Capricorn July 2017 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Capricorn July 2017 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

hello fabulous Capricorn welcome to your
horoscope for the month of July 2017 looking at life and love
I am your astrologer Nadiya Shah thank you for being here
what an amazing month it is and really you are at the center of the world
really the center of the party especially in the early part of the
month and that is when we have a full moon taking place now this full moon is
happening in your sign hand-in-hand with pluto across the sky from the sun of
course and also mars not far from the Sun as well talk about life changing now
those of you born right around the 10th of the month of any given month for that
matter are gonna feel this energy more than most but all capricorns out there
are going to feel a change are going to feel themselves having to be deeply
honest with themselves about who they are and where it is that you may be
actually experiencing a disconnect through your actions I see this as a
time of really looking in the mirror and more than deciding who you are realizing
who you are not and this ends up facilitating all kinds of meaningful
change that actually can help launch you in new directions if not a whole new
life and I don’t say that lightly you’ve got this full moon happening in
your sign hand-in-hand with Pluto and this is a rebirth and nothing less
this really is getting in touch with some very strong emotion getting to the
root of yourself and your life and what is going on with you and for you and at
the same time all of this very likely facilitated through another person that
really is the Sun that is Mars standing across the sky and this tells me that
chances are there’s going to be some meeting some encounter some interaction
with another key person that is part of the catalyst that helps you to see
yourself differently that helps you to really decide who it
is that you are meant to be and who it is that you no longer are so some of you
are going to experience this in the context of love because a lot of this
when you have a full moon in your sign it is about accepting the truth the
fullness of the truth of your heart and what your heart truly desires a lot of
times we come to that awareness thanks to love thanks to another person or at
the very least someone that we trust that we’re in partnership with so
chances are with this full moon there’s someone else there if you’re in a
committed relationship it could be playing out within that
established bond if you’re open to meeting someone new this could present
themselves into your life if they haven’t already thanks to the new moon
that happened late last month that would have represented some new person that
would have entered to help you to see yourself differently so this really is
the full realization of what they are reflecting back to you as I like to say
to see yourself differently as reflected in the eyes of another this is that full
realization what is it that you are seeing and do you like it that’s the key
do you like what you see as you look at your reflection in the eyes of another
where is it that it’s yours to take on that it’s your work to do that it’s
yours to change and where is it that your work is self-acceptance your work
is to see yourself more lovingly and to empower yourself from that place your
answer is going to be uniquely your own and at the same time there’s that change
there’s that promise of becoming something more becoming someone else
someone that is strong and clear about your direction and about your identity
I must admit for some of you out there this is going to be painful and I’m
sorry to say that but there was a percentage of you out there that this
realization is going to come on with some measure of challenge some measure
of pain some measure of sort of realizing within yourself where it is
that true deep closure needs to happen whether
that is a self-concept of yourself that you can put behind whether that is
admitting to yourself that you’ve behaved in ways or demonstrated yourself
to be a certain way that isn’t the truth of who you are the great thing is though
like any growing pain ultimately you grow and you’re stronger and you’re
better and actually more beautiful actually more glowing that is the
direction that you are moving in thanks to this full moon it is a task very
lightly will represent some sort of a task and ultimately it is a task that is
up to your willingness to take on or not again comes with strong emotions very
likely there’ll be a sense of urgency sense of realization that something’s
got to change and it’s got to change right now and yet that’s where the
reward is by being willing to do that work by being willing to look at
yourself you allow yourself to walk a new path the path that truly is your own
one that involves deep self honesty but also a full embrace of your power and
boy do you have a lot of power this full moon will make you aware of just where
your power is and how much of it it is and that you can fully own that you can
fully claim that as we move towards the later part of the month as much as the
beginning of the month has such a strong focus on you as we move towards the
later part of the month the energy will change up it will change and shift and
what’s great about what’s happening in the later part of the month is a new
moon now this new moon is actually a precursor if you will to the Eclipse
that is going to take place next month now I’ll be here to talk about it then
astrological circles certainly are buzzing with this eclipse because it
does indicate there is this heralding of changing times and in our own unique
journeys and our own lives as well we are going through changes so this new
moon this month is not an eclipse but it’s happening in the same area of the
sky and it is really point the way through intuition through subtle
messages what bigger changes are being called for now ultimately whether or not
you want to take on those changes I don’t think it’s gonna matter that much
your willingness because with eclipses ultimately they’re about bringing you
into alignment with a more loving vision for your life and the more you cling to
some old vision the more challenging you make it for yourself but thankfully I
don’t think that’s going to be the case because of the work you’re gonna do with
yourself in the early part of the month you’ll already start going through a
transformation this particular new moon that happens this month and the Eclipse
next month that I’ll talk about then has to do with what’s happening with you on
the front that has to do with your money so it has to do with your relationships
to financial institutions your understanding of wealth something about
your understanding of grants and loans and bursaries and insurance payments and
benefits you may qualify for what does that mean to you
what is it represent for you how much debt do you want or not want where is it
that you feel comfortable with your ability to create real wealth for
yourself where is it that emotionally there may be some healing that needs to
happen so you really can welcome in greater wealth into your life but more
importantly where can you recognize all the ways in which you already experience
wealth this particular New Moon is going to start pointing the direction it’s
going to start showing you the way and this is going to be different for
everybody for some people that maybe if you are in a life and you really don’t
like it then this could show you how you can actually attract the funding you
need to create the life that you desire the messages again will be subtle
there’ll be a strong intuitive quality to it and then next month is when things
will really start to accelerate if there is a project that you have in mind very
strongly something that you truly desire to work on this can be your
understanding of where you can get those investment dollars where it is that you
can a partnership that ultimately will allow
you to keep your creative vision but will also allow you to take that energy
and create more prosperity more opportunity for yourself in the process
this can be very exciting but a lot of the excitement is really going to reach
you a little bit further into the summer for now pay attention hone that
intuition because it is going to point the way to all kinds of wonderful
opportunities to really experience type of abundance that you truly desire to
have in your life and to know that you are provided for to know that you are
cared for by a loving universe now part of that care may also be emotionally
it’s amazing you know we talked about financial institutions and things but
there’s also another layer to this which is that you know sometimes people they
just care about us and some of that care is wealth and that care can be emotional
absolutely and then it can also be practical as well so being open to that
allowing other people to be the avenues with which the universe shows you that
you are provided for is one way to use this energy well now where it comes to
matters of love I already mentioned that full moon I think that’s going to be
such a huge focus and matters of love because it is about getting to the truth
of yourself and it is about understanding your heart that much more
deeply and that’s really where your power is this month and that’s really
what I love about this month for you is that you get to the truth about the
choices that you’ve made about the desires that you’ve had both the people
who’ve been in your life and as you get to that truth you’re able to decide for
yourself a lot more consciously what kind of life it is that you truly desire
to live and how to go about creating it what kind of love it is that you truly
desire to experience and in the process of that definition you can’t help but
create exactly the kind of love that you know not only do you want but
truly do deserve well thank you so much for watching you can get a video just
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great month enjoy you


