CANCER OCTOBER 2019 ** PREDICTIONS **  Tarot Reading from REAL Love Psychic

CANCER OCTOBER 2019 ** PREDICTIONS ** Tarot Reading from REAL Love Psychic

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. I’m a
psychic medium and energy healer these are your messages from spirit for
October 2019 please keep in mind can Syrians that this is a general reading
so for your personal questions you can check out my awesome two pages of real
testimonials at Try a not expensive two month personal
forecast for yourself see how you like it my readings are definitely much more
affordable compared to what many of the readers charge out there okay I bring
this reading to you with lots of love and the knowledge that your spirit
guides and guardian angels love you and truly care about you okay
concerns now let’s get started with the cards okay ten of swords reversed nice the
Empress card upright good good good king of swords upright interesting nice seven
of wands upright all right okay who interesting justice card reversed
okay so an interesting spread here not too bad not too shabby at all alright so
we have for you concerns the king of swords upright and now the king of
swords upright here indicates that in the month of October there is going to
be possibly interactions maybe interesting events or somebody pops up
into your life maybe a query is Gemini Libra male or a female energy or there
are remembrances of this person maybe there’s connection interaction so
somebody may be on your mind quite a bit or there are interactions with this
person for some of you you know it doesn’t have to be an air sign Aquarius
Gemini or Libra it could be anybody of any Sun Sign exhibiting the energies I’m
about to mention and you yourself now the king of swords is rationality this
is somebody who maybe doesn’t take things to heart too much does it maybe
put their heart on their sleeves too quickly or often maybe they’re just not
you know they’re they’re not really composed of a thick emotional nature
let’s put it like that they don’t let emotional intensity get to them the king
of swords is about rationality cerebral logical sensibilities okay common sense
the king of swords is also maybe you know could be a boss business person
manager it could be male or female in a general reading could be a father figure
boyfriend husband etc etc it could be anybody in your life or you yourself
this is about logic cerebral energies rationality strength in the crown chakra
the mind chakra intelligence building knowledge education learning something
new the king of swords is also about motivation being motivated somebody may
be motivating you through the power of their words communicators wise
communicators wisdom could also be a judgment you know judgments based on
objectivity not subjectivity so these are objective critiques and observations
judgments opinions our objective here view points this is definitely also
about to eat important talk not small talk you know
this is this is talk of substance this has substance to it this is a person
with substance to them quality interesting maybe profound or deep
communications for some of you going on you know you maybe maybe it’s somebody
you meet if you go out on a date with whatever it is maybe there could be you
know depth to conversations real depth maybe you’re talking about spirituality
God religion etc etc or you know other you know important matters of life as
well the king of swords upright can also be about maybe somebody’s like looking
at you watching you carefully there’s an observer there’s a pious observer I feel
for some of you can Syrians I’m getting that some of you you know it could be a
secret admirer or just somebody who kind of mmm is evaluating you so maybe this
is like an exam Proctor or somebody you know like a teacher somebody who gives
you an grade on an exam or you know somebody who has the ability to judge
who has some authority and power to them but this could equally be somebody in
the love area somebody watching you considering you thinking about you
that’s a possibility as well the king of swords is rationality it’s logic its
intelligence it’s wise words it’s interesting communications all of that
okay so see how this theme plays out it’s certainly about not letting
emotional intensity get to you it’s about you know carefully chosen words
that’s a possibility here as well the need for carefully chosen words in
October 2019 Kent’s Aryans now keep in mind can Syrians there are no hard
starts and stops – energy flows life is very fluid and some people actually
believe that a new month starts around the twenty twenty second when the Sun a
major major astrological energy body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign
so some of you will start to feel these energies in the last ten days of
September 2019 and then you’ll feel these energies throughout October 2019 a
major or minor and subtle or movie or more
we apparent concrete ways okay keep that in mind cancer answers no hard starts
and stops now we also have the ten of swords reversed
okay the ten of swords reversed here indicates that for some of you this is
going to be about maybe some annoyance maybe something that you’ve that’s been
on your mind for a while maybe you’re having a bit of a challenge
accomplishing this or wondering how do you make your way through to this or how
do you get this done maybe there’s an underlying frustration or it’s kind of
pent up I do feel some pent up emotions frustrations irritations of a variety of
