
it’s like sometimes you doubt yourself you meet this person and you’re like
okay yes no is it real its legit what’s going on there’s some restrictions but
you’re gonna have to use your wisdom to work through these issues you’re getting
over stuff and healing as well I picked that up earlier and this person is –
this person is cleaning up not cleaning up what’s the word I’m looking for they
have planted seeds for their future they they’re in a prepare in a reviewing
because you got the seven of cops you got two sevens yeah and this is all
about reviewing and assessing where you are the seeds have been planted the work
has been done and now this person wants to see where they are in their life and
how it works out and and actually that’s your that’s your impression of them
there tract okay to build a future for
themselves and you see that and you know that what you don’t see is that this
really is hmm your I would like to say soulmate this is an opportunity here
with the wheel of fortune as who is my future partner and what do they like
it’s like wow this is abundance this is doors opening for you this is
Lady Luck pointing her finger at you that this is the opportunity to have
change and growth in relationships and beginning a new cycle with this person I
think this person is in the same place like you both you need to catch up a
little bit but but it’s fate and destiny that you two meet it’s really really
amazing I love it and it’s through your own drive to kind of step into your own
power and get over this last bit of fear or what’s been holding you back and
making the decisions you need to do to move forward in your life and sitting
with I’m not sure I don’t know or questioning yourself okay or feeling
like you know you can left out in the cold before in other relationships and
is this another scenario of maybe feeling like I’m going to be treated the
same way in the future getting over these fears definitely with the moon
card here what’s underneath justice okay so you know maybe you’re coming out of
the divorce or some legalities there’s been some karmic justice being served
through you so there’s a gateway there’s your again being released on this
brand-new path you’re reaching new levels in your life look at this ace of
coins underneath that brand new beginning
brand new opportunities for you woah cancer this is this is sweet queen of
Wands you know I’m I don’t like to dig too deep but it’s yes this person’s
going to challenge you to believe have faith to watch for the signs and
symbols okay to give love a chance once again to yeah to have the abundance that
you want in love but it’s gonna take time it’s not gonna happen overnight
okay the seven cups leaving November into December you’re manifesting your
you’re hoping for your dreams and desires to come through with this person
but you’re being asked not to rush take a risk but don’t brush because things
are still being figured out and maybe your mantra is what do I want what do I
want and this is why you need to focus on the signs and symbols that are coming
in for you so you can kind of you know find your clarity and not feel lost or
unsure about this person or where it’s going even though you have glimmers like
they’re showing me you’re like that you’re moving in and out of this
consciousness of who this person is and you’re on the fence and you know maybe
there’s some fear here on your behalf okay definitely got that with the moon
card I don’t see anything negative there’s nothing negative here so don’t
think because the moon card is here that there’s any kind of deception I think
this is more about you tapping into your own intuition and moving faster past
your own blockages and repressed emotions maybe there is some stuff that
comes out about this person maybe you do find out that or maybe they even tell
you because the four cups here what kind of relationship will this be I mean that
could be some disappointment like they’re they need more time you know and
they’re holding off making it making a bigger type of come in to you because
they’re still evaluating their situation right we got that with the seven of
coins we have the several cups I think both of you are just gonna have to get
on the same page just some clearing and he
and trust that needs to be looked at here and tap into your own wisdom with
Saturn wow did I show you this I showed you there’s restrictions and that’s what
Saturn is Saturn restricts you if you have not had or gone through your Saturn
returned yet there could be some lessons you need to learn here and trusting in
faith and using your own intuition that could very well be although I feel like
there is a certain sense of maturity here with this relationship so it sounds
like you know you both have your own baggage and you just need to work
through it I will tell you that you meant to meet this person whether it’s
for a lesson or a long-term commitment I can’t really say right now but it does
feel pretty good it does feel pretty good it’s like
everybody’s stepping into their power growing and ready but everybody still
has stuff to work out so I think it looks really good cancer do we need to
clarify anything hmm let’s clarify I want to clarify the
wheel of fortune let’s do that real quick oops boy the cars are jumping let’s clarify the seven of cups the
outcome let’s see what happens just dig a little deeper and see what hold on
that’s a piece of hair oh yeah what’s gonna happen moving into December they seem like a very practical person
to shoot on the ground they could have a lot of Earth energy in their chart Taurus Virgo Capricorn it’s very
possible well we got seven of cups for once okay maybe you’re gonna end up
taking a break that’s okay there’s some recovery here this is needing to take a
break from a relationship Oh baby but look at the wheel of fortune I love when
the cards repeat that’s amazing let’s see Oh victory okay so don’t don’t
fuss don’t worry there’s going to be success in this relationship maybe
initially this person’s not quite ready if there’s some kind of delay for each
one of you could be a little different maybe you just need to step back and do
this healing like I mentioned earlier cancer or they do there’s gonna be a
little break in the action between the two of you communication could stop
maybe you both decide like look we both need to get our shit together and
whatever and you move on but it’s so faded that you two met there is a deep
connection here with the wheel of fortune and the wheel of fortune is
moving in your favor here moving forward definitely with chariot
oh my god oh my god it’s amazing there’s success in your relationship this is you
feeling you’re in the driver’s seat here destiny is gonna oh my God look at this
Knight of cups at the bottom oh yeah Oh legacy family oh my god this is so
beautiful for you cancer this person is definitely gonna come in
with a love offer okay this is definitely an invitation to get to know
each other this is an invitation of love whoa like I said some time is gonna be
needed here for you to work through your stuff you’re gonna take a break you meet
this person maybe it doesn’t move forward right away not to keep repeating
myself but you get where I’m going and without a doubt baby without a doubt
there’s some success here and love for you there’s an offer of love coming in
and I think it’s gonna be a whole lot better than this
we like this night yeah our knight in shining armor this is romantic this is
cold this is calculated and you’re like what is going on with this person no no
something’s not quite right and I think it’s a timing issue I just strictly feel
like with the wheel of fortune because that’s the other thing the wheel of
fortune says yes your karma everything is turning in your favor but sometimes
the timing is not right it’s here but you’re gonna have to work through the
process a little bit right so amazing cancer I love this for you I think it’s
incredible god bless you have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see in
December all right guys take care all right Bob I’m trying to find my mouse
here all right take care bye-bye


  • Miheer Gajbhiye says:

    Yeah it's true though !

  • Andrea Lujan says:

    I came over hear from the Virgo reading, which was very spot on. I asked out a Cancer guy. I have/had money issues. In spite of how insane it may sound, I think he's one of my soulmates. And I think he may be getting over some of his issues, too. I guess we'll see what happens. Thank you!!

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