  • jc says:

    people keep talking about being yourself, being your authentic self, and letting go of who you are not.  I live in New York City, I have to work to feed myself.  I have to feed my animals.  I cannot get or keep work if I go into an office as my authentic self.  I would be homeless.  I want to and have been trying to plan a way to more meaningful work, but I have been caught in an endless hamster wheel of just trying to survive.  You cannot be "your true self" in corporate America.  I need to earn money, I need a career and it has been almost impossible to get ahead in a career that is authentic for me.  I have a degree, I have not been able to get the work I love.

  • Yvonne Kasko says:

    love you too

  • Dawn G says:

    Thank you so much. With
    Open arms and a ready heart, I am looking forward to these new experiences!! ❤️🙌🏻

  • Bea Messmer says:

    ty so much Nadiya …waves from Spain 🙂

  • Piwackit Pepper says:

    Hi Nadiya!! its, me, the painter you once showcased on your web readings :)…. just started a new project last Tuesday, going gangbusters with a small market setting startup… (not painting)… have yet to meet that inspirational individual of which you speak, but I do know what you're talking about. Would be a sweet support in this new beginning. We keep re-authenticating ourselves in an organic growth process… its daunting at times, its bloody exhausting most often, but as you said here, again, it makes us empowered with an inner happiness. … and if that's what it takes, joy to us all 🙂 xo J

  • d x says:

    Thank you xoxoxo

  • bernadette Pergolese says:

    WOW !!! thank you Sister for these messages they are all very accurate and resonate with my life story and path … I `M READY FOE A BRAND NEW BLESSING LIFE CHANGING FULL OF MY DREAMS … many blessing ,love and light …

  • P S I BOKARE SIR says:

    very nice pridiction thanks too

  • Carrie Gerold says:

    Capricorns are the realist and know about being in thy self and loving ourselves first . We have that down and expect or and want someone who feels the same and is ready to love.

  • Eddie Q says:

    This is how I feel! Extreme desire with all my being to change my circumstances. I can't keep pretending I'm okay with where I'm at.

  • jeaneya nicole says:

    i'm really waiting for july 9th i can't wait to see what's in store.

  • Maria XO says:

    Hello Nadiya! Thank you so much for your videos, in deed july has been tough. I´ve heard here and there about this big and difficult thing capricorns have been through for a few years now, but i haven´t found more about that. Could you do a video about that? Hello from Mexico!

  • Mona AM says:

    hello madam thanks for reading I'm having question is it true Saturn is coming back in 2018-2019 please I know it's bad planet ruled cap!thanks!

  • Preeti Singh says:

    You hav mentioned everything in ur description section except its western or Vedic astrology…plz mention

  • Supreme Ali says:


  • 77lukeduke says:

    Holy Shit ! I am a Capricorn and meet a Leo on the new moon July 9th. What does that mean for the relationship with all the
    crazyness in august and on into Sept

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