emotions in this general reading kind of pent-up for some of you can Sirians for
others this ten of swords universe here indicates something that’s unrelenting
okay maybe it’s unrelenting because there are one or two parties or multiple
elements in the situation that are obstinate you know this this
stubbornness is this lack of willingness to surrender or compromise or negotiate
better or bigger in some ways is leading to something that continues to you know
it’s perpetuated it’s ongoing it’s troublesome it’s challenging there’s
stress maybe there’s nervousness there’s headaches for some of you this could be
fears for others this is maybe some sense of desperation or dependency
they’re saying toward a factor toward a viewpoint or a way of thinking and it’s
that and and it’s somehow either you’re not just you’re not getting what you
want or it there’s a reason why it still sits on your mind or you keep going over
and over and over again over the same circle with it in some ways something is
not ending it’s inconclusive there’s lack of finality yet there’s lack of
finality at this point I should say in some area of your life see how this
plays out it could even be a long-held desire longtime wish or an outlook
something that you had it like an ideal but maybe you’re realizing that somehow
it’s something’s not getting through something’s not getting through here
something’s not coming through possibly for you you got a you know work through
that evaluated you can always reach out to me for a personal reading okay for
guidance and predictions of course now can Syrians you also have the Empress
card up right okay I am I’m being told suddenly by your spirit guides that the
month of October will definitely be a month of family maybe balancing family
with like everything else or the others some of you this might be you know
family being introduced to a new you know love partner marriage partner
fiance etc etc there’s something there about family and then the others there’s
something here for some of you concerns about gaining distance from family
there’s something here about what is familiar what you’ve known have history
with and then kind of creating an image of your own right staking a claim to to
something of your own out in some way so there’s something here about mingling
and then and then distance with family the family fact or family relationships
or what has been or is familiar to you okay it could be a person of course as
well right so see how this theme plays out
the Empress card certainly about reproduction creation generation maybe
family planning matters maybe there’s some connections with parental figures
Guardian figures here remembering it passed over loved one for some of you
for some of you it’s visiting a mom or a dad or a guardian for others the Empress
card is about your self-worth your authority over situation getting
obedience and respect for what you have to offer or your talent or your skills
or what you’re infusing into a relationship into a situation this is
about your worth this is about self-respect in some area of your life
so see how this thing plays out some of you
are getting attention some of you are looking fine I’m literally being told
that by the spirit guide some of you can Syrians are looking real fine um in
October and you may be catching some eyes you know admirers you’re getting
attention there’s grace their sophistication there’s beauty there’s
talent eyes on you okay it’s very interesting
god I love sometimes the messages they give me um
the Empress card is also about divine feminine femininity women’s health
female health you know female concerns of matters of the heart for some of you
this is going to be about I’m getting something about nurturing nurturing or
nourishing your creativity your baby your project could be literally the
miracle of life a baby itself you know this is about yeah there’s something
here they’re showing me about the breasts breast free breast feeding for
others this is about luxury security material gain and benefit feeling more
comfort feeling more certain now feeling more established in some area of your
life now I think a lot of concerns will be feeling a little bit more comfortable
settled and established in some area of their lives by the month of or in the
month of October 2019 I get sweets I get fruits I get flowers
candy so some of you may have some maybe this is romantic maybe this is gratitude
appreciation gifts coming your way some of you this is about you having
reached this point of being the Empress as in that you’ve reached your throne
maybe this is now time for retirement this is the time you’ve definitely
established yourself your mission is complete you’re there you’re seated on
your throne and now it’s time for your grand exit in a way meaning your
retirement may be you know go moving forward on to other things in life so
that’s a possibility as well according to the guides so see how this theme
plays out it’s very interesting this is definitely an effective socialite
collaborator she’s very effective socialite this is
definitely so indicative of social extroverted energies somebody who is
definitely getting a prize appreciation and attention as well material gains
security benefits all that fall within her territory also part of this
manifestation okay so see how it manifests in your personal life in your
life comes Ariens okay now we have for you also the Justice card reversed and
the Justice card reversed in the month of October 2019 indicates that for some
can Syrians there is going to be something possibly that occurs that kind
