CANNABIS & TAROT Card Readings!  – REGULAR CANADIANS ENJOYING WEED – Ep. 11 Jessie Macpherson Tarot

CANNABIS & TAROT Card Readings! – REGULAR CANADIANS ENJOYING WEED – Ep. 11 Jessie Macpherson Tarot

Hi I’m Kass and this is Honey! And we’re Regular Canadians Enjoying Weed And we’re here at the Black Rook Bakehouse
who have kindly hosted us and made us absolutely beautiful cookies… with Jessie
– introduce yourself Jessie! Hi! I’m Jessie Macpherson – Tarot Reader, Weed Enthusiast and Vintage
Junkie Ugh! That is the best intro ever – oh my god! (It’s true!) But yep you heard that right, Jessie is a Tarot Reader! And we are so lucky to be at a bakery, after hours, which is like a dream of mine, to be around cakes and cookies… unguarded! And eating these adorable beaver
cookies that were lovingly made for us. So, tell us about your journey.. Well, my journey began in the United States
…which is too bad really And.. it actually began with a rather sad story. I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I was no longer able to work I had been a technical writer and.. basically I was in a lot of terrible pain I wasn’t getting proper care.. and then a friend made me cannabis brownies ….Amazing. Basically, no pain, I was happy.. and
then, I was unfortunately unable to get any more Until I came to Canada… and then my pain has been gone I’m able to enjoy it as a connoisseur.. and
also.. deal with any pain issues.. basically The thing about Cannabis, is that it means I get to have a life, instead of just being on the sofa and I get to share things with you That is so wonderful, honestly! And we are just so happy to have met you. You have the most wonderful energy, and obviously people love you.. this bakery obviously loves you And… it’s just been great to get to know you. It’s been wonderful to get to know you too. There’s so many ways to meet people nowadays.. including.. making a YouTube channel.. following somone on Instagram.. andddd… now we’re all at a bakery together!
…It’s meant to be The world’s good that way! It is.. all the randomness has its purpose Exactly – all the randomness does have a purpose, which is a good segue into your area of expertise as a Tarot reader.. (oh, lovely!)
Could you tell us how you got into that? Uh yes! I’ve always been interested in Tarot… even as a kid and then when I was 12, I got my mother’s old deck.
She couldn’t get it to work – but I did! And I’ve just been intrigued with it ever since,
and one of the things I really like about tarot is It appeals to such a wide spectrum of people You can like it for the magic and witchcraft, or you can enjoy it for the psychological aspects Perhaps.. should we make way?
Let’s make way for the reading! This is the one I usually read with now,
this is the Moonchild Deck And it’s got a bit of a different feel, more golds, more introspective So I’m going to do a spread called the Compass Now this is you both working together,
you’re both the edges of a sword And in the south, I’ve got..
the three of swords, the five of swords, and the tower Okay. Don’t let that fire go out!
Basically, make sure you’re having fun Don’t get burned out, make sure you take time to take care of yourself and reach for that emotion as well and remember..
Fire purifies as well too Basically, any issues –
hit them with the fire of your passion and your love, and your interest, and they’ll just fall down So.. King of Cups
this is the West, this is emotions this signifies dealing with some
pretty deep and pretty complicated emotions.. ..but in a good way. Right now… you might be overestimating a particular problem, emotions wise you might be worrying too much
about what people think online anything like that…
this is kind of like stuff that’s in the clouds for you Since it’s reversed – it’s in your head,
don’t worry about it! Just make sure it.. make sure it… NOPE! And let’s see… the seven of cups.. this is about dreaming and expansion
and this is about looking at new ways to evolve and new things and ideas and projects and as you can see, we’ve got seven cups here.. They’ve all got pretty interesting things in them..
They do. And basically this is implying that there is a whole banquet open to you.. with ideas and emotions and stuff like that and make sure you choose wisely and, this also means a lot of opportunities are going to be opening up So just keep your eyes open,
choose wisely, and.. enjoy the imagining process too. But I’d say things are looking pretty good..
just do some self-care and emotion, and you’re all good! Yeah.. that definitely is an area, that we lack in, big time!
It’s true. I think that might’ve been the same as last time..
hahaha It’s more of a take care of yourself.. kind of the equivalent of your Mom calling and saying you need soup Yeah.. ‘Go to bed! You need to sleep, at least occasionally!’ I’m very happy to be here with you guys, and…I’ve been really overcome with how kind and supportive the cannabis community has been Fashionablyhigh who introduced us, and provided the ash trays and teacups, has been great and it’s really wonderful to see people – especially women – really walking the walk, and supporting each other in this It’s like a really good coven. …YES!!!
Thank you so much! GEDDIT WITCHES! Join the coven!
I love it This has been Kass & Honey
and Regular Canadians Enjoying Weed with our lovely guest Jessie, a tarot reader. Thank you so much.
My pleasure. And thanks Canada! Enjoy Responsibly
and Don’t Drive High. …Should we clap? *Clapping*
You should always clap!! Yay!!!

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