of I feel like tips you over destabilizes you get you emotional gets
you feeling a bit maybe beaten down some of you or you know it’s unhealthy the
some of you this could be involvement with you know what’s against the law
what’s unruly what’s not right it’s it’s a misjudgment here of some sorts that
has made on your part or someone else’s parts of be careful okay again it’s a
general reading all people from all walks of life you know watching these
videos no judgement from me but definitely be careful you don’t want to
you know find yourself in the crosshairs of something that really does
destabilize you for others this is going to be feeling you feeling overwhelmed
too much on your plate ooh your to-do list for others this is going to be
about maybe somebody’s words or judgment or communications feel difficult this is
an imbalance between giving and receiving there’s some something
imbalanced to your lack of equilibrium unstable bandha yeah unstable energies
in some area of your life could be through the verbal communication written
communication collaborations interactions of all kinds you will find
some you will find yourself in a spot of of inequality in some ways lack of
equality lack of fairness lack of hawaii’s judgment maybe be careful watch
your emotions in the month of October in some circumstance okay
and for some of you this Justice card and reverse also indicates feeling like
you’re not getting what you’re owed you know this is maybe mistiming
misfortune you know karma doesn’t work out in your favor how you thought it
would right like good karma gives good karma so some things may be happening
with a bit of a twist and a turn in a twisty turny way and you don’t know
where it’s all gonna go you can always reach out to me for guidance there maybe
for some of you like feeling like you’re not getting the help and the support
from the legal field legal sector law enforcement to the justice system this
could be in custody issues this could be divorce matters this could be all kinds
of you know business issues other other all different kinds of matters in your
life so again see how this plays out for you maybe some of you do feel a bit of a
wound too disappointed in the month of October by someone or some situation or
a group of people you may be feeling injustice okay and stress and feeling
like you can’t seem to make this just injustice justified like you know get it
right so there’s a bit of a struggle here in some area of your life okay but
in another area of your life Camus Aryans in the month of October you do
have something you went out over a struggle effort it requires muscle
strength vitality fortitude I’m getting these words by your spirit guide it
indicates person they indicate perseverance stamina willpower manpower
horsepower right and you went out you went out over this struggle or this
maybe competition or feeling overwhelmed you still hold up strong so you’re gonna
somehow be the winner in some area of your life in some situation this could
also be about again right competition feel almost getting overwhelmed people
trying to throw you off your game destabilize you and
there’s just opposition you know the lack of agreement lack of consensus and
you’re maybe having to stand up for your your opinions your your thoughts your
viewpoints your ethics your standards it could be major or minor could even be in
a family situation does not have to be professionally or politically in any way
it could be in amongst family members and this is the way it’s going to play
out okay but you went out you went out on top you hold out strong this is vigor
vitality okay this is strength so in some area of your life you do need
strength okay in the month of October 2019 all right now can Syrians I’m going
to give you a special message for my new book titled angel double letters okay
this is a truly original spiritual literary work that is published has been
published by me and you’ve probably heard of angel numbers like 11 11 22 444
well there are many people including myself many people around the world
including my clients who see angel double letters often such as BB h HT TCC
ZZ and in this book I have provided the meanings behind this angel double
letters phenomenon by Archangel Raphael this book offers some of the most
beautifully expressed healing and motivational messages from your guardian
angels okay and I’m going to give you a wonderful message for you to take with
you in October 2019 okay and for you we have can Syrians this particular message
represented by the double letter JJ JJ okay know that there is a right and true
judgement about to be made can Syrians or one has been made all involved in
this situation are truly deserving of what is to come and or what has already
been delivered so this involves you possibly need
to make peace with what is the reality what has been the outcome in a situation
or what is about to be the result in a situation so an interesting message for
you to keep in mind can Syrians from the Angels for October ok you can learn more
about my book in the link below if you want to receive angel double letter
sightings open up your consciousness to them receive messages from the Angels
through double letters definitely purchase my book open up your
consciousness to them it is truly the other language the angels are using to
communicate with us ok and the human experience and I’m very humbled to bring
this to the attention of the human experience humanity okay so can syrians
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